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  1. It is a problem, but I just couldnt keep a dog with flat feet. I dont mean they have to be perfect, but something to work with and improve on is ok. I would never keep a dog that couldnt catch rabbits and do a days work. People a few years ago were more up on feet, and would include in an ad for puppies that parents have great feet etc, but nowadays its hardly mentioned. How can you talk about a running athlete without thinking about feet?
  2. I mean cat foot, but just to clarify, the only really bad feet are flat. The sort that have no springs in them and look more like fingers than toes. Bulls are bad and Bullx dogs, cos it gets ingnored and bred in instead of out.
  3. Any spring in the toes is good but the vertical type cat foot is more vunerable, and has mostly been over exaggerated by show people. Big oversized feet with thick pads, thick nails and a slightly flattened out shape like you see on Saluki types and Wolves are the best feet that can run over anything. They should be called desert feet really.
  4. Hare feet...better than cat like showy toes, more durable.
  5. Now your talkin mate......its all that inbreeding you cant beat it
  6. whole cows milk lovely, goats milk fckin horrible but dogs do good on it.
  7. Goats milk is far better than cows milk in my experience. It doesnt scoure them at all. Ideal for growing saplings.Some Greyhound trainers used to keep goats for a good supply. For young puppies though supporting weaning and onwards Multi milk made by SCA is very good and does not scoure like Lamlac. Bonemeal is good too and is also very high in protein for saplings but I wouldnt give it to young puppies. You need to make sure they are getting vitamin D3 to carry the calcium. I think its in most complete puppy foods and multi milk anyway but not in bonemeal or at least not in Hollings bonemeal
  8. I agree 100% Pups free running from 9 weeks old and self entering is old and very sound practice imo. Greyhounds used to be reared like this. Pups got to gallop and learn to use itself before serious work starts. If they miss out on it they'll never reach full potential.
  9. Oh I see yes. Its a thing thats been happening now for years, lads putting everything they do on here or other forums. They used to call them reports and other people on the forums encourage it and give praise. So its all about massaging ego, and before long it becomes more about that than the actual doing of it. What is this thing that we need everyone to know what we are doing 24hrs a day? We are all guilty of it in some measure. You see people on facebook spending more time recording there holiday in Spain than they do enjoying it, in fact the enjoyment has become the recording of it.
  10. I cant remeber seeing them eat flowers, but perhaps he just wanted to shoot it. You didnt say what type of gun, but generally short range is more likely to achieve a cleaner kill because the shot is easier to achieve. Is it the bragging you object to or just the shooting of it, I dont quite get it sorry.
  11. I bought a 50 gallon drum of the old stuff a few years ago through a farmer.
  12. I dont really know, it could be for a Gimp I suppose, I dont hang around roid gyms myself..
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