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  1. Wow, now that is beautiful craftsmanship!!!
  2. I know a lot of Sikhs and Hindus, they’re all good people. Muzzies on the other hand........
  3. It’s typical of the modern world! Wait until it’s a problem before we sort it out. And by that time the solution is expensive... A sensible ongoing solution is required here!! And there are more than enough that would do it for free but red tape and bull sheeite gets involved and it’s left to some eejits with no clue on the subject to waste time discussing it in London
  4. Anyone involved should experience extreme pain shortly before death
  5. Asians.... how do the Sikhs and Hindus feel about being used as a shield for the dirty muslim bastids?
  6. I’ve had that thought, my mates bird keeps pet rabbits and she’s had them done. I thought a few of them released wouldn’t hurt
  7. Fair enough I say!!! Death for serious offenders and prison with compulsory sterilisation for the rest
  8. Why’s the thread called miss?
  9. Talk sport...... that’s enough to make me come home from work if that tripes on
  10. Mines fine until Steve Wright comes on, then he goes mental
  11. I suspect you don’t have the time for the dog and It would be fairer on him if he went to someone who has.
  12. Just to clarify is he still intact? also do you leave a radio on for him?
  13. I didn’t realise this, shocking really
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