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  1. Qbgrey

    tax return

    Happy days mate im getting near to that bloody pain in the arse
  2. Qbgrey


    The carers are under pressure like never before just trying to get ones a nightmare . They do a often under paid job for what they do.
  3. They won’t be easy load and transport and easy to identify not many farms have 🦬
  4. I don’t blame you mate I honestly reckon some of these pervs had a sheltered few teenage years they are that desperate. The local bar girl in our local kept getting flowers sent to her house from a guy(about 45 yrs old weirdo). ( me and my mate was the only ones in the pub that knew who it was)anyway she left without anyone knowing we’re she’d gone. This 45 yr old was shouting across the bar to me saying he can’t believe she’s gone , bla,bla.bla and said he was getting somewhere with her. I said didn’t you know she’s started her own business??f**k off he said I’d of known!!!!I said yup a flori
  5. I hate the old dirty buggers when you walk in a pub /restaurant with your daughters /wife by all means have a quick look but when they follow thier every move with thier eyes that’s gets me going . Got into a few scrapes over it before and got barred from a few pubs too.
  6. See that pic of him and that girl makes me sick .who wraps thier arm right round a bird holding skin ffs. I don’t do that to my mrs and I’ve been married 26year. Just a perverted ole saddo
  7. Exactly on site we would break em down by ripping the shit out of them and doing ridiculous impressions of them. Usually starts when they open thier mummy’s packed lunch box
  8. Not to mention northern soul too
  9. Ghost in my house was a mod classic back in the day . Great song
  10. Yup it’s like the zombie apocalypse
  11. Yup crazy shop. The front looks similar to the Seattle one I went in.even the supermarkets got a lot of hunting. Fishing. Camping gear. I’m hoping to go out again once (or if) this covid shit fuks off
  12. That brings back memory’s what area was that store in.?? Bloody great place for a bit of shopping I think I done 2000 usd in seconds
  13. That’s correct when I was thier 5 to 6 yrs back I bought camo tops for the kids it changes colour with the seasons.
  14. Have a look in cabelas in the states shops the size of 4 football pitches. Camouflage sofa, beds, furniture. Can buy fishing boats, quads,bow ranges, quiet unbelievable. Have a cafe in them serving moose or some kind of local meats can t recall exactly but spent a day in the shop.
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