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  1. foxdropper

    Tail docking vet

    Think you have the monopoly on that Stevo
  2. foxdropper

    Tail docking vet

    Is that a terrier you are getting hip and eye scored !
  3. foxdropper

    Gun stock

    Seen a few that were just that too .
  4. foxdropper

    Eventful morning

    Missed this post but nice read mate
  5. foxdropper

    Over the hundred

    Extremely lucky chap and nice pics mate .
  6. foxdropper

    Terrier clubs

    Wheres tree hands too ! Back to the clubs . We used to have a terrier and lurcher club nearby that I was a member of as a young lad that lead to some decent introductions and invites .I was taken along by the old boy who gave me my first terriers .I remember being in awe at some of the stories told there especially otter and badger work ,this being pre ban on both . Lads came from afar afield as Gloucester and Hereford but it gradually folded when the older members of the committee died off and nobody wanted to take it on . It needs a certain type of person either man or women to keep records ,inform everybody of goings on and be the brunt of moaning sometimes .Not for me I’m afraid .Met in a pub in old town Swindon before it was renamed Swindia I would say the advent of the internet killed off most social gatherings of any type .
  7. Can we rewild some of the so called English born back to warmer climes from whence they came .Didnt see that option either . Greyman makes a very valid point about prey though .
  8. foxdropper


    Pay them in shot birds mate ,win ,win .That lad looks like one of the high achievers in the unit at our school lol.
  9. foxdropper

    Pop holes

    Without funnels as SL says you are up against it mate .The idea is that they don’t find the exit whilst walking the perimeter .
  10. foxdropper

    It’s that time of year again

    Do you have the option to move them mate as this far outways any anti paddling device lol.
  11. foxdropper

    Bet this wasent expected!

    If you’ve got money to burn ,moto x is the sport for you ,spent more money on bikes than enough ,fecked up 3 on the sands at Weston and got a titanium bar in my leg from a bad landing on a table top .I say bad but I mean terrible .Landed on another bike not dragged off the course .Airguns much kinder on the wallet .
  12. foxdropper

    Lucky permission

    Good luck in your sport mate
  13. foxdropper

    It’s that time of year again

    Sure I don’t have to tell you lads but it’s very important to wash those out every day or at least every other .Water or dirty water rather is where any disease spreads like wildfire .
  14. foxdropper


    Did you totally erase that pic from your machine mate as there is no trace of it left anywhere .