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  1. haha... dr Omer has got propper thumbprint bruises on his forehead no ya cant have another council house!!
  2. si brown


    if I beat me biggest bag with the pigeons she wants a £5 bonus
  3. si brown


    after 18 years of paying out.... things are starting to pay off!! me eldest daughters 18 and got a job in the pub down the rd witch works out well for collage and me as she gets discount on beer and food and will finally be earning some brass! youngest of the girls just tried tapping me up for £20 so ive got her re vamping me decoys up... she's not getting a penny till there finished! lol and the lads a dab hand at gardening they better not bugger off when they get older, im looking forward to being a lazy old git!!
  4. si brown

    Decent bag of bunnies

    good session lads and a nice christening for the vulcan went to pick up a wildcat mk2 yesterday pav.. same speck same shot count!! the cabbages sent the wrong one so ive got to go back Tuesday .. just need to get saving for a thermal now
  5. si brown

    Farage is back

    They’d get my vote
  6. si brown


    haha....health and safety gone wild this place mark, its an extension on McCain's chips factory... you need permit to fart!! me and my mate have put 4300 blocks down in 7 shifts.. they asked me to work off a tower last week, I told them to get fecked and had two days off while it got scaffolded! so I spent a day sat in a hide chilling and shooting!!
  7. si brown


    Cheers!! Wish I was older Mitch... wouldn’t be laying these concreat blox the next tit that asks when I’ll be finished is gonna get told to fcukoff.
  8. si brown


    No blue pills needed yet mark Cheers si
  9. si brown


    Jaha ya....Cheeky twat! 45 but feel 60 cheers jimmy
  10. si brown

    fist post

    hmmm...Yorkshire folk fo ya thats har we talk darn ear
  11. si brown

    fist post

    Was that me or you fcukin about dont type it into google you’ll probably get sent to a German porn site
  12. Feck that... bullets over broadway
  13. si brown

    Smokers delight

    I recon I’d of gorged me self to death there!! that beef chegwin sound awesome
  14. si brown

    What would you do

    I’d put all me tools in the car, drive to the pier and throw the fcukers in! then I’d buy my kids off the x’s and get the fcuk out of here
  15. si brown

    fist post

    Yeah it’s defiantly a learning curve for me, first couple of sessions were an eye opener!