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  1. foxdropper

    Beware - scam hunting website

    Did you nibble the wing tips too greyman ?
  2. foxdropper

    My red stag saga

    Please keep posting mate ,love to read about other countries and the stalking available
  3. foxdropper

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    Bloody tablet doing it's own thing . Apologies for the spelling, too late to edit
  4. foxdropper

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    Most not all the bitches I ever bred were mixer bayer types which suited me.Just to clarify ,the hard type terrier is not my choice of worker but to maintain a line you have to breed to this type or work drops off IMO. People's idea of a hard dog will differ but I take it to be one that will give no quarter ,would rather battle than bay and takes any amount of punishment. Bitches I've bred, as said have been mixer bayer types but capable of ramping it up if needed ,the difference between a result and a bomb site. The hard type need work or they can be a pain to kennel but sometimes work is the last thing they need .The Wheeler type dog I had was a f***ing nightmare if he wasn't sore ,something I expect many on here can relate to .To breed from stock which us tailing off is the beginning of the end but a lad with a but a out him will see the signs beforehand and rectify with an outcross ,some won't.
  5. foxdropper

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    I'm surprised many seem to differentiate between a dog and bitch work wise. Seems the road to ruin from the outset with this mindset. Like Glyn says breed from a decent hard type to quality bitches and the wastage will be minimal if all goes well .Pays to home dogs with those who's experience will bring out the best in the animal, dogs I mean not bitches and follow progress with a keen eye to fold back in when hes proved himself properly .When a bitch is in season is not the time to look for a dog as some seem to think us the way it works .That dog should be ingrained into your head way before the event .I've recently done the exact opposite ,last year ,and I'm now regretting going outside of what i know as the only pup produced will not be making the grade. I'm about done with the game myself tbh ,my digging bitch has recently displaced a cartilage on top of the rhumatism so will be retired. I'll continue to go out with lads who have my old stuff but won't be replacing these two.
  6. foxdropper

    Men’s pants in trees , what does it mean ?

    If theres something you want to tell us mate just go for it .Your neck of the woods balls deep in perversion of some kind lol.
  7. foxdropper

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    Reading through the post it would seem there should be more wastage in bitches than dogs ,is this acceptable though !.
  8. foxdropper

    Roe Head

    Credit to Rob and for Matt donating the cape .The way it should be .I've one here I'm toying with the idea of getting grafted onto a cape .Excellent work Rob .
  9. foxdropper

    My red stag saga

    That's mint mate . Cracking stag that second one .Is that on private land .
  10. foxdropper

    sika stag

    Huge neck on him mate and lovely set of twigs too .Nice when a beast like that comes along .Well done.
  11. foxdropper

    The hard way

    Sorry again I missed the trip mate ,gutted to have to go to a wedding but there will be more visits I'm sure .You made the most of your time there that's for sure .
  12. foxdropper

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    Anyone breeding successful workers will not be aware of husbandry or entering ,they will be second nature and taken for granted .Breeding cannot be hidden by poor stockmanship but can be suppressed by an idiot .The best men I've met only keep what will see work and not because it's bred this way or that .Yards full of show ponies to me are the mark of peddlers and pretenders .
  13. foxdropper

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    Said it before but going to again, I'm no geneticist but I've found a dog of a certain type will impart more of its it's makeup in a line than any bitch ever will but then again I've always bred with a purpose and goal in mind and used a stud over many bitches unlike some who seem to think any dog within a line is good enough .
  14. foxdropper

    How happy is your town ?

    If l had ragheads for neighbours I'd be pissed off too
  15. foxdropper

    WTF is wrong with people.

    Never mind the law where are the decent lads that used to give scrotes a good beating .Disregard the old bill they are irrelevant, we still run our own country ,just,and need to instil values lacking in certain generations.