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  1. Was set to shoot our feeder Sunday morning but we had 3 inches of snow dumped on us at daybreak ,the best time for it IMO .The trail cam shows several squigs using the feeders at all hours of the night which is a first for us .Last year they were day feeders .
  2. Reclamation yards are full of them here mate .Cant be worth carting them far either .Times will change but at moment they are hardcore here .
  3. Must of been higher than that ,still got frost on its wings
  4. Least the c**t won’t be breeding
  5. Great pics Mark .Where was the fallow buck ,Lockerbie ?
  6. Until we get away from the jab being the be all and end all for this shite then some of us will have to have it to carry on living the life we do . If you work in construction ,factory ,retail ,travel or commerce you will either have the jab or review your employment status . It’s going to get harder to avoid it I reckon .
  7. Wife’s said no way am I cooking vermin but I’m going to sneak a session in the kitchen when she’s shopping .Frying pan looks about my limit lol.
  8. Cooking ain’t my department lads so make it fecking simple but tasty please .
  9. Recipes please lads .Asked before but now I’m seriously going to eat a few .
  10. Fell for the oldest trick on here Sid ,man of your years too
  11. You don’t have to apologies to these scrotes Ian ,your ball ,kick it where you want
  12. Nicely done mate .45yards a good range .Is that fac .
  13. So just to recap ,since page one have we made any headway on this vaccine
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