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  1. si brown

    He’s very angry

    looks like he needs a good slap!! fcuk what these lazy little shits what... it's us silly cnts funding his bullshit!! aghhh ive got 4 kids and I didn't vote out to put me kids at risk, quite the opposite! they need to put these fcukers on the general license
  2. si brown


    ive been a subby for about 25 year and its the best ive ever known it but when it goes sh1t its proper sh1t. was working in Sheffield when the crash happened the prices dropped by about 60% over night so I fecked building off for a few years and worked in a print works! when your a subby you chase the money no matter what your trade is... I know I did and worked all over the spot
  3. si brown


    been a few years since I fished Filey front for bass... you could get a fair few from round the pool but plate fillers were few and far between so nearly everything went back!
  4. si brown

    Funny Joke Thread

  5. si brown

    Best text ever

    cheeky tw@t I wish id only had a pint.. long feckin day wont take much rocking tonight zzz
  6. si brown

    Best text ever

    Haha... like the title bn Cant beat a random day off... good bag full as well! Good result all round i fancy going out for a bit tonight but me body is saying no... no tea and a shit load of beer last night!! Ughh
  7. si brown

    World Cup 2018

    I’m a full blown England kid! but if you think that was a good game you need your head testing... we should have been 3-0 up in the first 15. It was embarrassing
  8. si brown

    World Cup 2018

    It was about as solid as my shit!
  9. si brown

    Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    My mates daughter near grassington Yorkshire
  10. si brown

    The wild beaver thread

    My mate bust his leg avoiding a ropey Scarborough beaver..... she went to the bog so he jumped out of the window to do a runner and forgot it was not a ground beaver but a second floor one
  11. si brown

    The wild beaver thread

    The bald ones are fine... you’ve just got to watch out for the long haired German ones, vicious as fcuk and piss all over each other
  12. si brown

    The wild beaver thread

    Muffdiver close
  13. si brown

    The wild beaver thread

    Your a loon jon i wont be adding to this thread tonight cos me birds ont way over!! But I’ll be having a sly scans
  14. si brown

    Fathers day

    Swap ya.... I got a text from me eldest calling me a moody git!!!
  15. si brown

    Went to a paddock this morning

    you should take a tent with you bn... you'd only have to go home to top up your supplies and drop the rabbits off bet the paddock owners well happy.