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  1. Far be it from me to criticise anyone.....but that line alone is just not something i could accept in a business sense...i have a number of different people ive used for a lot of years now in various different fields not just because they are top notch at what they do but because they have qualities that are important to me.....to knowingly have it any other way is a compromise i just couldnt live with.....again,just my opinion like.
  2. Thats the thing though mate just saying " he gave me no reason not to trust him " isnt good enough....you want to KNOW that you can trust someone because you;ve put the leg work in to find out not just have casual faith in that " well he seems alright ".....ok im probably a bit too full on for most people as i dont go for all that fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me nonsense..... trust and loyalty are of massive importance to me so if someone proves to not be at the level i demand then shame on me regardless. Theres nothing wrong with soft it shows compassion....but it has no place in business in my opinion.
  3. I think its a fascinating game,ive only ever played a couple of really good players and got absolutely mullered but from my learnings of the game over the years you need to have a set style that you regularly play to.....i tend to go with my mood on the day and you just cant do that really good players are predicting 4 and 5 moves infront and take their time in picking you apart they dont always see glory in the quick finish....it was explained to me using the boxing analogy of a counter puncher walking you onto a big left hook....as long as the fight go,s you just dont recover from it.
  4. What does anyone make of this David Icke geezer ? I know he,s seen as a bit of a crackpot but i watched an interview with him last night,a recent one.....and theres things he comes out with that makes a lot of sense,and its stuff he,s been saying for a long time apparently. It was on a channel called London Live i dont know if its on Youtube or anything but it was very interesting if anyone wants to look it up.
  5. And are you a doctor ?
  6. I have to be honest mine was the old stereotype of tattooed hands,swearing loud mouthed prick.........a doctor ? really ? I know stereotypes are uncool these days but i still find them a good warning light.
  7. Oh no i dont go silly with it if i lose then such is life but im going to do whatever it takes to win.....90% of my games are with the same mate ive been playing for 30 odd years we can start a game in January,leave it all set up over in a corner and take a few moves every week or so and be finished by about April ....he,s got a couple of quid more than he needs so theres usually a nice little wager on it i reckon we,re probably about even over the years but its been an enjoyable yet tense part of our friendship......thats why i couldnt be doing with computer chess i need at least half a day to think a move through
  8. It is possible... im not asking you im telling you. The saying " better to go to war with 5 lions rather than 500 sheep " is never more apt than when theres a pound note up for grabs be that in the building game or any other game if i cant trust the person below me how can i possibly expect to trust the person below him....doesnt matter if your undercutting someone on a building contract,dealing motors or carving up the readies from a bank job if you dont trust the people with and around you then its on you not them.
  9. Watched about 5 minutes,sounded like your typical homeopathic/chiropractor type with a few flashing lights on top.... as all Yanks do.
  10. And theres your problem....if you would help anyone in business then dont expect to be in business for very long. If im letting someone into my life or my business i want to know i can trust them with my life and my business....im going to study their character,test their character....but if im not getting anything out of it then its just charity....theres being a nice,decent chap and then theres being a soft touch. Dont get me wrong we all slip up from time to time ive been a soft touch myself occasionally but never in business.
  11. Its a fine line between saving as many people as possible from catching this thing to not totally shutting down the economy but i cant help thinking we should have done one or the other......either go for the " if he dies he dies " approach or go full on lock down,army patrols the lot.......time will tell i suppose.
  12. Must admit im amazed we havent seen any riots i fully expected London to be hosting the World Looting Championships this month with defending champions Croydon to face Canning Town and Hackney v Deptford in the semi finals......with the final expected to take place during the second lock down.
  13. Yes im still getting the youngster out its the highlight of my day at the moment ....the Pointer has been put on the back burner for now as its a complicated little scenario that i wont bore you with....ive got a hospital appointment next week that im really looking forward to as im hoping to get an all clear to start light training again which will give the mind a bit of focus again.......how you getting on mate you getting that big dog of yours out and about ?
  14. I like a game of chess but i cant be doing with playing online or these machines you get its just not the same....the opponent has to be infront of you,if i cant mentally intimidate opponents and pressure them into mistakes i normally lose
  15. Must admit im finding this f****n hard work mentally...i said to the ol woman i think prison is easier than this ( she was none too pleased ).....in nick at least you know where you are,what your doing and when its ending.....i keep getting it into my head that everyones running round having a great time while im couped up indoors,then have to phone a mate to make sure he,s equally as bored as i am....it does make you appreciate things and people you take for granted though,i put the hose on the car the other day without realising the windows were down then thought id have a go at removing a couple of trees and absolutely naused it.....then yesterday took a great big chunk out the ground with the mower nearly killing myself in the process.....ive even started trying to spend my way out of it i bought a shed yesterday and this morning gone and bought some fancy pants camera,sooner we get back to normal the better hows everyone else passing the time ?
  16. You can bet your bollocks once this is all done and dusted there will be calls for more immigration in order to replace those who have died and to restart the economy......it will be equated to immigrants coming here after the war to help us rebuild
  17. If you want a nice English sportsman to go after that mincey little prick Lewis Hamilton will do for a start....half a billion career earnings he should be able to roll his sleeves up and help his fellow Brits.....but no he,s through the slips and " taking this time to work on myself physically and emotionally "....but its ok he does send " positivity from afar "
  18. Funny you should post that as ive only just been checking the stats of the African countries they told us a few weeks ago would see tidal waves of Coronavirus. Nigeria - 5 Deaths Ethiopia - 2 Deaths Somalia - 0 Deaths Uganda,Rwanda,Namibia,Mozambique - 0 Deaths Europe - 60,000 Deaths So the virus started in China,skipped all the filthiest most deprived shit holes in the world many of which have been funded by Europe the last 40 years.....and focused itself predominantly on Europe.......just bad luck i guess.
  19. I get all the interest in it and people saying what they think but why do people have to make out like they're some kind of authority and talk as though they really know what they're on about....a perfect example being a pal of mine who i ended up having an argument with yesterday as he turned up outside my gaff whingeing and moaning down the phone because i wouldnt let him in....this is a lad that grew up on the same estate and took a similar path to me yet all of a sudden he,s coming at me with stats and science like he,s Magnus f****n Pyke and im some gullible twat who dont know his arse from his elbow....whats wrong with saying " i dont know " sometimes...everyone wants to have an opinion when in reality hardly anyone knows what the f**k they're talking about...conspiracies,curves and second waves f**k off you idiots !
  20. Couldnt agree more.....be accountable to your own people.....and only your own people good on the lad.
  21. I like ol Boris he,s the first major politician ive warmed to in years i really hope he can ride this out. As for everything else its quite funny listening to peoples opinions be it on here or in the real world....why people feel it necessary to voice an opinion on shit they know nothing about has always tickled me.
  22. Theres plenty of home grown sportsmen,ex sportsmen,sports clubs,businessmen doing their bit for charities and local communities,just because they dont do it to enhance their public profile or to get silly social media popularity doesnt mean they dont do their share. Bankers and industry captains are not looked on as heros who youngsters want to emulate like footballers are...so when footballers do something they shouldnt or dont do something they should anger is directed at them to the point where people who are pumped full of jealousy cant even see the irony and basic posh boy logic in nailing the working class lads to keep the privileged little Etonian educated toffs out of the picture !
  23. Football/Sport is one of the few industries where working class young men can use their talent and hard work to obtain fantastic wealth,that shouldnt make them an easy target to plug the holes left by politicians and be targeted to bail out the British Government.There are 2.5 million,millionaires in the Uk....there are 510 Premier League footballers !...footballers are just an easy target....if you want somebody to go after then go after bankers,hedge funds,captain of industry types manipulating market trades as we speak. Sadly we have a culture where certain elements of society would rather criticise working class kids earning fortunes in front of our media entertained eyes through talent and dedication.... than the snidey,hidden away benefit cheats and tax avoiders who dont even get a second glance but cost the country far more.
  24. Likewise....where are the Bob Geldofs,Madonna,Bono and the rest of the faded pop stars and actors who are all over disasters in African countries....wheres the " Band Aid " type song for this generations disaster for their own people ?......nowhere to be seen thats where.
  25. So im a stupid c**t and an idiot because i pay to watch my local football team play football ?.....you need to slow down a bit mate your sounding like a bitter twisted little man insanely jealous of anyone who earns more than you do !
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