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  1. Winters definitely on the way stav, wanted to go out last night with the new toy but opted for the pub instead no way was I playing out in the wind and rain:( sunny Scarborough yesterday
  2. Got a few mates who use 6.5 creed but I use 6.5 sweed it’s a nice round and can home load for about 70p a shot. it still an expensive round to buy over the counter over here, fly Norma target ammo is £60 for 20 in my local shop the reason that they are mellow loads in sweed over your way is because of all the old ww2 surplus rifles floating about and not wanting to get sued
  3. Stav will be along to kick your arse soon, sure he’s cack handed too
  4. there seems to be loads about my way at the moment but id been holding off due to wanting a gizmo to draw them away from the roads and other dodgy areas! I do alright just mouth squeaking but its been a pain getting them to a safe shot zone( cattle/horses and houses in the background) went to a place the other night, not been for ages and grass had just been cut in loads of fields.. saw a few there as well, they'll be one less kicking about
  5. Picked it up today, it’s got 75 built in calls! they don’t say there British but there’s a load of red fox that sound good and rabbit and pheasant that sound similar to the ones that fly and bounce round Yorkshire. there’s magpie and squirrel that sound nothing like them but I remember a keeper mate of mine saying he pulled in loads on a squirrel that sounded nothing like a squirrel. handy size to I’m happy with it, pitty it’s pissin down or I’d be out tonight with it.
  6. Have you had a go with that bullet caller sd?! It pulls suff in, thing is it’s generally the wrong stuff.. had about a dozen hares and a deer come to me one night
  7. never done a slate wall but use to wall with my dad all over the moors when I was in me early twenties gave up on it cos there was more money in site work.. things change and now the sites can stick it, im out im not sure who runs this any more and I was surprised its still on the go but its worth having a look at.. a lot of its done on your side of the moor https://www.ydswg.co.uk/courses/about
  8. That’s the sort of thing I’d do if someone had pi55ed me off you should get into the walling side of things, seeing what you like in life on here it’d be a good string to your bow! there use to be a walling group in stoksley years back that might still be on the go.
  9. Like that stav.. looks like a proper chill-out zone that water feature in wall sets it right off:)
  10. Not sure, lads ordered two in for me to have a look at! it should be here tomorrow, shop was shut today and I’ve been giving him rock all about how long it’s taking. apparently the importers in Perth.. he dint look to impressed when I said Australia and is the fcuker rowing here with it ill let you know once I get it
  11. why would they... who walks round a field with there gun in a bag mopping up blood with it
  12. My 6.5 is in this bag with mod and torch on.. it’s pretty well padded out and the side pockets big enough for bore snake box of bullets and bolt
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