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  1. WHWT

    Another Bird in the Hand

    First one was a good read and jogged my mind on days out when i was a younging. PUD
  2. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Out last night on lamp got pick up 67 so will been over 70, no camera but trying sort end night shot off phone!! PUD
  3. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Fair comment lads . Pud
  4. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    He doesn't know he a WHWT thinks he a real terrier!!!! PUD
  5. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Getting away form ratting but he in good nick for his age 1 st pic just been dug to Second one up on Northumberland moors bunny bashing PUD
  6. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    He no world beater but done bit of every thing has old Alf ten next month still going strong. PUD
  7. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    No FD PATT BULL check the out x plummer site lot fors and against s !! PUD
  8. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Had couple Pups oot last night. Plummer pup i bred and Plummer out x Pup both just around the 6 month age. PUD
  9. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Couple in the game crops Young border pup digging rest waiting. PUD
  10. WHWT

    Out Ratting

  11. WHWT

    Out Ratting

  12. WHWT

    Out Ratting

  13. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Few more form a different pen. No where near as many as last season. PUD
  14. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    Quick look out last night quick 18 on lamp and drain rods to rattle them out of the dividers. PUD
  15. WHWT

    Out Ratting

    And Mazie the Bed/Whippet PUD