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  1. It was in the middle east mind.... "yaaay!"
  2. Too much rice to curry content for me.
  3. Dropped to the floor pissing itself when Elmer Fudd popped out with his shotgun....
  4. You are though. You're saying folk should not be discriminated against in your anti-vaccine quest yet are advocating the very same thing for non-mask wearers.
  5. They will be well within their rights to exclude non vaccinated people from their businesses, you understand what duty of care means? So you deem it acceptable to discriminate against non mask wearers? You are all over the place mate with your views on all this.
  6. There was a nesting pair in Buxton lime works, the female was going crazy when we were passing nearby.
  7. Like I said the health and safety wanker was already going through the arse covering procedure. We haven't heard of the lads results yet. He's a fcuking prick if he knew he wasn't right and coming down with something and didn't say anything to anyone.
  8. Aliens must have altered yours because what you just said is out of this world. There must be a stop end or two in your brain transmitters. Hahahaha.
  9. Won't see it from our houses....
  10. Say again. What I said, if they came on TV having their vaccines you would claim it's all false.
  11. You would cry fake even if they did.
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