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  1. stop.end

    Foxing hunting in Ireland

    G.E is an English man also.
  2. stop.end

    Big Cat Sighting

    Ive seen one out lamping in a wee village in northern Ireland called claudy... it was a black panther... I was lamping on my own when I lived in a farmhouse out that way was about 1 in the morning it was walking a field quite close to a farmhouse...I flicked it first with the lamp.. thought wtf is that... cant be?? Had my choco dog with me and first glance I thought it was a big wild feral and this cnutss going to get it... then I stopped the van and had a proper look and sure as fcuk it was exactly what I thought it was.. this was about 15 years ago and I was in my vets other day getting tablets for the terriers and we got chatting about it and there was actually a man who lived near the village of claudy who owned it and let it loose..
  3. Terrier work has been under the microscope for a very long time... looked at like a cancerous cell..its been through the houses of parliament stormont and the dail, its only because like minded people behind the scenes who terrier work and all to do with wildlife management is their life took there own time personal expences and wrote submissions and met with the relevant authorities that terrier work when conducted correctly and within the law is actually in a better position than it has ever been.. just completed it.. thanks for the heads up Barrie you have and always will be one of the most savvy terrier men I have had the privilege of meeting up with on a couple of occasions...
  4. stop.end

    A good morning

    Didn't end up getting out then the weather was too rough. Recossanons look twice today and with the weather should be looking productive for tomorrow.
  5. Anyone own one and ever pull one out of the telescopic tube and not able to put it back down fully? Never had an issue with it before and have had it 5 years... too lazy to pull on the suit today and had to get out of there sharpish.. lol.
  6. stop.end

    New estate car

    Lol yes I did just stumble on it read fek all of it and still haven't... but Jesus surely nuclear energy is noyt good???
  7. stop.end

    New estate car

    Lmfao... thats the best ive ever just read.. is that born trying to say that radiation is clean...?? Lol ffs..
  8. stop.end

    A good morning

    Out Thursday morning set up for 7am and walked off the stubble at 4pm... the finally tally was 306... out today at 3pm but its really raining heavy here atm so hopefully it will stop.
  9. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Gypsy hanging all over that??
  10. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Toys they ain't, but they will be expected to live up to their ancestry.. and if not, back to the drawing board...
  11. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Both will be 12 months old in 3 weeks.
  12. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Lol.. as I thought .
  13. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    I wasn't laughing I was chuckling son . My options for a top class white stud dog is like a roundabout dont you get your thong twisted about that. seems now a days if youve a thumb you can sure as fcuk make up whatever you want I see, and as for you being a clown.. so am I for answering you but im on the toilet having what you talk... so ill give you a fact or 2 as ive had a vindaloo.. whoever you think may know me, they maybe from Derry or surrounding is telling you some funk lol... hmm my circle is tighter than your ring so I guarantee you dont know a single man who will know me personally.. as in hunts or socialize with me. FACT. I didn't own the black dog lol??more oul made up shite.. hmm well who did then..that terrier was raised in my yard from 9 weeks old was gifted to me for free by a younger terrier man, that ive been digging with for 15 years... FACT. He had been dug in quite a few counties and across the water and always held his own...FACT. and was dug dead at 2.6M in Co. Donegal in hard quarry ground... sounding and working well until 0.8 .. no more sounding so thought he had to dance the last... broke through he was luke warm.. quarry 2 inches in front of him.. FACT. lol plenty of good digging men come on this site know me in person just flicking over it not posting, unless to call out peddlers or pretenders.. and that includes me if I was one. FACT. so why would I tell lies over free pups ya bozo... only pretenders try and call me out on this site son.. I drive the country to drop terriers and keep terrier work legal so pretenders like you can to... I don't care what you keep..or who line there from, or who you do or dont know.. thats your business... Your knowledge on terrier work from what you post on her, beside your shite banter or terriers that are dead has NO interest to me nor do you... So lets just stop pretending you know me and if you do know me approach me when you see me.. and ask anything you want to know....
  14. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Lol.. no one tells me what to do son.. I can edit put up or take down what I want when I want.. there my terriers... you seem to be a pretty mouthy fella..and do a lot of asking what lines folks terriers are from. Lol you wouldn't know ANY of the men I get them from so what you asking what lines there from its not like a clown like yourself would be getting one...lol do you even own terriers?
  15. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    The mother of the pups is lying chilling out against the wall after giving her pups a 3 hour ju jitsui lesson up the back on the concrete, thats the grand master peering out the box, she was up showing throat holds leg locks, bites to internal organs and pressure point techniques lol... and the black and white bitch pup was one of the students...and the second pic is a litter sister of hers I gave up to a man.... both pups 10 and a half months...bottom pic is another bitch I kept from same litter.