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  1. Qbgrey

    Bucket List Trips

    Sad that bloke on youtube talking about the girls in Cambodia,proper sex pest he looks.tits n beer is a lethal cocktail,but some act like Neanderthals over a bar chick.
  2. Qbgrey

    Tuna sells for £2.5 million

    I dout they freeze that,served up fresh as sashimi.
  3. Qbgrey

    Slant eyes

    Thiers a vid too off a big pig farm in china with automated liguid feeding,sow in with young,all looks very modern and clean,chinas a big place,very different cultures,levels of education,western influences.
  4. Qbgrey

    Can anyone get this?

    Dont get the maths,but borrowing 100 quid for a shirt,i say buy it yourself ya useless jobless c...t
  5. Qbgrey

    Morrisons raided

    Lucky you never got mown by the mobility scooter bridgade,are morisons is full of em.come down the road 3 up,nan,kids the lot.nan get out and beats the kids inside.
  6. Qbgrey

    A merry Christmas

    Merry xmas ted,and all you guys on here,its a good laugh,sometimes brutall,but i like it.hahaaa have a good Xmas and new year.
  7. Qbgrey


    The answers in the post.why buy a 425 hatsan from abroad,when you can buy one here for half the money,and less agro with shipping etc.?.......cause its tuned to the bollox.24llbs out of a supposedly called airgun.?
  8. Qbgrey

    Constipated dogs ??

    Run them,or trot them on bike,quad,truck etc.soon does the trick.
  9. Qbgrey

    Pocket rocket Powell

    My pocket rocket still going 8yrs old now.been a Trojan he has,very good work horse with a great temp.
  10. Qbgrey

    Any brickys?

    Your right on that,these new brickys could nt build a water bond manhole,i done 2 huge class b eng brick m/h for a ground work company ,and the cheeky b....s said your to lazy to cut the end brick flush.total idiot.give new boys a slipper,or tell them benching,they screwed.
  11. Qbgrey

    Any brickys?

    Yup theres a big difference between those that think they know,and ones that do.my nan can lay a brick in a barrow,dont make her a bricky.i find the pointing lets alot of guys down.
  12. Qbgrey

    Any brickys?

    Blocks are a pain coming in at 215mm,ive always said they should be a bit smaller,sometimes difficult to get em down to marry up with brickwork,time you bed the dpm,then bed the damp,then first course of wall ties..even now i see plenty if brickys putting far too much bed down on blocks..
  13. Qbgrey

    How much for Thailand

    How dare he ride off into the sunset with my wife
  14. Qbgrey

    Fury v wilder

    Fury will be rich for playing the dodging game,the richest boxer to have not been a exciting fighter,and good luck to him.the old school heavy wieghts put more of a show on,proper good scraps.hes going to milk the dollars as much as poss then retire,hes not daft.
  15. Qbgrey

    Sick little bullying tramp

    A kick in head ,thats attempted murder surely.