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  1. Lightforce Blitz 240 all way
  2. Forester all way reliable engine bomb proof can take some stick cheap bus £500 ish not bad on juice either mate
  3. Forester all way mate people say steaming but we don’t get any bother mate
  4. I got some from Rotherham mate put em on roof rack on Forester 50 mile ish put rags on each corner lol
  5. Hacksaw ridge old one but is good one true story if I remember rightly
  6. I use green on striker when lamping from motor around permissions works well but use red on lightforce blitz 240 when in foot work well never tried amber tho I tried blue and it seem to cut through but fog but either red green suits me mate
  7. Where do you buy these traps from mate
  8. Maxxis trepadors on my Forester goes through out throw some mud up like
  9. The only advantage was if you have 3 lads in back 5 dogs it wouldn’t sag on arse end but disadvantage is go over speed hump at 15 mile hour it felt like you gone over 2ft Kerb edge really bad and on one side motor rear the part that hold strut was coming away so had the repaired rather go through a set shockers season than feel I was driving a boat mate
  10. Do you still have them strong bull x if I remember you that posted pic of them mate strong looking animals they are atb
  11. I’m running Forester at min for dogs good cars mate I’ve just took landrover discovery springs off rear put standards back on mate
  12. Nephew had 300tdi he had 2700 of welding done on boot floor inner wheel archers chassis took for mot while after they said nowt can be done as where they welded to has rotten as there is only so far they could go I’d never have one I had pajero on a 1995 never had one bit of welding on it up until last mot which was caused by plastic trim around wheel arches where mud gathered apart from that it was good bus
  13. Yes mate it still more of flood light than spot light
  14. What is it with bulbs for lightforce lamps I bought 5 12v 100w vertical filaments 2 from lightforce that came in a lightforce tin the bulb bright but doesn’t give nice tight dot so bought seven tracer 12v 100w same thing can’t get tight dot another one from a1 shooting same thing tried them in another lamp still no change anyone reccomend any where to get bulb from
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