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  1. Sorry, mate. Could you please expand on that? The video link doesn't work. And I genuinely have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. But, it sounds interesting. Thanks
  2. " A Classic Horror Story ". Flix. Hour and half. I watched it in half that. By dint of constantly clicking the ten seconds forward button, to skip through the endless, long, drawn out crap. Looking for shorter crap. Jesus Fukking Christ!!! Total and utter Shit!
  3. " From Dusk Till Dawn ". Flix. First season. 10 episodes at 45 mins. Two more seasons to go. Dunno. It was entertaining. The 'leading lady', Eiza Gonzalez has the looks and body that could make a fan of Victoria's Secrets cry Chocolate box isn't my cup of tea. But, I can see why a lot of guys might watch it pretty much for her alone. Two more seasons? We'll see. But, I'll most definitely be watching a Lot else, before I consider investing in season two.
  4. That pinged (can I get away with that?) my radar, last night. Instead, I've started on this " From Dusk Till Dawn " series. Think I've got to about episode Six, so far? Forty minutes an episode, it seems to have my attention
  5. Backs slowly away from the thread .....
  6. Saw that, Len. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? I've also seen something called " The Real Sopranos ". Like a little documentary, made by some NJ detectives. Quite sad. The guys the series was based on were actually a bunch of no hopers who spent their days running around, trying to intimidate street corner hot dog salesmen 'n shit. I don't think The Mob ever even allowed them recognition as a Family. All quite shambolic. Doesn't detract an iota from the epic brilliance of the series though. Quite simply, one of the defining epitomes of our time. Must say, it's a little s
  7. If you liked The Sopranos, you'll fukkin Love this! Ridiculously clever. (And " Pax TV " is a strictly christian tv channel, by the way. It helps to know that)
  8. These mad girls should do it! No Make up, let alone Pink or blue wigs. No 'Twerking' with massive arses. No Spangles, lasers, or mass backing supports, 'Twerking' with massive arses. This is The Shit! Feel free to check their shit out. They never really seem to change. Just joyous little souls. Going on about what ever the fukk it is they're on about.
  9. " Stonehearst Asylum ". Flix. Couple of hours. Thought I might have seen it before? Probably have. 2014. Bendy Ben. A Michael Palin lookalike. Kate Beckinsale. The list goes on. I liked it.
  10. Judge was obviously a cat sub.
  11. " The War Zone ". My shelf. Hour and half. Ray Winstone. You jokers want to talk about " Gritty " and " Depressing "? I Laugh at you! This muvva fukka is SO gritty and depressing, it should come with a free Shower and change of clothing! Hell; This shit is so Bleak, from start to finish, you'll need to defibrillate your fukking Soul afterwards!!! The opening moments are like; Then, it just spirals into complete and utter fukking How I envisage the poor kunt who had the mind to write this shit:
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