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  1. jeemes


    I wonder why its still ok to be racist against animals and plants..Not native not welcome!!
  2. jeemes


    Mods are at best a necessary evil, always to be regarded with a mixture of suspicion and pity, like committee members in a working mens club, theyre never above treachery where their own egos are concerned. Its all theyve got.
  3. No its Dark stain from Bakers. I put a bit of cream on and buff it up a bit when Ive made it which darkens it a tad.
  4. Good Bull/whippet. No ebt in it, her face is swollen through seeing action in the field
  5. Inch n half Oak bark belt for a customer.
  6. Thanks, I like making knife sheaths. Yeah its a big ol handle oright
  7. Looks like a very thin Bullterrier to me
  8. Hope you have many more moons yet mate
  9. Veg tan welted sheath with a bridle leather loop for a 3inch bushcraft knife. I dyed it with Fiebings Show brown spirit dye.
  10. That looks a good sturdy handle you got there mate.
  11. Great little film that. Thats a harness back hes cutting on the table. see how much longer it is than the normal bridle butt, but they are a bit harder.
  12. Its Abbey harness back, cos they were struggling to get Sedgwiicks at the time. Its good leather and you can get long leads and belts out of it cos its 80inches long.
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