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  1. Maybe. Maybe Charts and I are old school. Either way; I've never had the battery pack up in my hammer!
  2. Sorry, Charts ~ Was off, busy finishing the work removing that screw allowed me to! Aren't they a cracking little tool though?! I've never used one before. Had this one a year. Only now found a use for it. And, yes, as Bruce there says; One sharp tap and job's a good'n! Mine worked, just like that But, yeah, in order to (realistically?) turn the thing, Bruce takes the black end off. Pops the square end in a vice and uses that to hold it still, while he rotates the collar by hand. I never tried that without the vice. Probably never will, now. Because I don't really see t
  3. Cheers, lads. I don't know what I was thinking, coming here Before just asking the tube. Helping keep this place alive, I guess? Anyway, yeah; Would ye believe ye put it in a fukking vice?! Absolute simplicity, once Bruce here has finally shit the fukk up and shown ye! At two minutes:
  4. Draper Expert, hand held, to be precise. Anyone know how the hell ye set them for right or left hand turning, please? Amazon reviewers seemed really lost. I thought they were just useless. I'd soon sort it out. Year later, I try to use it for the first time? Chaos! I see it says " Left - Right " on the collet. Good luck fathoming how to turn that I just need to wrench open two little screws. Down tools till I can manage that Thanks.
  5. 3 From Hell Flix. Two hours. Thirteen minutes!!!!! I only even decided to give it a try because it was an 18. And it had that Mexican type guy ~ with the long hair and craggy face? Him ~ in it. According to the poster. He was in it about two minutes. Spoke six words. I mean, fukking seriously; I swear some kuntz just get together and see just how completely Shit they can make something ..... and still get netflix to buy it!
  6. Curse Of The Witching Tree Flix. Hour forty. I lasted seventeen. I always try to give British made stuff a go. But, for fukk fukking sake!!! It was So wooden, I was waiting for Spotty Dog to appear!
  7. Been replacing a couple of yards of fence, today. One of those 'five minute' jobs that soon became a brutal and bloody battle of attrition. I've also come to realise and accept that, now that I've started eating my dinner earlier in the day? I'm absolutely fukking worthless without it! Always ate around 20 / 21:00? Now, I'm more like 16:00 and pretty fukking useless by 15:00! My hands are now an absolute fukking agony of nettle stings too. having cut them down, then spent the afternoon crawling on them! Oh, and in case anyone hasn't spotted it? Those are my Irwin
  8. I saw that some time ago. From what I recall? I started off by really enjoying it. Then, dunno? It just seemed to wear thin? At best, I didn't bother to watch a follow up series. At worst; I may even have given up with the one I was watching. Can't remember. I guess the moral is to enjoy it ~ if you enjoy it ~ while ye do
  9. " Waitrose Deep Filled Roast Chicken & Stuffing Sandwich " ? Put that in front of me and I'd scarf it down and be damned! " Waitrose Deep Filled Roast Chicken & Bacon Sandwich " ?! Fukk, Yeah!!!
  10. I re watched " This Is England ", last night. Aside from the fact of what a cracking good film it is; The thing that stuck out most, to me, was how they wandered the streets with uncovered air guns, on their way out 'Hunting'. No one called in the ARV and helicopters. No one had a personal, government monitoring device in their hand. This was the 1980's.
  11. Answer the question, Francie; Have you ever been the back end of a pantomime ass?
  12. Answer the question, Francie. Have you ever been the back end of a pantomime ass?
  13. Well, Francie; If you've never been the front end of a pantomime ass ..... Have you ever been the Back end of a pantomime ass?
  14. Exactly! Like; Has Francie ever been the front end of a pantomime ass???
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