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  1. smithie

    Theoben rapid 7

  2. smithie

    Ftao walshie

    Has your dog died?
  3. smithie

    Theoben rapid 7

    Ive had a couple of theobens, as good as they are i always reached past for the wh110. I could not do with the pellets rattling in the mag
  4. smithie

    Cheap n.v

    Thanks for the replies..
  5. smithie

    Had this on me... aarrrgghh!

    Today's happy thought lol
  6. smithie

    Ferret colour ?

    Where's ot when you need an expert...
  7. smithie

    Cheap n.v

    I'm after a cheap hand held n.v. I want to record but without crosshair in the middle of the screen Any body got any recommendations. Smithie
  8. smithie


    It would take me all winter to dig a hole that size
  9. smithie


    I did.. He asked if the idiot was still on thl. That could be anyone so I just said yes lol
  10. smithie

    Skinny nursing jill

    It all looks new except your odd socks.
  11. smithie


    We speak most weeks..
  12. smithie


    Looks like you got this section all to your self...
  13. smithie

    Urban wildlife.

    I seen badger in the town centre a couple of weeks ago.. would have been about 5.30 a.m.
  14. smithie

    packham ,,good morning briton

    I think we got as many badger as rabbit around here at the minute. Lucky for me I own no land so it's not a problem...
  15. smithie

    Daft cat

    I wish I was a clever as you clearly I am not ant that's why my shoulders in a sling Plus side..... I neve wasted money on a super soaker