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  1. Malt Loaf is one of the best tribute acts out there.
  2. Looks like I'll have to dig a bit deeper in my pockets, my food allowance covers the costs but we work to make money. I suppose 7 bar a day at the gym is better than spending it on tinnies.
  3. Give me your crack dealer's number then....
  4. Sperm to baby sounds far fetched as well doesn't it. You stick with scriptures down from hearsay instead.
  5. I know, they have always got an excuse haven't they....
  6. You can guarantee a lot of things butt....
  7. Cheers mate, was resigning myself to paying 7 quid a session, I'll have a gander now.
  8. How much is he paying for folk to take em....
  9. Exactly. Doesn't take Sherlock to work that one out. If folk want to disprove the notion of evolution yet promote the bible then they are off their rocker if you ask me.
  10. Some believe that Hitler is still alive, don't mean they are right though and that they shouldn't be questioned.
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