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  1. That would be my choice
  2. I would imagine with a bit of beagle if it gets the old snout down its doing to be gone. But would the handlerbility of the cocker counter that. Who knows. Just lottery
  3. If you forget about the being in season thing for a moment. If you have ferrets that don't mix well just swapping hutches every day for a few days helps.
  4. Glad she is on the mend. Fair chunk of money got to be done. Oddly enough I noticed a soft lump on my dogs leg last night his 7 now. I cancelled the bloody insurance a few months ago because he never gets ill. I said to the mrs because his an annoying shite if he gets as much as a sniff his toast but I could never do it
  5. Enjoyed that clip very good. Bud looked at you on the swing as if to say ffs whats he doing now
  6. Personally I would be inclined to skip the bull too so to speak if mine is any thing to go by lol. But maybe thats just him. I would rather a dog I need to egg on a smidge rather than a heating seeking missile that will get his nose down and tackle any thing. I want the quiet life next time
  7. On our local beach there is a poster on a post but its out the way so no body see's it. In all honestly most people just ignore the rules anyway. With bass you might hit on them one day and sod all for weeks so its case of making hay while the sun shines. Shore anglers have pretty much zero affect on any fish populations. Some people like to release them and I see plenty of good fish going back fair play and others don't
  8. Had the jump and go really high . I had that when I was a kid wonder what thats about. Great going up but oh shite coming back down lol
  9. 170 quid yesterday to have a wisdom out and I didn't like any of it lol.
  10. Plays a huge part the older dogs with sheep I remember my young dog must be 35 years ago like it was yesterday. He started off towards the sheep then looked back for the old dog who going the other way. You could see the cogs turning then it thought sod it I better stick with him. Job done never looked at a sheep again
  11. Every where is so built up around here now a days. Just no room. My dog all ways has his eye on me and works 30-40 yards ahead. When he was younger the amount times I would spot a fox in the distance and call him back because of roads or what ever. So now if I call him his like right what don't you want me to grab
  12. Stick them in any thing really. Handy being able to move them
  13. Can't see how you teach a terrier with any go about it how not to go to ground. I had a JR that never went to ground on rabbits no matter how large the holes but I never taught him he was just bought up ferreting and new. Any thing else he was straight in and many a pre-dinner wander went tits up and turned into a large excavation lol. Personally now a days I would go for one of bushing types that are less inclined
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