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  1. One of them ffs .Why would he want to stop them ,brothers in arms .
  2. There’s plenty of places Eddie .In the 6 years I’ve had cams out only ever got 3 people on them .Bit of thought and knowledge of wildlife and your there .
  3. Exactly what we said Francie .You wont know it’s too late until it’s too late mate .Your going the same way whether you like it or not I’m afraid . The writings on the wall ,the end is nigh and not a thing you can do about it unless you act now .
  4. Did you look in the mirror and keep a straight face writing that ffs . Victim no1 ,lol. Im sure you just enjoy arguing lol,cos we’ve seen nowt thus far to sway anybody lol. Cant remember the last time you had anybody in agreement lol. Can we see the pics of the cubs or the dead leopard from page 4 of the first ill fated thread dated bc wasn’t it ……lol. Ill leave the in fighting for others unless P wants a meet and grows a pair as it grows tiresome trying to educate turnips .
  5. That works both ways mate and as you can see it’s started already lol. There is one reason and one reason only for continuously derailing a subject and that’s because the narrative is weak . Lets say for instance ,if I’d started the thread ,I’d of had a damned good picture ready for when the arseholes chipped in .I’d of found proof beyond recognition and left the shite to the hoes to argue about sound in the knowledge I’m right . This didn’t happen ,hasn’t happened despite many claims to the contrary ,lol. One person then gets rather menstrual when questioned on a few fron
  6. But us that what you want for your country Francie ,would it it not be better without those scuffles . How do you think things progress Francie .A few scuffles on home turf one day and brown power the next is where it’s headed .You seem very naive mate which surprises me tbh .
  7. Your right Gnash . Id love for them to be here tbh .I do like the discussion but just don’t buy into any of the stuff we’ve seen thus to date . When and if it arrives I’ve said all along I’ll happily say so but I’m still waiting tbh as are quite a few others . Being easily convinced by anything has never been a trait of mine like it is for others . As for post count lol.I’ve a fair way to go on aggregate .
  8. Whatever bud .Til we see something of substance these threads are just a laughing point lol. Don’t let that stop the fun though …….mint .
  9. Few pics of the Beddies that attended including the owner
  10. I know mate ,just saying . These threads tend to promise the earth but leave us a tad deflated ,like the last 3 did .Is there nothing out there that goes to support rather than condemn the theory .
  11. Better number 1 than a consistent number 2 .lol. Anymore proof to put up or is this it ,lol, mint start .
  12. Is it a known long reared owl roost Paul .
  13. Is this now the OFFICIAL big cat thread lol. Pussies galore 🫣
  14. Such a shame he never had his drone with him .lol.
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