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  1. Like Dan says, you can have exemptions but as a breed I believe they were outlawed the same. You are right though, they are just a show version of the APBT that went down a different route than the sporting dogs.
  2. Read the other day that it may have been us begging and stealing off dogs and not the other way around, makes more sense tbh.
  3. Yeah, same as APBT's, those Bully's ain't muzzled or neutered though as they are breeding machines. They ain't exactly inconspicuous with it either, cnuts have got first class websites peddling them.
  4. I should imagine they can't, technically the Am Staff is banned over here as well from what i recall.
  5. There's plenty of shite pits about as well though mate, amstaff, petbull, whatever they are they are giant shite bags. 8k to look like a chavy gangster, keepdiggin must get a semi on over them.
  6. If they are not down from Pit Bulls then they are down from American Staffs which are just show versions of the APBT anyway.
  7. So what are they made up of, you can clearly see the APBT influence IMO.
  8. They're still being put up for 8k, lad I work with has a hard on for them and showed me a breeders website, still got them on sg that price.
  9. They have got Pitbull in them somewhere down the line, just look like they've been crossed with mastiff and whatever.
  10. My point is how come they are not getting pulled for the dogs when you can't own that type without restrictions, plus you have the fact that they crop their ears. I don't agree with banning breeds but what's good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander.
  11. Speaking of big shitting machines. How are folk getting away with breeding these XL Bully dogs, selling the cnuts for 10k a pup when they are a Pitbull type dog?
  12. Greb147

    Car Wow!

    The only thing that would bother me on an electric car is how well the battery holds up after a year or so of charging. Take for example your mobile phone, once it's bedded in you might get a screen on time at about 6 hours, a year or so down the line you will lose some of that performance.
  13. Seen it this morning, he's got a grip like a Bulldog. If he prepares right he'll surprise many.
  14. They are also sending in a team of lads from Ghana that @Neobliviscaris1776and @Franciemight need if they don't roll the sleeves up.
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