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  1. Liamboy

    what is everyone running this season.

    Young dog just over 12 months showing good signs
  2. The preacher has returned . Full of dung as usual. 2 terriers in my whole life cracker, . Don't no where your getting this b&t dog out of must be getting me mixed up with someone else. Let's not ruin the man's thread take it to pm if you want sure. Son I no what time to land for these geese buddy no point being down from half 5 we hen I can go at 8 and be home for 10am
  3. Anyone who knows you knows your a story teller. Nothing wrong with that I get a good laugh when you post them on here
  4. He just likes to preach. Loves telling a story
  5. Don't ever remember him owning a lurcher .
  6. Liamboy

    Over the hundred

    The Wilkinson was always 1 of my favourite flies. Caught my 1st 2 salmon on it!
  7. Liamboy

    Roll on the 1st

    Definitely exciting shooting. It's some buzz sitting there with a skein of 20 or so coming straight at you. Although I did sit a few mornings and never fired a shot, but that's the way it goes. Put the time in a eventually get the rewards.
  8. Liamboy

    Roll on the 1st

    Another few
  9. Liamboy

    UK first!!!

    Hopefully many more accidental hooks to come
  10. Liamboy

    UK first!!!

    Unbelievable, well done sir all on your own as well. You would put the boys from wicked tuna to shame
  11. Liamboy

    Over the hundred

    Belter that, what did it weigh?