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  1. you cant beat breeding.it comes out through the eye of a needle.hope his career if finished.
  2. i met gerry 2 yrs ago when he was out watching a pack of hounds,i had a bottle of jameson in the van and we had a glass each at the side of the road.i hung on his every word as he spoke about his dogs he had yrs ago.i knew he would be up to view this pack of hounds sometime so i kept this terrier book in my van until that day came.i was very grateful when he signed it because when greats are gone their gone for good.
  3. i can say out of all the dogs that i have ever owned, he is without doubt the most intelligent focused and intense.
  4. your yard or plot of land needs to be set up to own one.really give time to bond to them.best yard dog ive ever owned.
  5. have one since a pup,he is going on 8 now.malions dutch shepard all the same.
  6. did not see that sig g had the same topic up,tyson has his deamons,the way he showed ray respect by not even lighting the joint,he was taken back to the days when he was a trained killer,you could see the adrealin running through his body when he spoke.
  7. a must watch for all tyson fans.hairs stood on the back of my neck.
  8. the silence is deafening.
  9. put the names up for all to read on the hunting life, the people that had those dogs in tipperary.its an obvious first question to ask.
  10. southern triple j is well worth a look,its a no nonsense bulldog channel if any one is interested.
  11. good read.how true most of the tales are is another thing.
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