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  1. I did not say the net wont catch. I said I don't like the colour..
  2. I don't like the colours but hope it serves you well.
  3. smithie


    Take a screenshot of your picture and post that
  4. It looks a nice spot to run a longnet
  5. I will be in touch soon to offer him some ferreting before I get the rimmy on..
  6. Not spoke for a bit but think he's well and busy
  7. That's true... Can't be sid
  8. Well it was not me. But i did tell people that Albert was a ginger c**t. Hes not
  9. smithie

    walking boots

    Altberg say to lace the boots like that king. They recommend https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leder-Gris-Original-Wax-Oil-Brown-80g-Tin-Waterproofing-Boot-Treatment-Polish/172576639425?hash=item282e5e89c1:g:KioAAOSwuLZYyRLC and i dont know the cost but Altberg will resole for you.
  10. smithie

    walking boots

    I have some of these. Bnwt £50 on eBay.. I like them a lot but only had them about 6 week so dont know how they will last yet.
  11. It's a long time ago now but I once had some nets that shrunk. I'm thinking it was a 4 inch mesh that shrank to 3inch 7\8.
  12. https://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/363002-alternative-longnet-basket/?tab=comments#comment-4335413
  13. The net runs out to 50 yards.
  14. I dont know why I thought you was going to knitt, but I did
  15. I'm assuming your ferreting with the net. Personally I would buy sheet netting off Nelson in 4z rather than knitting something with more weight for the day when you got to carry more gear.. Maybe 6z if it's going through hedges and might snag. You can make a case for any size mesh. Its down to what you want/prefer
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