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  1. twelsh

    Jerry dog bull x

    What part of country this dog from herd a lot about him
  2. twelsh

    at,em again

    Wont be long til cutting starts les cant wait myself
  3. twelsh

    2001 shogun sport 3.0 petrol

    I have a mitsubishi pajero 2.5lwb 1996 never had one bit of welding on it up until this week two pieces size of two pence piece in wheel arches chassis is mint goes anywhere i arnt fussy about how old it is the older ones better uns id say
  4. twelsh

    getting better

    Good going like always les
  5. twelsh


    Good luck with sale mate may help if you put location bud
  6. twelsh

    Blitz 240

    I have a literally brand new lightforce 240 blitz variable cost me £125 plus red n blue filters cant get used to it so letting it go also lithium battery 22ah used but holds charge and charger but non of em have cigarette lighter end on just joined wires together saves hassle based york
  7. twelsh


    Good going like always les
  8. twelsh


    Sure keeping farmers happy les
  9. twelsh

    Bitch is ready to pop

    Smart dogs them pal good luck hope all goes well
  10. twelsh

    oliviase barn owls

    I was talking to guy at pickering game fair sunday as my son held a owl a pic was £5 he loved it the guy said the european owls etc what he had there no good hunting really he said best off with harris hawk first bird easy to train etc good hunters
  11. twelsh

    Where to buy this from

    Try put a link up mate thanks
  12. I bought this from pickering game fair its good stuff wish id bought more but where can i get this from anyone know
  13. twelsh

    A Bad Weekend For Steve

    Atleast you had a bot of fun pal you cant kill them all lol
  14. twelsh

    how times have changed

    Sierra now are holding good money my old man had for sierra's and capri's in them days sold for few hundred now £1000's
  15. twelsh

    Falconry and lamping motor

    Oh yes just put visa card in filler cap lol