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  1. stop.end

    A couple of working Lakelands

    Lol..are yous 2 for real...the man on the left with glasses and red terrier and gun.. C.Paige still alive.. 2man in pic with donkey coat hawker lynch..long dead.. 3rd man in pic willey lynch hawkers son..holding a 2 bitches left and right..and a tri colour dog called tiger in the centre he died in 2015. ..3 man jim mcglynchey died 2005 ... man who actually took the pic.. sean Harris.. all members of glentown gun club.. sean Harris the man behind the camera owned the tri colour dog partial to double up... my da and his brothers all had stuff from that dog and the bitch on the right her name was sheeb... k hegarty from creggan also kept some of this stuff..plus a few other men.. the pic is in a book in Derry from the 60s ... which was in the paper that week in the 60s not recently... I know C paige I speak with regularly.. I also know the facts behind all them terriers.. sure im working terriers Liamboy over 25 years are you not like 23
  2. stop.end

    A couple of working Lakelands

    I sure do lol.. do you ?
  3. stop.end

    Kennel bedding

    Kenneth the cow mats are a handy rubber lifetime base mat..easy took out easy washed and sprayed for mites and fleas after a good bed of straw is taken out of the kennels around may after the winter...
  4. stop.end

    HOF or hang your head in shame

    First off Donny shit one to have happened to you.. secondly for the lads saying drive to him and do this do that on an open forum lol! Socks is the only one who had the right answer..soon as you found out take back what was yours.. What did the man say when he finally did admit to it ? Lol.. what a cnut.. how was the working bitch when you got her back was she in good order? The man who done this is a actually on here..
  5. stop.end

    A couple of working Lakelands

    Well this picture was taken in 1967... so you work it out...
  6. stop.end

    Kennel bedding

    Lol..theres always one clown.. how is lying on a cushioned rubber mat in a good bed like lying on a cold concrete floor.. get rid of them skinny whippet xs you keep fella if that's the case... what you bed yours on .. a fckun mattress I suppose...
  7. stop.end

    Kennel bedding

    Any good equestrian or farm shop
  8. stop.end

    Kennel bedding

    Cow mats are half inch or 3/4 inch thick rubber mats ...they come 6ft x 4 ft..very haevy rubber..there great jobs I have them in my van floor my shed floors and my kennel beds... last a life time...
  9. Should be a great day out with a lot of workers showing up for it.
  10. stop.end

    Old nuttall stock

    Big square head wont like to hear this but I still have an odd day out with KS side kick...the man who showed your messiah his first day out... BN would still laugh at the Oven line lol.. is your back still sore son...
  11. stop.end

    Dogs not tieing

    Ahemm..lol I still keep white terriers we both know there shite ... spoofing from armchairs is the future...thats why im back into the harris hawk..with showing the whites for an oul rosette .as a pass time I wont deny it..been that way for many a year..now As for the old nuttall lines.. your correct..I have never much been into books... I put my assumptions on what I have read and learned on here.. the THL.. EDRD and anything else in between..us greenhorns have to learn somewhere...and the armchair is the best place.. fs you think im going to get these new space boots dirty.
  12. stop.end

    Dogs not tieing

    Lol...ive never been into greyhounds or money so wouldn't know to be honest.. As for swapping selling and buying terriers as you put it lol..I wouldn't know a whole lot about that either in the last 10 years... thank god...last terrier I did buy after I came back from the states was ,08.. I work terriers ... I don't claim to know a whole lot about breeding them.thats why I sometimes get gifted stuff.. but what opinion I do give is only from my own armchair experience..
  13. stop.end

    Badger cull

    Lol..see as much as I hate to admit I do chuckle at bilko..sorry aka ken the welsh wildlife manager and ketchum the dairy queen of the dales...so take in jest men..I know im a wanker in real life to..
  14. stop.end

    Badger cull

    Lol..kenneth I wasnt asking you for pics settle down old bilko...I seen enough pics of your dogs..ffs there that narrow one eye would do them...as for you and keeping terriers..lol all 12 years ago my my you have me there... what I know about terriers you could write on the back of a stamp.
  15. stop.end

    Dogs not tieing

    Whats wrong andy is the bitch snapping and trying to be aggressive to dog when he going for mount? I have mentioned a few times to other men about the dog should be brought to the bitch..another dog should be allowed to bring her on naturally even if this is not the dog due to mate her..it brings the bitch on naturally when a dog is allowed to play court lick and test her right up to she flicks the tail under a watchful eye.. bitches brought from kennels to lining without natural stimulation can be a a whole marigold glove job lol...