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  1. AJ was exposed by Ruis and needed to dance like a fairy in the re match to win against a little fat man who hadnt trained, but now at last hes proven to us all that he is not world class and was roundly beaten by Uysik who was the better man. For too long we have been had by this over marketed product Anthony Joshua who looked good only when he was knocking out middle aged doormen but now hes finally outed as a shitter haha
  2. its an immersive 10x40 with a short eye relief. fixed mag x10 and about 4 time wider field of view. Put your eye straight up to the scope and get a great picture of your target very quickly. I really like it.
  3. That was an unlucky Magpie, I was looking through my scope as he landed in the cross hairs.
  4. Whippets are not equipped to course Hares. They are rabbit and race dogs. Salukis are Hare dogs, so dont keep comparing the two. Coursing Hares with Whippets is just for fun.
  5. Better to breed from a 1st x that has already shown its worth after being watered down.
  6. Are you still struggling with the concept of coursing under rules? THEY ARE NOT DOUBLED< THEY ARE BEING MATCHED!!! Christ alive how thick can you be, and dont always assume that everything is directed at you.
  7. I would rather have a lined bred one from back when pits were better than have a f1 now from some European rubbish. There are still a few about not contaminated with Saluki or Collie.
  8. Not all Whippets are slow. I seen a racing whippet break the sprint track record at Warwick Greyhounds twice in the same day, and the 2nd time was faster.
  9. Because it couldnt be good with bad feet, thats why. Those feet that look flatter are what people call Hare feet. They are not flat as in bad pasterns and flat toes like a Bulldog, they are more like the feet of a Wolf. In short they are fantastic big industrial feet. You should care what they look like and understand that everything starts from the ground, and without the ground a dog couldnt propel itself along. Its feet are the first contact with the earth and effect everything that happens when the dog begins to move. You have probably been spoiled with good feet owning Saluki type do
  10. I know what you mean there and totally agree. Looks do deceive and Whippets always look fast even when they are not.
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