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  1. Lol...sums the wee fat colostomy bag up rightly I'd say bangers... He's the saluki king...the medication king, car thief king, weed growing king boxing critic general all round know it all wanna be known ....and types it all on an internet forum... Imagine this cxnt after 20 minutes in custody...they'd know his pin number FS...
  2. Lmao...what a pile of shite... Should you not be naked by now
  3. You probably didn't even know where Ukraine was 70 days ago and now you're talking as if you know it well...the bread basket of Europe he says...just like BBC C4 C5 and ITV.... Your as sucked in by this proxy war as you were covid.... Where in the history of war did a prime minister or a president or film actors or musicians EVER visit a warring country.... NEVER... Now you have Boris Johnson, Mrs biden Angelina Jolie and that wanker bono and the edge having a concert there....stick you to peeling spuds and making nice dinners... Because it's quite clear you can't think for
  4. Emotional? Why . A terrier can kill them easily.
  5. Len... You ever visited or lived in America? It ain't all that fella... And believe me..the way you see it in the film's or TV or whatever... It's not the truth... Big cars big houses mean f**k all...you have no freedom in America either...not in the big cities anyways... Have to be the back hills of Alabama and Even then there knocking....
  6. I know the history behind your bitch
  7. Listen Bosco it's reading silly books has you looking like a complete fantasist... Your that stupid you took a picture of yourself standing at the entrance of an active Badger sett with a staff on a lead...and then thought you were Billy silly and posted that on an internet forum thinking you were cool or something... It's an offence to be within 200 yards of an active Badger sett... 40 mile shine.
  8. Bloodsports was a film with Jean Claude Van dam you complete mong... You haven't a clue when it comes to actually working dogs so just you keep your book reading phrases to yourself... 40 mile for a shine with a lamp...
  9. May I ask where you got the first tent and stove please?
  10. No it is not do you just make stuff up?.. every single fox I have ever dug with a terrier and there has been a lot is in no way stressed... in fact the complete opposite actually...just like the pic DC put up below... the fox is always in a very calm and methodical state... meaning he or she just sits waiting patiently for his chance to bolt or get away as quickly as possible... If the fox was in any way under stress he would be barking... Frothing at the mouth or going round the stop end circulating on itself but I have never dug one in any of the varied states of stress I
  11. A fox does NOT suffer any stress at any point while being hunted... It is actually healthy and completely normal for a fox to be hunted...that and killing is it's whole genetic make up... And the fact that foxes are thriving more now especially in urban areas after the ban is testament to this especially when it is mostly weedy sick or mangey specimens is not only due to their shitty diet..it's also because natural hard wired receptors in their brain and blood make of being hunted or killing naturally is why the species will deteriorate quicker..in my opinion... A healthy fox is a truly wild a
  12. The Boss and her grandson just chilling about 2 metres from each other and him about 20 minutes later waiting patiently on his grub lol.
  13. Two just sitting catching the rays while theres about no joke another 4 neighborhood dogs including right next door running around barking these 2 be holidays
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