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  1. stop.end

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Lol.. seems you have a hard on for me son...its obvious you know as much about me as you do about terriers...and what you know about terriers you could write on the back of a 5 pence piece...now run along child..
  2. stop.end

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Lol... do you think.. ive met many an mp..sat in many debates about the animal health and welfare bill, wrote one or 2 submissions myself and was at the fore front of protecting terrier work here in Ireland.. one would need to check there facts before spouting pure silage...
  3. stop.end

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Sorry fella but you are wrong... Terrier work has survived being under the micro scope for a very long time and has been dissected and still has been proven as the best and most humane form of fox control there is... its going no where when done correctly and within the law... hunting with hounds will be gone and working with terriers will still be there most humane method of control... and I would be addressing no man on a horse as a master...
  4. stop.end


    LOL... there is no cold SPELL.. the dam is pure flat... from November to March its fcuking freezing.. even if sun bes shining.. plus with the architecture there is all grids with alleys and narrow streets the wind just cuts through the streets and you... this place just gets worse...
  5. stop.end


    Well out of curiosity I rung my friend who works in hill street blues cafe, just as you come into the red light district past the bulldog and left its on that street directly across from grass hopper... lol he said it was freezing. 6 to 8 degrees and a wind chill that would have cut a watermelon in half ..it also pished down Thursday and Friday... I am going to Amsterdam over 10 years been every month in the year, and I knew it would have been bleeding baltic...there's some dreaming goes on in this site..haha
  6. stop.end


    Ha.Amsterdam at this time of year is baltic... far colder than the uk.. due to it being on the flat the wind just blows right through you.. ive been there many times throughout the years and January and February have always been freezing..throw a few pics up from your few days there.
  7. stop.end

    Antler lamp

    Done another lamp just before Christmas for an aunt of mine as a Christmas present... any tree knowledgeable men on here know if the ring will split when dried out completely??
  8. stop.end

    After a young dog

    I knew from the first post the fella was full of shite... and as Apache has said if he was interested in the dog he would have went the next night to collect the terrier..lol he has been out on digs and has permission... folk can write any old shite on here but its only an eejit that would believe it. And .ABC calling men bullshitters cos they could smell the bullshit from the first tap of his keyboard...he will probably come out with some shite he had to get Christmas presents or something.
  9. stop.end

    After a young dog

    Have you got permission..a locator a collar, any experience at all of locating a terrier or ferret.. have you experience on the substrate you will be digging.. the tools for said job.. transport, do you know the hunting laws .. do you know the difference between an live or dead protected badger sett.. do you know the hunting laws full stop... lad im not trying to be a prick.. think about it you already spend to much time on here for the pets you already have..
  10. stop.end

    After a young dog

    No it doesn't..but a few things you have said quoted and posted I see trying to hard.. thats just my opinion and ill reply no more to you..goodnight and good luck.. lol ABC just because you keep terriers doesn't make you a terrier man... im not here to argue just give an opinion...
  11. stop.end

    After a young dog

    Lol..first off your too fcuking sensitive to be a terrier man ... my post was more inclined to abc so chill petal... goodnight.
  12. stop.end

    After a young dog

    That's the thing tho abc, you have sometimes got to understand before shouting like a mad man and read between the lies... there are quite a few men on here who live breath and sleep terrier work, work them 3 days a week every week during the season doing it many many years and have seen terrier work and sometimes the type of folk who do it change a lot over them years.. things aint always just black and white I have busted soil with many many men over the years and I could count on my 2 hands without the thumbs who id give dogs to... Working terriers correctly is a discipline that sadly many simply just dont have... some start out with the best intentions pick the game up quick and look to be naturals only for the first hiccup and the towels thrown in or there back tracking permission without permission and back stabbing and causing just general havoc... I bet there are men reading this right now who have been out on the spoon all day getting results and keeping quiet.. what have your terriers done today? Also the lad posts a couple of pics of dubious looking Staffordshire bull supposed terriers with his dad and his dads mates etc breeding these but him not knowing anything really of there background... there men on these forums with better breeding and more successful lines than you men get your pantys in a twist over ffs.. you think there going to give it away to ANYONE... wise up. Why you think the other genuine terrier men dont even post anymore.
  13. stop.end

    Fury v wilder

    You need your head looked at son if you or any other eejit thinks that fury is top class... and even putting him in the same sentence as heavyweight greats of the past, well just cements my sentiments of you...
  14. stop.end

    Working border types

    Hows your black Lakeland brightmoor stuff doing? And how many of them you still got.
  15. Lol..too expensive to rip, but expensive enough that it dont keep thorns at bay? As useless to a hunting man then as a chocolate fire guard... solognac.. is the best gear by a long shot..cheap, totally waterproof and thorn resistant... looks good and LASTS.. try it..you will never look back.