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  1. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Few from other night Rogue and Spud Maggie the teckel Maggie PUD
  2. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Out last night farm dead only nail few thing he got couple pics get them up later. PUD
  3. WHWT

    Ratting yesterday

    Good bit graft their FD Pud
  4. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    He fine for some at 8 month PUD
  5. WHWT

    Salmon or sea trout

    W Katchum remember your out with three english b*********** the morn night PUD
  6. WHWT

    Ferret Kits

    No bother marra PUD
  7. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Not sure if we are same as the first one was just nights out and the photographer was listening to stories going up and went from their. So we thought why not. We were trying to get different breeds in case we did, As we done the main ones in the first one and didn't want it to be the same if you get what I mean. So we got WHFT Collies Teckels done few more to do we hope Cairn English toy terrier etc Also got some lamping the rats right out in middle fields with 1 x Bed/whipp and 3/4 Bed /whipp as i never done that in numbers like the place we done. Also ferreting them to hawks but as say its getting it all together if it happens. Takes ages to get propa photos so we see. Also to show we dont just rat, bit legal digging, rabbiting, beating etc but as I say we see cheers. All these were lamped like rabbits right out in middle fields i never seen them out that far like in these field and i lamped some rabbit in my younger days. PUD
  8. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Few more, PUD
  9. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Thats her think these photos been on before. PUD
  10. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Yes it is marra PUD
  11. WHWT

    Out Ratting

  12. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Few from last few nights out. PUD
  13. WHWT

    Silver hob

    I have good silver not for sale but you can use him if you need to not to far away either. PUD
  14. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Few pics, PUD
  15. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Another canny night picked up 70+ Teckel had few. PUD