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  1. I'd gladly fight and die for my country, but even I have my limits Atb j
  2. It was the Saxons, who really made England what it is today, and brought Christianity full bore to the island, after the Romans left. As far as I can remember they were heired in to help defend against the Welsh, Scots and irish taken over. Once they got in they stayed. Atb j
  3. Britain, like Ireland was just one island country. Just governed in parts by differant clans, but all on the same page so to speak. All of Europe was essentially the same, Celtic tribes, until the Romans came, then things started to change. Atb j
  4. What, who has a problem with disabled That's low, even for me Atb j
  5. Of course I'd help my own people, but that's as far as id go. This is the point in trying to make, charity begins at home, look after our own, no foreign aid to other countries, put it back into ours. No taking in refugee, asylum seekers, giving them homes, health education, we have plenty of our own people that need it. Banks foreclosing on homes here, putting people out on the street, that genuinely fell on hard times, but the government turns around and takes in some other countries problem and houses them. Atb j
  6. jetro


    And here, but only family allowed at the funeral Atb j
  7. My missus and myself 90% agree on most things, and comprise on the rest. I'm very lucky to have her, because I'm not the easiest person to live with lol. Atb j
  8. jetro


    Bit of a laugh from someone on lockdown Atb j
  9. Oh I'm alright in that sense. As they say, out here no one hears you scream ☠☠☠ Atb j
  10. Most definitely a person should be allowed defend their family and home, without limits and not to be prosecuted by the law for doing so. Every mans home is his castle Atb j
  11. God bless the USA in some respects. Don't know about carrying concealed weapons over here, i.e. guns, but pepper spray and collapsible battons yes. Atb j
  12. Myself and my goid lady wife are the same, been together for nearly 30 years, and never been apart, we get on great, never argue or row, we're both on the same page with every thing in our lives. Atb j
  13. It would make you home sick for the days we never knew, if that makes sence. Atb j
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