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  1. Be a handy thing to have for some long range practice Wouldn’t want to fight the bloke who could run off with it, they were serous lumps of steel that stag would of filled me front garden, it’d look good in it as it’s left o natural for the bees and to piss me neighbour off
  2. Did you rob a bank on way down stav, I nearly fell over when I saw the price on them got to agree it was crap this year compared to years ago.. was still a good day out, lad came home with a new toy and met up with a few mates
  3. That’s what’s good about it Mitch, they don’t sell shandy there so it keeps the cosmopolitan massive away
  4. in the grand scheme of things you don’t do to bad mr sausage! I don’t know may women who let there blokes maraud the countryside armed in there pj’s
  5. Me dad walls first few corses on his knees, I always took the piss… he’s 78and walls 5 days a week still, his backs fine and mines fecked he don’t do to bad for an old fcuker
  6. Pigs is a northern saying for badgers Phil
  7. Was out last night, I can’t understand how/why they don’t issue licences my way the place is crawling with pigs hopefully this is the last one for a while Just about to meet his maker.
  8. Good session sd there relentless fcukers this time of year.. was watching the ewes standing guard on a wire fence a few nights ago, they were fending off attacks set up on a high hedge line and took these 3.. that’s 11 from this area since lambing started
  9. Been using the black gold bio wad for last two seasons, good killer.. the bioammo not so good though and the cartridges certainly don’t breakdown before your eyes bloody expensive though:(
  10. Think I’m gonna have a go at loading steel, from what I can gather the yanks load way hotter than us so I’ll have a look into it bought a slab of steel off a mate cheap other day and was well pissed off, didn’t realise they were plastic wad till I went and picked me decoys up
  11. If he’s got a back to the future car in his house my mate restored a fair few of them bikes.
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