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  1. See Cotswold hunt in the shite now. After the season hunts have just had you would think they would keep there head down ffs.
  2. If shooters think they are safe from attack then they are deluded.
  3. They must of carried them around the country side for there photo them dumped them in one heap. Not like they killed them and left them in a ditch
  4. That’s bangers with his catapult that.
  5. See Tyson fury expecting another child. Thought he had more practice at pulling out then that.
  6. if not there would be a roe running round with 11mm steel in it 🥲
  7. The hole usyk fury carry on has only boosted the popularity of usyk. Look at Tyson’s social pages it’s just people calling him a ducker. Surely he’s got to make this fight happen just to save face as the so called gypsy king
  8. My terriers always rubbing along the floor after being around stingers or gorse
  9. I have herd of it but not tried it personally.
  10. Spend hours of my life a year cutting birch setting up point to point field and have no interest whatsoever in racing. But got to be done as a good earner for keeping hounds in kennels. Don’t think people realise the work that actually goes on into one day a year.
  11. Eddie chapman my hunting life is worth a read.
  12. I find with any of these terrier/lurcher books once you have read a few they all seem the same no matter who wrote them.
  13. Can you let me know when he’s planning on pushing the button. I will drag the caravan up dunkery beacon
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