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  1. Our vets has been thier for years ,40 odd I reckon, the boss is a greyhound vet specialist and 1 other, they have been great to us, a couple of girls are into hawks etc . It was a vets I was with for a while that was anti. Got very bad looks at midnight taking an injured dog in covered in claret. I had to put her right what we had been up to.
  2. I’m afraid not many old school vets about now, mostly vegan anti hunting lot nowadays. I just come back from vets this morning unfortunately had to pts my 12 year old bully whip (£215.) was a great dog never let me down, could ferret, lamp, pick up on shoot, retrieve from water, excellent tracker on wounded fox. Will be missed very much
  3. Good watch that. What is it with most breeders tho, the yards look like a shit hole can never work that out.
  4. Look at that c… t that lived with a c…t ( lineker and a paki immigrant) he left Pakistan because he feared for his life but left his wife behind????
  5. Shocking state mate, not many decent slim birds about the uk now.most eat shit food and wonder they are fat c**ts
  6. I will try thankyou hahaa
  7. Huntinglife handbags this should be called not general section. Ffs very very boring and the reason I don’t come on much anymore.
  8. Ffs tried getting red diesel in garage like normal today but padlocked. Went in , Indian guy said do I have an account no I says, so you can’t buy red now he said. I said how do I open an account I asked, oh you just give me a copy of your driving license. And asked what I’m using it for. Jesus talk about another hoop
  9. I’m going to build or convert my own place, looking for barn, plot, agricultural building with/without planning permission but they ain’t cheap one looked at today was £575,000 prob needed £250,000 to £325,000 spent on it as well
  10. Downsize, less maintenance as it’s relentless. Will miss it and probably regret selling ,but I don’t want to leave the kids a load of agro and huge inheritance tax bill. Times move on unfortunately
  11. Looked at a barn to convert today but it’s priced to high I reckon.
  12. Qbgrey

    6 Nations.

    England played shit.
  13. Not yet mate will be very sad to let it go tbh. It’s a fantastic area and I have not one house behind me for miles and only 1 Nieghbour who is about 350 metres away
  14. Fuking hope not I’m relying on this £££££
  15. Hope the house prices don’t crash too much I’m prob selling up.
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