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  1. jeemes

    Staffy Bull

    Yes I thought that I was just interested what line thats all.
  2. jeemes

    Staffy Bull

    Handy looking Staffords, how are they bred?
  3. jeemes

    Laguna Whippet?

    I think Im right in saying that most of the whippets competing in coursing were also show dogs and pets. No pedigree on earth is worth a shite unless you know or get reliable info about the dogs in it but you have to start somewhere and as with all dogs blood will out' as they say. get a good one and breed from it haha its simple.
  4. jeemes

    3/4 bull 1/4 grey

    Just doing the cross for the sake of it I would agree is not doing over a 1/2 cross, but it depends on the parents. Ive seen a 1/4 bred bitch that looked like a greyhound and couldnt possibly be any gamer than she was. She was pure game, but if shed of had a bull bite she wouldnt of needed to be as game. Bulls and Greyhounds go very well together imo just like the Bulldogs and terriers did. I am interested in all the crosses they produce but for my own preference a decided leaning towards the Bull.
  5. Anyone else like this type?
  6. jeemes

    Working border types

    its a shame people always end up talking about the money more than the dog. If you get a chance of a GOOD dog and its a lot of money, thats tough if you aint got it but it doesnt alter the fact that its still a good dog.
  7. jeemes

    Staffy Bull

    the one in picture above looks like an electric motor driven one. The one in the advert is a carpet mill with no motor. The dog has to drive it on his own steam. Ive only had the greyhound type treadmills thats driven by a motor. They can put a lot of muscle on a dog and steady endurance. I had mine pointing up hill as far as it would go.
  8. jeemes

    Fury v wilder

    I think Wilder should win so Ive got money on him to win.
  9. jeemes

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Bellew has managed to talk his way into lots of our money. Hes full of shit and didnt really deserve to be in a ring with Usyk imo. Even after a humiliating knockout he cant stop talking like hes the man of the moment. Well done Mr Usyk!
  10. jeemes

    Interesting italian O/U

    whoever made it wasnt keen to put a name to it..but why?
  11. jeemes

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I like to listen when Barry Jones comments, because hes a boxer and talks sense and you can learn something.
  12. jeemes

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Bent has a £4 note. GGG is the true champ twice over, everybody knows it. Everytime this happens it turns me a bit more against pro boxing. Well done to lemieux. Wished it could of been a more sustained beating but good job done. No need for bent judges there, and a good lesson for a gobshite. Another evil in Boxing...the bad mouthing and disrespectful language/behavior.
  13. they look like theyd kill a ferret in short order.
  14. jeemes

    CZ American 17hmr + .22 Karl Walther


    • FOR SALE
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    as above £150 and £50 please get in touch for more information.


  15. CZ American 17hmr + .22 Karl Walther View Advert as above £150 and £50 please get in touch for more information. Advertiser jeemes Date 07/02/18 Price £150.00 Category Rifles Calibre .22