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  1. balanced enough reporting i taught.
  2. stonewall

    Distilling spirits at home

    i was looking at moonshine stills during the wk think i will buy one.they have a great web site.
  3. stonewall

    stradbally 2018

  4. stonewall

    stradbally 2018

  5. stonewall

    Malinois takes out ISIS

    he is a dutch shepard going on 5 yrs tried to cross him too a greyhound 3 yr ago and she never held.
  6. stonewall

    Malinois takes out ISIS

  7. stonewall

    Old dogs past or retired

    very nice pup you can almost see its intelligence coming through in the photo.also reminds me off a black dutch herder.
  8. much the same issue in relation to a book i ordered a few yrs back of his web site,long story short book very slow coming after txt emails and phone calls,contacted friends in wales to call to him with my details of the book i had ordered ect.book is on my shelf now.
  9. enjoyable read.
  10. stonewall

    World Cup 2018

    as an irish man i hope england go through,theirs no shapers in this team , compared to other yrs.
  11. stonewall

    stradbally 2018

  12. stonewall

    stradbally 2018

    the overall winner is the man wearing the bowler hat leading the hound 7 pics above i think he is from a tryone pack,a modern english would you say.
  13. stonewall

    stradbally 2018