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  1. You never beat lightforce blitz n lithium battery mate
  2. Lightforce website mate
  3. The original bulb is vertical filament code gl06
  4. Condensor crap mate it makes room really humid
  5. Try monkey off here good lad to deal with and post if needed
  6. Ive used same does job mate
  7. Maxxis trepadors good tyres had em on foresters
  8. Best battery is under your bonnet lamp all night in warmth
  9. Monkey on here is your man mate good lad to deal with
  10. Cocker spaniel x poodle
  11. One lightforce 170 variable on ebay mate bidding not buy now tho
  12. How does it work mate as i have 12v battery i thought these run off 12v as my last cluelite did
  13. I have just purchased a cluelite single bulb model but it had a 6v 20w bulb in it which is blown can i buy a 12v 1 million candle power bulb for it
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