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  1. Still plenty and I mean plenty (long may it last) up here in Northumberland, as said we are not trying and still picking 30 40 up. Hope that RVHD does not get up here PUD
  2. Champion he getting it still young for what he is 7 1/2 months. Had one rat stopped few bunnies still puppy using his feet not his mouth but he keen. PUD
  3. Had my Dandie pup Barney out the day ferreting he starting to get the gist of things. 25 PUD
  4. Another bit speed ferreting in woods ended up 23 not bad morning. PUD
  5. Been out night got 40 on the lamp Dandie back on track he very keen but not as quick as the Plummers, night out by himself is on the cards. PUD
  6. Had look out day been ratting a lot lately, very wet up here the day, so done strip wood rapid ferreting. Ran long nets through few place in the woods, and just put ferrets in were terriers marked warrens under piles brush etc great sport. My Plummer nail 5 old Alf the Westie still got one he 12 now still like a trip out. Ended up with twenty in about two and bit hrs. PUD
  7. That's right marra as say this was early 80s That old chap I mentioned before Joe Charlton hollow legs he got as he could drink Broooon Ale for fun had cracking little dog called LSD Tiny propa whippet seen him win it many a time. PUD
  8. Ashington didnt but North seaton did. Anyway he put more rabbits away than sweeps
  9. Ashington and North Seaton sweeps for me when was lad first dog was whippet x greyhound for bit sweep and rabbiting etc well it didnt know had any whippet in it grew to 27 tts. Had to cram it into the traps whippets were nearly finished by time got out, but he could run once he was out. PUD
  10. Seen loads dogs on all types of terriers Lurcher`s Sight hounds Collies Gun dogs etc and seen some good and not so good in all them but over all as pure ratting dog got be Plummers. Seen them rat pig, chicken, cattle, grain, and general farms, rubbish tips refuse places, Pheasant pens. Along river banks in woods all over the place really, do other breeds do the job of course they do and do it well as you know I always like to try something different as a challenge really, hence Ranger the Bedlington, Alf the Westie, and now Barney the Dandie. Any way back to the point I would pick Plummer if you want it purely for ratting, most them still ratter regularly so you got good start. Now this is only my opinion based on the number times we are out and amount we put away. Regards PUD
  11. Aye I personal only seen them on rats, the lad had both them one was Border (sire) x Bedlington (Dam) other Was Bedlington (Sire) x Border (Dam) He said the old of the two was earth dog but i never dug to it. PUD
  12. Brook is a Bedlington she strong bitch PUD
  13. Been out with two different Bed x Borders Thought they did ok and were not bad on the eye. Pud
  14. Aye Bobby and Jack Charlton Ashington lads as was their uncles on that side pro footballers before them and Jack Millburn on their mothers side. PUD
  15. Red lion its called marra, seems more Bedlingtons in Ashington about 5 mile north of Bedlington. PUD
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