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  1. Liamboy

    Out Today

    What do u think happened to him SS? Shit thing to happen especially going into a new season
  2. Liamboy

    Roll on the 1st

    Can't wait to get at it again! It's been too long. Looking forward to getting under these.
  3. Liamboy

    The Places Ye Get To See

    view of Grianan Fort from inch.
  4. Liamboy

    The Places Ye Get To See

    fahan, donegal
  5. Hooked on fishing was always my favourite fishing show when I was younger.
  6. Liamboy

    Plr 500

    I have 1 as well. Find it decent enough if not laming huge fields.. Its a decent lamp for the money
  7. Liamboy

    working wheaten lines

    Very nice them
  8. Liamboy

    Bull xs for this season?

    He's sure is pal. Looking forward to getting him at it.
  9. Liamboy

    Bull xs for this season?

    Dam is 5/8th 3/8th, sire is straight 1/2
  10. Liamboy

    Bull xs for this season?

    10 months now
  11. Liamboy

    3lb sea troot

    Class. Some fight he got on the light set up
  12. Liamboy

    Bull xs for this season?

    Nice bitch. She's very similar to the sister to my dog pup that a mate has.
  13. Liamboy

    Who else loves their fishing?

    I subscribed to your channel think your video's are great, loads of useful stuff on there for novices or experienced fishermen even.
  14. Liamboy


    Don't get 2 many people on here apologising that's for sure
  15. Liamboy

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Thanks he's shaping up nicely now