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  1. ollieollie

    Sthil ms250 chainsaw

    As said don’t lend stuff out, I learnt the hard way a few times
  2. ollieollie

    Best part of uk to live

    Indeed, my family were dotted all around Birmingham. Formerly some very nice areas! I learnt to ski at the ackers
  3. ollieollie

    He’s very angry

    You bunch of gammons
  4. ollieollie


    We work 7:30-15:30 with one 20 min break. And after years of travelling around the Midlands for work I have finally ended up on a site a 3 min drive from my house. I’m better off 10-12 hrs a week
  5. ollieollie


    I’m a brickie on price, a very good time for us atm. A very self motivated gang with a tried and tested method can return £300 a day, a lot of very shit brickies doing the rounds atm as well mind
  6. Albino ferrets available West Midlands, from proven workers Cheers
  7. Albino kits available free to good lads. Come from proven workers. Cheers
  8. ollieollie

    Best part of uk to live

    You must live by me
  9. ollieollie

    Best part of uk to live

    I am just back from Cornwall, amazing place!! On the other hand sparkhill in Birmingham is gorgeous
  10. ollieollie

    Fave takeaway dishes?

    Squires chip shop in braunton n Devon. Amazing fish!!
  11. ollieollie

    New to snaring

    Wise words, mr Fox regularly has a free meal on me even when I leave them for just a few hours. Ive never used gloves or done anything to the snares to hide scent
  12. ollieollie

    Premier league winter break approved

    Feckin poofs
  13. ollieollie

    Fave takeaway dishes?

    I’ll be the first to mention the kebab pizza, unhealthy on another level and made with shit ingredients but fookin tasty! My body won’t let me eat them any more, punishes me for days but back when I used to smoke the green they were orgasmic!
  14. ollieollie


    hi arry My mate highlighted this thread to me as I only sent him a similar text message this very morning. Found some ticks on my bunch last night, my routine and or products haven’t changed at all and was thinking how they have arrived mate!!