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  1. Call it sooner thats sooner shit in house than garden
  2. Ive got a 16yr old trying gcse and and a 10 yr old doing his home learning but i tell you something things have changed a lot since i was school my 10yr got maths like this y x 3xr8 = whats all this about im thick f**k
  3. Get forester for £600 ish get anywhere n everywhere bullet proof mate
  4. Where les gedge gone out shooting section its not posted for while
  5. Cheers lads ive always used old bedding from house for dogs just was seeing whats new out there thought maybe i old timer with blankets lol
  6. What do you lads use for bedding mother and pups on whats your preferences
  7. You sure like the strong type bradus if i remember rightly you had a big black dog before correct me if im wrong mate
  8. I use black paint on big back window and 2 side one that see into boot looks good from outside aswell n if u need to remove it comes off easy with stanley blade scrapers mate
  9. I hear he is but they not as strong as use to be more racey type now as they use to built like tanks heads like dust bin lid
  10. I bet half designer hats jackets stuff from manchester warehouse
  11. One of best catch dogs i seen was 3/4 grey 1/4saluki some speed it had
  12. If its out like my pals old dog bred from hancocks stuff you should have some good night with this cross defo pot filler
  13. Oxo in cup slice bread cant beat it
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