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  1. That is my One regret. That I'll never get to see them.
  2. All I've found, yet, is smoke and mirrors. Bunch of shots slung up, with tons of 'He said / They said'. Actually discerning anything that directly relates to THE pictures that we're all waiting for? Fukking try it! I was expecting Mr Han to pop out at any moment.
  3. That's it!!! That Bootes thing, to the left? Big, bright fukka. That'll be it. Spot on! What's that all about, please?
  4. Cheers, Born. Yeah, I've definitely seen this before, enough times that I'm getting sort of familiar with it now. I tried to get a compass on my phone, today. Seems it lacks some magnet thing? Tried google too. No luck. I can only say that, from the pretty exact spot where I'd always be standing when I observe all this shit? Moon rises about my 10:00. This twinkler would be more like 11:30. 12:00 I call East. That's extremely simplified though. Last night, the moon (at 22:00) was about 01:00. Moon carries on through that trajectory, eventually ends up around 05:00, which I consider
  5. Talking of remakes? Some or other version of " Red Dragon " is on flix, now. Seems to have Anthony Hopkins in it? I'd as soon watch " The Sound Of Music ", with a few beers. I stood about less than one fukking episode of the Mads Mikkelsen umpteenth remake. When " Freddie Loundes " turned up as a girl? I just fukking spewed! Next time round, I expect Lector will be a fukking nigger. Forgive me. We're having a scheduled power cut, 'This morning'. I'm in no rush to wake up, get up and stand around drinking tea off a camping stove, while waiting for the power to come back on
  6. This'll be an easy one, for you lot What's with the 'Two Lights', blinking and twinkling away. Below and to the left / north of the moon. Round about 22:00ish? I seem to remember, from past threads, it's a pretty well mundane thing. Just can't remember the name for it. It'd be roughly in the eastern sky. Thanks.
  7. I'm guessing that was the John Wayne one? How bad was that remake?
  8. Tomorrow, I make curry! (I actually hope to crack out some more onion bhajis too. Freeze a few) The formula I've settled on is a little bit of twisting. But, after the Beef Rendang fiasco ....? I just want to Make some fukking grub!!! Can't even remember, now, what I supposedly have planned. I seem to remember it's basically, Al's Chicken Madras. Only, using beef. And, while he does his in a big pan? I think I'll be doing the madras sauce in my pan. Then, chucking that, some more base gravy and the beef into the epc. Here's Al's idea of madras sauce: 3 Tbsp Veg Oil 1 Tsp
  9. Sand, BB. I found that in the article " Imagine the damage if it hadn't been a controlled explosion. " No more snow flakes, or even fukking university! Imagine living in a time when some kunts were deliberately dropping shit like that on you? Over two thousand pounds of blow you, and everything around you to fukking vapour. Bit f***ing un pc, I'd have thought? My people lived through that. Never harped on it. Now ....?
  10. Fukk Me, Sid! Thanks for that one! I'm off to get buried in there!
  11. Steps, slowly, back from the thread .....
  12. No idea, Sid. I felt it was directed at me. Just seemed the opportunity to use that meme I've had sitting on my desk! I've still got another fukking belter lined up. Someone's gonna get it!
  13. I do believe you're dead right too! Before It quite sunk in, what you were saying, I noticed how the triangular 'spike' on top looked rather like what we'd use on a drink tin, before ring pulls. So, you'd lever that down, through the lid, going round? Fukk! I'm so interested because my wife had a fleeting interest in collecting tin openers. I think she'd have freaked out on that one! What a beauty!
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