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  1. si brown

    New Land

    go for it, I'm still out loads with the airguns but I've got to confess ive not used a sub 12 for about 5 months was out with my lad plinking yesterday and the farmer said he's drilling the beans tomorrow so looks like a day off is on the cards
  2. si brown

    New Land

    looks good Rez, bet you'll be living in that wood at the bottom left... looks like the pigeons drop out of it straight into that field for dinner
  3. si brown

    Last light

    The 99 is a mint rifle for the money but it don’t shoot itself... top shooting that Matt
  4. si brown

    night vision

    Pav is spot on with the pard, I use mine during the day without and bang the pard on and it’s just as comfortable to shoot with at night with no compromise! The rubber things a pain so it stays folded back out of the way so I can see all the screen.
  5. si brown

    More sh*te from Kwis Packbam

    was talking to a farmer who's land I shoot on a few weeks ago and he said a lad was knocking off the crows on one of his mates farms an got fined because he had not tried alternative measures!! its in the post:(
  6. si brown


    typical one sided shite! this bloke points out the flip side and the stats that the left seem to of over looked, its not all about Brexit but its in there! and yeah I didn't go to uni like my brothers and sister who all have degrees and voted stay..
  7. si brown

    Why the migrant boats need to be towed back or sunk!

    you couldn’t make this shit up:( put the fcuker in the sea with his kids!
  8. si brown

    butt pad

    recon that looks way better than the stud plate... good job the Royal Mail is shite called in to see the old girl on the way home, off t shift a few rabbits for her
  9. si brown


    Funny sort of!
  10. si brown

    stops play

    you still on your quest to get blown into the Irish Sea matt?! its been blowing a b@stard over this way for a week solid now
  11. si brown


    It’s a good forum Mitch.... they cover some good stuff only downside is there back slappin yanks!
  12. si brown

    stops play

    It might be nice and sunny today but it’s still blowing a gale no shooting today just book keeping and diy with a bit of stock stripping thrown in for good measure!
  13. si brown


    dont hold back Roger
  14. si brown

    First firearm

    yeah Dorset is terrible, took a mate off this site over 12 months for him to get his in Dorset and that was over a year ago so just hang in there I take it by the she its the same woman that visited him! got mine in north Yorks in under a month
  15. si brown

    Australian senator Fraser Anning.

    good on him... these little shits need a good slap like in the report how he " appeared to punched him"