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  1. That’s what they want. Then when we get below a certain percentage of our own food we will have to re join the eu to be able to get enough food in
  2. Used to play alot of darts in my teens with young farmers. Now skittles gives me an excuse for a few beers on a Monday night. Lol
  3. Loading muck away today cushty lol
  4. All the best with them whatever you get up to. There will be another runner in your kennel before you know it! Lol
  5. You going to be working them mate? Much to go at over there?
  6. My cousins snapped in half whilst taking a load of cattle to market. Teach him to go to a blind mot tester
  7. Spoke to my cousin about these who’s a dealer for can-am and cf. reckons the warranty is as good as can-am. And for about 4k for a standard 450 seem good value
  8. Sa fieldsports photography be worth a message on Facebook. He gets out there doing it
  9. See dougie Joyce been locked up Revealed: Thug who punched defenceless man, 78, is a bare knuckle boxer from a famous traveller family who 'turned down a role in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' and planned to arrive at his own £60,000 nuptials in a helicopter but couldn't land in the car park WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Douglas 'Dougie' Joyce, 35, was jailed for 19 months on Friday after he was caught on CCTV as he...
  10. Lacs did the survey and asked 1.940 people. More than likely in the middle of the city. Asking people who it doesn’t concern. If they done it in rural towns and villages I’m sure the number would be far less.
  11. A victim of the new law.
  12. Know a lad who done time for something similar. He actually started off defending himself judge said he went to far once he had punched him to the ground.
  13. Are tractors used to have it best £500 spent mapping it out
  14. Whose great idea was it to find him a ufc champ born in Cameroon fighting his whole life. Probably a lot more than Tyson and John put together and thought yep that’s the man for you Tyson. Could see frank warren sat ringside during the fight and his arse twitching lol.
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