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  1. Could be SD .We have them here too . Thought a country man would of spotted the slot in your recent pic but never mind if you can’t see it .Senility comes to a few mate . Good bag on the blacks though bud
  2. Trouble I find with maize stubble is they clear it very fast .Everything’s on show and no rooting about for it .Every time lately I’ve seen a good field of crows or pigeons they are gone next day l
  3. Think Gnasher pretty much nailed it
  4. I watched the whole thing and no sign of her tits ffs .False advertising .
  5. Dosnt the act of being vegan have something to do with not liking hurting animals .If so than any vegan hunter is a lying c**t .
  6. Nice going Chris .The wood we do has seen a decent rise in song bird numbers and bark stripping almost none existent .
  7. We all come here to talk shite , you included Don so don’t get all mother Teresa on us . For the attention of Maxxy boy . If Wilf is the man I believe he is ,I’d say he’s done more and seen more confrontation than maybe anyone on here so just wind your neck in simpleton . If your not lying you bought a Thai bride ffs .You must either be very f****n ugly ,very f****n queer shape or a control freak but probably all three . Your tone of trying to wind lads up to get an Internet rise is wearing thin mate .You have ,nor ever will have any idea of what’s gone on in a man’s life
  8. Classic internet downtrodden response Stiff .I bet he used similar after getting flushed at school and again when Ting Tong found out he wasn’t minted . Always someone else’s fault why he’s a failure .
  9. Send me bank details and a reg number Max and I’ll fill her up . Ill look for a fat kid with a chink sidekick and a gold cock standard waving in the breeze . Good luck and see you there .
  10. Someone who holds themselves in such high esteem should be leading the way .Tell you what Max ,I’ll pay your diesel if you rally a few chaps together .If your the bloke you pertain to be that should be no bother .
  11. I was at the liberty and lively hood march Max as well as quite a few marches with a well known Nationalist group back in the late 80s ,early 90s that was forced to disband . What exactly have you done that allows you to criticise others . Id say you are the one on here most likely to have done fuckall but like to deride other lads to make you feel less of a nob . Theres no way in hell your going anywhere near any ragheads any time soon .You ain’t got the character nor bottle .
  12. Just take a moment lads to remember this is England not some third world shit hole .How the f****n hell did we let it get like this ffs .
  13. All cut here .Despite the drought they are saying it was a good yield .
  14. You’d better kiss and make up and take Ben out then Mark .Call in for SD while your at it too
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