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  1. cant see any of these pellets expanding in sub 12's... I used to use h&n hunter extreme in my hw95 .177 and they were as accurate as any other pellet and a good tough pellet for the crows
  2. go for it stav... I bought a Bergara B14 a few weeks back and its mint, really well made and the trigger is way better than my Sako's! theres a 3 shot group printout in the box and it recons 15.2mm cant put photos up, something wrong with the site
  3. I spent 15 mins last night trying to tempt one into range and it won't having on of it gave up in the end cos I ran out of squeak and it was bloody freezing
  4. was a good session billy, Alan sent me the picture yesterday that rapid dose the business and thats all that counts, if it aint broke and all that! the crowns and impacts are all well but far to expensive for a sub 12 setup.. id never of paid that much if it wasn't going on ticket!
  5. Just seen this post Phil, I’m sure my phone doesn’t bring new posts up sometimes me and jim will defiantly be down to see you at some point cheers for the offer! youll love the thermal, me and my mate were out pre dawn the other day sat at the end of a hedge line waiting for the geese that never showed up.. when my mate said there’s something over there! so I fired up the thermal and it was a fox about 40yrd away, we’ve been after this one for a while and failed on all attempts but when your sat down smoking/talking and drinking coffee it makes an appearance, it won’t be making any more
  6. I’ve not tried the hades Phil, I recon it’s down to if they suit your barrel... as jon said above they’ll be similar to the hunter extreme, they ain’t gonna turn stuff inside out but my longest check out sub 12 was with hunter extremes!! take a chance lose ya pants
  7. a great day stav..and the weather held out for you too little Hugo is like your shoot mascot..youll have to get a photo of him when he see's the super fly welly's, he'll be buzzing! keep the stepford wives at war regarding nibbles your shoot will have a Michelin star before you know it
  8. bet your mrs loves you sd my prep is dont brush ya teeth if your our first light and no pit spray.. my lass loves it when I come home stinking the jar of vixen pulling perfume sounds like a plan!
  9. You can turn it off but if you want to swap it to your hmr or a dreaded air rifle it’ll come in handy.
  10. Thought I told him too keep quiet about that ps.. how’s villa doing villaman
  11. This site is like a congregation of people who don’t need encouragement sd, it’s like a dark corner
  12. Pav is your man when it comes to nv, we go out every now and again! ive got the 007 and 008, there horses for corses but the 008 with the rangefinder is something else.. used all sorts of stuff but this unit for the money is the dogsall these are left handed shots out of the car window and I’m right handed, the picture in picture is something else and I’ve never had to re zero it once.. furtherest rat80 yard on ir one and it goes up to 3! Don’t bother with the atn, there’s a don’t update warning for them at the moment as it makes them worse! and get your 22-250 If I’d of gone with me gut i should of bought the one I was lookin at instead of the Sako
  13. nice one he'll be chuffed to bits with them and toasty as you like
  14. think its safe to say your combo works well.. got to agree with the aa/jsb quality being a bit hit and miss, ive thrown a few tins away over the years! back to the op pellet recommendation my .22 hw100 shot super domes better than any other pellet
  15. sounds a lot like the lad who owns my local shop... snow and eskimos spring to mind!! hes had a nice 22-250 in for a while that I keep looking at but I really dont need one, thats what I keep telling myself any way if your registered under North Yorkshire you can phone an appointment in and get your ticket sorted quick sharp got the 6.5 to cover my bases for a trip up the rd and over the wall
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