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  1. smithie

    Urban wildlife.

    I seen badger in the town centre a couple of weeks ago.. would have been about 5.30 a.m.
  2. smithie

    packham ,,good morning briton

    I think we got as many badger as rabbit around here at the minute. Lucky for me I own no land so it's not a problem...
  3. smithie

    Daft cat

    I wish I was a clever as you clearly I am not ant that's why my shoulders in a sling Plus side..... I neve wasted money on a super soaker
  4. smithie

    Mark Avery Blog

    2 posts of your I have seen in the last ten minutet that I would like to give a like to.
  5. smithie

    Daft cat

    Fook that ya daft sod, them super soakers are not cheap... Throw stones instead.
  6. smithie

    packham ,,good morning briton

    every thing you do out of the work place and home i.e pass time, should have a sense of fun or satisfaction or you would not do it..... I'm not sure it's his place to decide what you can and can't do..maybe the next pertition people vote on should be about people forcing the belief they have on others
  7. smithie

    Upgraded the kids goldfish pond

    I would have a stainless stand made for that. Not too big but big enough to get it off the floor and have the kids peep in through thee window without bending in half.
  8. smithie

    packham ,,good morning briton

    The countryside belongs to people and he should not force his opinions on everybody else.. if he feels so bad then he can buy his own land and tell people no hunting letting others to decide whats fitting for the land they own.. I'm think it shall only get worse
  9. smithie

    50 pence in the back of the telly

    You could make 50p from ice and the coin slot would take it. Money box went a bit rusty mind.
  10. smithie


    I have a few rat snare in the van if you want to try them. I've been driving the around for two years plus. Be glad to get rid
  11. smithie

    Title race

  12. smithie

    Title race

    Ohh ffs
  13. smithie

    Title race

    Bell end.
  14. smithie


    When I had it I was given anti inflammatory's and told to rest for 2 week Doctor said it's a trapped nerve and I needed ibuprofen so ease the swelling so the nerve can be released.. It's not nice but 2 week off work was great
  15. smithie

    Another Bird in the Hand

    I'll be having that.