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  1. Unbelievable, sad times in the world
  2. No wonder it’s reduced!! Skinners muesli is £18 in my local farm shop that does me for the nights they’re not eating raw
  3. Suspects Released On Bail As New Video Of Asda Brawl Emerges Online WWW.LADBIBLE.COM The video shows Asda employees being attacked by a group dressed in... and we all know what they grow into
  4. That’s the problem…. Most of the time there is no repercussions!
  5. Petition · Sir war criminal · Change.org CHNG.IT I think it’s fairly simple, tony blair is not fit to be a ‘sir’ get on it boys, ferkin scumbag
  6. I bet the royal nonce is sweating now!! As has been said I’d love her to sing like a canary
  7. Oh ffs, it reads like a comedy. How the ferk have we arrived in this situation. It’s unbelievable
  8. Vizsla £850 11 yrs ago cocker £400 6 yrs ago
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