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  1. Qbgrey


    Prob is alot of people allways want the cheaper out say 5 products,lets say car brake pads.and i honestly believe most of them think they will last aslong as the more expensive ones.but the dearest parts are 5 to 10 quid dearer.it makes no sense in the long run.need more brake pads,need to pay again to have them fitted. People are financed up to the hilt with cheap loans.so always look for cheap,not quality,hence chinas growth in shit products
  2. Alot do come in as seasonal workers,some farms have 700 staff off peak,then over 1500 during picking season.
  3. Qbgrey


    People still rammed on tube,supermarkets no masks,gloves etc greedy sites.still running.were in for ww3.whats wrong with em.i told a lad who works with me to just stay home for a bit,but hes still helping another builder,running about with dogs,etc thse prople will be the ones pro long the others from earning.
  4. Bieng proud of werre you live is great,but thiers always a better place or country.pisses me off people preaching that were the live,or born is the best.if we do our dna most of ya will be in for a shock.north,south,Wales,who gives a shit.bieng kind,generous,honest and upright is more important than race.if i had a lovely family of pakis(which i not keen on)as niehbours or a scum,benefit cheat,lazy c.t english family,id choose the pakis.
  5. Qbgrey

    Fcuk it

    I think my gears breaking on a daily basis to keep me on my toes.belt sheared off my stiga ride on,then today tried to fire up digger,fuking stop start diesrl solenoid fuked.was a b*****d to get off.all on order.pools water level dropping rapido.clays heaved,shrunk and cracked skimmer pipe.(i believe.).plus 1000 s more pissing jobs
  6. I found a terrier on the lane as a kid,took it home,my ole man fired up the bronze mk1 escort and we dropped dog off a bill station,few days later we went back picked him up.had him 11yrs,bloody good dog,went every were with us.
  7. I reckon alot of familys going to take a serious look at how they lived,all got the fancy motors,porche cayenne,rangerovers,convertables for school run,wash machine,appliances,extension,grey bi folds everywere,outdoor spa,porcelain patios.all on monthly payments.some are not left a tenner at the end of the month.trying to look all millionared up.get people look and speak to me in reasonable estates like im dog shit,cause igot the tipper,building worker style.but cracks me up cause my gaffs 5 times what they got.had a new money,flash harry geezer type owe me money,he dropped it off at my house,c....ts chin hit the deck... they will be back to a 5 yr old fiesta,
  8. Piss take,its the grabbers that our out still working on construction.if they give the virus to an elder they will regret it.
  9. Qbgrey


    Haha,that be fun.fuk the mussies if in this country abibe by the laws here.
  10. I take it were exempt if you worked abroad,had,nt had any minge for 3 months,then a tidy local bird in.
  11. Yup i knew that would happen,alot of sub con were asking money up front.its easy for them to go bankrupt now,then start up again .
  12. Qbgrey


    A fireman mate said they got the job moving bodies about,going to be a backlog of furnerals.prob have to have a mass cremation soon.cant see burials bieng popular with this contagious virus.....and still today,not one person,staff,customers,security in supermarket no mask.what dont they understand
  13. Ive just been doing outside work here,garden etc.could spend another month on it and still not be done.fukin blackthorns.....
  14. Idiots,trouble is thiers loads of them,mainly pikeys,see them round here trying to sell the best dog in the world,next day you hear they dumped it,disgusting.
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