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  1. I bet that can shift
  2. We don’t have those luxuries round ere
  3. I’m just having crack but It’s a bitchy old game i rate all types of dogs, my heavily Saluki blooded bitch has only run the small fields, moors and hills by mine, she got crabbed to f**k when I first got her but let the dog do the dancing, all the best for the coming season
  4. I’ve an old 22” beddy lurcher can I join club
  5. Not wired you at least you av the crack
  6. Apologies if I caused any upset, nowt gos to waste . Atb
  7. Thanks aye it’s a clicky old place, atb
  8. fair play to you I’ve only ever seen one in flesh can see where bedlingtons derive from
  9. The best dog I’ve known for the job is a deerhound / greyhound most bull x I’ve known just grab and anchor on any where
  10. I’m not one for summer hunting but my bitch was hit by motor last winter so she was only run out a hand full of times due to injury. Iv just started out steady and early this year, 2 out of 3,Shot and retrieved on permission
  11. Road walking and trot on the push iron
  12. That’s what I’ve done at back of mine i released about a dozen a couple year back there breeding and spreading out a bit now so hopefully they do ok
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