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  1. Coming on a bit now a bout 8 month. Hope fully bred some good hens out his father to put we him next year
  2. BobDown


    Hunting hares, game fowl , collecting a bit of old scrap metal and spending time round the old boys on our estate , a lot to Be learned and have a good old drink and a few tales , I've much respect for this man he give me opportunity when no one else did , learned me my trade we Groundworks. I'm a simple lad we few hobbies
  3. I was ask in if it was in France. Bad crack driving land bound t bring job on top
  4. Is it illegal over there, me father use to go over every year fishing and he said was lot of hares and land t go at
  5. The dog was used for tracking and holding injured deer but was run out we lurchers and terriers it would do any thing single handed real strong dog
  6. My pal had one good all rounder surprising what some will deal with
  7. I get a a 5er a peace off local fried chicken shop , they get knocked up in to a few meal deals
  8. Nice one ,have you got the black red paired up?
  9. Don't know a bout the bull job but cock fighting not legal many places now illegal in U.K. and All U.S states. Big in Philippines where it still legal
  10. Just like a dog me father had. Don't see many like that any more
  11. I'll try get some of mine they just hard to get good photos off
  12. 7 months old I bred out my own stuff. if he turn out like his father he be good enough for me. Any one else keep the English birds
  13. Coursing been banned years we still at it f**k the c**ts
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