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  1. foxdropper

    I’ve seen it all now

    Never been a show goer mate ,got no interest in rossettes
  2. foxdropper

    I’ve seen it all now

    Why not name the rep as his past is questionable if that's the role model he looks up to .
  3. foxdropper

    I’ve seen it all now

    But the club as a whole is condoning it or it wouldn't be happening .
  4. foxdropper

    I’ve seen it all now

    Rat face ...you are a sound i Iad know from talking to other lads but please dont insult anyone by sticking up for the fm on this issue .Should never of got to this stage . Heres another dog thief .R Kepner ,Tenby ,South Wales .
  5. foxdropper

    11 point buck

    Saw a buck behind a doe yesterday midday .Was very humid .
  6. foxdropper

    South Africa: Farm Seizure

    If a donkey is born in a racing stable does that make him a racehorse .
  7. foxdropper

    Some recent success

    That's the way to kick off a bit of stress mate .Can't wait for October and the chance for a mean looking stag. Well done on your culling mate .Not sure if deer get mange but looks he'll of a lit like it .
  8. foxdropper

    South Africa: Farm Seizure

    Agreed mate
  9. foxdropper

    Typical of the Welsh.....

    From what I've seen they've conquered themselves lol.
  10. foxdropper

    South Africa: Farm Seizure

    Are they are seizing land from white settlers in which case fair dos .The land belongs to the native blacks to do with what they want .
  11. foxdropper


    Shouldnt gave to bride kids at all ,it's all in the breeding mind
  12. foxdropper

    what is this ?

    Commen newt mate .They go black when cold .The young are leaving ponds now so expect a few about if you have them.
  13. foxdropper

    I’ve seen it all now

    So what's a proper worker worth ,I'll tell you it's priceless therefore commands no money only respect .
  14. Hang on a minute...i heard that choir sing and they needed f***ing.