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  1. I’ve nearly been trampled a few times Ls.. if im using nv I give the cows and horses a quick shine of me torch now, seems to put them at ease and knock off there inquisitiveness when they know where and what you are..it doesn’t seem to put the rabbits off either
  2. si brown

    Make the most of these evenings

    I’m like that with fishing, I don’t go in there and don’t comment... did it once and got a shity reply, I fished in a cobble with my dad and anyone that would take me out when I was supposed to be at school doing the nets and pots.. caught pike and silver fish that people dream of catching!! im loving the reloading posts at the moment as it’s on my radar
  3. si brown

    Make the most of these evenings

    another great post sl... I really like this site. its the only one I'm on, and this section is by far the most interesting! I like my air rifles and always will, I've used them 30+years... its only the last couple of years that ive had the opportunity to get my fac, it didn't fall in with my previous life/ x-wife. my dad got me into fishing as a young lad and by 8 I was getting moaned at by my mum for nicking the wire off the back of the paintings! im out loads but don't really do hunting posts with the big stuff because of having young kids... a bloke not 5 mins walk from my house got a gift in the post from the antis.. it wasn't good the lads in this section make it what it is... it becomes apparent that here its not sport but a way of life and who we are, its built into us and can come from nowhere! keep the good posts coming lads, im out there in the background all hours.. my lass thinks im mental trekking about in the wee hours but its where I want to be and enjoy it, even if it means spending most of Sunday asleep on the sofa. dawn at the chicken farm the other week waiting on a night raker coming home... priceless
  4. si brown

    Wabbiting in style.

    You could of blown them rabbits into next week with that sd, you should of used that massive gun on your massive fox have you had them medieval scales recalibrated yet?!
  5. si brown

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    This bloke might of been taken out by the people who own the shop bang opposite wonder if they supply him with the not so lucky
  6. si brown

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    Saw these in town a couple of weeks back... check out the dolls! wtf is that all about
  7. si brown

    At last it’s a first

    YouTube is a godsend Dave Im permanently on it... I’m debating what to put on me ticket for the deer as I want to start home loading! seriously thinking about a tikka in 6.5/55 loads of deer to go at round my way, these dopey feckers walked right up to me the other night
  8. I know it’s sacrilege... your mate sounds like he went to my school, I dodge Monday’s and Fridays quite a lot its a favour for an old bloke I use to work for otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it
  9. si brown

    Pit bull supposed rapist

    There’s absolutely no need for sites like them.. and I’m pretty sure you’ll flag up somewhere if that’s your thing!! 20 Year’s ago we started getting subjected to shit like that when ppl thought it was cool to send shit like that to your Nokia’s! Somethings not right if that’s your buzz
  10. si brown

    Help, again!

    if you've already got a gauge and tap I recon this is what you'll need.. can't be 100% though... stick a photo of your bottle on then you won't order the wrong fitting https://www.bestfittings.co.uk/shop/airgun-charging-equipment/cylinder-accessories/din-male-fitted-with-microbore-ultima-hose/
  11. si brown


    Ffs bob your a ray of sunshine
  12. si brown

    Pit bull supposed rapist

    Mexico is a shit hole.. Been once, never again!! one of my lasses mates went missing over there and was found in a bin bag at the side of the road.
  13. Recon the grs could be the way to fly phil Not sure if I’ll make it to the show, got a few jobs to knock off but can only do them at weekends
  14. si brown

    Out with robin foxer

    If his YouTube channels out to go by you’ll have a great night
  15. He’s made a good job of that bc They should offer him a job at aa cos a part like that should never break I pulled a prosport to bits last year, was brand new and one of the sears looked like it was made out of pig iron.. was pitted to fcuk!!