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  1. My 17yr old lad couple nights a go thought hed cook super noodles in microwave with no water for 45 mins burnt noodles burnt dish f****d microwave
  2. What are lure machines worth in fully working order
  3. I use dettol keeps pissy smell at bay
  4. There not all same mate ive had subaru's most driving life ive had a subaru with 237 thousand on clock run sweet nut but had another that tapping head off at 150 thousand
  5. I bet theft of diesel rises as red diesel is goin be banned soon so all building sites n farm full of white thiefs dream eh
  6. Ive had few out of stan x sally and one out reeces monty to my old bitch produced strong animals dont no what reeces stuff like now anyone have any thing recently out recces stuff nice to see
  7. Monkey on here hes your man good lad to deal with
  8. That subaru be worth few quid now mate rare now
  9. Thats good price £100 for blitz bet they wont be round long mate
  10. Lovely looking dog mate atb with it should have fun when it starts going mate
  11. Had few bits off him great man good prices mate
  12. Try monkey off here good lad to deal with
  13. Try monkey off her great guy to deal with mate
  14. Sweetch itch lotion for horses does job as benzyl benzoate
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