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  1. druggy bag Dave…. Fill with something warm, fold it tight and fix it to a board with a drawing pin, mint for zeroing the thermal and you can see your group with the heat signature on the wooden board! dont pi55 on your hands
  2. Take a wild stab in the dark easier than filling a flask
  3. Don’t fanny about too much with load development, I check a few loads on the manufacture sites and basically go in at the top end… shoot two rounds into the deck not looking through scope, check for pressure! stick a 2” druggy bag on target full of something warm shoot 3 shots at it and if all’s well job done, no poi shift between using bipod for testing and shooting off quad stix
  4. Stretching between Liverpool Manchester and hull… that’s the m62, what’s it gonna be a new hippy boarder
  5. si brown

    MP stabbed

    I worked in the butchery department at a pig factory on boning line when the building trade collapsed in early 90’s… was like an extension of a building site as I was surrounded by scaffolders and joiners! It was always a fall back option and good money but all the poles fcuked it and it’s a non starter now and money’s the same as back in the 90’s And yeah I saw a full on knife fight but it was the locals mcains use to be a good fall back for locals too, lot of my mates parents made a good /comfortable living working there till they started drafting in foreigners! the cou
  6. ive been all over the world on holidays and when I ask the kids where they want to go its always Benidorm got to admit I love it there too
  7. Nice work sd I’ve always preferred finish work get your tea down and get out back home in reasonable time:) It’s crazy how the seasons change over night, had a couple of cold nights in august when I was working all day in a T-shirt then shivering me nuts off at night. Wanted to re zero the .204 the other night but the nights are drawing so fast it was dark by 6.30 and I couldn’t be bothered fathin about in the dark:( like you I’ve been waiting on a cut that never comes cos it’s rained so much! had the pooch out training yesterday and he’s pretty good at tracking fox
  8. theres still a fair few knocking about round this way but I know what you mean! the sheep farm on the moor near me only lost one lamb this year because I got on top of them, getting a few a night isn't going to happen any more but it got me a free rein for the deer that are plentiful not that I shoot a lot of them.
  9. You need some bromide in your tea
  10. That’s what I’m waiting for a date on, been paying for injections just so I can carry on working.. it clicks clunks and grinds all the time! Not nice:(
  11. yeah its a rough old ride I know that sd.. I can add knackered knees and crap eyesight to the list:( I dont mind a bit of weight to a rifle but trying to lift that onto stix just wasn't fun..
  12. I'll be amazed if I can still do it in ten years.. working price might make the money but it wrecks your body
  13. been thinking about a lighter fox gun! handled a few different ones I liked and it was a toss up between a fluted 22-250 or a t3x 243 but then ive been chewing over it and ive got a more than capable 6.5 that will do deer and fox and has but its a bit long and I like to keep a real scope sat on it for the deer. the reason ive been thinking about a change is times caught up with me and my shoulder is fcuked from 30 odd years of plastering and laying bricks.. so the .204 ive got im well happy with its an ace fox gun but its a heavy lump.. bought it second hand with a sh
  14. I’m in agreement with you on that one stav, it’s not surprising ppl look on shoot days as they do… even when your into the life it’s boom boom from 9am till 3pm every day bar Sunday and when the guns turn up you watch millions of pounds worth of cars roll past:(
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