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  1. All they keep saying on the comments is why was the hunt out. Not a single mention of a hunt in there post. Bunch of Karen’s flicking there been at there laptop over it
  2. Trespassing. Breaking lockdown. Have some of this
  3. There pushing for more of a ban over there. Be no rabbits. terrier work they get it over there they will finish it over here to
  4. Closet i come to a illegal rave was something they call a free party. About 200 ket heads who didn’t have a clue we’re they was thought it was shite so left within half hour. Maybe if I had some I would of had a good time
  5. Don’t see why it wouldn’t open up. Mate got one that will run round a cover barking it head off at pheasants very annoying you can get hounds that run mute. So can’t see why a spaniel won’t open up
  6. I was 94 and the closet I have come to raving is 2008 in Glastonbury 3am at shang ri la or how ever you spell it everyone on ket
  7. Documentary on Netflix. Called what we started. Old DJs slagging off modern DJs saying how can they be mixing with there hands on the air for 3 quarters of there set
  8. Had a cocker spaniel when I was a kid. She settled down when she was about 10 used to use her beating weekends and she would keep going and going always wanting to play fetch etc at home. A lovely dog but just wanted plenty of exercise
  9. My nan had a Shepard like that. My uncle bought it of off a bit of a gypsy farmer. Just farm bred. Never had a health problem. Thing was a b*****d for anyone but my Nan which was good as she lives by herself on the farm went there lamping one night with out telling her. She let the b*****d out running round pickup going nuts like it was going to kill us. Had to ring her to call the bugger off she found it hilarious stood on her garden step
  10. New political movement like blm but hdm (hunting dogs matter) we just tear shite up go we’re we want course what we want
  11. I bet they won’t bring it up when it goes to debate tho Hopefully there’s a pro countryside mp over there that will go through a spanner in there works
  12. He’s done 14 years of loyal service. Your turn to repay That’s what mates do
  13. Who was that lad who got accused of robbing all them dogs?
  14. I’m partial to a bit of scooter when in the middle of harvest and you’ve forgotten what day it is
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