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  1. Liamboy

    So much for a happy Easter

  2. Liamboy

    My pup

    6 1/2 months old now and shaping up nicely
  3. Liamboy

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Different levels altogether
  4. Liamboy


    Nice dog that
  5. Liamboy

    Japanese knotweed

    I heard they were turning people down for mortgages if there was any of this in the grounds. They reckon it could grow through concrete
  6. Liamboy

    Japanese knotweed

    Seeing these notices everywhere local to me these days. Nearly every layby seems to have 1. Apparently its very hard to get rid of. Wonder is it like this all over the country or just around the North West.
  7. Liamboy

    Best dog clippers?

    Most cheaper model's seem to pack up quickly enough. A pal uses horse clippers they work a treat and last far longer. You usually get what you pay for.
  8. Liamboy


    Cracker that.
  9. Liamboy

    Raccoons in Ireland

    Sounds more like a case of 1 which has escaped from somewhere. I doubt A truly wild 1 would be seen as many times as that imo.
  10. Liamboy

    some will be happy to hear this

    He's never in a dull fight.
  11. Liamboy

    some will be happy to hear this

    Tony Ferguson has lost the plot recently. He thought someone had implanted a microchip in his leg, and that there was someone in his walls. His wife had to get a restraining order on him. He was throwing holy water over her. Don't think we will be seeing him anytime soon. Shame cos he's an animal in the cage
  12. Liamboy

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Jason Quigley a undefeated lad from over here is on that bill as well, fought his first pile of fights in America under golden boy, but back over this side now training with the ingle camp. Be interesting to see how he gets when he steps it up a bit.
  13. Liamboy

    Bloody Sunday

    Biggest pile of shite iv read on here. Some attitude to have morton. Shoot innocent people. You sir are a fool.
  14. Liamboy

    Bloody Sunday

    It wasn't a riot you bellend it was a civil rights march. Nothing to do with the IRA. And the brits were firing into the people from an elevated position of safety on the derry walls. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Each and every single 1 of the victims were proven innocent and vindicated by the Saville inquiry. You really haven't a clue
  15. Liamboy

    Bloody Sunday

    More atrocities. They were convicted for their crimes but. So why shouldn't the trigger happy brits who fired into crowds of innocent people.