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  1. Great Yarmouth with the under 15 rugby lads soon, Kos in sept ( never been to Greece or turkey ever) try for barcalona with just me n the mrs aswell. Xmas well no idea. Splits nice but very £££ for me and I thought the food was not great.
  2. I’d love a decent farm shop with proper butchers, but round here the pikeys would just terrorise it, would nt be no fun I can tell you. Most young girls nowadays have trouble boiling an egg so throw a bag of mussels or a nice fillet of cod they would have no clue
  3. Mrs got new rangerover, not my cup of tea, I got a wreaked disco , that came about by chance, scrapping it soon. Prob get a hilux or l200.
  4. Most of these new cars are shit , Audi , bmw are not cheap but relatively reliable although them Audis ain’t very good. The rangerover have done a good job on marketing, expensive an unreliable so if you buy one you obviously are rolling in it to be able to keep it on the road. If you buy a house within 100 meters of a field you must have a rangerover because you are now a country person, even though you can’t tell the difference between a starling and a blackbird. If you buy a second hand 4x4 with off road tyres your are classed as a p***y. Can’t win
  5. The Welsh boys do crack me up, think there teams the greatest in the world, all people south of London are cockney c…ts, and not be trusted or even spoke to , unless your putting money in thier pockets , then suddenly they are very amicable people. very very strange turn out
  6. Yup that clays a pain, we dug some footings out ( near whistable ish) last week hit the water table and it’s unbelievable bleeding, a sump pump just about kept it at bay. Nothing nice about foundation digging in the winter.
  7. High water table made worse by housing pressure below. f**k knows
  8. Could be a number of things , if they have stripped too soil off and been digging piles, or foundations this could effect run off or poss damage field drainage, basically messed up the existing natural way the water used to go, tarmac, paths, drives, etc will affect the draining , a lot of new builds use the suds systems nowadays for water control, not sure what type your housing people are using .
  9. I’ve had over 7 Isuzus never had one let me down can’t vouch for the newer ones tho, I had a solid 3.1 trooper my mate badgered me for it so let him have it cheap 2 weeks later he’s wrapped it round a telegraph pole pissed up
  10. They are probably the safest car cause they never leave the mechanics ramp
  11. The old 3.1 Isuzu troopers are great motors, old now though and juicy but really reliable, safe, ole buses
  12. The older discos are good I always heard, but more reliable than the disco 3, 4. I’m looking at a dog/shoot/knock about motor. Hilux too £££ and last new one I had was rubbish. Like the old patrols, Land Cruiser but then I’m wondering about a 110 defender crew cab as they will never drop in value. The l200 are nice but will drop in value like most other motors
  13. I love Thai food, I will have to get down to margate( chaz n dave) try them out, thiers a decent fish resto in broadstairs called kebells. Not to trumpy for what you get. Was in thier last week for an evening for a bit scran when 2 men with tight trousers and colourful glasses entered and of course they had a wet , fluffy dog and tried to sit next to me ffs. I love dogs but not almost on my lap when eating. Not sure when this became allowed as a lot of restaurants I’ve seen allow dogs at the fuking table
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