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  1. Qbgrey


    Rough ole dog that thing
  2. Qbgrey

    Heat Lamp

    I use a red lamp with 2 heat setting so you can adjust slightly,and its on a chain so can lift it up,down if needed,and got insulated kennel to stop the heat going out.
  3. Qbgrey

    Ready to rock n roll

    Nice hounds mate,the ground like bloody concrete still,getting itchy feet now.
  4. Qbgrey

    Ready to rock n roll

    Dont set fire to em mate,look like handy dawgs.
  5. Qbgrey

    BJS is an utter scumbag

    Thats how these pikeys roll when they got money,the old genuine traveller men would not act like that.wanker
  6. Qbgrey

    Lost, stolen dog

    Not good,hope dog get returned.but offering a reward fuels the thieving,any normal person will hand it back if found.
  7. Qbgrey

    Croydon cat killer

    Your on the monies thier mate,and people living on estates should only be allowed 1 cat.(none if i was in charge).owners of cats have no come backs,just chuck em out and shut the door,its wrong.
  8. Qbgrey

    Croydon cat killer

    Ffs what a load of bollox,i got banned from a local newspaper comments page over it,cause i quoted" cats kill more songbirds than any other animal,guys doing us a good job"all the loonies went mad.hahaaaaaa
  9. Qbgrey

    It wil be RIP on the night .....

    Paul mc cartney.?(we can only hope)
  10. Qbgrey

    Anyone Going To Midland Gamefair?

    20 quid aint to sad,includes parking i presume,a day out in uk aint cheap anymore,even taking kids to the beach ,the buggers rape me,prawns,whelks,drinks,chips,ice cream,diesel,parking all adds up,then the mrs wants to take home skate,cod,bream,ffs.
  11. Qbgrey

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Fukin load of old poop that bb,havent watched it in ten year or more,but did you see the farm one.?lets put lois spence,and another load of gender mis fits on a working farm,jesus it was utter shite,all of em twerking up a gate post etc,never seen so much fake bollox in my life
  12. Qbgrey

    My predicament advice please

    Family first,and then dogs,but equally if you have a dog you should give it the best life poss,if thats not happening then get rid..work comes first so you support the family,thats my priority.
  13. Qbgrey

    Broken gate

    Long gate,just broke its back due to stress.
  14. Qbgrey

    Retired my bitch today so after new stock

    That good,thats how a dog should be ,lamp off dog back double quick,someone taught it right.
  15. Qbgrey

    Retired my bitch today so after new stock

    The grounds still like iron in south east,dogs prob struggling with grip,etc.wait till wheat shoots are just coming up threw,grounds a bit softer.