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  1. I’m not on the Facebook an that’s some wait thanks
  2. I’m working order it will do a oner or a bit more ad say. Atb
  3. Sorry to jump on but I’d be looking to put a good beddy / whippet / greyhound over my bitch in a year or so, is there many men on here running this sort of breeding? Mine is line bred Saluki x whippet x greyhound
  4. Where is the best place to buy the dankun 1745 tube? I can’t seem to find on eBay. Regards
  5. Just ordered the same my self Jake. What bands / tubes do you recommend, thanks
  6. Keep wandering Walter as a free spirit, god bless you all
  7. A good pal runs a first x bitch I believe out of doxhopes last litter. She’s a good steady, bitch and can do the dance
  8. Is there many men with them and would like to put some photos up? If I can source a reyt one I’ll put over my little Saluki x bitch in time, thanks
  9. Iv a bitch at 4 here from same lines, she’s not top class but certainly not a bad bitch
  10. There’s a few sika near us and I believe a few hybrids which I’ve not seen my self but it seems mainly lads we dogs keep on top of them
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