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  1. terryd

    Guard dogs

    I passed young chap walking one today luckily we were in the car as my dog is a noob. Also passed a puppy in the summer and it ran straight up and tried to have a go and I had to boot it away
  2. terryd

    Shock, beep and spray collars to be banned!

    Yep very true and if your dog does take off the only way your going to catch the sod is if it pulls the sheep down They think they are helping the dogs but they are not and you can't police it so the people using them badly will still be at it unfortunately
  3. terryd

    Change of career

    eighty hours by christ thats some thing. I am having melt down at 10 hours days 5 days a week lol. Fair play
  4. terryd

    Change of career

    no mate got pipped at post by couple of relief milkers. Started to get bit desperate then and got offered a job back in computers better money but longer hours though so took that. Few days later a mate rang and I said I just spoke to a farm happy to take you on with no experience and teach you the milking. Bloody typical lol but I was stuff then as I committed to the other job
  5. terryd

    Change of career

    I just pay the bills and enjoy life as best I can. There was a pilot locally who earned a fortune then retired and flew cargo once a week for a hobble. He got mowed down by a car riding his harley
  6. terryd

    Guard dogs

    ha mine is the same. A load of builders turned up one morning to do the roof. Not one fancied stepping through the gate until the mrs told the dog they were ok. He won't go back wards either and if you did piss him off I doubt he would be letting go in a hurry. Not some thing I like really but the wife feels safe enough with him around
  7. Any one recommend a good point and shoot camera please that can take decent pics regardless of the lighting like under tree's etc in the shade. Or is that not feasible ? I don't want this
  8. Couple of hitch hikers from the plot plenty of nice squashes
  9. terryd

    optimum distance for long net from hedge

    very true sloppy set lol but just needed to slow things down enough for thunderbollocks
  10. terryd


    Great thread Darren good to see some thing a bit different
  11. terryd

    optimum distance for long net from hedge

    A few folks stuff some thing on the hedge to force them out like that red plastic mesh stuff you see on road works etc. Just more stuff to carry but depends how easy it is too access
  12. terryd

    Preparing Christmas Dinner

    Yep chicken much tastier. Mind you I am sure these home grown ones will be tasty like any thing home grown
  13. terryd

    Static/electric training collars

    pats are wired different lol
  14. yes kcb for me https://www.(!64.56:886/kcb.dogcollars/