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  1. Just behind one today ,heard in hit the water in front of me but never saw it .
  2. Sleeve it mate and skin out the toes as well .Borax and salt ,clean repeat .Done
  3. The fallow looks the part mate .The other two your normal excellence . Cracker that white red
  4. Dont buy a Yukon mate especially the rt The pard is very good on the hawke scope I have ,shot foxes well upwards of 300 yds and not bullshitting either .Had the Yukon photon rt for two winters and wouldn’t put one on any of my rifles with the advent of the pard .I now have hawke scopes on all my rifles from the hw 100 to the .243 all with adapters for the pard .Evening shooting without it then switch to pard to do a night shift . Any nv unit is only as good as the ir that supports it so spend wisely on that ,the dragon fly is for me the very best ir there is on the pard anyway .Pity you weren’t closer as you could of borrowed the rt for a while then the pard .Had zero issues with the Yukon which drove me to despair to the point I went out and bought a new rifle ,hawke scope and pard . For the money I’d say the pard 007 takes some beating ,some say it sits too far back but I seem to get on fine with it . Going to start using the onboard recording system soon so might get a vid up if I do .
  5. Utmost respect for any dog and lads that works the rock regular . Would never try a dog of mine for my own reasons but as said respect to man and dog .
  6. Like a week in a room with Ketchup lol.
  7. Yes mate but the desire to push them or me is dwindling a bit have to say .
  8. I’ll pm you next time we move a shed mate ,then on for a dig . No excuses ,all about the dogs mate .
  9. There used to be an account of a border terrier killing one on the river Avon near me .Killed in a drain under a road after being run in by hounds . Story was attached to a mask on a pub wall near me sadly now taken over as a fecking “wine bar”. Would of liked to have a legal crack at that game
  10. 5 terriers and a lurcher first shed ,4 terriers second shed .
  11. Savour it mate ,will be pig shit next and that’s fecking horrendous anywhere in the house lol. That buck went 42 kg dressed , which is a decent weight anywhere in the country . Thanks again mate .
  12. You mean to say not all terriermen drive a range rover .
  13. Recently moved a few sheds on the chicken farm I do a bit on so gave a mate from way back a shout with his two terriers ,a Russel and a border . The first shed was moved on news years eve and we ended up with a couple over 100 rats . Second shed was yesterday morning and we did 196. Mate responded with an invite to stalk a fallow buck which I achieved first light this morning How it should be and sets the bar for this years mates list .Nice one John ,my kind of lad and puts you firmly on the ratting events list .
  14. Being blunt mate and blowing smoke up my arse in huge clouds ,the dogs I’m used to are rather full on and best kept calm by any means possible .Taking more than one to a dig would be unthinkable and would ruin the ambience .
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