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  1. few birds i reared this yr from chicks.
  2. go onto seconds out on youtube with barry jones and keith fraiser to listen blow by blow account of the fight.
  3. their is a man on the hunting life who,s name i have forgotten that recently retired from the pro ranks in boxing,would love to here his take on tonights fight.
  4. oleksander usyk is the A side for me in this fight .not long up from criuser weight i think people will be more interested in usyks boxing ability and how dangerous he can be in the ring. what do people think.
  5. dont sleep on usyk.usyk gets my vote.
  6. brave and unsung lads from our great irish amateur game of hurling.finished playing outfield now might step into goals for the club on the b team.
  7. o shea is the most over rated footballer in ireland these past few yrs.sick to death of hearing how mayo are supposed to be the second best team in gaa history by rte sunday game pundits,delighted tyrone won,hard work and plenty of guts tyrone were well galvinished coming into the final.especially after pat spillane rant he is some bollocks,up tyrone.
  8. edward snowden 1st interview on joe rogans podcast.will open peoples eyes and ears.
  9. Restrepo (2010) | WatchDocumentaries.com WATCHDOCUMENTARIES.COM Film documenting the 15-month deployment of a platoon of US soldiers serving at an outpost in Korangal Valley, Afghanistan in 2007. worth a watch.
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