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  1. couldnt agree more. Worry about quality first and cost next. Always seems to be enough money for guns, fashionable hunting boots and beer etc but want a lurcher for next to nothing.
  2. Just the job. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks Dervburner any tips on type of hopper to make?
  4. Do bait stations for shooting squirrels work during summer months or just in autumn winter? thanks for any advice.
  5. Pard 007 has come down to £329
  6. Whatever you do mate, make sure that puppy gets plenty of free exercise from 12 weeks old to at least 9months so it learns to use itself, otherwise you will never catch that up.
  7. How dare saunders come into Churchills fighting speach and then quit like a cur. Pathetic to hear Froch defending a cur when he knows full well that he would not have stayed on his stool in that situation. I hope that puts saunders out of boxing because god knows what it would be like if all the top level who had the belts fought with that style, running and posturing. Boxing would take a nose dive. I love to see Britain winning belts, but not at any price. Good result...another gobshite bites the dust.
  8. He'll need every inch of that ring...Make you want to hold your head down being British with gobshites like that representing us. DONT KNOCK HIM OUT TOO SOON CANELO.....
  9. Anybody use this bloke for books? Ive bought off him for years. Some very good books of all kinds on the countryside and sport in general. There are the usual suspects, Plummer, Frain, Darcy and co but also a lot of other writers and antique books.
  10. A few about in the Midlands. Nice to see good numbers, but then sometimes they just go come the autumn. I dont think its shooters though, I just think in places where there are woods they tend to be out of sight more in winter. When I used to go Beagling the last thing you want is a heavy population where the young hounds tend to keep changing Hares. Fresh Hare isnt good for Beagles, especially the ones that smoke. I do envy you Saluki lads though when I see a good Hare, you cant beat a good course, and a kill if the dog as deserved it. I used to like watching those Lucky the dark destroy
  11. Always the main thing to look for in a shotgun CHEAP!
  12. Better with racing Whippets mate, if you are wanting to be hands on dog handling. In England you basically pay bills and let someone else train and do what they like with your Greyhound which sadly is usually not a lot. Depends if you want to train and get sport or if betting is your thing. As already said most of the flapping tracks have gone which is a great shame. Sorry to sound negative.
  13. Anybody out there with a good quality half cross Bull/Greyhound bitch looking for a good sire. We have a very serious half cross dog that we would like a dog pup back from. Thanks.
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