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  1. Quite liked farage and am grateful for what he’s done to get us out of the eu! but after watching his last YouTube vid rimming Tony Blair I’m thinking wtf
  2. good luck tomorrow sd hope all goes well
  3. they were £59 for 50, I got them thrown in with the gun.. the bloke bought two boxes with it so ive got bout 70 to reload with! should of started a different thread sd, ill do one once I do something meaningful with it like you I was out in the cold the other night.. It wasn't much fun so only gave it a couple of hours! I was up on the moors that were like a swamp that was half frozen, only had a fleeting glimpse of one in-between the sheep and it was gone before I knew it could hear them barking in the distance but non were playing so it was an early bath night.
  4. 40grn fiocchi Ben, I’ll use them up then reload the brass with 39grn blitzkings I’ve got
  5. its a tikka super varmint sd, its a 20" witch ticked the shooting out of the window box.. I know the gun as I was in the shop when it was getting put together, it only had 32 shots through it before I got it put the pard 008 on it, I can swap it about easily.. wanted a vermin basher cos I never use nv on the .6.5 as I like using a real scope on that rifle!
  6. I picked up a .204 few days back ben, been looking for a cheap to reload for vermin basher... had a .223 but never really took to it so it went! zeroed it at 150yrd other day with pard on, was that bright I had to put a bit of a shade up to see target got it in right field within a few shots patched target then made a final tweak after the high shot.. thought that'll do for me!
  7. I’m with Mitch, time to get on it happy new year lads
  8. Na it’s one for the shotgun.. the partridge was a casualty of the the rat trap
  9. I saw a mate in town today who use to dance on hitman and her.. the dancin kids where all wreckheads from Scarborough except the black kid
  10. I put a camera out the other day as me mate was saying there’s a fox about! so I left him a partridge and a couple of pigeons.. came back next day and the partridge was gone and the pigeons were half bearied.. thought I was game on till is saw the culprit, the biggest rat I’ve seen.. it’s wrestling with partridge here
  11. Had some rare nights up at tall trees stav, it was like the Wild West before it went Good job you ain’t got kids cos there’s a hole load of mums n dads they’ll meet that will expose your old ways Na not me.. don’t no what ya on about
  12. I was only five when you were nockin one out to blondie but by then I’d sussed out it was all about birds with nice arses made me mum n dad get me this when I was about 8
  13. Was out the other night, we’ve had a month of it... it’s been a nightmare thinking of taking a fishing rod with me for retrieving stuff:(
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