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  1. si brown

    Funny Joke Thread

  2. si brown

    Funny Joke Thread

  3. si brown

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    If you can put yourself through it phil watch this!!! https://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/3610d6cf-6d1e-45ed-ab7f-3b6c0f9a5c43?fbclid=IwAR2MCV3U8I2yr8Z1k_YUrzBjI8rN9QQdLgr3l2B-DoQRMuxQ01qUzjKcahs basically from the horses mouth... no scarecrows are mentioned and if you’ve tried in pervious seasons and it didn’t work shoot them!!
  4. si brown

    6 years ago today .......

    RIP... the hero and the innocent!! is it any wonder we feel the way we do!x
  5. si brown

    First go at reloading

    This is the re loading book I got banned over last time I was in Spain words of wisdom from me old grandad.. neither a borrower or a lender be!!lol RIP ....old man, a wise old fella
  6. si brown

    First go at reloading

    I Bought a .223 last week Dave, after all this bollox with the GL and I’ve been having issues with the local county cop for a while i thought sod it!! ill be badgering Del for info
  7. si brown

    First go at reloading

    Been doing quite a lot of geeking up on home loading myself... was round at a mates the other day and he swears by home load for confidence in your gear!! youve done well to get on the money straight off the bat
  8. si brown

    Another milk shake.

    There unhinged these fuckers... it’s like being a leftie makes you unaccountable..cos if anyone doesn’t agree with them there racist scum and deserve everything they get!! silly cow will fit right in down at the job centre... she can meet up with like minded activists
  9. si brown

    Parking wars

    Ffs Del you need to get back to work!!! parking wars you’ll be watching loose women and judge bender before you know it
  10. si brown

    Photon xt

    Haha.....Yeah just havin a brew and I’ll be round
  11. si brown

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    some good valid points in that post Gaoler.. and im pretty much in agreement!! BUT the thing with packman is the bloke dont fly straight and hes got one hell of a following... hes been caught out falsifying evidence before and its been beamed out to the masses with out consequences! I dont for one minute believe his bullsh1t about death threats or that it was a hunter that hung the crows from his gate... these extremists will sacrifice for what they deem the greater good! what we need now is some one with a voice who can fight back... the old GL was a farse and needed rectifying but this like you said could of been sorted out properly in the time that was given by some one competent! sit in a field dressed as a scarecrow WTF ps.. hope you enjoy the crown, never used one but the reports have all been good... ive owned a few fx's over the years and there sound but a bit pricey!
  12. si brown

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    There is no common sense in this cobbled together load of shite Matt.... these tosssers don’t give a shit about the impact on agriculture/livestock or the gun trade you made a good call moving to wales Ill be coming to visit you soon, got a load of scrap shotguns
  13. si brown

    Nice magazines

    haha.... just have a dig down the back of the sofa Phil its amazing how much change you lose especially after a few shandys
  14. si brown


    think mr cables gonna get a big shock when we do vote seen as though his shambles/party were just used to break the main two parties up the way things are changing regarding other counties in the eu there won't be an eu soon there all on borrowed time
  15. si brown

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    there are that many holes in the new licence that you could get away with anything if your up to fighting for it! there are ways and means its how you word your approach.. the only reason im not shooting birds at the moment is that there not wrecking any crops that I shoot over! this lad gives a good break down of things at the moment its only a day old