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  1. stonewall

    Denmark has right idea for scrounging pakis

    ireland is a soft touch when it comes to hand outs,our country is been ruined by a gutless left wing fancy sock wearing gay taoiseach,he is just another cloned justin trudeau, and that f****r has canada ruined.gemma o doherthy was the only person that was calling out what is happening with the influx of migrants in ireland,her you tube channel was closed down last night she was gaining a lot of followers.our government is pandering to migrants every need.theirs a school in ireland 2 wks ago that passed a rule allowing boys to wear dresses and girls to wear pants if they so chose.our politicions want this this rule rolled out all over irish schools.in a nut shell our country is f****d.
  2. stonewall


  3. the lid was lifted on a confidential report about the irish greyhound industry that was done in 2017,someone leaked it to rte investigates ,its ment to be very damming indeed.it airing tonight at 9.35 on rte 1
  4. stonewall

    Few gamefowl

  5. stonewall

    Staffy Bull

  6. stonewall

    gemma o doherty

    she is on point with a lot of her views.were going to become a mirror image of whats happening in england and in sweden.
  7. stonewall

    gemma o doherty

    gemma o doherty is an irish investigative journalist doing her bit to expose corruption in ireland.her channel is worth subscribing too.
  8. stonewall

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    just watched tommys panorama doc have to say he fought his corner well. he has balls and someone the british people should back.
  9. stonewall

    Few gamefowl

  10. stonewall

    Few gamefowl

  11. stonewall

    Staffy Bull