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  1. foxdropper

    new season

    Then a detour down the m4 and pick me up
  2. foxdropper

    Ace boon coon

    Can't even take the piss without someone turning it into a worthwhile thread .Place has gone to the dogs . As to diet ,during the foot and mouth the Beaufort had to feed dry biscuits and pork pies instead of the flesh they were used to and they looked a sorry state in all fairness .The quality of food should never drop but the quantity should be adjusted according to workload or lack of it and weather if outdoors .A good stockmen will adjust food subconsciously through just looking at the dogs .Hate to see fat dogs at any time of the year but like to see a dog starting the day with proper cover .Hard condition is whats aimed for in our little hero's not skinny fecker like I saw last season .
  3. foxdropper

    My roebuck from somerset

    Nothing mate unlike other years .Plenty of deer here just ot getting the timing right at moment .
  4. foxdropper

    new season

    Got a young dog here that saw 3, tail end of last season so hopes for a good start coming up .Grounds like concrete here need rain badly .Never seen the grass so dead ,nearly white in places .
  5. foxdropper

    Ace boon coon

    Can't leave it at that mate .
  6. foxdropper

    Ace boon coon

    Seeing as a few people are getting pissy about the otger thread ill start this so we can have the craic like adults lol. I'll start .Is he a fake or just a piss taker that knows the score .
  7. foxdropper


    150 % bones though. Lol currying anything is to mask the rankness though surely mate .
  8. foxdropper

    Bad run of luck

    When you were Rippen that's all we read about lol.Stupid redneck pig rider .
  9. foxdropper

    My roebuck from somerset

    This dry weather has altered behaviour to the extreme mate .Places that were a dead cert now have very few or no deer on them .Seeing more with the thermal in unusual places than I'd expect .Went to a place yesterday evening that is usually good for a buck or two but never saw any .Spotted two does on another farm but no buck .Hopefully the rut will be better .I'm down Matt's Saturday so have to see.
  10. foxdropper


    Did you seriously find that gurnard and eat it lol.They are rank when fresh let alone washed up .
  11. foxdropper

    Bad run of luck

    Lol your arnt very bright are you. Can remember a while back you absolutely denied the fact .Can't be arsed to troll through the posts as I've way better things to do .
  12. foxdropper

    My roebuck from somerset

    Tis a nice uniform head mate .How much did they charge to score them .
  13. foxdropper

    Bad run of luck

    You used to be Rippen on here ,now tell the world you weren't.
  14. foxdropper

    Bad run of luck

    f**k off liar
  15. foxdropper

    The terriers and terriermen of Ireland!

    Can't get my head round the wanting to see a lad fail bit .Surely it's all about the craic and the dogs doing their thing .