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  1. Calm down wild man . Either join or don’t .
  2. foxdropper

    Best place for him

    Not necessary so mate otherwise we wouldn’t be harbouring terrorists
  3. foxdropper

    Best place for him

    Most dozer drivers I’ve met ain’t worth 5
  4. foxdropper

    UK first!!!

    Wicked mate.
  5. foxdropper

    Are they all getting a backhander ?

    Growing up in our village a back hander was something to avoid from the local Bobby or some girls father .
  6. foxdropper

    Are they all getting a backhander ?

    Boris will see us right though .Hes promised public hangings too and flooding of remainders .
  7. foxdropper

    At last it’s a first

    Front on chest shot not the best placing mate . Can and will do a lot of internal damage .
  8. foxdropper

    Vicsectomied hob big ball

    Tear to the eye socks ffs
  9. foxdropper


    Should of said your name was Ronny Pickering ,would of got some respect then lol.
  10. foxdropper

    Lakeland bitch

    Sold them for £300 a piece ,keep up lads .
  11. foxdropper

    Amazing talented lad....

    Ah the old paint by numbers ,get it now .Like I said some gullible people on here fall for anything .
  12. foxdropper

    Amazing fun on the bass!!!

    Decent footage that mate .
  13. foxdropper

    Amazing talented lad....

    Can’t be arsed to look him up but is there any vids of him actually putting ink to paper doing his work ,non of that time lapse shite or is it top secret lol.
  14. foxdropper

    Amazing talented lad....

    Some gullible feckers about mind lol
  15. foxdropper

    Amazing fun on the bass!!!

    What sort of recording device you using mate