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  1. Half Chinese,half European some of the prettiest lady's in the world.shes doing great,and only young.good luck to her.
  2. Yup sick of hearing about it tbh.loads of illegals in it,they were blaming the firemen at one point.one thing they never mentioned was the person who started the fire.
  3. That's the truth,most of the boys round my way that were a bit naughty, lively,had a bit about them seem to have done well,the ones that came from shit council estates worked hard to get a better life.in my area we got lots of these types,some have helicopters, all the best of things.we all grew up together, and meet up for a beer which is great.if your in your 50,s,and worked all your life no reason why you should nt be doing all right.you only get one life,enjoy it I've no problems treating the kids,cars,food,clothes,etc,etc.we never had it as kids,was poor as fuk.
  4. Hand dig sorts out the weak.yup they got used to doing fack,all for money.my labourer gets 800 for 5 days,but I expect a days work.
  5. Lovely pup that is.some one will get a nice hound.
  6. Soon as they let women in and blokes under 6ft it all went down hill.2 women attended a incident in the middle of the sticks the other night,2 tiny birds,done right up,make up,hair,tidy sorts.what the hell was they going to do if it turned rough.yup you guessed it,they called for assistance.
  7. Those pir voice ones shit you up,you can record a message that gets played once someone has been detected."fuk off my property c....t"! Or one my mate had said" you have been detected,the police have been alerted "!
  8. Have a feel of their chests,if they are scrawny, boney things it could be a disease poss.
  9. I'd hard wire them,if it's on house,get a decent monitor ,I have a monitor beside TV,and also next to my bed.my cameras are ducted 200mtrs from monitor up my drive,I can change,or upgrade cable easily if needed. Keep the cobwebs off em tho,can't see shit.i have a cheap low down camera too,it reads vehicles number plate as the pull up to gate.
  10. That's right, some blurred image is pointless for a prosecution point of view,or even if you decide to find out who it is and take things on yourself.you may aswell put up fake cameras if you want a deterrent. Any of those screwfix crap is not worth it.swann is laughed at by cctv businesses. Depends what you want to protect.i had a shit camera up the end of my drive,but changed it for hikvision mp7 zoomable.came home my electric gates had been smashed off,and my hedge ripped out.looked at camera and saw a grab truck reverse in smash them to bits.rang up the company,and basically the driver
  11. Hikvisions great I have 9 cameras some are dome type, others are zoomable,I have mp 7 I believe,very good,but may change 1 or 2 to mp9.dont buy cheap shit it won't last
  12. One runs a bar near us,camp as he'll,tells us some stories about what he's been up to.(pardon the pun) but makes us laugh gets a bit touchy sometimes, he don't bother me,the other lads freeze if he touches them,has me in stitches.one thing that does piss me off is no one's allowed to say anything anymore,if you say I'd rather not sit next the gay/trans/ladyboys etc you get shot down.
  13. Qbgrey

    BBQ Smoker

    Short rib is the best cut of beef I reckon,done well nothing comes close.
  14. Qbgrey

    Car Wow!

    What if you have a emergency at home and are low on power.you,d be going nuts standing waiting for it to charge.my Mrs new car I got her parks itself ffs,more cameras than Buckingham Palace.cant be a v8 straight threw in a tunnel.
  15. Cross Country Mountain biking was it.???
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