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  1. jetro

    Rip love island

    I still have the hopes and dreams of an 18 year old Atb j
  2. jetro

    Rip love island

    Keeps life interesting Atb j
  3. Good on him. That's a gent. Is there much tb up that way now. I don't think I ever saw a case of it here. Strange that. Atb j
  4. jetro

    Rip love island

    I'll tell you what, I'm gone deaf, must be from all the loud music lol. Went in to hospital to day for hearing aids to be fitted. Left the house at 6.45am, 2 hour drive in brutal weather. On time, only to be told it's next week Atb j
  5. Can't beat them prices. Good quality, and you know what your eating as well. Plus the out lay for feeding and vets, doseing ect is little Thsts the way it should be done by thoes you can do it Atb j
  6. Wasn't always like that. We killed our own. Now it's, money. Make more selling them, and cheaper to buy what's needed and when. It's was mostly sheep killed at home, and most if not all houses. Cattle were and to valuable to kill for the table, if you understand me. Atb j
  7. Should come good, can't see why not. Atb j
  8. Isn't funny how years ago, every one with a bit of land, small holding, kept a pig or two, some hens and ducks for the table. Not many do it now, myself included. Shame really. Atb j
  9. That's a good fair price, well worth it. Atb j
  10. I'm just picturing thick cut white bread, butter, chef brown sauce and them lovely beauties sizzling away on the pan lol. They look a picture of health, a credit to you Atb j
  11. He bought these off the dealer, up in mayo some place, think it was 60 quid he paid for them, slow enough to grow he said, but when they did grow, they were big and touchy Atb j
  12. Seen one neighbour, with wild boar. Big brute, with a temper to match. Never asked how it turned out. Any of you gentlemen have them Atb j
  13. Proper meat with a good healthy layer of fat imo. We had a small piggery, a small shed which into a small field. Easier to handle. I would do things differently now if I had them again though. Atb j
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