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  1. I’m not saying it does ffs mate .Don’t confuse any of my ramblings with me persecuting Christians .All I ask is an insight into what it is they believe . Ffs ,either I’m too fecking intelligent by far for this place or I’ve landed in divvy central .
  2. English proverb .Cant answer question ,look stupid .
  3. Off to work now but I’ll be sure to look in later .In the meantime ,the homework is to try answer my question .
  4. So judging by the lack of takers to my question ,one would deduce that - a)The whole thing is a farce ,indescribable and weak b)My brain is far more advanced than theirs c) It’s basically a cult thats ashamed to identify d) The bible book is more important than the myth it supports e) Monday follows Sunday Next time there’s a god related thread we can do it all again when you’ve had time to reflect and gather your thoughts lads . Cracking night last night by the way ,183 rats shot on an allotment next to a farm and a paid job too .Dosnt get much better tha
  5. Love to stay mate but the hunting gene is too strong .Oh the irony
  6. But same old ,same old mate .When questions arnt to their liking the thread goes cold ,we’ve both experienced that .
  7. Quandary ....do I stop now and nurture or carry on and fake pics next year
  8. Total agreement mate .It’s the faith itself I’m trying to understand .
  9. Read it Sean but I think his missus is holding back on him letting the dirty water build up ,not good .
  10. Your missing the point Greb .The bible was written by men and as such could influence those it sought to target same as modern day papers ,journals and media .There is no greater being attached to the book other than that conjured up by the writers which to some is everything blindsided by the real reason it was written in the first place . Being a good person is nothing to do with religion neither is turning your life around for the better unless of course you choose to believe in this god of theirs to alay fears of some afterlife
  11. Great ,now I’m on top of the only wood I’ve got with many in it lol. Can I have the last 3 outings taken into consideration
  12. Had a lot of fun years back with a Wembley Vulcan .I butchered the stock with a Stanley knife to feather the forend .Was in .177 and I remember taking squigs with ease .No safety catch on that model .Could walk through town back then with gun under arm and nobody batted an eyelid except a knowing nod from an old boy . Got it taken off me eventually by a copper for shooting ferals off the town hall in blatant daylight . Punishment was to watch it incinerated at Devises HQ lol.I bought the hw80 after that ,had it tuned to 16 ft/lb and regularly shot geese off the lake near me for my t
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