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  1. Couldnt care for chasing hares in the slop on the big land one bit. I’m doing plenty lad and one thing for sure it’s a lot more then you
  2. Don’t know the man but the bits he put on fb seems to be doing fair bit with them.
  3. Greb ain’t even got a dog and he’s talking a great talk of coursing. He’s only watched few YouTube videos when he gets out and does something with his own mutt that’s when you can say he ain’t pretending
  4. But you do feck all yourself so how can you comment on what another man does or doesn’t do? I look forward to your posts on 5 years when the mrs lets you get a pup
  5. Had some jacobs as a kid. Your right about them escaping!
  6. Uncle told me a story about a feral collie. Killed a few sheep here and there till local farmers got together and shot it. In midge todhunters book about Johnny Richardson recalls the story of a feral greyhound
  7. Still use light force. See there is a chap on Facebook selling new blitz 240 and 170
  8. Concreted in them grinding etc always give them good wash end of the day probably helps. If you know anyone who works mole valley the discount saves a lot of money
  9. These would be 18 month old now. But had pairs do 2 weeks and split. But got replaced. Overal well considering dairy chemical etc
  10. Le chameau for my wellies But anytime out with dogs always got walking boots on. Better support over rough terrain mud woods etc. but if I was walking a shitty field all day would wear wellies
  11. What about them scanners they used to sell in edrd did anyone ever try one?
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