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  1. Qbgrey

    suggestions for a private license plate

    I nearly bought ...9unt a few yrs back.
  2. Qbgrey

    New member needs some help!

    Try not to sicken it buy constantly running stuff with no reward.use a slip lead to control what you launch here at,that way you may get closer to a young squirrel ,away from nearest tree,etc,etc.have you trained the dog to retrieve,if not when it does catch it may run about with it for ages.
  3. Qbgrey

    Wasp nests and stings

    Cheers mate,they are hortible things,but i killed about 60 last night,didnt have any attacks,ive found them to be very placid,apart from when we was stripping pegs off a roof and i put a hammer into nest,got stung several times,but the worst was on side of my head,felt like my head was going to explode,very,very,painfull.
  4. Qbgrey

    Wasp nests and stings

    Fukin hornets dive bombing the swimming pool tonight,caught about 100 in my net,maybe the pool light drew em in.was like a nazi bombing mission,bloody things turn up every year.
  5. Qbgrey

    Best looking Breed?

    On looks,the dogo argentino.
  6. Qbgrey

    Wagyu beef

    Its a local farm based butchers.
  7. Qbgrey

    Wagyu beef

    I been buying these new fashion tomahawks,22 pound each,about 32oz of fore rib steak,bloody lovely too.
  8. Qbgrey

    Quad/atv accidents...

    b*****d things,i had a 400 yam kodiak,good quad you could power slide it on the road,so very easy to corner,i have a bruteforce 750cc for many yrs now,it dont like sliding on corners so its lifts up front corner,very high too,good fun tho when your going up the road on,2 wheels.
  9. Qbgrey

    Scrap men

    Thats the way mate,build up a good honest reputation,be fair with people,then you will become trusted,and get a lot of repeat deals.some people just dont understand.
  10. Qbgrey

    Scrap men

    I just had my cctv cameras replaced with hik vision 5mp,great clarity,got 11 round my gaff,including a number plate reader.wont stop it,but every thing you can do will help.
  11. Qbgrey

    Common beginner mistakes to avoid!

    They dont all ways catch over 50 rabbits evertime you go lamping,its 0 to under 10 mostly
  12. Qbgrey

    Window Cleaning

    Your right greyman,the average family man now has.a cleaner,car washer,dog walker,lawn fertilizer guy,gardener,window cleaner etc,etc.
  13. Qbgrey

    World Cup 2018

    I just cant see why you,d put on the shit players,i know they worry about injuries but every game should be going out to win.its about mind games,atmosphere,paying fans,phycologically preparing the players.but no,the strikers were standing still,no movement,bad ball control,etc,etc.a bit embarrasing.
  14. Qbgrey


    Good neighbours are a wort thier wieght in gold,get a shitter and your in for it.
  15. Qbgrey

    Motorbikes and Summer

    Bring back alot of good memories those 350 lc,got a few bad ones too.great bikes