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  1. terryd

    Sthil ms250 chainsaw

    sharpen the chain and clean the air filter. Maybe change fuel filter too and see how you are
  2. Much as I think the world of him I wouldn't have a bull cross again I just don't need that amount of umph. I just want to catch a couple of rabbits not take out any game with in a ten mile radius every time I set foot out the door and he can't shoot for shit Not sure if a collie cross would fit the bill but if I have another I want some thing a bit more laid back
  3. Things are going to plan up the plot so far. Plenty to pick now. Nodig on the right. Took the plot over last year in autumn just took 6 thousand bags manure The veg seems to like it and next year it will be better again. spuds are happy on the other plot this end is blight resistant varieties just out of interest. I can see why they take tens years to show
  4. Yes bit too late to sow leeks though I did make a sowing last week but not fussed if they take off but can pick up leeks cheapish in the garden centres
  5. leeks swedes beetroot lettuce carrots maybe buy in winter veg if you dont have any sprouts etc. I wouldn't bother with spuds my self as blight will coming soon for us
  6. terryd

    R.I.P. Howdy

    Sounds like he had a happy good life that is what counts
  7. terryd

    First go at elderflower cordal

    Great job there. Me and my daughter made some at the weekend and we found it too syrupy and not very elderflower. So obviously need to tweak things
  8. terryd


    I did tell him come august I new a field road side we might get a bolt or two and I said I would push him round in a barrow if needed. That got a LOL out of him and he new i wasn't joking haha
  9. terryd


    nice find Phil will watch that in few weeks gone soft in me old age
  10. terryd


    same here would love one
  11. terryd


    Very knowledgeable from pickling an onion to making a net. I have some of his nets here and they will be that bit special now. Glad I took the time to listen and learn from him as I don't know any one else like him.
  12. terryd


    yes will miss him loads and out chats about the nets and garden. Great shame R.I.P
  13. Really nice and clean vf will you be netting up against the butter flies ?
  14. terryd

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Licencing is just silly it is hard enough to walk through the village now with a spade over your shoulder. Won't able to bloody breathe before long
  15. terryd

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Last thing needed is more licencing at the end of the day idiots will be idiots people won't change