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  1. There kennels are not far away from there
  2. Would think it was the exmoor foxhounds
  3. What part the moor? Do you remember
  4. He’s got a point about taking up the road
  5. Would love to have a day with a fell pack. just finding time to make the journey!
  6. BBC presenters ain’t even wearing Poppy’s ffs
  7. Yes definitely it isn’t for the size of our fields. Just handy so you can see abit further away then a lamp. And no one can see you lol
  8. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with one? Not for rifle work just out with the dog etc
  9. Gypsydog94


    Looks good mate. Have a good season
  10. Only policing it cos of the scum. Other wise it’s Self funded
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