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  1. Aye so stuck for 3 days way a digger for fk all in a place like that and im the clown... lol.
  2. So the whole point of that was what...
  3. And was the quarry there...
  4. Once again fella, do you really think or believe Meghan markle birthed that child?
  5. Just check the facts without the blinkers piss boy.
  6. Lol... wilf you come across as not a silly fella, but Jesus that statements like your Stevie wonder as regards the so called monarchy... there line is the more lied about and full of fuckwits and insests cxnts ... Andrews not even Philips ffs.. is a horse trainer called Charlie something I can't recall just now.... thats why hes been ousted too.. lol the queen knickers were up and down more than the stock market just like all the others before... all fkin mongrels.
  7. Them moving to Canada now makes every bit of sense... another thing if yous think harry and the transgender are all sweetness and light yous all need your heads looked at... the man has been brought up and around and ate dinners and stayed around the most prolific paedophiles.... louis mountbatten, his let on daddy Charlie, his uncle Andy and Jeffrey Epstein ffs...
  8. Lol pussy whipped... sure markles a transgender... hes just like his uncle louis
  9. Simple question to this one really.. how you know it was barking at nothing?
  10. I know there isn't, but why jag when there is a far superior tablet form... lol...I administer my own inoculation as pups .. but no syringe after that.. again it doesn't mean Im right.. its just the way I do it.
  11. Nora clav tablets or synulox 100% because there tablet form... not only that but you have to administer penicillin with a syringe.. and as far as im aware thats a complete NO NO... but id still have nora clav as first choice tablet.
  12. I stopped using penicillin 20 years ago, why anyone would use that when there is far superior tablet form available over the counter.
  13. stop.end


    Anyone a link to the blog.. I read the one in lurcher section but hadnt been updated since 2009?
  14. that's even better when their young... learns you to soon trust them.. and learns him to hunt and run over burrows some that even look live and NOT drop try it with an elder and he/she says no,, all school days. ive blanked 3 days in a row this season... and the young dogs have had a bit of hunting, schooling but when they marked and dropped ..and succeeded, elated...
  15. Ok.. if thats the case other people are from just across different waters and English people hate them first just arriving and then invading.. its all chess mate and some have what awakened. But being awakened can be dangerous.. just watch not my job about young apprentices now a days.. jobs fkd... but theres still men out there who wake up and run there own ship...
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