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  1. Liamboy

    Dog v Bitch

    It's far harder to come across a top quality bitch than a dog.
  2. Liamboy

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Nah just calling a spade a spade
  3. Liamboy

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Just because ye have a sgc doesn't mean your not an anti. Shite stirring.
  4. Liamboy

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Do you not think its sad for someone who doesn't agree with hunting to spend their time on THL!
  5. Liamboy

    Bellman red brick

    Yeah cnuts have us over a barrel at the min
  6. Liamboy

    Bellman red brick

    You would have thought another company would have brought out a collar to challenge the b&f one by now.
  7. Liamboy

    Bellman red brick

    Happened to a lad I no and they didn't fix it. He had to buy a new 1.They no that they have a monopoly over digging men a bit of competition would do everyone a favour. Id say lots of men would try something else due to bellmans poor customer service.
  8. Liamboy

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    33 pages on this and he hasn't replied says a lot
  9. Liamboy


    Never heard of it
  10. Liamboy

    My pup

    18 weeks now.
  11. Liamboy

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    She's a stunner. Hopefully do the biz for you!
  12. There's plenty about around here. Only put 2 out today but last week while out with the hounds we put double figures out. Sods law
  13. Liamboy


    Only the good ones go early! Nice dog
  14. One of my lab bitch