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  1. Ask Morton he knew of the best ever bred beddys he had seen
  2. And they all need a step in apparently
  3. What’s the address?
  4. Just said on news no one was on the beach. Maybe you should ring them and have a word
  5. Have a think about what work you wanna do mate. If you want plenty of hours all year round with better pay and employed with a contract. Dairy suits that option best in my eyes. If you want a busy summer months and quieter winter arable but then possibility of only having summer work and having to find work for the winter on a self employed basis. For flexibility and being out side on different jobs beef and sheep farms are good. I only really have experience with dairy personally. Started on a 600 cow unit stuck doing the same jobs around the yard day in day out. To moving onto a family farm.
  6. Know a farmer who employs anyone who wants a job even if he ain’t got work for them. He will keep them busy round the farm doing odd jobs staff don’t stay long so he always s has a replacement ready
  7. Another one on sale coastline different location. Can’t remember the name was on spotlight
  8. Who would go Cornwall? They can’t even get the cream and Jam right
  9. Just seen there been another one on the news?
  10. How did you get on with them any good or nothing but junk?
  11. Anyone watching? Absolutely shocking no wonder fish numbers are not what they once was!
  12. Ever done much with bobbery packs? Can imagine they could be a laugh
  13. I’m the same here. Like I said in a different reply. If I didn’t have the lurcher I would kennel a couple. Farmer wanted a problem sorted the weekend. Got me and some mates together think I counted 7 lurchers. And only my two terriers trying to push thick bramble and gorse. They never done much work like that and don’t speak on scent. It wasn’t very successful
  14. Idiots in the bop game to. Watched video online of lads slipping them in middle of town on town pigeons crows seagulls. These are the same ones all over anti pages after putting digging and lurcher pics all over fb
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