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  1. Hopefully work well for you and take the type forward .Nice strong head mate .What was the origin ,do you know mate .
  2. Few digs will tell you more ,looks solid enough .
  3. Judging by his other stuff in other thread I’d say home bred .Spit of that dog on couples .
  4. I take it your not going into production any time soon
  5. On the bright side ,C19 seems to be affecting inner cities as predicted . As per thread title ,what to learn from C19 ,is not to waste a f***ing second .This stay at home not for me and I find my dog walks taking nearly all day
  6. foxdropper

    Fcuk it

    Wife saw this on Facebook and did make me smile
  7. foxdropper

    Fcuk it

    Fields around us now like a holiday camp ,all day every day so I’m taking dogs at night .Waiting on the inevitable badger trouble though which is sure to happen with two terriers .
  8. At the start of the lockdown ,my feo said pest control was ok and that I could produce the email if stopped .Yesterday that changed and I had an email to say stick to gov rules as well as a follow up call to make sure I’d received email . We no longer have any excuse to be out beyond essential .
  9. foxdropper

    Fcuk it

    Isolation not going well I take it .Me neither mate .These dole walers must be made of different stuff to actually choose it as a career .
  10. What dosnt kill you makes you stronger mate .Pity you arnt a black dog man
  11. What I meant was ...... If a lad is in the game ,hunting ,terriers ,lurchers and them bushing things he will usually know someone who has a pup or two on .I could source any one one of the above within a week if I needed and good dogs too .
  12. One thing never to be taken for granted again is our freedom .
  13. Wonder what Tommy has to say on this virus What I find absolutely amazing is that people can’t entertain themselves and have to look to others for guidance lol.
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