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  1. Todays office will mostly be giving the finger to the gov and utility company’s robbin cnuts blustery old day in Yorkshire
  2. Ye but you ain’t wired up reet
  3. Be better off going inland from there, over main Rd toward Driff… but you’ll need eyes in back of your head! way more stuff to go at chicken farm few miles up coasts just lost all the birds to bird flu, blames on them soddin geese:(
  4. Put him on list when you come up to give max a clip, two for price of one
  5. Don’t know about taking a trap but might take a hand line, there’s a private trout river at bottom of garden
  6. You make a better job of them than any fcyker up this way civils firm I’ve been working for keep getting booted off big sites if u get me drift.. I’ve never seen such shite as the roads n sewers so I jumped ship.. first time I’ve been out of the ground for 8 years but I’ve made an exception as this is one flash build £££ dog loves it too as there are squirrels n rabbits all over
  7. google spice zombie sd.. i was laughing me head off and my mate was just shaking his head, he was watching them as well. it could of got a part in wacko Jaco's thriller movie
  8. This was two cubs playing last year, look at the date.. there’s a big set there in the ditch, starts at 200yrd from where I’m stood and last hole is bout 240, it’s like the Hilton… soon as there wiped out something else moves in!
  9. Not heard any calling but my mate did the other night… I saw two adults together last week though, couldn’t get them as they were skyline.. the one in front was focused on a mission and the one behind looked like it had been run over, it was breakdancing trying to keep up
  10. Was out on fox’s last night… looked like a deer rave in one field! steal the cobs and drag them onto stubble for party time… must of been 20 roe in this one set me alarm for 5.30 this morning, been a rough week n thought fcuk it and went back to kip! gonna have to dedicate some proper time to this problem as gates are gettin ripped Off and the numbers are out of control:(
  11. Been re roofing a lean to at a farm I shoot last couple of weeks, the farm savage collie sits guard over calves and the lambs dependant on the time of year… he had a good growl at me other day when I went to see the new calf.. keeps the fox’s away
  12. Nearly every shoot round here has a few specials thrown in the mix, there’s a few lads do weird and wonderful breeds round this way.. some cost a fortune got the nod last week the rats are back but from what I saw last year was it’s hedgehogs as well that are smashing the eggs up.. there’s a fox frying electric setup that keeps them at bay and keeps me on me toes
  13. it wasny me… the lads a monumental wreckhead, he’ll do anything you ask but just make sure you keep out of the way! I use to stand on the walls when he lifted bricks up, fcukers good at wrecking loading bays too
  14. Why you shouldn’t get in a forklift Monday morning after smashing coke and weed all weekend this wrecked the engine and all sorts
  15. Know this is a piss take thread but yeah.. this is my eldest tree huggin weed smoking rainbow lovin eejut! she’s fished since being young and will come fishing or shooting at the drop of a hat.. she’s grown up round me doing what I do and it don’t bother her one bit… had a bbq other week, she bought her own stuff I cooked it next to the chicken and pork never batted an eye! them burgers must be shit as she was full ,so threw one with hippy cheese in garden for the dog… was still there a week later, chucked it on garage roof.. even the seagulls wouldn’t touch it she came o
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