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  1. I would buy an u undertakers. No matter how bad the economy that business keeps on ticking. Any money left over the open a florest near the crematorium
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OlxHbKiSYak https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nKvzgKsTHjw I cant decide between them who is best..
  3. Funny and not funny at the same time lol
  4. smithie


    I had a couple of blind drops on permision. I like them for getting out when the moons up.
  5. The trammel is going to hold well but I could not get a rabbit out of that on a black night, definitely not in a rush. As for bouncing on a quickest or trad net a 4z is a good start, as tommo said you want to trot the rabbit in to tangle but mesh size is also important. I would no longer entertain a 4 inch mesh. Others will and do and that is their choice but I like 4.25. if the head goes through the mesh it wont be bouncing as often. I find they try to push on..
  6. I have a spare set you can have.. just message me were to send them...
  7. I recon your missing out. Get some practice first but give it a go
  8. They look good, i also like the colour
  9. For me they are a ferreting tool and not something I would not want to use at night. I can see many some do with age against them of getting out with the kids, But I find more joy in a traditional net.
  10. If i was to buy a quickset then it probably would be the deciding factor for me. You can have the best basket in the world but it's the net that holds the rabbit. Others can buy what they want, it's their money.
  11. Important bit is the net. Nelson does 4z master hunter does not.
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