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  1. stop.end


    Lol... Easy twin town or you get a missile fired to
  2. stop.end


    No mate hey may have done the axe episode once I may have believed that.. and your obviously not right in the head yourself The average Palestinian this last 40 years will have been getting shot at for just being Palestinian on their own land.. missile attacks from the world's top military hardware by trained grown military government... Not by some useless coward alcoholic no good c**t like your father sounds if what you say is true... World of difference soft boy... And if you had of had anything about you you'd a put a stop to that by 16 so you sound just like him
  3. stop.end


    Also kanny real honest question Not trying to be on a wind up you seem a pretty ok fella from your posts and you have your opinion on what is happening between Israel and Palestine and that's your view il respect that because you obviously have your reasons to do so ... So can I ask what kind of major conflict you have ever lived through for over 2 decades for myself so people 3 decades...20 years of constant bombings shootings..no go areas shot for religion or wrong estate at wrong time or constantly being harassed by military and police? Or you giving your gorilla warfare expe
  4. stop.end


    Paulus... Your father was obviously a very mentally ill individual and should of been sectioned after the first incident so that's just pure lies... Now please don't try and be smart... Old Wilfred I like the consistency
  5. stop.end


    Jesus you expect me to BELIEVE THE BBC.... this shows me your mental capacity to...
  6. stop.end


    Lol... Jesus... I expect that from you.. But you were also calling anybody who wasn't queuing up for the jabs and forcing kids to wear face masks nut jobs and cranks... When the above statement shows your obviously mentally unstable.... And so did the whole COVID thread when you were on there.... So please stop. At least kanny can pull top propaganda and do a good rack of ribs while reading it.
  7. stop.end


    Lol...I've never once complained about what I have witnessed and lived through in Northern Ireland... But I tell you this ...I wouldn't want anyone else to have to witness it either... Do you really believe the Israel's and especially mossad Wouldn't have the capability to go in a round up who was actually involved and not just every citizen... I'm from a very republican area but I never once had anything to do with the IRA... But we were treated that way... Just because you live in a certain place make you a terrorist Thank fek I got into hunting and away from all the bull
  8. stop.end


    The very same Lol.,. I don't trust any of the 2 sides the point I'm making is ... Their is human genocide of a nation unfolding right now in 2023 The government's and media are showing it right to your front living room daily...to condition YOU... Why you think that is?
  9. stop.end


    Aw fek me another complete mong... Lol oh I don't like you so let's all nuke you...another wee gimp... Talking about war and killing like it was putting out a cigarette.... I bet youve never left whatever hobbit village you lived in from a child....
  10. stop.end


    Fella what a real blind man statement that is LOL..... Hamas may have most of the control of what comes out of GAZA.... But the Israelis control what the whole world see's..... Who you think owns the Media soy boy?
  11. stop.end


    Just sit tight and see....
  12. stop.end


    Some real bile been spoken on this thread...most are a complete disgrace and have never been in ANY kind of conflict in their lives.... bet not half a percent who have written complete nonsense on this thread have been anywhere near bombings or shootings on the street.... Half yous typing on this have f**k all in your life except writing shite on the hunting life... Ha half a percent on here don't even do that... typing about guerilla warfare.... Bunch of mong's... There is innocent women men and children civilians FFS... There have been over 10,000 murders in the last week...ov
  13. The red pup.. hmmm Some boy.. like a sloth doesn't really bother about much but has that air of don't mess.. No long story here same as others job done... hounds had run one into a handy spot ..he was brought down took a minute for him to get his bearings with all the commotion...but was allowed to be a pup... End result bang on and did a great wee job at 0.9... sorry about the bloody picture but the fox had given him a few nips on the nose and just as picture was taken he had just shook his head...so nowhere near as bad as it looks and he was taken straight home and washed an
  14. The black and white bitch.. Well what can I say... She came out the exact shape and size I could have wished for.... Lovely bitch quiet and shy like her grandad but that I'm a dog type if you know what I mean... Always liked her and she always like her mother like a Springer always on the go great nose sharp as a tack... very biddable but just likes to enquire into everything...very smart. Walked her down into a spot that always does well for me and plenty of fox pads in the muck around the gate and mucky areas as wee walked down the field brought an old black bitch who knows he
  15. Wee update now it's November Absolutely over the moon with this last mating.... And I knew in my heart and soul it should click not only on paper if that ever mattered but especially and most importantly a long history of work on both sides. But never as good as it did... Everything I have ever wanted in working terriers at such a young age with absolutely no encouragement whatsoever...I'm a pest controller and these pups never even seen a rat... they have been treated like a working terrier from the first day I started this post...but not in the sense of taking them out to do absolu
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