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  1. Liamboy

    new season

    8ft In hard ground on your own would be tight going. especially as it's still warm yet. Fair play
  2. Liamboy


    Plenty in there! Good videos
  3. Liamboy

    Street Drag Racing

    Very good. I'm not big into cars myself but got into watching street outlaws for some reason. Them lads spend some time and money on their motors. It must be some buzz.
  4. Liamboy

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Crackers the lot of them atb with them
  5. Liamboy

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Is he off that brindle dog you had pics up off a while ago. Looks very similar. Nice dog
  6. Liamboy


    I never used to take any pics of my dogs until recently. Wish I had of done now. Be nice looking back on some of the dogs long gone.
  7. Liamboy


    Crawford is doing great things as well hasn't put a foot wrong yet. I just prefer loma's overall style. No one wanted to fight rigo but lomachenko made him look silly.
  8. Liamboy


    One of the only boxers these days I'll sit up to the early hours to watch. Has it all, one of the greatest for sure.
  9. Liamboy


    She's very similar to my bitch when she was younger
  10. Them boys deserved a clip for letting you put your dog in there. Them knowing full well what it was like. Bad craic that is.
  11. True.some people have a strange mindset. there is plenty of d#*kheads in this game like everything else.
  12. I no of 1 or 2 men who are like that. They love to see other men's dogs fail. I don't know why as everyone has dogs fail as some stage. Think it's a jealously thing tbh. My dogs are better than his dogs type of thing. Personally I enjoy seeing any good terrier graft, doesn't matter who it belongs to.
  13. Liamboy

    Rip William Dunlop.

    Just saw that video myself. Scary stuff. No hope when you crash at that speed.
  14. Liamboy

    Bad run of luck

    No wonder yanks aren't well liked
  15. Liamboy

    Couple Boxes I Threw Together

    Had these made up for the back of the van.