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  1. stonewall


    these 3 have been nesting for the last few yrs.ive about 6 nests in the yard.
  2. stonewall

    the famous toby dog

    lozzer your missing my point completely,it can be anything or any breed of dog springers,labs, shepards ect,but because were on earthdogs and working terriers page its terriers,
  3. stonewall

    the famous toby dog

    one of the keys to getting ur product and name out in the business world is too get 50 influential people talking about it, they in turn tell and influence others and so on the domino affect starts.its the same in the doggy world but you only need 2 or 3 wel known dog men talking about a dog,i bet any money if 1 or 2 wel known terrier men started talking about a made up dog called HARDY for EXAMPLE,before you know it his name will have spread far and wide.
  4. stonewall

    Protection Dogs ?

    their are men that have dogs and then their are doggy men.
  5. stonewall

    Protection Dogs ?

    and this is why this breed of dog if bred to a greyhound will blow the collie x hound out of the park.
  6. stonewall

    Summer hunting

    these are photos from 30 yrs ago.
  7. stonewall

    2017 youngsters

  8. stonewall

    2017 youngsters

  9. stonewall

    2017 youngsters

  10. stonewall

    Hound Pack Pictures

    is hugh robards still hunting in america he hunted the limerick countys for yrs in ireland,
  11. stonewall


    loved it as a kid that and huckelberry finn,and later in my teens minder.
  12. stonewall

    Parker vs Joshua

    respect to joshua at the end of the weigh in for the hand shakes,parker will have to stick and move early on,looking forward too it, 2 honest men that have my respect anyway.that haka dose get the hairs standing on your neck alright.