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  1. Hes not taking orders atm, but thanks anyway.
  2. Thats a cracker FLATTOP, Ive got to get one cos I love poached eggs. Thanks for the water tip
  3. Beef or lamb is best meat, with a greyhound feed like Gain or Redmills. Upset guts just feed meat and live yoghurt or live yoghurt and unfiltered honey for a couple of days.
  4. Youre a poacher alright! Have you got a pic of the poacher you use mate? they look the business
  5. No, but youre right it did warrant one.
  6. Beef stew, I got out the freezer from earlier in the year.
  7. Im using the gun example to make a point, not to understand someone elses point that irresponsible people with big dogs exist in the world. Everybody knows that.The point Im trying to make is that the presumption of innocence we all enjoy in this country is there to protect the innocent and not to punish the guilty. The guilty should be punished. The innocent protected. Banning breeds has already proved to be a failure. One day a bright spark will say "lets ban all unnecessary dogs" A fool proof way of keeping everyone safe from dogs. The people in this country are told what to think by the me
  8. Do you think if it wasnt for BASC or the CA we would still be owning shotguns or airguns? A comment I heard on the radio years ago, "Guns are made for destruction, they all need to be banned" Sound familiar? Its the same logic.
  9. Un yet it still happens.
  10. Like maimings or deaths caused by sporting guns?
  11. I dont think status symbols are illegal. That would be thought crime, like the Hunting act. The point is owners should be judged individually when they break the law. Politicians should not be allowed to remove freedoms from innocent people. Punish the guilty.
  12. Of course I wouldnt, lets not get into point scoring. If I am irresponsible with a gun I can loose it, the right to keep another and get fined or locked up. What Im saying is lets be careful of simplistic judgements that removes the rights of minorites but actually cures nothing. Everyone shouldnt lose their gun because of me.
  13. We are all surrounded by accidents waiting to happen but we manage them or take the consequences. I think we have to be careful judging the needs of others. Is there really a need for civilians to own guns etc ?
  14. I hate the B word. Its an easy look good, sounds good solution from pseudo populist politicians who really couldnt give a shit. Much easier and cheaper to introduce new bans than actually enforce already existing laws. Theres not enough police to police it all anyway.
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