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  1. si brown

    First time out with the maxus

    can't beat a first outing like that Dave...nice one was out with my mate foxing last night/this morning, due to the crops we both used 12's and my mate was saying how much he regretted selling his maxus and he's gonna buy another!
  2. si brown

    Took the lad out

    Nice one jim.. always nice to show someone the ropes and even better when you get on really well 72yards... you’ll be blocking his number if he keeps improving
  3. si brown

    This has cheered me up

    Good on you stavross... life’s to short for sitting out jobs you don’t like! fingers crossed the fat fcuker stamps his feet and your forced to do some more shifts on the foxes
  4. si brown

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    So how longs he got?!
  5. si brown

    Semi 12g

    No need to stoop to there level Dave, just give him a good hiding
  6. si brown


    Hope borris kicks the fuckers into shape... but last thing on earth I want is that skanky weasel joining the Brexit crew!!
  7. si brown

    Semi 12g

    nice bit of kit Dave... that Geoff Garrod certainly makes his earn its keep just dont be posting pictures of massive bags or packman will be round to smash your back doors in
  8. si brown

    Semi 12g

    basically just soaks up the recoil so your always on for a follow up shot... if you miss with the first its rare the second dont connect! putting 36 5's trough it feels like shooting an air rifle
  9. si brown

    Semi 12g

    I was gonna buy one..I had one put buy in the shop but it didn't feel to good I'm prone to bashing them about and the forend wood seemed a bit delicate! so I bought that one above and am glad I did.. the kickoff system is mint but some lads I know don't like it
  10. si brown

    Semi 12g

    I swapped a hw100 for this Dave, they don’t make them any more but don’t let that put you off tracking a second hand one down, there a wild foul/hide gun! it shoots really nicely a cycles fine with 28 7’s as a cheap pigeon stopper, been using them on the crows to with 3/4 choke. Beretta 391 extreame 2
  11. si brown

    Theoben rapid 7

    big numb lumpy bits of shit.... had hold of a few over the years and always found chlamydia more appealing! resale price high, easy to work on
  12. si brown

    Hong Kong - British Colonialism

    What ever happened to your word counting for shite?? i still live in that land... and the repercussions
  13. You’ll be giving Jonjon off here a run for his money, when ever he sends anything up I fill me wheely bin up not had to buy any packing for years
  14. si brown

    Is it a bird!

    Haha... he’ll have superstar status on the gimp forum now wonder if he did a selfie with the flag smasher!!
  15. si brown

    Is it a bird!

    Some sado plane spotter saw him fall out!! wtf... could understand watching fighter planes but that’s got to go down as the worst hobby ever