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  1. This ain’t no Venice beach, it’s cold and blowing a b@stard today yesterday a recky around the woods, today in the fields with the dog camera is crap at distance photos:( loads of roe about
  2. What for?? dogs that can run in two ft of shit or the longest mooch
  3. It’s bad enough round this way but way worse on wold tops let things slide today.. could of been a busy walk! you’ll be fcuked for a while, all slop frozen.
  4. Nice bright day up north, makes a change.. still bloody cold and the grounds still rock hard
  5. That’s a thank fcuk it’s up… it’s been built 3 times and wrecked by the weather
  6. there wants to be a pot of gold at the end of this job… this has been the worst winter I’ve known! had one full week in in the last 3 months had rain/snow/ sunshine then temp dropped back down to freezing today
  7. It’ll do for me, worked all over uk and Europe but this spots home. I lasted two weeks at the collage behind queens gardens, had police searching under tables in class room cos someone escaped from the nick
  8. Ain’t no fcuker driving to hell from Scarborough I was supposed to do my apprenticeship on the princes quay, I told them to get fcuked sorry Mc That said I’ve a few ground worker mates from hull who are good lads
  9. Do one.. I would just gone home to pick some tools up for an inside job, the dog won’t go out for a pi55 it’s that bad
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