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  1. I would replace as little as I can get away every time.. I'm both tight and lazy
  2. I'd send it back and tell her to get bacon on it..
  3. That's ok if its pest control..plus you dont have to pick em up to chuck In the hedge.
  4. I'm not a believer but if they are out there I hope you manage to prove it after all that effort
  5. And the shooting farmers.. if rural police dont have them they will once they realise people use them to spot or poach with. Thermal is not the problem, it peoples greed and the need for the well done pat on the back.
  6. I'd say a thermal could be seen as progression. Once upon a time there was no lamps and the dog would be run in the day. Then the lamp came along. (Progression). Not all dog men lamp but most seem to and the younger lot coming through will probably turn thermal for the most. No doubt some will still use a lamp but its just times changing imo.
  7. Because of all of the big cat talk I have started listening to some podcasts on the subject. Somebody said he believes there are as many as 250 cats wild. If that was so surely they would be some quality pictures doing the rounds..
  8. I think they would be good to have but.. if your a poacher and the police take your dog I would epect the thermal goes as well so maybe spend as little as you can get away with..
  9. Retired my arse.. they shown me the door and said dont come back I still will need to work until the day I die.
  10. Ahhh I really wanted you to start a thread with the top picture called pups first time on lamp And double figures.. no bad for 12 week old might come good yet lol.
  11. You turned this to race. If you read back you called him a paki. If he would have said flip flop early in the thread your toys would be over the side of the pram..
  12. Got to admit... I hope they go down
  13. smithie


    Sometimes squash is better than catch
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