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  1. Out at new farm the day hard going in all the scrap rubbish etc but dogs had work out. Bucket full, Ended up with 51. PUD
  2. Don my sliver Jill been covered by good sized albino hob fill your boots once I get a jill for this winter. PUD
  3. Night out at pig farm pick up 94, two plummers and to Plummer out crosses. Had the DDT out terriers had canny work out. PUD
  4. Out at pig farm last night pup well he turned 1 this week working well, got some nose on him still getting beat to the punch by the Plummers but he nabs a few night out by himself i think but pleased with him.
  5. Shelby Sealyham x Russell, strong bitch not out much but she likes trip out now and then. PUD
  6. But picked up at back of pile, had six terriers and Pointer on duty the day dog worked well hard going the day. Pud
  7. Hard going in the heat the day Pud
  8. At recycling place the day shifted bit rubbish moved few blocks ended up with 107. Might have few pic only off mobiles the day but I try get few up. PUD
  9. WHWT

    Jill in season

    What u after marra, lost my Hob but lets know and i sort it few canny grafters up here. PUD
  10. WHWT

    Jill in season

    MY three Jills all in season have been for couple weeks now!
  11. Some dog he seems to have been great semi retirement for him, my old westie 12 lives in comfort with my girlfriend now mind still get him out now and then. PUD
  12. 50 from other day not all ferreted like. PUD
  13. Some times got tail them if their escaping or other terriers/Dogs busy Pud
  14. Got think about ratting the ferrets so had look out ended up with 50+ few nests photo to follow. Ferrets worked well canny day. PUD
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