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  1. They’ll get a shock if t happens, all the peace loving fcukers in york were well up for imigration till it landed on there doorstep.. careful what you wish for ??
  2. Your gonna have to name a strain to do with north of England mac?
  3. This lads 13,shoots /fishes and likes his dogs he was in smart togs as was off to watch the football after?
  4. Now all the shoots are done it’s a free for all, this little fcker loves squirrelling, not that her arse is to happy about it ..::was in middle of nowhere and found this scarecrow ?
  5. First dog I had as a lad in 70’s was a fox terrier lovely dog and far to loyal to me as a young kid… so me man got rid:(
  6. I got taken out By a highspeed sheep few weeks before Christmas not been a good season for Me pup as was laid up for-over a month… things are gettin better now and i hope they will for you soon?
  7. Loads of stuff to go at up here Ben and you know me and stav will put you up any time?
  8. Take a wild stab in the dark Ben:)
  9. I just use to tell them to fcuk clean off when I got given plots like that to build, use to have to scramble over your bricks and gear to build the fcuker:(?
  10. This ain’t no Venice beach, it’s cold and blowing a b@stard today? yesterday a recky around the woods, today in the fields with the dog? camera is crap at distance photos:( loads of roe about
  11. Be better than readymix Dan ?
  12. What for?? dogs that can run in two ft of shit or the longest mooch?
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