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  1. They can have the fcuker back
  2. £535.00 chinks are getting greedy:(
  3. its ok is shoulderd properly but if its not your gonna take a beating. just using an old lanber o/u now, got sick of searching for cartridges
  4. I've just got rid of my m2 Ben.. ive owned two beretta's no problems just wanted something lighter for carting about! make sure you've got it shoulderd right when taking a snap shot cos theres no weight to soak up the shock... and it jammed a fair few times with 32grm loads
  5. My mate uses an xq38 and it’s mint and that’s the base model... I’ve seen stuff through my thermal spotter and can’t find it with my n/v he’s passed his rifle over with the thermal on and it’s down instantly no messin about, I’d happily shoot fox’s at 300yard cos there’s no mistaking what your looking at.
  6. I’m not sure about that lad... he was threatening to send me pictures of his crack the other week
  7. Cheers Dave 26grn of reloader10x seated to nosler speck 2.250 but don’t forget it’s a .204 Dave... these loads take more powder for 204 than loading for the 223! did another batch yesterday and stepped the load up 1/2 grn
  8. I think a big part of it over this way is there are a lot of lads that run dogs and will throw them at anything anywhere! I see it all the time, im not going into this one but one of my farmers got shot at a couple of weeks back.. he had to dive out of the tractor and hide behind it while the armed response came! they weren't far away which speaks volumes but the lads had done one before they got there.. its not just the foxes that keep you on your toes round here
  9. these fcukers on the moors aint daft.. you have to specifically target one at a time! ive seen the cubs out once and they were gone within seconds and that will of been there first encounter with a human... I can see the wood they live in but they won't leave it... had it baited up wind put the caller out and not a sniff theres a lad I know who's got one nicking lambs about a mile away thats at breaking point
  10. always good to catch up Jim, it had been a long time coming! it was worth slinging them clays about just to hear you too screaming f-boms
  11. When my lass’s brother was a lad an old keeper took him under his wing, he was only young and put himself forward for a night foxing! his hands were that cold that the keeper shot two rabbits for him to stick his hands in and keep warm... that’s Yorkshire hospitality for you
  12. It’s original stock that came with it ,was never fitted, took that grs thing off cos I couldn’t shoot off the sticks with it and it’s 1 1/2lbd lighter
  13. Not a nice smell at all, I can’t bring myself to eat them... there rank
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