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  1. Terrible news I hope he makes a good and speedy recovery.. I've a mate who went into hospital for fluid in the lungs.. the feckers induced him into a coma... For 66 days he was induced... Got speaking to him on Saturday evening on the phone was really great to hear his voice again... Twice his family was sent for...he didn't have or ever has had covid?
  2. Jeez it's hard to believe but you do get stupider by the day... So you reckon he had covid and died of multiple organ failure...what does that even mean greb Hancock?.. Was he vaccinated?
  3. Lol... Confirmation that your not only a looney bin with no life.. But secretly bi ...
  4. Just thinking here to myself, this poor cxnts life must be absolutely shit...he's never off this site spouting absolute kek and really believes that folk thinks he's knowledgeable.. Lol... He says folk are omitting finer details...all I can see is the people are reading between the lies the government and media tell them. Where he can't see it... The poor cxnt thought he couldn't clean up dog shit in his backyard because he tested positive FFS..
  5. Lol.. you don't need insurance..lord Byron's permission...you think I throw lurchers out a window..be stealthy he says yet writes this macho shit on an open forum..and If it's not stock broken don't let it of near livestock he says... But I'm the Muppet...got ya..
  6. Lol..it all started when men started to run scared instead of having the backbone to stand proud... Driving fields with a lurcher is not what a REAL dog man does.. nor does sneaking into lands where your not welcome...it's not just lurcher men I'm on about either... Just because you have a lurcher or terrier doesn't make you a dog man... Hound men some of the worst also.. yous all moan but, I could bet there is only a handful of men on this whole site that are actually welcome where they go... How many here are insured? How many on here lobby politicians...meet with MPs? Be pro active.. work
  7. The only person he has ever thrashed in his life is the other queer farmer up the road from him stood with his cordorys round his knees in Dunlop wellies in their secret meeting place in the pine trees.. giving it the big man..but he's secretly the hobbit village queer.. why didn't you stay and give the black men your so afraid of a slap?
  8. What was you addicted to salad?? Jesus that made me laugh.
  9. The last 3 weeks been back at it with a few lads I know that keep a very good wee private pack of hounds from beagle Xs and a few good Welsh hounds.. the Welsh hounds love to mark.. keep me ticking over to the temperature drops to get back at it with the terriers...
  10. Lol.. look you know the crack.. your not silly... a cracking meme... but shots about to come crashing down.. as in too many coincidences.. at the right time.
  11. Lol..the old you hit the bottle stuff again ehh... You really need to get a better tout... Your old supposed sources are lagging behinnd I can spot a closet bi sexual tranny a mile away, I've dealt with these so called politicians and independents as YOU identify them as a hundred times before... As for the old mouse traps are empty... As that is what pest control involes... Who's rent free now Pokémon?
  12. Young dog 20 months old and his mother 9 years old just past in July.. Young dog has one dig over him about 8 weeks ago, walked him along a place where I honestly thought was empty so I let him off the lead as it looked dead as ceaser he has never been pegged out or shown a stop.. just been allowed to be a pup and practice his art with older dogs.. Young dog dropped and showed about 3 minutes later..so I went to call him and he was gone again... me and a mate who hadn't spoken in about 5 years was with me.. and we were just saying he a big pup probably just curious... about 2 minutes late
  13. Listen you and neo.. don't be posting truths from real people who have seen first hand what this scamdemic is and was from the beginning... there is a man who is going through in his words the worst thing in his life but is well enough to post on here every half hour telling you him and his family's progress, reckons if he hadn't had the jabs..he would be worse ...also the racist p***y who moved to Ireland because he was scared a black man would run away with his Mrs who reckons you can solve everything with imaginary INDEPENDENT politician's, and you should kill every single person of colou
  14. They look to me like plaster mites from what I can see from your pics..is it a relatively new build?
  15. The PCR test doesn't work... So why even bother? I hope your lad makes a speedy recovery from his sickness and you and your wife be fine.
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