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  1. terryd

    Deben battery hard wiring?

    Looks same as mine mate. The pin is solid too not lose. Going bite bullet and fork out 20 for charger
  2. terryd

    Deben battery hard wiring?

    be interested in this. Just picked up a used battery and apparently the charger port is duff but its got charge and powers me lamp.Seems solid too so not sure what the issue is but i dont have a charger to test it with
  3. terryd

    deben charger

    Any one recommend a replacement charger for the deben batteries please. That dont cost a fortune Just been given a battery as part of a deal and rumour has the charger part don't work. Yet it still has charge and lamp runs. So I want to test it but need a charger
  4. Well that was a bit sad. If that was a soldier punching old fella's he would get full weight of the law
  5. terryd


    Did you have tendonitis ? Been off weights for 2 months nearly with my shoulder only just been able to do a few press up last couple of days so turning a corner. Really frustrating
  6. terryd

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    My ferrets aint great but there not that bad
  7. terryd


    On the news today the increase in cows being slaughtered is going through the roof in our area. They reckon the tests are more sensitive now so thats why but I can bet what the farmers are blaming. Rightly so .
  8. terryd

    Solo trip sharking

    You seem very at ease out there
  9. terryd

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    Get some good trays in charlies for gardening. Last for ever nice tough stuff if you look at the bottom one https://www.charlies.co.uk/garland-jumbo-gravel-tray.html
  10. terryd

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    What sort of ply is that and what size are the frame timbers ?
  11. terryd

    Longnetting cheshire / north wales

    No no mr bunny lol if his going to learn how to net at night he needs to learn the proper way first. It is not that hard once you know what you have to do then you just need to practice it to perfect technique. Any snags take a few pics or lob a little vid up on here. He will do fine. Don't want all this basket lark his not going to tesco
  12. The barrage is endless https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-49315258 One day it will all be done at least legally
  13. terryd


    I think you are bang on. There numbers are absurd. I have seen about half a dozen or at least 6 this year in broad day light which is just beyond. It used to be unheard of seeing one in the day unless it was ill. Can't let the dog off in some areas now just in case.
  14. terryd


    Yea drink don't agree with some and I am one. I don't do half measures literally so haven't drunk for 10 years or so and plan to keep it that way
  15. terryd


    Things happen he didn't do it on purpose. Not like he stood up and had a waz in your favorite arm chair then you could got pissed off or on