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  1. Maybe they will keep those fuking seagulls in check
  2. That just shows you eh?? They have millions of paki babies but they want white ones ?????
  3. My only Nieghbour is about 300 metres away and don’t say a word about our goings on.shooting, party’s, cars drifting around field, hunting etc etc. his a posh chap but once you get him talking he not to bad a laugh. Does give me funny looks in my tipper tho. He does get emotional about his water bill once a year as his main runs threw my field, it normally coincides with me filling up my pool.
  4. Qbgrey

    Cornwall trip

    Carl’s berg not a bad drop. They sell super bok in lidls now, that’s a nice drop. Madri is shite.
  5. Qbgrey

    Cornwall trip

    You following me. Yup this country got everything mate even Bodmin moor is a lovely place . Crystal clear Cornish coastline very lucky like you say
  6. Qbgrey

    Cornwall trip

    Lovely mate just a great place . I was in that street food place right in the harbour yesterday. You can sit on a table right next to the boats on low tide( prob on high too). 5.50£ a beer .Beats Isle of Wight 6£for a bottle of beer that’s 12£ a pint .boys bankrupt
  7. Qbgrey

    Cornwall trip

    We’ve just left Newquay this morning nice beaches and I saw some massive fish in a cove, decent enough food too. Got a speeding ticket on the way down and had a tyre sidewall bulge got a new tyre in mjb tyres 220 quid ffs was getting busy with the board masters crowd too.
  8. Very horrible situation all round, but if numerous professionals had informed them it’s fruitless carrying on they should let him go , not fair on the poor lad or the doctors treating him not to mention the parents.
  9. Qbgrey


    My mate was on these miracle slimming pills.all the way to Norfolk to watch the banger racing he was on about them. Anyway we arrived and he had large cod n chips, 4 donuts, a litre of coke.he got quite upset when I mentioned I didn’t think those tablets was working.
  10. Qbgrey


    Fasting???? What you really mean is don’t eat so much ya fat greedy cu8t.
  11. Good luck to them . But this morning driving to the site.,on the radio all it was is how girls should just go out and play,how schools should have girls football, we should nt discriminate against womens sports ffs who has ever stopped girls playing football??? Jesus all the usual wankerscwere on
  12. Thier will be licking going in the changing rooms no doubt
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