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  1. In regards to line she’s line bred down from a litter mate of Pepsi and a Saluki shamrock
  2. Thank you she Greyhound Saluki whippet
  3. Just clipped my bitch out for the summer , I hand strip my old bitch but unable to do so we this one
  4. I didn’t end up bying them as me old man give us some but I will do in future
  5. Has any one any large Gypsy face English game eggs to sale that can post in UK. Regards
  6. I’ll be after putting a beddy cross over my Saluki bitch next year. It would be good to see some and what men have to say a bout ones they have seen work
  7. It teks a reyt dog man to get the best out of a Saluki
  8. Do you still have the lines about pal
  9. Trusty old beddy cross I had some good times we my old bitch she could find and mark any thing a real poachers dog
  10. Them roe can jive a bit, it’s all there is by by ours and a load of slow sika up the road , but never been my cup of t
  11. I get them off an old boy over West Yorkshire, hemp purse nets 2.50 a pop posts them out to you
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