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  1. https://youtu.be/sQ0XJciN6J0?feature=shared
  2. There's a v few videos of a young Scottish lass with tourettes having driving lessons on you tube.. Some of them are quite funny but she must have some dark days with the embarrassing moments.
  3. I would have to have a go.. pick a nice day and ring the life out of it before parking it up and cleaning it.. That would be it for me. Just 1 go
  4. I think the high point for humans has been and gone and now we're on a downwards slope.. Best get dibs on the best caves before there all gone
  5. At least utd are doing g well..
  6. Do you go to work on a horse... nobody down my street ever had a work boot like that
  7. smithie

    End pins

    Nelson did sell them once over or maybe fourteenacre
  8. Be even more chuffed when it's holding a rabbit..
  9. rado jubilee? It does look like it but I doubt it is..
  10. Should a rolex date just have the date instead of a number 3? I think no date is just an oyster perpetual Might be wrong.... again
  11. I think Poland fancy that title
  12. Have a look at the grand seiko Hand made and some are very nice
  13. I'm sue it's still British even though its hung upside down and had its throat cut while somebody preys over it..
  14. If you get Turkey teeth and they go wrong the NHS won't fix it. Your told to go back to where your teeth were done..
  15. Thermal will spot people as well as wildlife..
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