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  1. twelsh

    Bull x pup Wanted

    A good litter bull x in for sale section bud good price
  2. twelsh

    Subaru forester

    Rear ends high but hit a 5 inch pot hole at 30 mph it feels like you hit a kurb good if you put 2 lads in back 3-4 dogs then you dont get that boaty feeling i may be put pedders on or iron man lift kit on rear
  3. twelsh

    Subaru forester

    This is what ive done disco springs on forester struts i thought my wheel bearing needed replacing its not shocker legs broken in half only down side to disco springs is if you dont have weight in back it shakes a bit if u doing motorway journeys
  4. twelsh

    Subaru forester

    Wanted for a 1998 forester if im right they changed from 03 onwards
  5. twelsh

    Subaru forester

    Subaru forester rear shockers wanted within 50 miles of york must be in good nick pm me
  6. twelsh


    Didn't you have the big black strong bull xs i think you put pics up a few months back they were of good stamp
  7. twelsh

    Who lost his bull x bitch?

    This dogs on pets4homes you can adopt it for £220 it states in rotherham somebody dog who been looking for it lying c***s
  8. twelsh

    Benzyl benzoate

    I have rang all local chemist to try and get benzyl benzoate cant get it anywhere its on ebay 19.99 1ltr i was paying 5 for 1 ltr any info where to get it one dog got bit fur loss been flead bath etc clean beddin regular but just cant seem to find out cure it would ivomec do anygood
  9. twelsh


    Buy the best 1st time round you wont need any other cheap imitation lamp LIGHTFORCE all way mate
  10. What would happen if its one of our motors trashed are you going dig deep in ur pockets i dont think so f**k em thats what insurance is for
  11. twelsh

    Fao topper

    Ive been trying to get hold of him same here no luck i stuck post up fao topper few week ago no luck mate
  12. twelsh

    Galaxy or Iphone?

    Nokia 3310 for me
  13. twelsh

    Need help lads

    Plenty bedding heat lamp over it be right mate
  14. twelsh

    struggling with saluki x lurcher

    I got bull x dog bred myself doing very well but when he runs rabbits if catches em he come about 1ft away n walk to hedge row n try bury it but run long ears he straight back anything else he runs comes straight back but if short runs plays up it seems like he loves a good long run but can cope with that