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  1. si brown

    First trip with photon rt

    yeah the dnv pack... it shows its at like half power after 5 mins of use then just lasts for ages there not the best scopes out there but for the money and taking out rabbits and rats its more than capable... just get use to focusing it and set the brightness right and you can use it for hours on end! if the rubber end gets on your tits take it off.. I only use it if the rabbits are skittish
  2. its a fcuking scandal... and whats more scandals is the fact the media are trying to discredit him at every opportunity! I honestly dont know wtf is wrong with ppl in this country
  3. si brown

    First trip with photon rt

    if your happy with it Phil get the battery pack, ive got it and get about 4 hours out of one battery with I/r set at 3, I bump it up to ten in the big fields for scanning then knock it back down to 3! stuck it on my 100 the other night but its no light weight with a rangefinder strapped to it.. been having a holding zero prob with it so I sent it back to Scott country yesterday and there gonna sort it out..witch I wasn't expecting cos its over a year old! 66yrd off a fence post if you like them and can use them there a good bit of kit.
  4. watched it earlier lip.... there gonna stitch him up like a kipper! I dont know where its gonna end for our Tommy but I cant see it being a fairytale ending, saw him in a vid last night clearing the facts that he docent take drugs and isn't suicidal as its more than possible someone is gonna take him out! one more job for the sbs
  5. you'd have even more trouble trying to find one of these w@nkers showing one speck of remorse! I was told as a little lad by my family not to trust packis.. me and my cousins use to have to walk past the corner shop cos we weren't allowed to buy sweets from them, the garage was a right trek but it was run by white folk! Ive been lucky growing up in n.yorks ,bringing up kids in Manchester wasn't on the cards for me mum and dad so they jumped ship!! tf
  6. si brown

    HW100 Won't index, no progress

    The only time mines not cycled properly was down to really fine grit in the grease, I stripped it down fully de-greased the mec re-greased it and scrubbed the back of the mags and it’s worked fine since! this grit got into it from me laying on the gunslip then sticking it back in the bag! dont know if this will help but it might.. hope you get it sorted
  7. si brown

    Calls For Rats to be Protected

    thats because there fcuking idiots... bet they wouldn't be so charitable towards them if there tofu was covered in rat shit
  8. si brown

    Galaxy or Iphone?

    been using iPhones for last 8 years.. I work on building sites and rake about on a night and never bust one! got the 8 at the moment, its the first one that ive put in a plastic case as they keep getting bigger.. put a £5 screen protector on too, thats pretty beat up but its like new underneath! dont do what birds do and stick it in your back pocket and it'll last for ages! mint camera too
  9. si brown

    Nitesite rangefinder

    haha.... copy and paste Phil google it saves a lot of feckin about
  10. si brown

    Beware - scam hunting website

    good job you took it out in stealth mode.. now you've got to burn it quickly before it sends the hard drive info back to the fbi
  11. si brown

    Nitesite rangefinder

    im sure as sh1t that the unit inside is the same one
  12. si brown

    Nitesite rangefinder

    https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/nite-site-mountable-laser-rangefinder/ that'll save a load of fannying about Phil
  13. si brown

    Nitesite rangefinder

    got to buy one of these and take a grinder to it to make it fit on the photon
  14. si brown

    Nitesite rangefinder

    are any of your mates engineers or work in the kind of place that could make one for you?! if not it'll have to be a new one from crs cos im pretty sure if you mount the ns one on top of the tube it wont work cos of the power dial on top blocking the laser!
  15. si brown

    Nitesite rangefinder

    What you like at metal work phil... recon your gonna have to make a bracket if you want to stick with the nitesite rf you could probably sell the ns one and buy a new one cheaper than what you’ll get for it from crs