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  1. Qbgrey

    Pet hates.

    C…..s that get to Heathrow in December flying to a hot place wearing flip flops, vest and sunglasses
  2. Haven’t watched tv for years. Only Netflix very occasional . I sit in other room in front of woodburner on YouTube mainly
  3. Can’t you hide a stash up somewhere mate
  4. We’re going to bored to death tonight with the football ffs
  5. I be the judge of that fella thankyou
  6. No harm in looking and believing stuff . Most of the members on here have been searching for a decent bird but haven’t got one. Thier still looking some of em and will even by a plastic replica of a bird to satisfy thier failure to find the real thing. I haven’t seen greyman dragging a taxidermy leopard threw trafelgar Square shouting: lookout this thing bites:
  7. Look utterly ridiculous those kilts
  8. Ugly f………g c..,…t of a women. Leave her thier bollox to her
  9. Got to take your trousers and under cracker’s off tho mate that’s cheating right thier
  10. Rip big man Just left Twickenham after watching England play shit.
  11. Wonder if theirs a used for sale section can just see the ad now. Test drive available
  12. Qbgrey

    Pet hates.

    Restaurants that let the chefs out in full view of paying customers, covered in shit, smoking fags, gobbing etc
  13. I’m ok don’t talk to no bugger privately. I’m not in the :gang:
  14. We got a new sports coach on my son team whos a met copper nice very nice guy, every year us helpers/ coaches have a clay shoot at mine.last year he said he will attend, so I’m thinking oh f**k, we shoot , have a shot of port, drive the quads on the road to the ground pulling trailers,then we go to the pub. Anyhow he surprisingly had to work last minute. I can see his side of things could be tricky, only needs a footpath walker to take a pic of him , gun,beer, near public people it could look bad. Must be awfull for him to have to be careful what he does. Bieng around him just makes me feel
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