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    I'm happy with this one,, sometimes it comes together. I will run a few prints if anyone would like one.
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    8weeks today looking forward to this 1
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    Starts of her 2nd season same way ended her first
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    Going back to the original problem; has anybody given any thought to the situation in France? These migrants didn't just appear in Calais. They have crossed half of Europe to get there. According to EU rules they should have sought to claim refugee status at the first safe country they crossed into. That wouldn't be France. If France arrest any of these then they are responsible for them as well as the allocated number the EU impose on them to re-home. This would mean that France would bear the cost of investigating their refugee status and if found not to comply, have to find some way to deal with them and many will not declare where they came from so cannot legally be returned. If the position was reversed and all these immigrants were on the dock side in England wanting to get to France what would you think then? Would you want the British police to arrest them and effectively bring them into the system at the UK's cost only for them to legally get over the border where they wanted to be in the first place. This is why Hungary are refusing to take any refugees from the EU's quota. They would process them, house them, give them food and clothes and overnight they would vanish because they didn't want to be in Hungary. It is the same with those allocated to other countries including Ireland. They don't just want safety from war. They want to choose where they want to live. That cannot be allowed to happen. The problem isn't with France. It is with the EU's hopeless policies on migrants. They wanted the job of being responsible for member countries laws and policies, yet they have consistently dipped a shoulder and failed to come up with a plan. The people waiting to cross the Channel aren't France's problem. They are the Brussel's problem.
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    Remarkable likeness, top work that
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    Made this journal for my wife, so she doesnt loose track of the jobs shes got lined up for me
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    Cnuts trick, absolute no need, one litter takes an awful lot out of a jill imo an a summer deffo ain’t long enough to have 2, even with artificial lighting it’s still a bit of a cnuts trick an I doubt the ferrets best interests were at heart when doing it
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    Cracking couple of belts off jeemes. Well pleased nice thick leather too. Atb Joe.
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    Never thought the day would ever come that id ever get back out doing whats in my blood and that's getting back out there with dog n ferrets, ive pacified myself dragging my old ferret hutch out the shed , and boy did it bring back memmories , good old days, anyways still in good condition ive tarted it up, plenty of room for them to play, but I lacked a dog, and the prices way out of my reach, but then I got a pm from Daniel cain , showing me the dam n sire of his pending litter, nice sound dogs the pair of em, a nice little mooching partner and pal to me, I cant thank him enough, and cant wait to bring the pup n stinkers together , not just has he offered me a pup, but the pick of the litter how lucky am I cheers keith
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    Nothing exciting really but I tried the Photon 6x50 RT tonight on the rimfire. Four shots, four bunnies. Zeroed earlier after a couple of rounds. All singing all dancing, all I wanted though was to be able to shift some bunnies without them knowing what was going on. Didn’t need the NV on as the rabbits were easily spotted. First, very early impression, it’s a decent bit of kit
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    Bought my youngest lad his first 12 bore yeserday .a webley and scott sem auto .then out today ,brilliant first time using it .
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    36 deg inside our carparts plant and Betty swallocks was in the house . No air at all ,now ive been forced to drink cold St Austell Tribute .As an after work punishment woe is me
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    soon be the weekend sd and you'll be back on the chillathon I wished id gone in today, need to get a job finished off to free some brass up.. 4hours getting bbq'd but I did manage to connect with 1 woody for 1 shot! see if I can trade him up for a fox later and go two for two
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    I'm in a tin shed welding heavy beams in overalls! I'd rather be snoozing under an oak if for nowt right now zzzz
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    there mynah birds but the yellows worn off my mans ace at stacking.. the ones I was sat on had all fallen over the spot and they can only of been there a couple of days! found all the pigeons on the way home, thousands of the fcukers on rape stubble that the farmer won't let anyone shoot this was it when it was starting off and theres as many on it now that its down.
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    Yep snap. I'm on top of barn fixing roof so our fresh bales don't get pisseď on! Bloody sweltering, but views alright!
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    Ok if I jump in ? ,got shit bout of gout ,but work slowing up ,so could travel down Friday.
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    That's an Irish thing katch, it's only the last few years here Jill and hob is used, I at times slip back to the buck and doe terminology.. I'd hazard a guess and say there's still an awful lot say buck, doe, its not ignorance, it's habit and upbringing
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    One of their best (in my opinion)
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    That’s one pretty bird
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    Sod it! I decided to be brave and do it again straight away. Noggin's on the left and Ned's on the right. This was taken on Dartmoor a couple of weeks ago. We went up Cawsand Beacon for the view but this was all we could see so we went back down to the ford where I scattered Rusty and Scout's ashes. Actually, Scout's are in a hole in the bury next to the ford as she spent so much of her time trying to get in there I thought she's like to spend all eternity in it.
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    Big no no from me. I only breed my jills when I need kits to replace stock and they have one litter no matter what they produce.
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    Out again today managed the one. beaten by another today it wasn't a matter of pushing the fox out as we had just missed one from the briar rose when we got to the next next patch the runners were doing their impression of the Indians circling the covered wagons . Patch the terrier took matters into his own hands and went in and grabbed the fox and boxed on for quite some time while we broke into the clump of rose, my son grabbed the foxes tail and pulled fox and dog clear and swung fox out into the open where my runners finished the job out.
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    Few from this morning.
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    Mr katchum you're right.This stuff can grow a new tail on a terrier Just about all rednecks In Dixie kept a barrel of burnt motor oil and sulphur and would plunge the dogs once a month.it would fix any skin problems kill fleas kill mange etc when I was a kid. I was so impressed with nustock I checked in to how it's made.Its basically baby oil and sulfur with a drop of terpentine if I remember right. You can look it up.I made my own for a little while. A jar of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and a bottle of sulphur from the store mixed to gether will generally kill mange mites and grow hair.
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    Me, Jacob and Oliver. Only Oliver fishing....And winning apparently
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    Our pup and my daughters pet duck
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    My eldest is coming too so 4 of us in total but only 2 fishing.
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    He wants to get tree sap off his dog not skidmarks off his underpants....
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    Back in early May I bought myself a scout lt, and for me it’s one of the best mass produced Cattys ever... period !. My kill rate has gone through the roof but shooting squirrels with trees in full foliage has proved to be a little difficult at times not only that but the occasional one hasn’t been picked due to dropping out of view, now I’m not like most people and every bird/animal that evades the game bag is food for a multitude of scavengers and I’m happy to leave the odd one. Now I think most of you know I tend to hang around with smithie in the winter months and we’ve often spoke about thermal spotters So I decided to bite the bullet and buy one . I bought the pulsar axion xm30s from Ian at Blackwood outdoors ( anyone after a thermal get in touch with him, he will beat any price out there). It’s a unbelievable piece of kit and as long as it ain’t hiding behind something solid then the thermal will pic it up. This is going to come in very handy come winter time.
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    Only ever had to deal with resin pockets in softwood bought from Wickes, but white spirit always cleaned it away from both wood and hands.
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    Well is using a scope on a rifle cheating ? And if cheating means filling my belly then I'm a cheating c**t
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    Look similar to them mounting fiest they run in the USA
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    Grandmother 9 years old Granddaughter 2 years old And grand uncle to the black and white bitch 6 months old lol
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    Sound Dai, my 2 and myself will be fishing
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    I'm fishing and bringing my 2 little prodigies now they live with me so if there's enough space for 2 boys as well 7 and 8
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    You might wanna to spell check your last sentence mate lol
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