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  1. WHWT

    Young already.

    We also had few milky does on Sunday!! PUD
  2. WHWT

    Odd couloured rabbits

    Think we got 4 or 5 i sent them to taxidermist off this site he wanted them. PUD
  3. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    My three. PUD
  4. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Well nearly pens time again here a few from last year took 1500 ish over Feb last year. PUD
  5. WHWT

    Odd couloured rabbits

    Last Pheasant session well end off session if you know what i mean for ratting we took 1500 rats in a month (FEBRUARY) and from all over the estate their was 5 white rats took as i said never seen one till last year. PUD
  6. WHWT

    Odd couloured rabbits

    Had loads black rabbits, but a bit off subject well sort of caught a few white rats when ferreting smoking the pens, lads said they got them regular, first for me and i have had a rat or two in my time. Here we go PUD
  7. WHWT


    Not yet PUD