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  1. Cheers fellas picking up the carts seems a pain.i love a semi auto tbh,and shoot better with one.may just use my o/u
  2. I bed straight down on to mot.( type 1)
  3. It's a worry laying on just sand,water will travel under it,creating sunk slabs,and rockers.but its what suits your budget at the end of the day
  4. Half bond or staggered looks nice,but you need a diamond saw to cut the half's with straight joints you can make your patio work to 5 slabs long x 5wide for example. Lay them on a compacted hard-core,or type 1 base.use sharp sand with building sand and cement.i use pva mixed with cement powder and water painted on back of slabs to stop them lifting(rocking)
  5. I know thiers lots of posts on which semi is good,I'm looking to get to the clay ground more often,have nt been for yrs.my question is a semi auto the done thing now adays on the clay ground,yrs ago I saw them and pumps but times and attitudes change, should I just get a over n under.??? Cheers boys
  6. farmers are mostly c....to,if you work from 6 am till 8pm they say nothing, but the next day they expect you to work from 5am till 9pm.laid 225 cube of concrete for one in a day,they was bragging about how hard farming is,and how many hours they work,I tell ya a few hours pulling a c40 mix about soon had em running for the tractor seat......"just got to feed the pigs"!!!
  7. Yup,used to be the front chain sprocket off the push bike welded to a 12mm re,bar.
  8. Day rate.i think it soon going to drop.a mate offered me 660 for Sat n Sunday,but its a bit of a drive,but moneys about,strange tho after covid and brexit,gone nuts.cant even find a tipper,all way to much.
  9. He charges 150 aday.the other non alcoholic spread who does a full day but is slow is 350 plus vat.the brickies I have been paying 2210 for a weeks work.(7 days).not bad money ffs
  10. What is it with plasterers,all the ones I ever know have serious drink problems my mate I use now does 2 hits and at 1pm he's gone to pub,every day.
  11. By God that was one annoying spoilt c.....t.
  12. Maybe you would,nt but to keep generation's of your family earning I'd buy 100,200 new builds,and rent them and put it in my will never to be sold,could keep your family going for ever.then I'd blow a shit load on beer, food,travel,banger racing,the lot. Its like a sensible thing to do before you go totally nuts on spending.
  13. Now your talking. Only trouble is no fish will take my Mrs as bait..hahaaaaaa
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