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  1. At this moment in time I don’t know a single young person who’s as mad for it as I was back then mate .Times are changing for sure and not for the best .The woke society who’s offended by our very existence seems to be revered far more than those who actually built the country .
  2. Just keep up the momentum lads .Respect to all involved .
  3. Variety is the spice of life Chris .Could do with big cats too .
  4. Am I right in saying they think her phone left on was a plant by someone .Tis a strange affair .
  5. Not going to rise to it Mark .If your so up yourself to think you’ve made a difference why are we facing so much crap .I speak to Barrie mate and he speaks highly of you but neither one of you has saved the dog game .We need someone who will stand up not put up ,someone who will tell them exactly how it is not give up this for that .
  6. All the talk behind closed doors means f**k all Mark .Will you stand up and tell the public your not having your lifestyle taken away or will you argue with those who’s minds are already made up . Why would you not make it public ? Like I said before .Politicians don’t act on their beliefs ,they act on what they perceive is public opinion and what’s perceived to be in the public interest .It’s not the individuals that need telling it’s the wider public and as yet I don’t remember a single fellow standing up and saying anything for the public to hear . Your CV might be long and
  7. Did you speak out on that day and ask what the f**k they think they are saying mate or did you just shrink back into your big coat . Not a personal attack by the way ,just a generalisation .You all need to fight to retain your rights and lifestyle as nobody else will on your behalf’s .
  8. The hunting fraternity would have thrown dog men under the bus that’s a fact as I saw it myself . They would happily have seen lurcher and terrierwork banned if it meant hunting were to continue as before . If what you are saying is right it’s something I’ve not come across yet .
  9. I think your mistaken in your quote mate .Nowhere have I ever read or seen a single shooter ask for lurcher work to be banned in favour of anything . You are mis quoting someone who hasn’t a clue mate . I respect your going to carry on .I did after the ban too for several years but it’s got too hot here to risk my firearms . What I’m asking is do you love the game enough to speak out against those who want to ban it or will you ,like many others just shrug your shoulders and think it’s someone else’s problem ?
  10. Rewind Stiffy mate .What you’ve wrote is what I’ve said too .I havnt said dog casualties outweigh rifle shot foxes but round here the dog lads target the fallow with shite dogs and the result is tucked up deer with guts hanging out .Been to enough to be able to state it as fact . Yes stuff gets wounded by either side but it’s what happens after that ,that I makes and shapes the man . Im well aware shooting will be next mate as I’ve written if you’ll read the posts rather than blurt out the obvious . As for lads shooting big bags of foxes ,yes it happens but only happens where th
  11. I think they will mate .We are already seeing restrictions as to what bullets we can use .They are wanting a blanket ban on lead and of course tge alternative costs a fortune .Some will give up based on that I know they will . At the moment 20 x.243 bullets are £30 .The copper heads are £78 a box for 20 .Shotgun carts even more expensive in lead alternative . £180 for 250 lead carts and £370 for bismuth . I truly sympathise with you dog lads but feel you will let it slip away and say nothing . Now is your time to stand up and be counted ,you’ve nothing to lose .Most of you
  12. And respect to you mate .Will you stand up and say so or will you just carry on regardless forever looking over your shoulder ?
  13. I’ve lost stuff mate but I’ve also had to shoot fallow deer that have been pulled by shite lurchers and left to die .Shooting is as humane as it gets done by the right people as is lurcher work ,done by the right people .We arnt so different mate and I’m not defending shooting any more than dog work .I enjoy it all .Trouble us over here mate ,there are the factions that give the dog game and shooting a bad rep but nobody seems to out bad practice .Each and everyone of those on this thread will have witnessed something they knew to be wrong but I’ll bet not many spoke out at the time .Most sho
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