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  1. Plenty of them in Burnley and all , went up Thompson park we kids couple weeks a go , full of all kinds and very few natives
  2. Which have you bought? I’ve an pulsar xm30 it’s or8 does job but I see foke rate the other mek better
  3. A good man him used him a few times always done r8 by us
  4. Paul Mclachlan dog physio ?
  5. Cut it up today if you want any it I’ll sort you some out
  6. Grand pup there best of luck
  7. I they would , I’ve a few sticks knocking about , All in we rural police , same we keepers , as you’ll know it’s red hot always has been and we thermals and that now the job won’t be easy
  8. Some big stags round there
  9. Seen them on estate a few times, only other morning saw a prickett on road early doors , they are pockets of them all over local most I’ve seen was 9 in a herd
  10. There all over round here , need thinning out
  11. My eldest lad learning the job. Hope fully he keeps keen at it, a young stag I bred last years bird
  12. Belters , my pal had one she was a good bitch seen her do enough
  13. Grand pups best off luck we them
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