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  1. What a cuntish thing to say to a young lad.
  2. Oh right gotcha....the old " you are not worth it " get out....f****n roll on
  3. Look them up ! You lefties are so easy to read.....the lad South Hams off here has been asking you for figures for days yet you squirm out of it........then as soon as you have some third world immigrants to defend you demand to see figures
  4. I had one of the BM6 places at Upton Park so was invited to the opening of the Paolo Di Canio lounge he cut the ribbon and was pictured with his plaque etc.....he was supposed to do a quick 5 minute speech to keep everyone happy but he ended up talking for around 40 minutes i,ll never forget it....the organisers were looking at each other as if to say " its Paolo Di Canio we cant tell him to shut up " ....i already admired him as a player but it was that day that i realised what a real genuine,quality football man he was....just lives and breathes the game with knowledge and passion,and for our club in particular... it was really quite emotional and it stayed with me.....when Sunderland f****d him off like they did it hurt me a little bit that such a footballing gift like him could be treated like that and i still say if theres not a place for somebody like him in the modern game then theres clearly something very wrong with the modern game.....i would still love to see him manage West Ham regardless. I liked this interview " cowards that wont look you in the eye ".....the irony !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mXoL-ngR0A
  5. Off the top of my nut Stuart Slater,Mark Rieper,Craig Bellamy,Carlton Cole and of course Frank Mac.....managers Brady,Macari........ive probably missed a few.
  6. Fair comment. I still dont think anyone is trying to pull a fast one though and honestly cant understand why you get so excitable around the subject mate.
  7. Which accounts for 90% of immigration.
  8. Which accounts for 10% of immigration.
  9. Is Moyse a big enough name for Celtic though Sid im not sure ?.....we rode our luck with the own goal and the Bale miss but the sheer numbers we was willing to throw forward i felt deserved something.... managers must realise theres certain clubs fans wont accept you laying down in front of,Spurs being one for us and Moyse recognised that so fair do's.
  10. Katchum is now in at 8/1 from 10's
  11. I couldnt think of a third so had a quick butchers up the page and you was next....sorry boss
  12. 9/4 Grebb 7/2 Foxplopper 10/1 Katchum
  13. gnasher16

    Kart cross.

    I had a genuine chuckle reading that King of the bodgers !
  14. Im ok with Moyes to be fair....had that been the silly fat f****r Allardyce he would of shut up shop 3 nil down at half time in the hope we didnt lose by a cricket score but we came out second half yesterday and every goal we scored there was at least 5 West Ham players in the Spurs penalty area so we got what we deserved........he wouldnt of been our first choice but fair do's Moyse is doing a decent job at the moment.
  15. Its ok its quite trendy to be a f****n nutcase these days !
  16. Not sure but i might be guilty of having said " it is what it is " once or twice.....its not because i wanted to sound like a melt though its just down to a limited vocab and manners of not wanting to say " its just tough shit ! "
  17. And dont tell me....afterwards you stood back and let out a roar of " Are you not entertained " Funny you say that actually because my ex wifes parting words were " I will have my vengeance...in this life or the next "
  18. We've all found good and bad individuals within groups mate but you cant just ignore racial instinct...we are not the same why pretend we are ? What you can do is stick with your own kind with emphasis on pattern recognition,real history and adherence to natural biologically determined order. Which countries that are not majority white legislates for diversity ?....virtually none.....its too late to be saying " he,s alright for a Muslim "......the word " racist "is just an anti white slur to stop white people acting in their own best interests and its time we got honest about it.
  19. Anyway enough of all this little league nonsense get on the mighty Hammers yesterday.....what an ending i was running round the gaff like a lunatic,ok we only got a draw but sometimes a draw feels like a win....it was an absolute tragedy that game was behind closed doors as a last kick of the game screamer to equalise from 3 nil down at White Hart Lane would of been an " i was there " moment and probably resulted in some proper inner city violence ......what a game ive only just calmed down !
  20. gnasher16


    When it comes to what go,s on in a boxing ring or the London boxing scene in the 80's i think i know a little bit yes....but when it comes to different fighters around the globe or all the will they fight/wont they fight politics of the sport plenty of folk even on here know more than me,i have no idea or real interest truth be told.
  21. gnasher16

    Kart cross.

    I agree i love motors but i dont think driving a car that you have f****d about with and know the inner workings of compares to driving a computerised box....i dont even lift the bonnets of cars these days it will mean nothing to me....dont get me wrong i appreciate the technology/speed/luxury of them but regardless what i spend on a car these days i never have that personal connection i had with shitty old cars we tinkered with years ago.
  22. Thats what im saying multi tasking is a great quality i spent years getting away with making love while watching Match of the Day it aint easy.
  23. Piss and spit,walk and talk... i can do it all.....you dont stay in shape for nothing you know
  24. gnasher16


    Its always easy to be wise after an event but as good as he clearly is i always wonder about fighters who's skill set is head and shoulders above others....i think Lomachenko spent far too long collecting information in those early rounds you just cant give rounds away like that its like a knockout artist identifying where the big punch is going to come from rather than winning the rounds by the time you,ve got it sussed you are quickly running out of rounds....fair do's though Lopez looked a very accomplished fighter and its hard to see a return being too much different. As for that Ritson fight that was almost comical.....i see theres pictures come out this morning of one of the judges Terry o Connor looking down to his mobile phone....thats him gone,shame as he,s been a great servant to the sport over the years.....but you cant do that
  25. Obviously you judge by the group not the individual......get a whole house full of dogs and cats and see how that works out. Lets face it if Muslims hate pork/beef/gays/alcohol/music/bikinis/dancing/dogs/Jesus/Freedom of Speech/equality for women.........why come and live in the West ? Do all ethnic groups not have the right to self determination and free association.......i dont doubt for a second that its acceptable for any group that isnt white.
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