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  1. he wants a firing pin making.. can't handle the stress of owning a puff gun
  2. si brown

    Afghan national, loving father... Not

    Far to fast that.... we had the right idea hundreds of years ago! stick him in a cage for all to see and let the birds have him
  3. si brown

    Afghan national, loving father... Not

    there here to enrich our lives with there cultures... think there doing a great job!! one of the cnuts is in York crown court today being charged with rapping a lass and trying to another in a Scarborough street how far's this shit got to go before the government realises the last thing this county needs is every fcuker elses shit
  4. si brown

    Getting there now

    its Thl Flynn... if its not a hw100 its sh1te
  5. si brown

    Getting there now

    if it puts you back in the game and your happy with it that's all that counts happy hunting!!
  6. si brown

    A duo of coneys

    Your like a binge Hunter Matt ... go cold turkey for a few months then go mad for it that top rabbits a proper money shot Get that stock striped and stick your stamp on it, think it looks ace with that mod on!
  7. si brown

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    like for like... make them do community service cleaning statues and removing graffiti for a few months
  8. si brown

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    did all sorts of stupid stuff when I was a kid.. still do occasionally but ive always respected the men and women who fought for out country from an early age!! that shits just blatant disrespect
  9. si brown

    When you don't get paid lol.

    Haha... 600 quids fcukall compared to what he wrecked in that vid good effort
  10. si brown

    New gun, sort of...

    Haha... made me laugh reading that phil:) i had a gat when I was at school, think I bought it with my paper round money... can remeber my mum going mad cos I’d been shooting posters in me bedroom!! holes all over
  11. si brown

    Daystate Airwolf mtc 177

    I had an airwolf, it was sound... accurate as you like with airarms or jsb pellets! sure I use to use jsb heavy in.177 as for the battery it lasts ages and by that I mean weeks
  12. si brown

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    I sussed out that paki doctors who dont pay for work carried out soon put there hands in there pocket if you drive a 7 1/2ton dumper onto there lawn and threaten to drive it through there house
  13. si brown

    A weekend on Crows and pigeons

    aka... hangover bet the flu bug went weeks ago... classic case of over medicating!! as for sympathy blokes never get it
  14. si brown

    Shot on the job

    cracking shot that matt... you lads from the north west don't half like your Zimmer frames the 99 looks well with that mod on
  15. si brown

    A weekend on Crows and pigeons

    that's why he cant get out of bed to shoot that fox