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  1. At least that write up doesn't mention any " Danny ". The moment That name(s) crop up, I walk.
  2. When I was in primary school, so the better part of a century ago now, we had a teacher. Mr O' Shea. I can remember now, as clearly as if it was this morning. Two lads were having at each other, by the steps from the back of the kitchen. We didn't all gather round, chanting " Fight! Fight! Fight! ". That started in Secondary. We were just little kids. So, we more turned and looked on in sort of curiosity. That's probably why I never noticed Mr O' Shea approaching. I don't think anyone did. He just sort of appeared there. In a blink. And, in that blink he smashed those two's fukking heads together with a resounding crack I've never forgotten to this day! That fukking stopped them! Those were the days. Now we have This
  3. * Scuttles off to check google for 'Inverter Welder' * Yes! And damn " SIP " comes up, Again! I'm getting the definite hunch I'll end up buying one of theirs. They're everywhere I look. Now then; I'm seeing all sorts of AMPs here. Happens I also thought to check my Main Fuse as I hear a lot about how welders will blow my main fuse. Mine says " 60/80A ". Lowest ampage machine I'm seeing is 80. It's as small as they seem to go. What's that mean, please? I have heard, " They'll upgrade your fuse for you. " But, I'd really need to look into that. Thanks for the input, anyway, Walshie. Been chewing this cage over all day. That and another little project I have in the pipe line. With the hellish cost of deliveries from the miser in town, I'd be stupid not to grab All the materials at once. Amounting to a shit ton of timber, to be honest! I know 2 x 2 doesn't exactly cost the earth. But, I just bought a £200 filter and a £250 washing machine! I'm not Made of fukking money!!! That fukking Hurt! End of the month then. I'm just figuring the old cage will contain this mad fukker one more time. It'll have to!
  4. Bugger's just come sat by Her cage, whining and moaning Literally, any day (Hour?!) now; Shit's gonna hit the fan! I'm hoping the wreck of his old cage will hold him, this one last time? But, hell yeah! I'm following Gnashers advice and buying in a shit ton of 2 x 2 and strapping, first thing. Bitch is, I have an 8 x 4 sheet of 1" steel mesh out there. Took me all week end, bouncing it off a mate, to realise I need Another one! Fifty quid a throw they are too! No worries: Come late December, when the other little bugger starts? I'll have him a ready made, quick to assemble, no where for him to get his teeth into Cage! Lock the bugger in there and get on with my welding practice!
  5. King; The nicest dog you could ever wish to meet Only, he's a big, strong fukker. And I have two dear little things here who throw heat, once a year a piece. So, I get maybe one month in twelve when his adolescent hormones go absolutely fukking Ballistic! Nothing else for it but to lock him up. Bit like a fukking werewolf. But, thankfully, not Every month. Just lasts longer
  6. Damn!!! I do think Gnasher just blew the internet apart!!! (Fukk; Why didn't I think of That?!? Where's the 'Not Worthy' emoji?!) You, sir, are an absolute Genius!!! One fell swoop and I reckon ye've cracked it wide open! Even as we speak, my mind's rushing through the details: Galvy strips holding the mesh to the wood, inside? I've already said I'm no chippy. But, I Can cut and bend More galvy strips, to make internal and external corner braces, to hold the frames together? Just need to figure how to nut, bolt and washer the whole thing together? Boosh! Easy! Even for me!!! My hat's off to you, sir! That is Bloody Brilliant! Thank You!!! I'm still gonna get a welder though. Just because this thread's got me so pumped about it! And; Fukk Katchum!!!
  7. No gumtree around me, Rust. But, hell, yeah! Sid's just shoved me Right back towards Mig, with Those prices!!! Little, disposable gas bottles too? I think I'll spend some Quality time, drooling over That range! Thanks, Sid!
  8. Bloody hell, DC! I've never even heard of it going on, so far up, or so Late! Did they mention the nits?
  9. Just heard back from an online mate. He said Mig needs gas, and gas costs! That also reminded me of my other 'mate', the time served Welder, going on about the trouble He was having getting some gas? Happens, I have a big bottle of gas here. Another sort, for another purpose. Christ, yeah! The trouble I had finding that! And the Price of it?! Mate said, of stick: " and to be honest, you'd pick it up pretty quickly. " Humm. When I get back into town, I'll be making a bee line for that Welding gear section of the shop. Desperately hoping they still have that dinky little machine that comes with its own carry case. It may well be a pathetic little piece of shit, to a time served professional tradesman. But, if it can manage me this cage? Hell, yeah!
  10. BB. Thanks. Now I see what Gnash was getting at! Yep. That's doable. Only trouble is, I've now Publicly set my heart on getting a welder, and learning to use it! People'd call me a Jacker, if I change from that course now!
  11. Is that what he's doing, now he's stopped dodging knickers? Terrible sizes at heart stopping prices, King! And, how would I put them together? Weld them? Okay, lads. This thread's starting to morph. Let's keep in mind here that I A/ Have to isolate a dog like you'd do Hannibal Lektor. But, only for a few weeks of the year. Then, I want the cage gone. Ready to be dragged out and dusted off next winter. That's A. I also now am B/ Fascinated by the prospect of nailing this Welding game! That, of course, will enable me to side step all these fantastically high prices. And produce pretty much what I want. And, jesus christ, it's just hit me! How about fukking Rebar bars??? Cheap as shit. Not many dogs gonna get through That shit!
  12. Could do, Gnash. But, it wouldn't - I'd have thought? - have the strength of mesh welded to a welded frame. Then, bolt Those panels together? Mmm. You've got me thinking now. Flat steel? Very wobbly. And how would ye bolt them anyway? Angled? Great for welding meshes to. And together. But, I envision a solid, welded object resulting? Square tubular sounds the dogs! Weld the mesh to it. Drill it. Bolt shit together! Costly. But, I'm just thinking out loud here. On the hoof. Throwing shit out there to see what comes back.
  13. Yeah. So did I! Or was it Brazed? Or Welded? Or 'Just Wasted Every Bodies Fukking Time'? I remember a candle holder. A blow torch. Flux. And endless repetitions of utter futility. Fukking Hate metal work with a vengeance. But, then; I'm useless at carpentry too! What I Really, Seriously fukking Despise though, is standing around like a useless prick. Whining that I can't do something. While every man around me has been doing it since they were fukking ten years old! Learn a third language? Errrr .... Not at This stage in the game! Master an instrument like Tina S? We think not! But, fukk it, if I can't learn to just stick two bits of steel together? And that's all I want. I don't care how shitty my work may look. Just bog practical will do me I'm definitely up for this!
  14. Katchem! You absolute Fukker!!! I thought you Could weld!!! ROFL!!! Giving it the big one, and you can't even do it yourself?! Well, fair play, mate! Now look what we've got!
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