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  1. Another on a long list of ailments that doesn't mix well with it.
  2. That's the thing isn't it, some can live for years with heart failure. Again you're failing to grasp that Covid-19 may have caused the poor kids heart to completely shutdown. This is nothing new, the old and vulnerable are more susceptible to it.
  3. It doesn't specify the time frame though regarding his later negative test.
  4. What he means is maybe the virus was the final nail in the coffin. If you've got a dodgy ticker and you catch the thing there's a good chance it will kill you.
  5. Not my cup of tea tbh, just saw it as I was flicking channels.
  6. IPTV, a good provider if possible.
  7. No idea, never heard of him.
  8. To those many greatly interested in the matter, Black & British is now on ITV.....
  9. If you read a book tonight your kids will be good to go tomorrow, just strap em in and throw em off the Moor.
  10. I have a hunch it was not Christians.
  11. You're getting hit that many times you think you're surrounded, ya not making sense ya soft twat.
  12. What are you babbling on about now.
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