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  1. Crazy cracker ain’t havin it I know the bbc peddle some shit but what’s with the yanks..
  2. w@nker im gonna find you in Whitby and throw you off the pier
  3. It wouldn’t of moved with that thing in the back it struggled like f up some of the hills round my area with just me in it
  4. First time I’ve had a bump in 30 years of driving old bloke left his indicator on and I pulled out… he didn’t turn in. got a big van today from enterprise, hopefully I don’t smash that
  5. That broke years ago… life’s too short for gardening, and I can’t stand the lezzer next door buck one who moans about it
  6. Once got 3 people and 2 nicked Christmas trees in a 205
  7. May as well, it smells like something died in it any way… used the windscreen squirter tonight, smells like someone's pi55ed in the bottle some like for like car swap
  8. If I can’t get parked outside the front of the house I usually have to run down street with them over me shoulder
  9. Not only is it Yorkshire day but it’s bag a buck season ive had my eye on this freezer filler a few times but sticking to the rules I’ve let him slide, just said to my lass I’m off up the moors to catch up with him! then she started laughing… I crashed my truck a couple of weeks back and I’ve got the worlds crappest curtesy car while it’s getting fixed! she said htf are you going to get it back I could rope it on the top
  10. Cheapest… second hand rapid 7, pick one up for bout £350 upwards… loads of shots! if I was gonna get one in .22 I’d go secondhand mk2 wildcat. a mate of mine uses a bsa R10 running about 30ftlb and thinks it’s ace
  11. haha... we might have to reign it in, hes coming up our way soon! least we'll see him coming in ze new wheels
  12. It’s great this time of year, all the farmers round here have kids in the cabs My lass took her son to her brothers farm yesterday for the summer, he’s been going there every school break for last two years and loving it.. she’s stayed on for a few days with them as well, super sexy photo of her sheep dipping kit and she’s been out muck spreading this aft
  13. I never go for head shots if I can avoid it due to the mess it makes, 3 of my last batch of 32grn going about 4100 didn’t drop on the spot all with good bib shots, that one last week was straight on and took half the front of its chest off but can’t of penetrated very far and the follow up switched it off. might have a go with the 39grn sbk I’ve loaded… felt like smashing the 204 up when I was using the vmax, accurate as f but the amount of runners was shocking all with good shot placement, found all of them but 1 but I’ll not use them again.
  14. Saw this last night but I’d just got in and was knackered… I think a fair few of these misses are good shots but the bullet strike splatters, I’ve had a few over last few months that I’ve had to look for and others that have required a follow up after being down for a while and getting back up for a final dash. Had one last week same situation, when we went and picked it up my mate was saying htf did that get up the lad sounds like he’ll take to it well and he’s got your experience that’ll keep him right
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