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  1. Forgot to add the pics On the left a thought out mating by the man who knows his line inside out.... Wee dog done his first real season... there's standards and he's well past his...his aunt on the right mistake mating... coming up her 3rd proper season.... she 5th gear all time when at work at home she the most pleasant thing...she got pyemeteria and to be fair thanks be to the terrier God's... I'd a took a litter of her to her dog beside her ... but the way things are going ill see this yard out and I'm finished.
  2. Your getting desperate now lad...I'm about the 15th person I've seen you come ask to visit...that tells me no cxnt likes you... why would I visit you to lift a few chicken coops with a maniscopic and watch you dance about like Michael Flattely and talking like wurzil gunmidge and sweating like Jimmy Saville in a mortuary...no thank you... The only reason I mention your ratters is because you wrote a whole thread on line breeding terriers and you hadn't a scooby what you were on about or even the history behind them ya balloon...and ye had convinced the eejits you knew what you were on ab
  3. Get a life old boy get out loose some weight stay off the donughts... I can guarantee you I dug more foxes in you past winter .... Ain't there chicken sheds to be checking.... line bred terriers
  4. Lol... I've read a few bits and pieces... First your telling him you don't need him as you will find this all out yourself and have supposedly spoken to someone and blah blah blah... now you keep asking him stuff ... and keep calling people by their first names when you have never feking met them... to be honest I find you quite strange and wouldn't give you the time of day personally... your calling him out but still asking him stuff... and for what its worth NO I don't think there's a big cat anything in Britain unless it's a house cat on stilts.
  5. Got asked by the council to clear rabbits off the local cemetery...2 other pest control companies walked away from... the 2 other companies offered the same advice...snares drop boxes... I walked around a wee bit with head groundsman... they were chewing all new floors shrubs and young trees quite a few rabbits to be fair... I said you want them gone quickly and humanely Oh yes he said... so I ring my FAO ciara, I said I'm going to shoot rabbits using a FAC .22 with night vision and silencer between the hours of 12am to 6am... She laughed at the start and I said what you laughi
  6. Lol..do you think trumps not a puppet... lol there playing a blinder... sure old yellow wig still pushing vaccination and I.d.... wise up.
  7. OK fella .... just re read back that in your own head and let it sink in... First off a great stockman wouldn't let that happen.... as in he would have given the dog the outlet to prove his worth and linage... he may have eaten dog bowls and water dishes but they don't weld back... for up to 30 minutes at a time. It's like I hear supposed legends in the terrier world who say oh this dogs retired at 3 he's too hard..... But think what you like from men who made a fortune of young gullible teens like yourself telling tales and making sales... the truth is in performance...
  8. Game dogs is 100 times worse for lying and hanging peds than any other stock I know...lol... but I do admire the chaps gullibility.
  9. Lol... because men that know what there doing breed selectivity from 2 inbreds..with the same family tree...but then to a supreme outcross that has the same attributes and family tree in its history.... so now it's line breeding not inbred....
  10. It's called line breeding lol.. and works with all stock. Terriers hounds strong dogs, horses racing pigeons...
  11. I would give human grade CBD to the terrier's after a hard dig or have just gave it to them when there a bit off... A full syringe... Equivalent to about 3 human drops .... Let's just say when they see it, they definitely don't turn there nose up lol.
  12. Clean up time now the seasons over haircut shower and shave
  13. Took the shears to the red pup
  14. Your whole life is lurcher work you live and breathe it you still do... Why not spend your later years defending it... You will get a lot of help and go to the big sky knowing you did the best you could to your best friend
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