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  1. Why do people wear headphones? What are they hearing through them? Genuine question. I've always wondered about that. Like, is it their own contribution? So they know how They're sounding? What? I've just watched Nick Cave playing the piano and singing. Cans on. But, half the people playing the background instruments weren't. Half were. Now, I see Everyone on this clip Are wearing them. WTF are they listening to?
  2. Don't Take Drugs! Worth it, just for the exit! Movement on her, she'll be off to the flash!
  3. Just slung down £55.00 for a nice big " Trojan " bed / pillow for mine Got a cammo one, this time. Just because I find it hilarious having cammo stuff indoors
  4. " Totem ". Flix. 2 hours. Polish. That's It. I'm through with Polish films. Indian to Finnish? Great! Polish? Never again!
  5. I can see what you're saying, mate. But, that would be a bit like me saying to you ~ if you had rats in your garden; " Ah, just get some stuff from B&Q and chuck it down. "
  6. I feed the small birds grated cheese, every day. Dogs, of course, Love cheese. Thus I now habitually chuck a pinch up in the air and let them scramble for it. Well, I just went out to make another mugga tea. My big dog's standing there close by, gazing out the door. As I'm making the brew, I'm quietly mumbling to myself. Thinking out loud. I mutter that; " I'd better grate some more cheese, for the birds tomorrow. " And, at the instant I said " Cheese ", out of the corner of my eye I saw that fukkers head snap round to look at me!
  7. Leave that stuff alone then, mate.
  8. Rusty; Think 'Phone Charger'. I want to get the phone charger outside. Thus far, snipping the pin off the end of the flex and having it soldered back onto the end of 30 meters of 1.5mm sounds about the job.
  9. And the British Fire Service reckon 70% of 'Fires of unknown source' are caused by rodents. I don't smoke. I only eat microwaved oven chips. I have a very particular set of skills, where rodents are concerned. Electrical faults? I appreciate the concern. But, fukk me; I want to run a little camera here. Not wire for the Radipole Electric Festival Of Pissing Rain Beside The Lake In June. Let's retain some perspective here. Would Hammer's 'Nest Box Spy Cam', above, need a qualified and certified Spark's attention? Would the placement of a pound shop mouse trap justify calling out
  10. " Anatomy Of Evil ". Flix. 2 hours. Polish. Half hour too long. Sub's a bit quick. I'm already forgetting any details ... Naah.
  11. Fukk, Hams! That was close!!! Thanks, mate. Brilliant effort! Sadly; It states it's compatible with 8v. Not with 5v? So, chances are it won't go with my 6v either? How the hell do you even find this shit though?! I spent the afternood scrabbling about google and amazon. Trying every terms I could think of
  12. Yeah. Looked at sweet stuff like that, Sid. Sadly; The 'Phone Charger' type block would keep it wedged open. See? Kind of kill the point. Also, as Neil's pointed out: Let's not run 230 out there, when we can run 6! Fukking Love that concept!
  13. Hang about ....! Soldering? Couldn't I just strip back the end of the cable and refit the jack using one of those little 'pineapple chunk' joiners, with the screws?
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