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  1. Just a warning to other terrier lads before I’m gone .Stopend is trying very hard to locate some of the terriers I’ve bred and asking about lads I’ve dug with.Don’t know why but it’s enough for me to say f**k it ,I ain’t playing those games with the c**t . Ive asked to be deleted .Been good at times but last few years shite tbh . Partly my fault ,can’t resist an internet wannabe put down The lads that know me I’ll be in touch ,the rest can swivel .
  2. Plucked up any courage yet slop end you piece of shit .
  3. You got it bad Mark B.Seriously got it bad son .It’s borderline cringey from here and slightly worrying to other lads .Do yourself a favour and wash your kennels down .
  4. I expected a tirade of abuse but seems yous boys are thinking hard about what to say . People talk .You want to try your best to tar my name expect same back in bucket loads boys .
  5. Shit people talk bollocks ain’t it Jack .
  6. So desperate to know about my stuff mate .Why I’d like to know .Been offered any stolen dogs lately .Mark
  7. Of course you would Mark .Your fellow country men got you to a tee bud . Saw in the white dog thread you barely tolerated lol.
  8. I’ve got pics like that of me aged 14 3/4 too .Looks a decent type mate .
  9. Stick a pic of your good self up mate .See whos weak lol .
  10. More recently Rodney ,AKA king did same from Newport to Weymouth .
  11. Was spotted and reported as a watcher Greb .
  12. Nothing celestial about the commandments Len .Decent living is within us all . If you see angels as well as watchers I suggest easing up on the drink sir . The occult plays on moments of despair ,fear and depression .The mind isn’t your friend during these times unless strong enough to deal with it .
  13. We are agreed on something then mate .Both human and animal traits are natural ,progressive ,necessary to survival and nothing to do with religion . Francie writes as if animals are beneath us .He’s very far removed from the nature I know where we are just a breath in time .Stand and watch anything in nature and realise we are barely the equal in many respects let alone their masters . Edited to say I watch a pair of doves builing a nest at the yard .They test every single twig for strength before bringing it to the nest and weave it way beyond their brain size .In comparison we res
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