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  1. Youve just shattered my dreams
  2. Yea watched that, it’s hard not to like him! A decent lad if a little off the wall. I hope he catches a break….
  3. I think a vast amount of younger people don’t actually know how to produce homemade healthy meals for their kids, the just eat generations… some of the young lads at work feed their families are entirely on takeaways. And now they are struggling to afford them they don’t know what to do
  4. Imax, does the job. It’s not musto but is a lot cheaper
  5. Tbh I didn’t do the situation justice as I wasn’t expecting it. Just lucky, right place right time
  6. I stumbled across one in leanachen forest in the highlands, I was almost on top of it while it was feeding. Initially it made me jump until I realised what it was. The wingspan was amazing and noise of the lift. I just stood there in awe
  7. I was having a bad time at work with my feet, dewalt and the like steel toes are crap. I now use haix ex army and the difference is amazing! My feet no longer ache and the ankle support is far superior
  8. Apparently I’m receiving my new passport this week, the holiday was in April. Seems being born here isn’t enough to secure one. The hoops I had to jump through were ridiculous.
  9. Spare a thought for ole Claude Jeremiah Greengrass.
  10. Double uni or Albright for me. I do like the FG but I’m just not confident in it! Or at least my making of it.
  11. One between the eyes and we’ll say no more about it. if only
  12. I’m reel up with multis, down just feels so unnatural to me
  13. It wasn’t me who caught it but it certainly put a bend in the rod!
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