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  1. Showed her a few bits already this season and she's showing a bit more promise. All I can do is throw the work next few weeks and she how she gets on.
  2. My young dog just turned 2. Keen as mustard. Held him back a bit last year, but will give him all he wants now.
  3. Liamboy

    Few hours out

    Good stuff, you were in the right place at the right time then! Great when it pans out like that.
  4. Took 2 months of waiting for some to come in stock and ended up with this trek x-caliber 7. Havnt been out much on it yet but it seems decent enough
  5. Bitch and dog will be 2 next month. Seen a few bits last season but looking forward to firing the work at them this year.
  6. Out this morning for a few quick hours, got a few Canadas so was happy enough. Could have stayed and maybe got a few more as there was still plenty moving but that's enough to keep me going in the meantime.
  7. Iv no videos, was just recommended it by a mate he was well impressed with it
  8. It definitely looks the part, dimmer switch, different colour filters etc. And you could keep half a dozen of the batteries charged up if you wanted as they are cheap to buy and handy stored.
  9. Mate was out with 1 of these reckons they are some job. Think it will be my next lamp https://www.nightmaster.co.uk/products/night-master-trident?variant=19974855819375
  10. My plr500 broke in half as well, seems to be a week spot on them where the handle and lamp head join
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