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  1. He’s a shop at bacup not far from me I’ve dealt we him a few times always found him or8. I gifted his mate a Bedlington bitch as it didn’t make grade for me but he was true to his word
  2. Malcom cook by any chance ? The man’s deed now he was a keen
  3. On the small fields round hear they would be handy. A lad I know had a whippet that was handy on them but would cramp up after a few spins
  4. You don’t see many of them a bout. Be handy for hares on tricky land and all
  5. Am working at segbur there’s a couple round hear and some good fells to walk
  6. Good buy there hen looks strong
  7. Preloved there’s some on
  8. My ginger hen sat on ten eggs if you’d like any young there Oxford gingers good game bred
  9. They is still rabbits a bout but they don’t get a good chance to thrive, foke come from all over to hunt them ways as you will know
  10. They is more hares up them ways now, I run all round there
  11. They use to be popular round hear, me father always kept them , now most are line bred coursing dogs but I think the coursing dog x lurcher is best round these way if you want numbers
  12. I have and there is the option to line breed her. Her litter brother was put to a greyhound x beddy. I haven’t seen any of them off that breed run but would consider it. Also putting the greyhound beddy whippet dog over her they would still be suitable for the job round here and a couple of spins on the bigger land
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