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  1. Untraceable's on flix, Dino. Not a bad film. Though, her decided course of action, on the bridge, will rather leave ye screaming; " NOooooo!!!! Don't be a Kuuuuuunt!!! ". But, she be's
  2. Okay. Hang on a minute. So; Let me get this right ..... The guy in Chicago is " Dubbed the duck walk killer, because of his limp. ". Then, we go over to Stockton, where they show us ~ purely coincidentally? ~ This: And, no. The msm are Not laughing their fukking arses off at us, as they see just how much smoke they can blow up our arses
  3. Oh. So, that's one 'Okay' and one 'Pour vinegar into ye eyes'. Hm.
  4. She good as said, to Joe Rogan, that 'we' need Trumpster back, to get the world back on its axis. She'd get my vote. And my hot, solid, throbbing three and a half inches!
  5. Two women? That's on flix. I might give that a go, tonight then
  6. Great, isn't it? Four here, last night. Spotted one on the hill. I always check there. I know their little places. Fox fox now creeps out, right beside me, in the beam. Even as I'm emptying the soaked biscuits on the ground. Has to be dead sharp about claiming her chicks! Funny. Even as I was coming back into the kitchen, I was actually thinking to myself, how great it is. Absolutely, purely wild animals. I'm probably the only human they've ever seen. But, they've learned they can have this measure of trust. And expectation! That's a great bit, isn't it? Their happy expectation tha
  7. Island of the Sea Wolves. Flix. 3 x 45. Just watched one. No rush to see the rest. Typical, old time, Dysneyesque sort of production, before all the black, trans, lesbians started showing up. Glossy nature documentary about Vancouver, I think it is? Animals with names thing. For kids. Whatever ...
  8. Relax, comrade! I like calling you things. It gets inside the minds of others
  9. @NEWKID Please empty ye inbox, or allow PM's for a minute. What ever it is needed.
  10. @mackem? Could You explain my post to the void?
  11. Au contraire, mon chien; He'll be head hunted for a top job now, ' Because he showed he had the balls to do what had to be done.'
  12. ??? Sorry, mate. Ye've lost me, completely, now. Where do woodpigeons fit into all this? ? Are they protected now?
  13. Like fukking fairy lights, it was @iworkwhippets! I can only imagine it must be getting near their mating season? I'm figuring all these random fukkers are turning up because 'Fox fox' (The vixen) is here. Rather than word's suddenly got out that there's biscuits to be had? Carries on at this rate? I'd might as well set up a fukking food dispenser out there. Save me messing with buckets and jugs every day
  14. What ever happened to that motor fuel made from rapeseed oil? I don't really follow this shit, because I haven't got a motor. I genuinely have no concept of all this stuff. But, I rem,ember a photo of a big, green tank or two, at the side of a road, beside a field? What happened there?
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