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  1. Yeah like the pope, hes always kissing a crucifix....whats he on? bloody Christians!!
  2. Good do this morning
  3. Does my arse look big in this?
  4. Too true mate. That should of been a stoppage when his legs were like jelly and was on the floor. What a bad bad looser...he shouldnt be representing Great Britain with an attitude like that. He was beaten by a cruiser weight and hes got a fat back....
  5. Yoghurt for breakfast
  6. I think the true Deerhound that lived long ago is also long extinct and attempts to recreate it have mainly been in the hands of show minded people and have failed in all but looks. The modern type crosses with Greyhounds are producing what I think used to be called the Scotch Greyhound. From what Ive read you would have to test a dog on a lot more than Hare and Roe to call it a true Deerhound.
  7. 10 round bullet pouches. Ive only got a couple left.
  8. Its lovely mate, but it needs long slow cooking til it falls off the bone. you need plenty cos theres more bone than meat.
  9. Neck of lamb slow cooked.
  10. A bit cold for this but enjoyed it anyway.
  11. Omelette for tea, onions mushrooms and chedder cheese
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