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  1. stonewall

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    for the sake of boxing i really hope ggg wins tonight,or own spike o sullivan could be in for a hard nights work with the hard hitting david lemineux,didnt like the carry on of spike during the way ins.
  2. stonewall

    TED talks

    i got the name wrong myself its david epsteine,are athletes really getting faster better stronger is the name of his talk. anyone interested in sport will find this interesting.
  3. stonewall

    TED talks

    watch them a lot,found the david epstine talk very interesting,im reading his book the sports gene at he moment.
  4. stonewall

    RIP Dolores O Riordan

    the song linger was written about a mate that i hung around with back in the early 90s,he was a punk at the time.dolores and he were a bit of an item back then, he went and broke her heart and linger was written a few yrs later when the cranberriers were formed.
  5. stonewall

    Fireplace design

  6. stonewall


    its a trend that will be here for a good while yet, social media along with young trendy people that mainly live in large cities that are really driving this,it really got legs around the same time of the me 2 movement started, vegans,vegan weddings etc started to get popular.along some of our main rds now we see giant bill boards about vegans and animal welfare which go hand in hand on the same poster.thats the message their trying to get across, dont drink my milk was one of the billboards with a picture of a cow and calf.
  7. stonewall

    Staffy Bull

  8. mid october ill start with my own dogs,enjoying a few early mornings and evenings with hounds at the moment.
  9. stonewall


    just for pig iron has any one ever taken the time to condition a wheaten,i reckon 99% of terrier lurcher lads wouldnt have a clue where to start i include myself in that also.to see a fully fit animal either it be a flat horse racing greyhound or olympic sprint athletes, its a beautiful thing, and takes a serious amount of dedication to get to that stage whatever discipline your in, i admire those that can.
  10. stonewall


    cant say i agree, if ur willing to pay,theirs still plenty of frozen high quality seamen out their , greyhounds the same.
  11. stonewall

    Old bottles etc

  12. stonewall

    Best Guard Dog

    dutch.theirs a lot of van leeuwen stuff in him wibo and rocky.
  13. stonewall

    Best Guard Dog

    this lad is going on 5 had him since he was 12wks.