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  1. Lol... Of course I've spoken out in public I've defended terrier work to the very top been on live radio and all... You know nothing about me so stop letting on you do you weirdo...ask Barrie Wade about my CV so..I don't need to shout nothing I do it ... unlike yourself who just seems to chat silage... Lol you loved your terrier work but gave up ..sure you only done rats under chicken sheds...
  2. Lol why would there be video footage of Me defending terrier work in Ireland at any ministerial meetings? Why would I make the submissions I wrote for northern Ireland public they were purely for stakeholders eyes... I've been to many a meeting behind closed doors with politicians and LACS and all the rest don't you be worrying about my C.V. old boy... I confront them head on I don't run.
  3. And the simple fact is if the lurcher community which seems to be massive can't get together to do something... Lol.
  4. Fella I've owned many a lurcher I'm over 35 years doing it not 35 months. I don't need to house or keep a lurcher but I have friends who do. Any terrier or terrier man that knows the crack should only use a lurcher for a bolt were places can't and shouldn't be netted. As for me being in Ireland what's that matter UK the same.. What do you mean get at the toffee noses? I've never seen a lurcher being ridden out by any mounted pack? I could be wrong though.
  5. It's not enthusiasm it's reality. And the reality is.... If you're working within the law even in Scotland your allowed to work dogs. Simple as that. But if you don't or didn't know that. Then maybe the harsh reality is you shouldn't be hunting. Now that's aimed at everyone by the way I'm just quoting you . The lurcher will always be needed by COMPETENT individuals... Doing the right tasks by people Who know what there doing... Which should always have been the way... So stop moaning about irrelevant stuff read up on hunting laws and exemptio
  6. Wtf are you on about you complete clown... I still bring a lurcher when out with terriers some days... Why? Incase a fox bolts and I can't get a safe shot off due to livestock or many many other litigating circumstances... Fox bolts lurcher catches and dispatches the fox in a quick humane manner... Absolutely no laws broken and a fox has been dispatched job done quickly cleanly and humanely... if I'm on a pest control call out at night again due to specific reasons the lurcher will be tool of choice again done quickly cleanly quietly and humanely... Job done...I can defend that all day in
  7. 97 percent of that post is just the way it is... Except for the terrier federation's throwing any lurcher men or any other fieldsport for that matter under any bus.... The reasons the terrier federation's are respected and trusted is because we back all fieldsport and can defend terrier work when done correctly under competent folk..we also Defend everyone's right to work there dog under the law... But it seems more and more mong's tend to sway to lurcher work... And just like terrier work recently which also attracts the mong's and cruel sadistic feks .... And even myself and many others who
  8. 8 months old now and an absolute pleasure to keep... I stop this Sunday week but can't wait for September already .
  9. Well we're are they?.. terrier work is 10 times harder to defend..yet it's being defended at the top level and always come out good... Lurcher men couldn't give a fek.
  10. There is no up and coming young people at it anymore that's the point and if the men can't do it now then the snowflakes definitely wont... It's finished.
  11. Lol... Your actually serious... I know joiners who are supposed to be joiners and after 20 years in the game there still useless same as a few brickies only good at block on a straight run... I also know men who own dogs and are hunting 30 years and still haven't a feking clue... Your one of them or your on the serious wind up.
  12. Terrier work is looking ok...I hope.
  13. Final decision should be around 9.30 pm.
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