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  1. it will if you aim them at his house
  2. my mates 6 foot odd and dont look out of place with it, its all about what fits you and suits your style of shooting! ive not used my ou since I bought a new semi that has next to no kick at all, only reason its still in the cabinet is so theres a spare for any mates that want to come out!
  3. dont think anyone could be sure of what you get from the chinky, ive never been able to cook me tea in two mins flat
  4. went to the clay ground with a mate a a few weeks back, hes had hart surgery so was a bit sceptical about letting rip with a 12g so he bought a 20. recon he hit 80% and was well chuffed with it, I had a few shots and it handled better than my ou 12.. ive had a couple of discs out of my back so a 20 might be on my shopping list!
  5. saw this yesterday, its like voodoo... get your mrs to do it stav and she'll have to buy you one
  6. haha... you should sign up for that tv program naked and afraid! its ok they blur your bits out but I bet them yanks aint ready for your style of hunting, you'd be mint on it
  7. snap, I do duck for me Christmas dinner.. and cant resist the crispy stuff from the chinky
  8. had the same problem as you fd with the photon rt and sold the replacement for a 007... Ive never had a problem with eye relief and didn't have to compromise the scope eye relief either! mint bit of kit for the money just a pity you cant use them on good glass scopes
  9. me grandad was a doctor and showed me how to make little bangers with copper sulphate and salt Peter, I nicked the lot and stepped the mix up to a bog roll full, blew the chicken shed up and took the green house out... that went down well
  10. top ones a crusty Diana sp50 thats been kicked round the streets and the bottoms a gat that got well looked after
  11. you'd better get some mega thermal pj's now sd, your gonna be out all night now you've got a new toy coming! my foxing mate is a stead fast lamp kid but if I pass him the thermal spotter I have to wrestle the fcker to get it back, hes talking about thermal scopes now
  12. got to agree with Pav above, I used Yukon's for years right up to the latest models and was sick of them losing zero, the latest rt I had went back as the firmware wouldn't update and kept crashing... my pard 008 has never needed altering since I put it on months ago, the ir is far superior on the pards as well. Yukon is the yank export name for pulsar and I know people who've had the top of the range pulsar units that cost £1300 and they have flogged them. for me its pard or the lamp, all digital scopes look shit during the day when you are used to quality scopes.
  13. Feels like a lifetime ago Phil... id be scared to right a book
  14. You’ve got slightly les chance now, put me in this raffle stav the boys on the cover look a lot like me and my mates twenty years ago
  15. I totally agree wilf.. but due to plod ploughing trough this site i keep a most of me opinions to myself. theres a kid from Sweden I watch on YouTube, hes into reloading and target/hunting but he also goes over what's happening in his country.. basically the same as over hear regarding the muslims but its more accelerated as they've not been over there so long, the police do the blind eye thing witch has resulted in zero crime ratings in certain areas as there are gangs doing the policing now if you get me drift
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