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  1. Qbgrey

    Hong Kong - British Colonialism

    Its s shithole now the mainlanders are thier.clean,you must be joking
  2. Qbgrey

    Has my boy been used for stud?

    Bring back jeremy kyle.
  3. Qbgrey

    Painters/decorators HELP PLEASE!

    Yup sealer will stop that,i use pva with,a touch of water,let it dry.then start paint coat 1,let it dry then paint 2 and so on.you can buy proper sealer tho for it.(see post before)
  4. Qbgrey

    Has my boy been used for stud?

    Id ask for money,sofa surfing non working lurcher pups are a 1000 a pop.
  5. Qbgrey

    Wtf is this

    Some people should,nt own these trial cams.☺
  6. Qbgrey

    the fight

    I bet ole mike tyson was laughing,or poss crying seeing that shite.
  7. Qbgrey


    Its not great britain anymore.
  8. Qbgrey


    Asparagus makes your piss stink.
  9. Qbgrey

    the fight

    Looked like a fix,hands down,not trying,gave up early,not really throwing much.ffs what a shit fight.
  10. Qbgrey


    Thats the truth gnasher,when your young you dont give a shit,risk taking,no consequences to your actions,once you get a family you become captain cautious.i personally,could,nt av a job that did,nt have a few fiddles here n thier.☺☺
  11. Qbgrey


    Only that person can know how they feel,if your in debt,then a load more cash will help,what age the guy is will be a factor.but if it was stupid more,id take it.the man who said money cant buy happiness was a mental case
  12. god knows how that happened.i could proper get you in shit now,if only i knew how.☺☺
  13. So you rock up to see the farmer,and your dog kills one of his chickens,or chases a lamb,you get invited to a diferent lamping area,sheep,cattle,horses,lamas,etc,etc are only 1,2 fields away.walking them on the lanes with horses.i can only see the downside of not bothering with stock breaking.
  14. Qbgrey

    Pups and pricing

    This is a frenchbulldogx pug.his mate confirmed it when guy was in loo.