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  1. ollieollie

    Pigeon cartridges

    I’ve used the gbores and eley pigeon carts for years now, I prefer the eley
  2. ollieollie

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    I wouldn’t waste a days holiday with my kids because I was hanging from the night before. whatever happened they got off lightly the irresponsible tossers
  3. ollieollie

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    My kids have never seen me pissed
  4. ollieollie

    Best value fly line

    For the money ‘barrio’ lines are top quality and mikes service is top banana
  5. ollieollie

    Puppy has been returned thanks for everyohelp

    I hope some good ‘persuasion’ was involved
  6. Fookin w.ankers, hope you find him and them!
  7. ollieollie

    Odd couloured rabbits

    I’ve never had any out of the ordinary. oh apart from the big pink one I found in the missus’s draw i have had a black squirrel with the gun
  8. ollieollie

    Monentous occasion

    That looks amazing GL
  9. ollieollie

    Hobs vasectomy

    Client hills vets hagley, £90
  10. ollieollie

    Hobs in season

    I won’t be far behind you, had my two hobs castrated and vasectomised on the 1st, will need a month before they’re safe for re introduction
  11. ollieollie

    Missus wants a pet dog.

    Great dane
  12. ollieollie

    RSPCA kills and dumps deer.

    Waste of good meat as well
  13. ollieollie

    RSPCA kills and dumps deer.

    Ha, bet they love that for publicity.