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  1. I don’t think they actually take any money for playing for England. I could be wrong but thought it gets donated to charity.
  2. Found a picture of you as a young man whippet racing
  3. USA putting some pressure on fair play to them
  4. I play skittles against an anti. He wears hunt sabs merch etc. lads I play with don’t think much of that type last time we played him someone pulled out a hunting horn and blew it for all they was worth sending matey into complete meltdown
  5. He needs to stop wasting his time with them desert dogs and buckle down……..
  6. You seem to have more time than anyone on here. So what is it you do?
  7. I enjoy farming because it isn’t repetitive everyday diffrent some days I’m a builder next day I’m working with stock then the next fencing or tree work ditching. Etc
  8. Not getting involved but farming is a lot more then just feeding and cleaning shit……..
  9. Seen plenty of dead seagulls about.
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