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  1. one of the best around.joey diaz
  2. see you,your nothing but a c**t.
  3. the 3 dogs should have been shot,not good at the job in hand.
  4. glad to hear that,its one of the best run shows around ,if not the best.
  5. that fella with the beard was at a show at the start of the yr, i did not know him nor had i ever heard or seen him before hand.what i observed were 2 men,one with a wheatan x and the other with what looked like a full whaetan stand roughly 12 ft apart.i was in conversation with a friend i hadnt seen for yrs at the side of the ring,for a good 15mis or more all the while these two lads just let there dogs strain on the leads and watched on as both dogs wanted to get at each other.you could see the two lads were well into it.it looked fare foolish to the many on lookers and passers by.
  6. a lot to plant nxt wk but should get yrs of colour in the orchard each spring time.sir winston churchill narcissus you wont get nicer scented daffodils.
  7. any one looking for 3 buff orpington rooster birds.1 yr old.healthy birds friendly breed.
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