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  1. stop.end

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Fella the only reason Tommy Robinson the Zionist will be faked into jail again is he will be in there getting fed his next agenda.. lol even Stevie wonder could see that ffs... Netanyahu and mossad is probably writing the script and stage play for him now as we speak for his preparation for his 2nd staged arrested.
  2. stop.end

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    everything to do with the general licence should all be back on track in the next 2 weeks, and as far as im aware.
  3. stop.end

    Not coming out.

    Obviously I am picking and choosing what burrows I am taking an unentered pup to try for their first time.... Nothing to rangey... I dont mind a big burrow as long as its nothing too deep,for a pup. im always on permission and not sneaking about so parking a vehicle a field away is never a problem as long as the grounds not soaking...I speak to farmer before hand and can usually park anywhere I want on the farm so very rarely the vehicle is actually more than 2 fields 3 at most away.... there is places I sometimes have to lug the gear a bit of a distance and tbh im not a massive fan for dandering miles but if so I wouldn't be on my own so a few tools is never a problem lol... but even when a worker or 2 and an inexperienced terrier is brought together we will most likely know the land so will know the holes.. then a man will be standing at least a good 500 yards away with the worker/workers to give the young terrier a chance to do its thing first with no distractions... never in a panic and will always allow a pup to make A mistake.. a lot of men wont give a young pup a bit of time and patience...... ive taken young terriers to a hole and they didn't look interested at all just have a pish and sniff.. maybe be chatting for a few minutes and look round and young terrier will have self entered...ive took young terriers their first time, on back legs and near squealing to get in.. and some doing as I call it enough to get fed as in put in an attempt meaning look busy and gassy but always an excuse as to it will be next time...they never make it I find some men also think a terrier has to run every hole.. pssting it talking to it and sometimes even getting angry or upset if things just dont click right away... Lol.. its not always just as straight forward as ive just typed right enough and some will test your patience and sometimes your sanity to the max...its also knowing when enough is enough not matter what names or lines its from. They may work, but dont all make the grade!
  4. stop.end

    Not coming out.

    Seems there some right stroppy terriers about from reading some of these posts... Another thing, why are people letting an experienced worker mark up first...then taking said worker away from a positive mark! To let a young unentered in? Surely thats going to put the working terriers head away you keep doing that! Surely the best way to tell what your youngster is at is to take it to the hole on its OWN first, let it of the lead dont even speak to the terrier.. noo psst.. or here pointing at a hole which YOU want/think terrier should go to... just stand back calm and relaxed have a smoke or chat with a mate about how you think terrier is reacting... if its old enough and mature enough both physically and mentally, reared right and wired right it should self enter find and stay.. if it walks up to a hole and say you think the burrow is live give the wee dog/bitch 5 or 10 minutes to try and work things out if they dont go.. no harm done bring terrier back to vehicle, put youngster in box and then bring the worker over and let him see what he makes of it then... I have a bitch here just over 26 months now.. at about 17 months old never been around a hole before and certainly not encouraged to run empty spots... she was taken to a place unclipped and allowed to do her own thing... she sniffed about, as if knew something was there but just didn't know what to do.. no harm done back to vehicle brought her mother down but still left her daughter in vehicle.. didn't bring her down to watch or smell or any other silly reason she was left in vehicle... dug her mum at 1m and went home... her next day out a week later , walked her into another spot she was off the lead hunting up herself got to the burrows first 4 bitch didn't even check or sniff around them she said they were empty so I just walked on, next burrow 30 yards away she stops dead in her tracks.. sniffing all around entrance and going real busy but still never dropped... noo panic back to vehicle for worker.. again young bitch was left in vehicle, the worker also didn't look at the 4 burrows that young bitch had said no but dug in 5th where young bitch had said or marked as live.. so I knew she had a nose.. 2 weeks later I go to a great banking we always have success.. so I said ill bring youngster here and if she says no ill go back for her ma... let her run banking.. she said no to all the usuals went to a tighter spot under a tree dug for a couple a minutes at entrance and never seen her until 1 and a half hour later when I broke through to her in control and loving her job..then her ma was brought over to check spots that youngster had said no to and she was right. Nothing was at home, ive had 6 more good digs to the wee bitch before end of season.
  5. stop.end

    Not coming out.

    Just reading what you have wrote, and definitely not a pop at you, imo the terrier has been entered introduced to terrier work in the wrong way... I don't understand what you mean when you say YOU let her run an unoccupied place..and also why are you letting an experienced worker mark up first.. then pull that terrier away and let an unentetered young terrier into a positive mark without it being the correct age and let it find for itself... it should be done the other way around, are you encouraging a young terrier to go to ground and I cant understand how you think building an artificial in your garden and letting the pup treat it as if its a game?. My advice would be relax with it if you know its out of a good line of workers.. take it nowhere near a hole or a field to atleast November until it matures a bit more.. may I ask its age? Also is it stock broken.. if so why are you going to the hole for.. stand well back and let the terrier work.. if nothing at home only a good scent and terrier shows.. dont dive in or walk in to clip it on lead, just walk on terrier comes out gets beside you clip it on lead.. is the said terrier a wee bit nervous in the first place?'
  6. stop.end

    Snare pegs

    I would take some off you if you didn't mind pirate...
  7. stop.end

    packham ,,good morning briton

    I beg to differ.. after todays national news on climate change..Agenda 21 ... is well and truly under way... the countryside as you or I know it and our whole way of living has just been diagnosed with cancer... its just been told what stage we are in and me personally thinks its just been given the stage 4 category today...
  8. stop.end

    Third seat

    If you're looking for a good tight van Francie I have a good clean transit connect high top for sale... ive owned it the last 6 years...new timing belt went into her at 155.000 theres 175000 on it now....new clutch went in few months ago.. new drop links.. bearings.. exhaust... new sliding side door rails...good tyres all round..sills all welded on her for the last mot... motd to August 01... she bigger than the normal transit connect. shes 6ft x 4ft, in back 4ft high roof... loads a room for a dog fishing van... good factory fitted bulk head and plenty of room to put a set of double transit van front seats with seat belts in the back... just screw them in and your sorted with a cracking wee van..easy do you the next 6 years no problem... if you're interested send me a pm....
  9. stop.end

    Jibb or more time

    Good post, also every single pup although being litter mates will be unique individuals.. all wired genetically the same but some being quicker to catch on to certain things than others and the environment there grew up in... 3-days to 12 weeks, no stress clean quiet environment and introduced to humans..12 _ 16 weeks jagged introduced to terrier boxes leads and the van... outside environment and each one introduced singularly at different times to different family members house pets to socialize with different dogs... 16 weeks to about 20 months it gets mostly road walked up motorways...taken to fields with older terriers to sniff act a terrier pup and meet livestock, obedience, lead walking and to be honest encountering everything.. thats associated with terrier work... but without terrier work if that makes sense?. Also I never enter a terrier... when all above has been carried out and you can read a TERRIER and not a book... A terrier will self enter and when it does.. and if competently done... on break through... breaking stick please...
  10. stop.end


    Lol... a number 7.. pigeon express I think...! So as I said no malice... and you gave her to a gun pack.. good honest answer.. I think you know why you gave her away ...
  11. stop.end


    Lol... hmmm . Digging terriers you reckon?
  12. stop.end


    I don't know the scenario because its only a pic and I wasnt there.. so dont know whats going on D.C. so dont think im slating you or your terrier fella, just after working terriers for a long time and being honest ive worked and owned and seen more mediocre and bad terriers/ hopefuls than I have good and thats a fact.. but ive also grew up digging to some real good terriers to set the standard or bar to... and how to actually work terriers properly... I live in an area where terrier work was/is very popular... from the older generation and now the young up and coming men... over a long period of terrier work addiction you get to see certain traits... lol fcuk ive kept terriers that have been all entered correctly and had 30_ 40 digs going great as I thought... Then starting to do what I see in the pic...and slowly but surely they started to wein... meaning in all honesty if quarry is in front of that terrier when you broke through, then its nose should be driving forward and its 2 front legs should be like Michael Phelps in Beijing... meaning maybe im completely wrong and talking shit.. but my heads working overtime was there stuff in front of that terrier D.C. ?
  13. stop.end


    You definitely keep some nice terriers.. Hunt stuff?
  14. stop.end

    So much for a happy Easter

  15. stop.end

    So much for a happy Easter

    Men believe me I am not in any way shape or form trying to say I hate English men women or children.. fcuk no... and what happened in Derry on Thursday night has utterly dumb founded and numbed this city.. ill give you an example.. im going to walk terriers in the next 30minutes.. I will drive over the foyle bridge to walk my dogs down by the shore where its nice and quiet... its Saturday night ill be back around 9pm.. but because I live in the area I do I will be tugged somewhere along my 7 mile journey from home to there and back.. I have a clean record licence, insurance and tax.. im self employed I have FAC ffs.. pay tax work hard but because of where I live... the van will be tugged over not using an indicator or some silly lie.. held for 10 minutes while they illegally search the back of my van then told to go on... Derry is a beautiful prosperous wee city good night life great really friendly people with the countryside and donegal literally 5 minutes from my front door... the whole of NI who grew up in troubles do not want anyone to be brought up in that again... and as for lenn.. not a very tasteful topic to try and go fishing with lad..