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  1. Lol.. sorry I have never paid for this quality of deadly kick... have you been trained in moo moo.... sorry calf trained techniques?
  2. I'm definitely not knocking capoire But it took the English Masters I've had the privilege to have shared mats with over 12 years that made me really realise don't be fooled by grace.
  3. 2 and a half years old.. taken yesterday.
  4. Lol.. i take it the description of you was bang on... im definitely not a fighter.. but I'm very handy at defending myself nothing better than choking a big roider out in front of his Mrs or mates ...
  5. Lol... this ain't the boxing gym or Queensbury rules... someone in a confrontation with me like that and they lean forward to whisper anything in my ear... their getting nutted then their loosing half there own ear.... I'm picturing you now big roid right said Fred look a like... pink polo top trying to give it the big links ....
  6. No the doctors and the MSM did that to you even before you got the punjabi....
  7. No he won't.. like a true detective soon as the facts from a man who believed and gulped down everything the medical experts told him.. where myself has a pest control business was also glad of the lockdown and complete and utter psychological operations that it was... but I expect he will respectfully digress... the difference between him and myself... is I'm not so easy swayed... either way.. but new variant is going to be worse... I seen enough kick boxer and rambo dad's in my day... rambo is still in deep south colorado under an a complete new alias. So is the virus. Lol
  8. Standard stuff.. only the second he raised his voice and hand... it should of been full on wolverine...
  9. Ken I think you have already licked the toads back enough
  10. What price for a drum? Asking for a friend
  11. Good honest answer... regarding the way it was...
  12. If Biden said that..then it's definitely going to get worse...
  13. Lol.. wait for the 15th wave now in october they're saying...
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