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  1. Funnily enough I rang my mate who like to catch them sort of things to tame he’s got a weasel stoat etc. he said he had two given to him last week reckons there’s a lot getting about around here
  2. Wild I’m assuming. Never seen one around before worked here for 13 year and bosses old man never seen them before.
  3. They will keep the rat population down around the buildings. Lovely to see
  4. Was a lovely day. Shame I had to go to work. You get many views? Shame it gets so busy with them this time of year puts me off abit.
  5. I did but was late. And then went home again after first one…….. how did they finish?
  6. New film released by hunting kind
  7. 6 week old Thursday. Enjoying plenty of sun on there backs
  8. They’re a bunch of animals really. It’s not really anything todo with young farmers anymore. They used to have events for public speaking etc but the yfc pulled out of any of the organising and the pubs and clubs obviously enjoy having them there for the weekend. Must be a good earner because they will trash the place.
  9. Young farmers there this weekend might tidy the place up abit
  10. Not sure. There’s a pack that hunts near me regularly. They have headed south before
  11. Then they should have stepped outside and settled it not disturbing everyone else
  12. I did the same last week and went tivvy. Enjoy having flexible work and a better boss who doesn’t worry. Worth more then a extra pound or two
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