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  1. terryd


    Even when this dies down or out. Wont it just take one person and bang off we go again
  2. None of my business but I would been inclined to stick with the dog. Its like marriage for better and worse and all that. They don't make it easy though I guess
  3. terryd


    I think it best to avoid the news and just watch it once a day.
  4. Some pet owner is in for a surprise then lol assuming it don't get put down
  5. I stepped out the door yesterday to walk the dog and I had couple of rabbit snares i was going to set in my hand. My route takes me on permission and I would seen no one. Police van pulled up behind me and told me irresponsible people running around setting snares would get people killed. A couple of rabbits would keep me out the supermarket a bit longer. But I didn't argue and took it on chin. They said I wasn't just walking the dog I was setting snares which is not necessary. They got a job to do and the poor sods are stuck out there doing it. So thats me just walking the dog from now full stop..
  6. terryd


    Starting to see why folks stocked up on grub. You stay at home with the mrs. Just walk the dog so go near no one. At some point you need to run the gauntlet and go shopping. Very tempting to stock up so you don't go often. Glad i filled up freezer with pheasants lol. Might just nip tp butchers for tea and milk
  7. Good for you Ray I did the same for my neighbor today. Its a tricky one because you don't want to offend any one lol. If I lived next door to you I would be shouting across the fence at you give me a shout if you need any thing. You would probably come around and batter me or set buck on me
  8. like some thing off the walking dead
  9. Amazing to see the Brecon Beacons on the news and all them people and in Australia all them folks on the beach. I am not the brighest spark in the world but these people have the intelligence of a brick. Fair enough don't go too far the other way but christ.
  10. Just got back walking the dog. Really weird out the daul carriage way which is a pain to cross most times is silent. Restaurant on top of the hill is closed for first time ever. The garage was empty apart from one guy pulled in a made a bee line for the rubber gloves. Shopping in lidl this morning plenty there but certain things sold out. Beans and freezers empty and now every git has take a liken to my favorite porridge Plenty of bread and milk though and fresh veg. Did a smaller shop than normal just to prove a point
  11. Things are on the mend in china so just need to ride it out for few weeks and then back to normal
  12. terryd


    No 10 holding daily briefings we are saved
  13. cocker spaniel is too much dog for me i am out
  14. I had to drag mine back to car yesterday after the fat sod turned him self inside out. Even when the rabbit was a spec in the distance after going under gate he still gave it all. I was proud of him going back to the car. He doesn't know how to quit. He don't do it for me mind I am just the taxi driver and a hindrance most the time lol
  15. terryd


    Don't get this toilet roll thing we got a pressure washer Be far more concerned with coffee tea and milk lol
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