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  1. Everyone has to start somewhere. If your lucky you will fall in with decent men/dogs. If not u will have to go looking and pay your money y and take your chance.
  2. Saying that, the prawns are better in deeper slower moving pools, whereas if i was fishing in faster moving water like around waterfalls etc id use worms on the bottom. A lot of rivers in Ireland dont let you use shrimp now days. Each 1 is different so be best to check 1st
  3. Prawn/shrimp is by far the best. If you use worm you will get tortured by everything else. Simple set-up, adjustable float above your swivel. Then your leader with a split shot about a foot or so above the shrimp. Soon as that float dips under, whalop it! Lol. My favourite style of fishing by far.
  4. Watched the newer version of papillon for 1st time the other night, thought it was decent enough.
  5. Keep your circles tight men. The less people no the better
  6. Just bull/grey no saluki in the mix. Hopefully my own bitch will be a bit more mature come next season. She will get her fair chance and time will tell.
  7. Im well pleased with how my dog has done this season. I held him back a bit to start with but gave him a good bit amount of work the last few months. Hes mad keen to go weather its up a ditch at cover, around holes or on the lamp. His sister i also have was slower to start but has been showing good signs recently. will have to wait and see how shes goes come September. . Pity our season has finished up now, long wait till it starts again.
  8. My young dog showing interest in holes now. They dont be long in learning
  9. Liamboy


    We just drunk the bottle in shots, i should have new better as i had a bottle last Xmas as well, but when the drinks in the wits out as they say. A hangover i wont forget i hurry thats for sure.
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