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  1. RIP Seen some good dogs straight from this man working.
  2. Still few up Northumberland out yesterday for last time on farmers request picked up forty. PUD
  3. Took while but here few from that day not best pics but worth a look. Cheers PUD
  4. Not good at min mixi hammered wor place and see consultant Tuesday re knee but hope to get out before end season. PUD
  5. Poor day men had some new dogs out that just wanted to scrap all day, cover still high only caught 12/15 camera lad was out seen if he caught any photos. PUD
  6. First pheasant pen to do the day bit early as still shooting season but invite is an invite, hope to get some photos up later. Knee had op so no digging for me the day ? PUD
  7. Had knee op so not been out for while hope get back out after the festivities and i get some photos up PUD
  8. Got two bitches never seen mine shy away from the thickest of cover. PUD
  9. Couple off the phone the day Old Alf nearly 13 still put half shift in the day. Dandie and a Westie ratting dont see that much now. Barney having a dig. End of day not big scores but canny day. PUD
  10. Had him out with old Westie day got couple, he improving all time now after a spell where he seemed to be a bit stagnant. PUD
  11. Couple more cover was high so lad with camera said not the best shots but worth a look. Terriers and GSP Pepper 3/4 Whippet 1/4 Bedlington. PUD
  12. Plummer Plummer out x and my Dandie ready for the off. Smoking the sheds. In the thick of it the Dandie he slowly getting their. End of play picked 245 up lost few dogs gobbled few so well over 250. PUD
  13. Out at the pig farm the day ended up with 245 camera lad was out photos to follow i hope. PUD
  14. As said was out Wednesday with him and the old westie he semi retired now not the best photos but here you go. Pud
  15. Went local for couple hr only got seven my marra got few photos we think takes him while to put the up so as soon as he gets them I whack them up. Cheers Pud
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