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  1. I wish I had taken the time to learn how to snare.. it would be nice to set a few and then go drop a net collecting snares on the way back.. When I tap the peg on my boot the rabbits in the fields next to me would get up and go...
  2. Just tried this. Tastes like fizzy vinegar and I spilt it all over
  3. Utd are in trouble.. no way they can be this bad all season Can they
  4. I got a mondeo estate and go to Burger King drive through.
  5. I'd buy the how too DVD off fourteen acre and a couple of traps.. after watching the DVD you will be well armed to catch the odd mole in your garden. Or find the putange video on YouTube and buy a couple putanges...
  6. No mate I think I was just a couple of hundred quid short...
  7. Would it not pay to wait longer if nato was to go in? Russia would have less weapons, tank, ships and solders in another 4 week and even less 4 week later etc etc. At some point I think it will happen anyway as the West will want the gas and oil as the rest of the world runs out. Not buying Russian stock now could mean there supply last longer as the rest of the world burns up what they have..
  8. In 2000 I made carpet fibre and left as I had a new job with about 20% pay increase. The same ish sort of time somebody in the wages department left and put £400 extra in to everybody's wage that month.. I was asked to go in to see a director and was told in no uncertain terms he was keeping my p45 until I paid it back... I agreed to pay it back (never did) but told him that legally he's obliged to forward my p45 and he did. Never did hear another peep about it but it if had been 150k I'm sure I would have..
  9. Would he have to take it out immediately? Could he just move it sideways in to a savings or other account for now..
  10. Ffs ask how many acres before you lick it... she might only have a veg patch..
  11. I'm trimming... well the wife is but I there too l
  12. Them that walk around town in the pedo pants with saggy arse and knees and some dirty shoes... You just know its the only joggers they own.. always got a smoke and a drink but no washing powder
  13. Second biggest club in Manchester
  14. Last night it was the whiskey today its coors
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