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  1. BobDown

    White rat

    I have had one with a white head, the only one I’ve ever caught and sin
  2. Eye that would be great, I will pm you. Thank you
  3. I don’t use any social media pal
  4. Would you be interested in it for a wage, I’ve had no luck yet, thanks
  5. One of my hens is suffering with an eye infection, I think one the game hens been at her, I’ve cleaned it and drained the lump next to her eye but it has swelled back up and discharge is coming out of her eye and nostrils. Any advice or best solution for treatment as I am not r8 clued up a bout it. Thanks
  6. Supply and fit , I bought some gear and had a do and made a shit job, f****d them off after that but would like to get them banded up and have a crack we them
  7. I have done I’ve no band jig and not got the time to do at moment unfortunately , I’ve had a crack at it before but it went to cock so I don’t mind paying for now. Thanks
  8. Is they any one on here who would mind to fit some tubes and bands on some catapults I have. I can pay postage each way and a wage for doing them, thanks
  9. Can’t beat a good old Barbour but paramo mek a decent coit
  10. A small increase and they have spread out a bit
  11. I have done a bit at back of mine I dropped a bout 20 in some old warrens, the first year they struggled a bit but have done ok this year
  12. I am after some decent set of oxfords good game birds not show stuff that’s had the heart bred out of them. Near Burnley but can travel within reason. Pm if you like. Regards
  13. I have had it and it wrote me off for a bit and won’t be getting vaccinated, my belief is that god gifted us with a natural immune system and when your time is up it’s up no man made vaccine will save thi
  14. f**k them all the b*****ds keep traditions alive
  15. That’s a reyt good gesture god rest the man
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