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  1. I like my gismo's and a sucker for buying stuff but that a bit a wood with some some line round it. Does look nice mind lol
  2. terryd


    Yea trust them to pick the bloody favorite
  3. terryd


    Ferrets and chickens are a sore point lol. My best ferret got out as a kid and nailed me grans fav chicken so she battered it with a broom. She could have just picked it up but she was fiery old lady
  4. terryd

    France passes hunting law

    Wow good on them lucky sods
  5. terryd

    Quality Bushing Litter (First Cross Russell/Beagle)

    I climbed over that fence with the grace of a ballet dancer and one of these pups would be more help in there with me than the black pudding stood outside looking pretty. Not to knock the dog because he is great and does grand job
  6. terryd

    Kelly kettle

    Certainly got some character about it
  7. terryd

    Kelly kettle

    Look out folks be some ignitions going on now 3.75 off eBay couldn’t be arsed to make them my self. Too fiddly.
  8. terryd

    Quality Bushing Litter (First Cross Russell/Beagle)

    No they can't catch bolters like a whippet though they can nab them if in the right place. But if you use nets does it matter Lurchers and whippets can mark fine. I have one my self. But the simple fact is a lurcher no matter how good at cover it is can't get where a busher can get like the terrier types. Hows a lurcher meant to get in there. or a big old bramble bank. Lots of times around here you will find a nice little 2 holer on the edge of bank empty because the rabbit is sat in the cover but nine times out of ten if you flush it it will end up in the little easy two holer Don't get me wrong my lurcher can do a good job from out side as well Only reason I got a lurcher for ferreting was because it opens up the lamping scene so I work the dog during the week. Just my findings around here. But for ferreting this dog would trump the lurcher every time.
  9. I do the same with the beans Arry. I like to start as much off as I can in what ever as sowing direct unless you can visit every night never really pays off. Though stuff like carrots, parsnips have to go for it
  10. terryd

    How to tell a good ferret

    I like mine to have a go then come out last thing I want to be doing is digging big holes in the middle of hedge rows
  11. Got to pay the bills so that has come first unfortunately
  12. terryd

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Pure class sir tom