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  1. The carcass has been gralloched by a person .Chest cut with a bone saw and aitch bone split as in doing a deer ,I do it all the time .Whatever the holes are they certainly aint no teeth punctures .Your man there did nothing to help himself and was totally dismissed by the cat expert .I thought the panthers guy was very knowledgeable tbh and sort of said he didn’t believe there were cats here at all due to lack of anything he sees regularly at places they exist . The women sort of backed up my feeling with some people that they want to see one so bad it clouds their judgement with a Puma etc pic engrained in their head . The only piece of credible evidence in that vid was the sheep with the claw marks down its back though if done fresh they would be bruised and bleeding ,everything else carrion eaters ,foxes badgers ,dogs ,crows ,bop At none of the supposed kill sites did anyone think to look for tracks before walking all over it .Find it bemusing no one would look for sign first before exclaiming it was killed by anything .
  2. Because there isn’t one for ,“sorry mate I think your mistaken ,“
  3. In the main Ive found hunting people to be very polite and accommodating .Been invited back to many a farmhouse after hunting ,wined and dined by strangers .If you look on the upper class as just that then upper class they will remain ,to me everyone has a chance to be just a person .Years gone by I was the chap who provided a fox for a days hunting at two Wiltshire based packs .The name Foxdropper is just that person ,a name that has stuck . I fell into the role by chance whilst digging on a day when the hunt was out and letting a fox run for them . Got to know the then terrier man at one hunt and became good friends which in turn lead to days out and introductions . Had some very close calls with antis that I wont print and would probably see me locked up and I can say the hunting fraternity certainly look after their own . I was there at the march ,went up on a coach organised by the Beaufort .We were all so convinced nothing would happen but sadly it did . I agree the losers were lurcher and terrier lads that were discarded by our orgs ,thrown under the bus as a sacrifice to appease those who shouted loudest . Hunting from what Ive seen hasn’t changed one iota just got quieter with no hollering or horn blowing at various occurrences . Nowadays I’m despised by the new gen hunt followers for shooting foxes in hunt country by invite from hunting farmers who have had enough of fox exercise . The old way was to kill everything ,nowadays it’s all about the jolly on horseback and pr .
  4. I was out the other night ,not foxing more of a reconnaissance and counted 12 foxes off the country lanes around me .I have the shooting on all of it .I don’t shoot non problem foxes unless asked to do so .My tally would double if I just went round foxing for no reason .
  5. In that film GM ,what’s your take on the wild boar ?
  6. Numbers 112 and 113 were hard won to be honest .The full moon dosnt best work with the hunter I’ve found but these things have to eat and both eventually came to a deer head I had staked out .A small shoot near me with no keeper to speak of just a farmer feeding birds having trouble with a few foxes taking pheasants first light .Somebody else had apparently had a go but without success .Been on my list for a while but time and other commitments meant it had to take a back seat . The shoot borders a large estate where they hammer the foxes incessantly so I’m guessing these foxes had seen and heard most calls ,distractions but as said they still have to eat . Ive been baiting a field for a few nights with whatever I had handy ,deer head legs and rabbits and everything going . Sat on a bank about 150 from the bait and waited ,full moon probably glinting on the old bald head Waited and waited until a fox came into the field at 11.45 ,I was looking at a whatapp sent and happened to look up . No thermal could see him plainly at 100 .Rifle already on sticks and pointing that way so no needless shuffling .No IR just the pard 007 and down it goes ,a dog .Long wait again and about 2 hours later ,same route in comes another .This one wasn’t for standing still long but ran straight to the bait and tried to pick it up .Thermal this time as it was in the shadows .Failing to carry it ,it tried to bury it there on the spot but a .223 stopped that abruptly . A vixen .
  7. Been there myself Ken ,camped underneath Kilimanjaro with wild dogs snicking all night around the camp ,lions roaring and a she leopard and kit playing noisily by the washroom ,just the other side the fence in daylight . Those sounds are engraved on the memory as are the elephants that silently appeared to water whist we ate evening meal .Priceless .Lions came in after ,the icing on the cake . Hope to get back there when this shit is over ,If .
  8. Oscars now there’s a blast from the past .Some exquisite pussy there mate
  9. One person has been the driver on this thread ,without him it would have gone the way of many other threads mate . I directed any negativity at the thread not the man UNTIL it became apparent he was unable or unwilling to answer the simplest of questions from myself and many others . Some comments of mine are meant to be cringeworthy in-line with some quotes from you know who . He has put himself forward as the go to expert on the subject ,intentionally or otherwise but dosnt seem to have much to share or able to answer questions I feel that would back up the continuous push to convince us they are out there . If anybody else tried the same on any other subject they’d be torn a new one by the whole of the thl massive . I used to a have a real interest in the subject as I’ve written before ,went to many supposed kill sites in my area until it became very apparent it was two large Rotty crosses doing the killing . Ive travelled more than most on here hunting ,shooting up and down the country but as yet have failed to talk to anyone ,been shown anything that backs up the claims made on here .Perhaps I’ve been unlucky or perhaps there’s nothing to see . Either way if a chap wants to make such claims as have been made on here ,he is open to scrutiny by anyone who finds the whole thing a bit ott and lacks the facts expected of a person who’s devoted their life to revealing the existence of big cats ,living and breeding on our Isle . Again perhaps I’m jumping the gun and I will be put squarely in my place one day with irrefutable evidence for his case .Until then ,I think I’ll just keep asking questions that won’t be answered .
  10. Fishing at shearwater at night and hearing the lions first light is a memory I will never forget .Made the trip a lot better if the carp weren’t having it .Leopards call as well but without being sarcastic ,I havnt heard one nor know anyone who has .
  11. I wasn’t ,had it coming but those who also name called seem to have missed the two day ban .Funny that isn’t it .
  12. Trouble is Francie ,will those who abstain then create when or if they get the virus .Its a no win for everyone unless the population is vaccinated .I fully endorse the right to say no though .
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