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  1. I like Irish whiskey and if I'm going to buy it will be green spot or jamersons for me
  2. I think you need a Faraday bag to prevent it. It's been happening for years now. 7 Things to Know About Faraday Bags (2022 Update) PRIVACYPROS.IO This is a complete guide to Faraday bags. Find out everything you need to know...
  3. I'm calling bollox on this.. I recon you forgot the safe word
  4. Might be over 30 year since I thought about pepe le pew. Young ens will have to google
  5. He has had allsorts out of the canals of Holland and also here in the uk
  6. I would if it was UK as I like it here. my amazon delivery man would be mad as fook..
  7. I do like that. I have never seen one before, I thought it was an alpha lol
  8. A guy at work pays 25 quid for the app with instructions to instal on your own firestick. He's got it for loads or people
  9. I think I have a strip down DVD you can have you fancy a go your self
  10. I'd have stayed home too.
  11. Shame you never made it. The netting was good back then. Although probably a little far for you..
  12. Fred did Mr wilks not offer you a night out
  13. Sometimes I think I'll go out but for one reason or another it does not happen or I take the plinker as its easier. I could be tempted to record some if all the ducks lined up in a row..
  14. There are no new threads. my nets are retired and all though I kept them I doubt they will ever get out I to the dark nights again.. Unfortunately terryd it looks like it's all on you to keep this section going lol..
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