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  1. How the fcuk do we get branded as being tight cnuts in Yorkshire
  2. same on Yorkshire coast, fcuk knows why! my mates mrs is on the same threat... w@nkers
  3. Sounds like something is not seating properly, more a reg issue than a leaking seal take it to the gun shop and get them to sort it if it’s still under guarantee
  4. There a brilliant little gun, paid £250 for mine second hand.. it’s the only sub 12 pcp that has stayed and I’ve had loads great for in the barns and fields was clearing the crows with it the other day
  5. Yeah I think it’s a bit of a geek thing but I enjoy it too, got a pile of bust air guns from the shop to fix up while I’m stuck at home.. works out well for me as I don’t charge him and get stuff for free and good discounts if I buy anything big
  6. this reloading is the way forward sl, once you've done the initial spend it comes into its own even though I got rid of my 223 I kept the dies and do them for me mate and now ive got a fair bit of brass together im on with the 6.5's.. hell of saving over the £40 for 20.. works out just under 70p a round now!
  7. schools are crap now, my kids dont have a clue when it comes to misbehaving... they come home all sheepish then confess! im like wtf then semi bolock um for something thats not worthy of a boloking.. good job they take after there mum and not me
  8. still a fair few about.. he was chasing one around with the shotgun the other day! them cows did well to open 3 gates brogden farm is his spot
  9. Just got a text off my lass, her brothers got a farm at barnaldswick the cows got out in the early hours and wrecked the town and loads of gardens... never happened before
  10. You need to practice more, the shots in your other post are crap compared to last August’s olnly kiddin, hope your all well
  11. ffs ... dont encourage him this nightmares only just starting.. get back to drawing pigeons mark
  12. All this talk of lines and hooks as got me ticking! me and the boy have decided a night time walk is better than using our daily exercise during the day.. ninja fishing
  13. its gonna be painful this lockdown stav, just walked the golf corse with my lad and the thermal.. only thing I saw were bloody dog walkers I might try and tempt the seagulls into the garden tomorrow and let rip with the boys nerf armoury
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