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  1. Same around here. There's loads of rifle men out now hammering them all year round. Was talking to 1 man before Xmas and he had over eighty. for the year. I have noticed a big difference in the numbers being put out when doing bits of cover. We have to travel a bit further to get decent hunting these days.
  2. Out on Saturday again with the hounds. Got 3 again although we put out 5. This 1 the dam to my dog marked a spot, terrier in and this bolted and was caught by my dog. Great day out.
  3. Liamboy

    Out Today

    Looks a good day out SS. We had 3 out of cover last weekend, probably should have had a few more but that's the way it goes.
  4. Bitch pups turn. She was a lot slower to start than her brother but she's improving nearly every day out. Time will tell
  5. They are 9/16, 7/16 greyhound/bull cross I havnt put a tape on them but I'd say the dog is around 26" and the bitch 22"/23". Dog pup is flying so far and I'm just starting to do bits and pieces with the bitch.
  6. Sister and brother 14 months old now
  7. Absolute disgrace to jail a man for hunting rabbits permission or not, especially when you think of some of the crimes people get off with or get a slap in the wrist about. That judge is obviously an anti wanker if he thinks that is barbaric. The world is away mad, The way things are going this game hasn't long left.
  8. He's 14 months this week. He's very keen so I'm trying to hold him back a bit and just showing the odd bit here and there.
  9. Another 1 with the young dog. Couldn't be more pleased with him so far.
  10. Always 1's for sale on gumtree, keep an eye on there
  11. That's a mates little foxing bitch. She's a mixture, pat/lakeland cross
  12. Sire is a well proven racey enough half cross. I haven't seen him personally but my mate who bred the pups has. You could let the bitch roam around a dig but they are more point and slip tbh. They were bred for foxing and will be used around cover, out lamping and around a dig. I'm pleased with how the young dog has started so far, it's been more a matter of holding him back and showing him bits and pieces and if all goes well next year he will get all the work he wants
  13. It's nothing fancy, its just a beretta teknys the stock isn't real wood just a wooden look finish which is a bit crap cos it marks up very easily. But it does for knocking about with.
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