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  1. I've got all land in world... Bob down permission
  2. End of day it's their homeland and the white man is the invader. And it's same here but we're the natives
  3. Ye baths and mini sport are still going. Burnley and Blackburn are split as you will know your self these towns av always had well segregated areas . When estates like stoops and shadsworth turn black jobs fukt lol
  4. Pits weren't bred for biting foke, i believe it's when they get in wrong hands things go wrong. Shit dog men
  5. Am from Padiham. I know Burnley has its areas but they were never welcome hear. Now they have near every shop And a few are settling in. When I was young lad they would of been run out and I'm not so old so it's changed fast in short time
  6. In the small town I live in just outside of Burnley it is always been an white stronghold that don't really welcome outside culture. Now there is all breeds knocking a bout I believe many to be refugees being housed multiple occupants. Before long it only be out in sticks where you don't live near a clan of imports
  7. I agree. Any terriers should deal we rats and get stuck in to cover. It's a shame there's not so many terrier men committed to keeping the bedlington on we it's intended job
  8. I had a little bitch for a while. Unfortunately didn't make the grade for the job other than bushing but would find any thing. It's a shame there's not so many being grafted now
  9. Ye I believe so, keates, chew and the boys are all involved we shoots / keepers round there. I do run round Clitheroe but stick to what I know and on and off part an parcel of poaching
  10. No surprise there them ribble valley rural police in we keepers round hear all slime balls
  11. Can't beat old beddy x I have 22" bitch there 17 year old snotted enough Herbert's not consistent but a good old pot filleR can't beat the sand slug for any land tried and tested next stop collie grey yound
  12. She will run any land good brain can box them up in paddocks and got the wind and gears for open land it's most saluki bred dog I've ran my self a lot of foke say they no good for round here they want whizz bangers which is all good and well but brains gears and guile puts them to bed
  13. I've run her over Southport and couple of times but it's on fire so I generally stay local I can give her enough work we less hassle
  14. Different ball game on big open land I run my saluki on smaller land they don't get going to same over walls, gates etc oppose to open arable
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