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  1. If it would rent as holiday let then I would build and rent. Given enough time you have your build money back and you can still holiday for free.. Plus the land value will have gone up with a new build on it.. I don't see how you can not win..
  2. I don't even know what a goldie looked like but I too find it interesting..
  3. You can't stop at that.. you have my interest now and I need to know lol Don't forget pictures
  4. If nicepix really wants the forum to do well then he maybe should consider stepping down as it seams most of the hastle on here is because some people don't like police...
  5. Can you not get somebody on the dole to take it to pdsa? I was once told its a charity vets or something like that and you make a donation of what you can afford..
  6. You can't help put ike him. He's a positive and has a go...
  7. Did Paul's not say he deleted AT'S account by accident? I could have it wrong, won't be the first time
  8. smithie


    If your buying that at them prices then I'm afraid you must have more money than you know what do with..
  9. Tiercel and matt the rat tried to mod impartial and imo it was a far worse place for it... no matter how things are policed there will be moaners
  10. He is locked up in Romania.. don't really know who he is or what he does but I seen on a news feed he's been arested...
  11. smithie


    He seems to have done a lot with his life. You can't do all that and be on the p.c. 25/7
  12. I have turned nothing off. I just pay the bill. If it gets to were I can't afford I'll put a jumper on and turn the fire or heating down.. Just to add I did originally turn stuff down when the bills jumped up but I see no point in being uncomfortable if I don't need to .
  13. I just watched blot out doors tonight, daft sod was camping out side go out doors o Sunderland You know it makes sense mandingos
  14. I was looking to do 2 week in Orlando mid April with 4 days in New York after but I have to go to the embassy to get the the nod as I was refused an esta.. as much as I want to go I'm not jumping them hoops.. I'll go to brid lol..uù
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