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  1. LOL... you weren't even born went that dog was about so stop trying to let on you know what your talking about...you know fk all about them terriers or the men that owned them...
  2. This is the Ben dog the dog that started it all he was also put to Seamus Erwins tar bitch... I think she was brightmoore bred also ill find out after dinner.
  3. Not nuttals penny but it was a nuttal bitch here at the time in Derry, would of been around 1988, a rough coated bitch decent bitch she was to also owned by JC . she was put to a dog called tiger...owned by the same fella JC... but JC got his terriers from TC, her sire from TC was a dog called Ben.... he came over from lowther in 1985 to NK in maghera then went to TC in Derry... he was a brightmoore x cowan dog... this is a pic of what would be the Grandfather to Billys stuff, tiger is the dog pup standing on his own at the dish...Ben was a top class digging dog owned by TC and tiger was a hell of a terrier to.... tiger produced the troops bitch, she lost her eye in a dig at 2 years old but still worked regularly till she died at 10.. she was owned by JP, and he put her to a black and tan 3 quarter patterdale quarter lakeland dog which was related to the troops bitch and he was called spud owned by JB, that's when Billy got the pups down.
  4. The first black pups that BG got from Derry..that was the start of his line... to what he lined the pups he got from Derry I dont know after that .... but I know the whole history behind the first bitch and I dug over her quite a few times and I also know the full ped behind her...
  5. Did any of you hear the army is being deployed to the streets of Britain from today?
  6. Lol... listen to yourselves ffs... George Orwell 1984 is definitely here..... yous are all hanging on every word from the biggest bunch of lying cxnts the world has ever seen... baaaaa just pass through the pens sheeple... 5G still getting rolled out every where tho....
  7. Its the economy and small business that will get the virus and die not so much people..thats my thinking anyways.
  8. That's her sister she starting in fine style also and her brother
  9. Yes... was actually a mistake mating then lost both mother and father doing what they loved within 7 months... big loss to me if im honest... but im smiling now...
  10. 7 months old in first pic... 2nd pic 17 months old today.
  11. Lol these research centres are supposed to be level 4 security are they not??
  12. Im not too worried what you think fella lol... you all ready believe what the propaganda puppet masters want you to believe...so you already as good as have the virus
  13. This is a released virus... ffs bill the butcher gate's has been preparing for this for over 10 years..him and his sick wife Melinda NATO WHO IMF NCFD and many more... borns right its not the virus im too worried about its the chess moves taking place behind the scenes.. lots of opportunities first is... emergency state being called leading to curfews rationing and civil disobedience then an economy crash then cashless society and mandatory Vaccination... welcome to the first giant totalitarian step.. there not tip toeing anymore... COMMUNIST CHINA IS ON ITS WAY.
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