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  1. Just come, staggering, in from my 'office'. Not worth showing a photo. Just feed sacks. Feed sacks piled. Over flowing. Stacked like a small fukking mountain. All full of sliced up, gnarly, dirty, wormy, naily old wood and pallets. Fukk me, I've got some shit out there! Done some hours ~ and saw blades. Neighbour's fukking loving it. Because I've just rung him up and asked him for all the feed sacks he has. What a fukking bonus for him, eh? Imagine someone asking to empty your bins into their boot! Sadly, I'm under absolutely no delusion. Last night of this month? I spark her up. I'l
  2. Bro' called me, a couple of nights ago. We very seldom speak, simply because. But, this brief chat ~ a bit one sided, because he only really likes to talk about His side of shit ~ has stayed with me. Him: " These power prices! Do ye think like, dojo's and such ~ because they often rent school halls and such. And They'll have to pay much higher bills! ~ do ye think they'll be shutting down? Unable to afford the places? " Me: Well, the dojo will pass on those prices to your sub's. Simple enough. Him: " But, it's all because of The Ukraine, isn't it?! " Me: Well ..... if that'
  3. Cheers, lads. Probably not the answer I wanted. But, the one that's saved me a ton or so! Eighty grit? Sound about right for what ever comes to hand? (Just the top seller on Amazon. Means shit to me)
  4. Yeppers. Tosihro Mifune was, undoubtedly, the best Japanese actor to have ever lived. Kurosawa basically made the Original, that others could then copy Saying that? To this day I could quote ye chapter and verse from " Shogun Assassin " Just fukking delicious!
  5. Dahmer. Flix. 10 episodes @ c. 60 mins. Very good version of events, from what I know of the case ~ which was never one which gripped me. But, fair do's for keeping me contentedly entertained for as long as it did. I thought the guy in the title role was excellent in his portrayal. Very convincing. All the acting, and overall production, was good. Fascinating parallels with our own Nielson! Made me think though; Who the Fukk walks through a door. Smells rotting flesh. And accepts Any sort of excuse / explanation from the complete fukking stranger who's just brought ye ther
  6. What's to know, chaps? Just a tool I haven't got, yet. Want it for occasionally making my hatchet a bit less of a meat tenderiser. Shit like that. About it, really 6" seems de rigour. All the extra wheels seem to come in 6". What are these stand alone stands like? Any good? My work bench is fukking useless. Few, unsecured planks on blocks. Kitchen table would be better. No room left either. Place is a mess, awaiting a winter project, to use some materials and reduce clutter. Looking at Amazon Prime, primarily. Lazy kunt that I am.
  7. Nice. If ye'd said he was the American type, I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. They tend to come in that desert cammo. Brit's are usually more plain brown. Environmental. Just been making tonights popcorn and ~ for the millionth time, at least ~ having passing thoughts about frogs land base. Good god, it's fukking challenging me! As far as I can yet fathom? It'll need to be pretty well wholly lift outable. I can only allow myself fleeting mental glimpses of what might need to be. Otherwise, the magnitude of what I'm trying to do here could break my brain. Got this far tho
  8. That england, Mack? Nicely marked, if so.
  9. Apart from my boxed sets, I have about a dozen or so films on my shelf. (Rest are all stashed away in purpose made holdalls. Stored) These are the ones I might reach for, if you turned up here for a lads night in Obviously then, given the context, " The Last Samurai " happens to be there. Strange choice, I often think myself. But then, I don't not like Cruise. I ignore self styled 'influencers' and see for myself. This is the best role I've ever seen him in. Not that I've seen him in much. It's not him though. I like the whole Samurai thing. The old Japanese culture and mind set fasc
  10. Okay. I've got it on my phone now. Need to get it on my computer
  11. Telergram tells me Huawei is a kunt. But, their instructions on how to get round it aren't fitting in with what I'm seeing on my phone? Guessing their FAQ is either out of date, or too modern for my phone? Ascend Y300. Anyone help out here, please?
  12. Done a double paraphrasing of Floyd here! 'A Momentary Lapse Of Attention'. Swiftly followed by: 'When The Chickens Broke Free'! I hadn't exactly planned it this way. But, I was working in their box. Turned round? Clucker fukkers were all over the place! They're out there now. Scratching about and eating grass! Fukking superb value for money! Amusing the fukk out of me! Trouble is; I'm getting shit done here now. I'm for ever going out there, to stand watching them, till my legs ache. Then I pop back in here to watch the antics.
  13. I still love his star wars canteen sketch though. And I've never even seen star wars!
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