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  1. " House of Secrets ". Flix. Three forty five minute episodes. That Indian family of eleven found hanging? Flix up to their old tricks again. Dragging thirty minutes into three, interminable, fukking episodes. Don't bother.
  2. Here ye go, Wolfie. Maybe not quite what ye looking for. But, a glimpsed insight none the less. Prices for a few skins, at least. 1962 in england. Noticeable they don't even list fox. Wonder why? Skin & Feather Buyer ~ Early Sixties | Pest-Control-Papers PEST-CONTOL-PAPERS.BOARDS.NET https://s19.postimg.cc/mte6f9xjn/
  3. " The Alienist ". Flix. Two seasons. Eight and ten episodes. About fifty a pop. Basically a 'Mind Hunter' thing, set in late 1800's America. First season was alright, if light. This second one I found slower. To the point of just about running out of steam by the mid way mark. Dakota Fanning couldn't save this one. And she's obviously set to become the central focus of the Third season ~ which I won't even be glancing at. Didn't set This man on fire
  4. The levels and sheer openess of Thought Control, these days, is just fukking breath taking! Orwell could never have conceived of this. Now, I have my Bank telling me giving them my biometrics will be great for me. As the govt. are saying I Must appear, on here, as Frank Lee, now. Next, I'll need to provide a covid passport photo of myself to get on their internet. And you people Still breed?!
  5. Fourth cousin, twice removed, to that bloke three doors down?
  6. Hang on; So, going by the 'daylight' picture, those homes are staggered? So, the matchsticks was one?! Fukking hell! That's phenomenal! How the hell does a human body survive That?! Everything's blown to splinters! And, what's that white ring fence? Behind the building to the left? Is that neat rectangle inside it a hole dug? And, look at the smaller structure, to the left of it. Demolished. Yet, the trees, to the right, are unscathed. Crazy, how this shit plays out. Directions blasts take, and all that.
  7. Sorry, mate! I tend to leave it to you checking the reumé on flix, rather than me waffling on. Basically, a serial killer set to catch another serial killer. From behind bars, as it happens. Very good though
  8. " La Mante ". Flix. French. Six, hour, episodes. Fukking Good!
  9. Ken's Deputy


    Why, in the name of god, would anyone ever even Think to try This?!? Kunt clearly over shoots too!
  10. Tore a bit off the colour patch to compare to paints
  11. He was a lot bigger than me though! Fat kunt! Dreams are weird shit, eh? Why, in gods name, would I have a problem with a fat, long dead Welshman?! And in a fukking crawl space!!!
  12. So, I was in the High Street and saw him up ahead of me. I yelled at him, calling him something extremely provocative, for some reason. He came rumbling down the hill like thunder and we fell straight about it. In a crawl space. I wasn't getting the best of the kunt. In fact, I could see he was crawling away from me and trying to get back on the street. That's when I decided it was time to go all out filthy ninja on him. I got a grip on some fukking extremity. Foot or fingers? Started twisting and crushing them for all I was worth! Woke up to the poor little dog that sleeps
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