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  1. terryd

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    Try and weigh up where you ferret as well. There is all ways a surprise waiting. But if it looks difficult weight it up. Glad she back you got lucky. All ways a worry when you take them out
  2. terryd

    Funny Joke Thread

  3. terryd

    Jailed, and no dogs for ten years

    I went to the docs this week about my hearing and said i was firing a gun last week and she honestly went all suspicious on me. Firing a gum mmmm ? For an educated person just thick as a plank
  4. terryd

    Jailed, and no dogs for ten years

    In this vid https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/vile-scots-badger-baiter-caged-20387332 his kicked a trapped rat around and a brush on a bit of string hardly genghis khan
  5. terryd

    First time out for my pup

    Yes perfect little dog for that. A nice little size too
  6. terryd

    Jailed, and no dogs for ten years

    70% or more of the uk public have no understanding of such matter so they can told and fed any thing that is why the hunting life is stuffed in the long term. It is frustrating
  7. terryd

    Jailed, and no dogs for ten years

    How daft have you got to be for gods sake and buying cats. What the hell is that about. Little old billy had the right idea mind though it cost him dearly. Shite life being a dog some times and them bloody badgers are a right pain in the ass
  8. terryd

    First time out for my pup

    Cracking start. What sort of shooting do you do mr nap ?
  9. terryd

    Steak and Kidney Pudding

    not yet I am waiting to get some decent bacon not to keen on using the old watery stuff
  10. terryd


    I think you might be right because even the wife commented on texture just does not seem right. Bit off putting to be honest lol
  11. terryd


    My local curry house does a nice curry and I love there base sauce. I find the chicken a bit odd though because it seems to be in square cubes and big ones too. You just don't get that size of a cube off a chicken. The texture is a bit odd too. I reckon they must buy blocks of compressed chicken or some thing. I prefer my own curries with the old swatz powder some home grown garlic and chilli's tin of toms and what ever meat I fancy. Just seems to have fresher cleaner taste to it.
  12. terryd

    Let's talk HPRs...

    That dog kept in or out Mark ?
  13. terryd

    Another day , another dda sketch

    Think your bang on there mh. The bull cross has been in the house all of his six years. His mellowed with age and is fine with kids out and bout but likes his space and used to be a grumpy git. With a grandkid on the way no chances with be taken and things will be crystal clear. I will be getting a kennel outside for him as well
  14. terryd

    Hot then even hotter

    The black pud runs hots so its gently gently this time of year. Handful of runs and home if that. No panics
  15. terryd

    My dogs from my younger days

    Very true you just mold with the dogs and them you. Plus back then the country was a freer place.