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    You came on saying you had dogs for a short time and after a 40 year break you'd got a collie grey pup. A little while later you said you had a working sal whip grey and now your planning a breeding program based on a dogs you don't know the basics about. Maybe folk smell something....
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    I don't rely think it maters, all game can be caught easily on some ground and be imposable on different ground, just to me up there they were easy so I only caught 1 or2 and then just walked my dogs the rest of the day, be good for pups, but not for proper dogs, jmho.
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    According to Boxrec Charles Martin is rated 19 and Joshua dispatched him quickly and easily. According to the same Boxrec your man Wallin is rated 45 and last night Fury went " life and death " with him....to coin a Fury fan phrase.
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    As you can see by todays flights she had a good bit of exercise and a play about on the thermals.
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    Yes I have to admit it gives me ‘an enormous sense of well being” driving up to Dartmoor at first light walking round watching rabbits disappear time and time again ,driving back and feeding the dog the best raw grub money can buy and nothing to show for it apart from firm dog turds, what’s not to like?
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    I think fury will struggle with wilder a second time, aj, whyte or ruiz. Also think a few others could catch him happy, his defense in that fight didn't look particularly brilliant and he definitely ain't a puncher. Atleast 3/4 times he connected with what should have been kos but he just can't punch his weight or even close... Don't think hell be around much longer unless he keeps fighting the lower ranks
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    If Fury cant get opponents like that out of there when in a desperate situation he has problems,personally i think he is tailor made for Joshua who is an elite finisher pushing forward under very little offensive threat.....Fury has never beaten a worthwhile opponent other than a razor thin decision over a poor Klitchko in a dreadful fight.....he obviously has the ability to shut out fighters but seems to get flustered by low threat low level opponents.... Fury got embarrassed last night by a feather fisted C level fighter with no experience and no stamina.......his only real chance against a top fighter that actually go,s after him will be to maul and move his way to a decision and 36 minutes is a long time to stay out of trouble.
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    breeding isn't everything, you can get the best bred dog you possibly can but the rest is down to the owner, basic training entering etc. as most will know you can't just expect it to happen because the dog is so well bred.
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    I used to run a first cross beddy grey bitch as a coursing dog on small to medium arable, and she was a pleasure, but the linebred saluki stuff are in a league of their own, probably the most capable hare catchers on the planet
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    A lot of people putting strong words on here seem to missing the point here that this lad may have located a pure Bedlington Stud dog which is possibly related to dogs from one of the best working strains there has ever been. Producing a litter of first cross Bedlington's out of such a dog if it is genuine it is virtually guaranteed they will be workers. The variables when producing 1st Crosses are so few and every dog I have seen which is genuine first cross will be about 22 inch to the shoulder bitches possibly a little smaller and like peas in a pod. Will they all work big quarry no because that's where the variable comes in in respect to the type of Bedlington used but they will work rabbits. Variations in coat quality come through from the Bedlington. In respect all the talk about breeding worker to worker this gives no guarantee. It may increase the chances of having a decent dog but from personal experience is no guarantee.In respect to some breeding's the melting pot of breeds thrown in throws up far too many variables within any litter. When you look on sites such a pre loved my heart sinks with the number of lurchers being sold I doubt if pups from the breeding being proposed will end up on such a site irrespective of the negative input being posted. Have a good and injury free season everyone.
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    Least you know it's not because of them grey hairs & wrinkles
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    I remember reading somewhere that they can now get hiv to the stage where its not contagious......remarkable really the progress they have made with this disease in such a relatively short space of time yet they still cant make any gains on cancer and suchlike.
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    Dbod you sound new to this game, what your intentions are is what a lot of people want when they start, creating your own line or stamp ,there's experienced people on this forum, a few not a lot are worth listening to mate, to get where you want with that breeding will take at least 15 years , that's if every mating gels
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    The ones with eggs etc round here are empty pretty fast so i usually just have to settle for emptying the money box. Still nice tho
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    That's cause it's prevalent in West Africa ya daft decker
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    Was it summat I said? I’m likeable really
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    The thing you use to pin the cash in hand "wage slip "up on the wall
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    Sadly lads I posted a topic on here looking for information on the Bedlington terrier x greyhound,i got great feedback till today ,so far I have got idiots and muppets replying saying I am a peddler for a money making scheme.these idiots or armchair warriors should really read the topic before they jump in head first,no matter what site you join there is always idiots like these try their best to ruin a breeding program,if truth be known these muppets probably don't even own a pair of wellies,si I think its best I don't share any more information about my breeding program on this web site ,i am going to delete my profile and sadly move on away from idiots which most site carry like a thorn in your butt. for those members that emailed me i will keep in touch on my breeding program and will keep you updated, take care lads it was nice knowing you.
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    The modern biographical story of Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD who discovered an innovative patent-protected cancer therapy currently enrolled in FDA clinical trials. This story sheds light on the current regulatory and industry roadblocks preventing these life-saving medications from reaching the market as of 2016. that's all the FDA are interested in is $$$$$ and not saving live's. what a crazy world we live in... the doctor has and is curing cancer.but the power's that be try everything to stop him..
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    I decided tonight would be the night that I’d give the nitesite a go on the rabbits, so fitting it to the browning T bolt .17 I set off to some local fields with the intention of recording some shots, the first 5 shots were all missed but after a bit of messing about with the focus and zoom I soon worked it out, 9 was the bag once I got used to watching a screen on top of the scope and I think I managed to record them, all I need to do now is work out how to turn the laptop on, I think this could be a lot of fun on the rimfires, I have tried it on the .243 but the image quality isn’t very good due to the quality of the scope
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    Al lad up Newcastle way needs Beaters £60 Wed and Thur, I don't think many of them Beggars will bother …...having a walk in the Country would be to much like a Four letter word WORK...……..Steve Colly Collinson FB
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    Its other peoples lives , they can live with that sacrafice
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    The world has changed, lib dem, tory, labour whatever doesn't mean much anymore. The western world is now divided between those who want big government and open borders in tandem with global corporations involved in everything and nationalists that want to keep nation states and small government fulfilling traditional roles like defence of the realm and infrastructure. There are certainly big money rewards to be had after government for individuals such as Sir Oliver Robbins the civil servant who led the effort to make sure the last government did not leave the eu has just started his new job with global investment bank Goldman Sachs, known as 'the vampire squid'. There are people in industries that like big government and open borders because they are subsidised by tax payers or profit from easy access to foreign markets they can undercut, cheap foreign labour or materials. Probably the biggest group of people that believe in remain and the open borders and big government that the eu brings are those who have done well over the last 20 or so years in the public sector and big corporations that have taken on these ideas as a set of beliefs from the people around them that they know best because they are educated and make decent money and it is like a religion to them. They are also afraid that leaving could result in an end to their success in work. To answer the original question, there are so many politicians trying to remain partly because they will be getting lucrative offers from global businesses to do so, but also because they genuinely believe their way is right and better for them and leave is wrong and worse for their prospects.
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    Todays heavyweight division is like the championship football league......its exciting and competitive ( if they was to fight each other ).....but only if there was no Premier League. All the top heavyweights have bad basic faults....Joshua has stamina issues,Wilder cant box,Fury cant punch or take a punch and Ruiz physicality will go against him....but on pure sporting competition it could still be a good time for the division.
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    Either im thick as arseholes or theres a language issue here Not to worry it all looks very nice.....ive always fancied saying " im going to the Outer Hebrides "....it always sounds just about as far away as you can go
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    TPMS meats .......
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    No lining how ever the stud is bred is guaranteed to produce whether that's lurchers or terriers or any working dog for that matter not every good dog can produce and most don't reproduce as good as themselves
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    I would say a man who has in depth conversations on football hooliganism and takes great pride in big tough pit men bashing up children,wants thiefs to have their hands cut off and has opinions on any and every conversation to do with fighting in any form has a compulsive interest in violence yes. Having conversations with you on fighting is like having conversations with antis on hunting.
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    Aye would agree with you different league but still wouldn't say blue hares are all easy cause there not
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    must have been more difficult for his wife and children
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    I spent a few weeks on Harris stunning place .....
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    Poor guy,i got a lot respect for him,very difficult to be gay in rugby must of been very life changing for him.good player and i,hope his mind is not to shot over all this.
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    Jeez you wouldn’t want that land on your car bonnet would you
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    Agree about the stuffed dog. I’d have a human skull though
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    You're free to do what you like, and listen to who you want. But it's not just me saying this, but I'd imagine LOADS of people reading this thread, you WILL NOT GET MUCH PAST YOUR STARTING POINT, if you breed from dogs and bitches as young as you plan to, with the aim of producing a line of good working dogs, regardless of your mates' wheaten crosses.
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    Three flights today and Kill 23 in the bag.
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    I’ve waited for the right stud for my old bitch longer than he’s waiting for his to mature before breeding
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    Probably a good idea under the circumstances lol
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    Took my wee boy out for a few hours this morning and I'd be lying if i said I wasnt looking a bit more observantly after listening to the podcasts. Seen 2 roe and some member of the weasel family carrying a mouse in its mouth. Not cats tho lol got miles and miles of thick forest like this in my doorstep could be out all day and not walk the same path twice and as I mentioned to you there has been rumoured sightings. Still not a believer but reckon I'll get a trail cam next month when back my hols.
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    Christ. Believe me guys you are lucky lol.
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    Top notch. Used to see mink down my local river as a kid fishing about 14 years ago. My guess would be that they're still down there surely? Might have a look Bout and sey a few wires myself. I remember me and my mate fishing used to see them on the opposite bank. We used to call it an otter but older and wiser now they were mink. Do love a snare mind can't be beaten if you ask me. You can take anything on them.
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    You better get your arse into gear then Si because you CANNOT miss out on a get together me ole dukzz. Phil
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    I was lucky enough to end up with two sisters out of this litter .I've kept lurchers for 40 odd years and these are showing more promise than any I've had. I do pest control and they can deal with anything. Great feet.great pace lovely temperament and bottle. Bolty pushed the boat out when he bred this litter. True countryman
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    Iv waited longer for. A pup out right litter them you’ll wait for yours to mature before breeding
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    Shut up an get ye tax in pot so we can buy them a new yin god save the gracious queen
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    Aup any chance I could have the greyhound bitch what's bin done for fighting after your done wi it like
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    No your not who Told you that
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