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  1. smithie

    Metal detecting section

    If I ask and I'm told no ill stay away.. Just how I am, no point me asking if the reply means nothing
  2. smithie

    Metal detecting section

    It was on top of the mound the Plough makes. I would not have seen it but the rabbits had eaten litraly acres or peas so this part was bare soil.. Was an ambiani stater if I remember corectly. I bought a detector with the Intenting of having a go but the keeper said no and no is no.
  3. smithie

    Metal detecting section

    I once found a gold roman war coin in Norfolk. It was on top of the soil and I found it by eye. I asked the keeper if I could use a metal detector but he said no Never been back..
  4. smithie

    DIY Poly tunnel

    I have a tunnel. It's holds heat better than the glass so you can start seeds earlier if you wish. Put a door each end if you do build one so you can move air through it. Gets very warm form the toms if you dont
  5. smithie

    sportsman's net

    No I read it wrong or my math is shit. Take your pick lol...
  6. smithie

    sportsman's net

    If you wanted to be sporting then the net would be 4.5 inch. Give the smaller rabbits a chance.
  7. https://www.laboratoires-roman.com/pieges-taupes/106-20-pieges-putange.html You could buy a smaller amount to try them but not expensive if there the correct thing
  8. smithie

    Mobile speed camera laws

    You won't get the right answer on here as we all think we know what we are on about and it's rare you get the same answer twice or more lol But for my money I think they can put a camera were they want as long as there is a sign showing you mobile speed cameras operate in that area. Camera has to be within a set distance from sign. Fact speed has been altered won't save you points or a fine.. my local rag has camera locations in it for the week but does not say the day it will be used..
  9. smithie

    countryfile tonight

    Na.. looks too sharp
  10. I don't know why your so keen to rubbish a good trap. I recon it's better than that wooden thingy you bleet on about.
  11. smithie


  12. smithie


    You tell the c**t
  13. smithie

    Longnetting at night

    I think they all do it..
  14. smithie


    But if somebody quotes you still see quote. I had 2 blocked