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    That doesnt really narrow it down mate......saying " do you know a boxer called Roy from Bethnal Green "......is like saying....." do you know a Jew called Avi from Stamford Hill " Editted to add...its ok mate i dont need to know who he is i just thought if his picture was on the wall he might of been a well known fighter i just didnt recognise....sorry for prying its none of my business thinking about it
  2. Adding weight is a part of training i have constantly changed my mind about over the years i am now convinced that at least for my own body i have it sussed and having spoken with other chaps in similar scenarios they agree and have adjusted their training likewise. The first plateau beginners to lifting usually suffer is around 3 months when they can no longer continually add weight.....and my belief is that their ligaments and tendons cannot keep up with their musculature.....a balanced physique is like an engine where everything is useful to each other and does its own job in getting maximum performance. For most people its about gaining as much muscle as possible through lifting progressively heavier weights until further increases just cannot be made and gains stop ( a plateau )....this is the point a lot of newcomers pack up lifting but if the correct foundations are put in place via what i always called power assistance exercises progress continues.....You have to commit to incorporating training tendons and ligaments,they take much longer to respond than muscles because they dont have their own blood supply.....similarly to why tendon injuries take longer to heal than muscle injuries......but to get maximum performance from the belly of a muscle its insertion points at the tendons have to be strong enough to withstand the overload on contraction.....read up on boosting collagen and how to train tendons/ligaments i truly believe that beginner/intermediate lifters at their first real plateau are not failing on muscular strength but instead having the foundations to hold that muscular strength......imagine a big v8 engine being held in place by plastic engine mounts. Its only my theories im not saying im right its just worth keeping in mind.
  3. I agree these apps are good for beginners to training but i equate them to a cab driver learning the roads with a satnav.....they do the brainwork for you and stop you gaining real knowledge......and also the more accomplished you become you ARE going to pick up injuries,you ARE going to have days where your not up to it.....an app cant tell you how to train around injury you have to learn about your own body......we used to have these 3 high tec gadgets back in the day.....pen,paper,clock......they took care of most things.
  4. As a youngster we can eat anything thats not nailed down but without constant activity over years our metabolism slows right down.....starving for a day is bad news though if you cant get enough food on board try meal replacements or supplements.
  5. Welcome to my world....im still convinced theres something out there i can be world champion at
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    The chap on the left Is Tony Lane the shop owner i dont recognise the other chap
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    Im guessing your grandads not Tony or John Conteh...who is that mate ?
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    He,s a good lad Tony Lane started from nothing and done well for himself,although he,s at risk of turning that gaff into a celebs hangout....great grub even though im a Manzes man myself........oh and Pie & Mash with gravy is blasphemy !...whats the point....i mean just whats the point
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    Boxing At The Weekend...

    It was a sales pitch mate....Bob Arum submitted a tender....nothing more.
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    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Absolutely right great post that....you get these armchair critics on these forums that have no idea what the pressure of fighting another man in a fair fight is like yet have the audacity to make statements like " he quit "....people dont need to have tact on a forum they say the edgiest shit they can say yet have no real idea,interest or desire in a physical fight. An old trainer once said something to me when i was a young man getting into trouble,having enemies etc....." The quickest way to make a friend of somebody is to have a fight with them ".....stuck with me for years those words.
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    Boxing At The Weekend...

    We can all sit down on our punches when theres no threat coming back..........Joshuas biggest fault is totally committing to his punches,some brawlers are like that the gamble they take on landing their shots is what makes them exciting to watch.....Fury is a safety first slap happy back handed jab merchant whos length and mobility keep him out of trouble....his sheer size,weight,reading of a fight and movement will be an issue for any opponent but you cant gauge anything when one of the top fighters in the world faces somebody like Schwarz....athletically Fury will gain nothing from that fight Schwarz sold his " 0 " cheaply and Fury mopped it up....i was actually waiting for Fury to give him a lollipop and pat him on the head at the end !
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    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Charles Martin was a fight for the World title he wasnt chosen....how else was he supposed to get the belt ? Charles Martin is rated on boxrec at 17. Tom Schwarz is rated on boxrec at 56. Once a fighter has fought at world level he cant go back to fighting bouncers.....personally i think once a fighter breaks into the top 15 he shouldnt be allowed to fight opponents outside the top 15.....theres no competitive reason to do so.
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    Father’s Day present

    Things are certainly on the up and up both kids taking the ol man out for a slap up meal on Fathers Day and not one single bit of abuse thrown at me
  14. Yanks are gullible as f**k and love a story......but surely even they must have seen this shit coming !
  15. Greyhound trainer,boxing,ballerina it doesnt matter people shouldnt have strong opinions on subjects they have no right to have strong opinions on......a view is ok everyone has views on things but folk with strong opinions on subjects you have no knowledge or experience of get found out very quickly. I have views on hunting.....i dont have strong opinions on hunting as i have no right to....and if i did voice strong opinions on hunting i would quickly make a fool of myself. Character flaw.
  16. He is not an alround fighter he is a 1 trick pony.....its just a different type of trick to the other big 2.
  17. Yes but of what relevance is Hughie Fury
  18. Stealthy brought up the Joshua/Ruiz fight in a comparison to Fury/Schwarz. I pointed out that its not a fair comparison as Ruiz was a world level fighter who had already fought for a world title and Tom Schwarz isnt and hasnt. Hughie Fury has no more relevance than Dillian Whyte,Carlos Takam or 20 odd other fighters who have also fought Parker !
  19. Me neither.....i said to a mate of mine the other day " whats Fury doing fighting on an undercard ".....he then told me he,s not thats the main event
  20. That bit.....why cease having conversations with folk who just happen to know more than we do.
  21. Looking forward to seeing the kid Leon Woodstock before the Warrington fight seems a gutsy lad likely to be in exciting fights.
  22. And people were digging out Hearn for some of the shows he was putting on.....regardless what the main bout was Hearns shows were stacked with top talent. You seem a knowledgeable enough boxing fan Shark....be honest,have you ever heard of any fighter on this show besides Fury ?
  23. I disagree....i,ve said many times i,ll discuss/debate boxing with anyone as ultimately im a boxing fan so i enjoy the natter.....but what i,ll never understand is grown men who are not fans of boxing but are basically fans of other grown men ( or family of grown men in this case ).....it just makes it impossible to have a logical conversation.
  24. Hughie Fury is not fighting tonight Tyson Fury is.......what is the relevance
  25. Hughie Fury is a fringe world level fighter......Tom Schwarz is not. What relevance is Hughie Fury to tonights fight though.