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  1. Bang on,I've always said I must be the only one who gets under 5 rabbits on night out.in the pub its always I shot 124 pigeons, me dog got 78 rabbit, bloody boring.
  2. Yup the ones who keep posting non stop with bollox prob don't get out much,let alone own a dog.
  3. I pop in now and again,used to reading stuff for hours but its gone poop if you ask me.too much arguing with dinlos who know everything.
  4. Thunder are good seems every gig I go to their on. Micheal shchenker, black country communion ole Glen Hughes can sing,seen the darkness with John Lord on keyboard,and a few others.would love to see anthrax and panterra.zack wilde is great live .
  5. It's normally all good at these metal fests ,but I had a bad feeling when queuing to get in and the security pulled a machete out of the guy in front of me rucksack.
  6. Got into a bad tear up at a gig not long back,trying to kill me I'm sure.being drug free and not to pissed they did,nt fair well.hahaaaa
  7. A new great young band all brothers n sister is lillac ,check out the holy diver cover in front of a white church.the singers only 17yrs old.amazing
  8. Ratm was quality .I like velvet revolver too,and if anyone's got time look up on utube. The rubber bandits.horse outside song.bloody great
  9. I,d love to see Tom morello live,he's one of the best in my book.
  10. I've seen Blackfoot,slayer,Alice Cooper, ted nugent ,bb King,ozzy,rammestien,baby metal,tool,dream theater ,mad capsule markets, system of a down,cult ,bloody loads more. Best was mad capsule markets,ramestien ,ozzy.
  11. I have a klf 750 I kawasaki bruteforce 4x4 quad,it's great but for a dog,a person,all the kit,and shit on it its not big enough. Great for towing tho.im in process of looking for a mule,or gator,with doors and poss a heater,great rear bed space,and doors to stop dogs jumping out.have used an polaris electric one for a few days,but I do believe them and can am are not great bushes,bearings,etc wear out.my mate has John deer and he's says it's great bit of kit.saw a farmer get bogged down in one of the jcb ones,the gator pulled it out.if someone wants a bruteforce I may sell mine.
  12. Qbgrey

    Bad backs

    Tramadol seriously fu...d me up ,took 4 off my mate when my back went,(never took it before) when me back f....d up,had a bit of grub and 2 beers ,coming home put a very,very expensive car into 3 large rocks and a oak post on the ice.cannot even recall it 5 mins after crash. Anyway cost me almost a yrs wages to repair it.be carefully with the tramadol.
  13. Qbgrey

    Bad backs

    I see a chiro,a fella ,he's says I have acute muscle tension ,I did nt believe it one bit I thought he's gonna give me a quick massage and ask for 38 notes.but I went and I tell you I could nt of picked a 50 quid note off the floor ,wife had to put my socks on .well after my treatment I felt could run a marathon,opened car door and dived in,turned round to reverse out,no prob.on the other hand his wife done me one time,she was not strong enough to do the job.came out feeling slightly better only.
  14. Qbgrey


    Yup must be.is he still posting??
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