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  1. Lol ... It's like saying Serena Williams is ahemmmm... A woman.
  2. Lol.. I have many pairs..you feeling any side effects from the spike protein yet..now be honest... Right if all the teams are tested daily and I'm not quite sure if there all vaccinated? I'm not massive into football... But they all played a game together.. and a few have Tested?? Positive...? why are the English and Scottish teams playing tonight with no quarantine or isolated? Hmmm..I must be really dumb.
  3. It's the same with the masks and lockdown.. if people stop pandering to there pathetic shit.. lockdowns and masks would be gone and sheep like you would be lost without Hancock or Boris telling you what to do.
  4. All offers withdrawn kid.. You flap more than a duck which I usually don't mind...but there's honestly something odd about you. We know the drill we have all been through it... Hunting and been around dogs from day from day dot.. fxck you think your the only one.. your baiting of normal men who may keep a lurcher for a bit of getting out into the country and taking the odd rabbit was cringey but smilable... Now I definitely think your a clown... I bid you farewell... Flapper.
  5. Lol...why you think the defence budget is always so high... Brown envelopes and always has been... UNTIL the opium war..sorry Vietnam war... A chess game.. then Afghan war the same..only this time throw in another major commodity..oil.. now after all the Rambo bullshit and drinking and coke sniffing and blah blah blah.. another chess move now it's a war on not just mind... But BODY, AND SOUL.. And moving at an astronomical rate.
  6. But that's exactly the whole point.. it's not Boris or fekin Biden doing it wilf... And I know you know this the point I'm trying to make is government now is basically black ops... And one hasn't a clue what the others doing..think of it like a whole pile of very nasty sub contractors like BlackRock and million other..but each one don't know what each other doing but the puppet masters do... And believe me the likes of Boris and Biden are not masters there mere puppets to read the script...many tentacles involved.
  7. Way before you took your jab you soppy cxnt
  8. lol...oh i know that too well ... thats why im hated too lol
  9. Mate you seem like a complete fxcking knob head id rather slap than watch your dog run....
  10. if you dont really care why you worried about it for... im not suggesting nothing to you.
  11. fella dont try giving me the big licks ...ill not need you to borrow anything..and dont you worry about big quarry son... ill throw a few things at your saluki...stop worrying about things to run or go at...there will be plenty... and NO 97 is the end of the 90s.. so you were born in 1992 ... lmfao.. the bann was on in 04 ... fxcking smoke blowere you are...haha...
  12. I think myself this kids a bit of a dreamer hanging off his das coat tails...lol he was lamping them in the 90s but was only 12 in 1998..lol..ffs.. we will see how good your super saluki are come winter...
  13. Go find it yourself... But your already convinced yourself it's real so any links would be a waste of time with you.
  14. The Galapagos Islands..are you taking the piss..what they testing iguanas? Tell me any other time in history when a Nobel peace prize winner has been allowed to die quietly without any main stream media being all over the story..fxck sake a man from my city had a Nobel peace prize called John Hume and you'd have thought he invented the cure for cancer... karry Mullins the very man who made the PCR test and called them on their bullshit before he died...died at his house hardly anyone even knew who this man was...I'll tell you fauci hated the man he's been calling fauci a fraud since the v
  15. No...we won't be running mice sheep chaser..
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