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  1. jetro

    Food challenge

    Was looking at another one, a 64oz stake with two sides under an hour. Some eating in it. Atb j
  2. jetro

    Food challenge

    Restaurant challenges punters to finish world’s biggest bowl of nachos weighing over a stone https://f7td5.app.goo.gl/8qq2RV Sent via @updayIE Some amount of food to eat in one hour. Many on here that could tackle it Atb j
  3. jetro


    Imo Francie That had nothing to do with God's or devil's, just pure evil people. Atb j
  4. jetro


    Theirs a bishop over here in Waterford, claims that new age healing practices, and reiki are a gate way for the devil. Atb j
  5. jetro


    https://www.netflix.com/title/80126646?s=a&trkid=13747225&t=cp Looking forward to this. Atb j
  6. jetro

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Great singer, and brilliant song imo. Atb j
  7. jetro

    The changing face of rural Ireland

    €14.5m spent on hotel, B&B asylum seeker accommodation https://f7td5.app.goo.gl/EsmKNe Sent via @updayIE This money could should be spent on other and better things in this country Atb j
  8. jetro

    The changing face of rural Ireland

    Well you can stand up, with pride and say i was there, i tried. Good on you. If people don't stand together, their finished before they even start. I'll be honest, one small victory like this, won't win the war. If it didn't happen in this small town, it will happen some other one, and keep happening. It's not just these people moving in that needs to be stopped, it's our own government that has to be stopped, letting them in, and put this country and its people's needs first. As you said about permits, getting in trouble ect, people are afraid of been branded a racist, or troublesome, or whatever name they will come up. Atb j
  9. jetro

    The changing face of rural Ireland

    Even the bishop of Galway said they shouldn't be there, and it would put to much pressure on the locality. Atb j
  10. Lol, that's so true about the drugs. They put me on 16 tablets a day about 10 years ago, said i had a massive hearth attack. Turns out I never had a heart attack, or any problems what so ever with my heart. Bloody drugs drove me mad. I bloted out, and got seriously fed up. As a new doctor said not so long ago to me," we're not here to cure you, just to keep you alive" says it all really. Atb j
  11. That's what they keep telling her, also it can't be taken in tablet, or liquid forum, just injections, which is quite painful she says Atb j
  12. Sounds like you went through the ringer lad. Good that your Dr fought your case for you for the tests. Good your on the mend again. Your right about the ibs and doctors, they just tell you that, because sometimes they don't have a clue, and it's easier for them to keep pumping you with drugs, and more money for them also. I firmly believe a lot of illnesses is down to a person's diet. Atb j
  13. My missus has to get a b12 shot every 2 months, her body can't store it. Will have to tell her about the marmite Atb j