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  1. Be in the head lines now if only he had taken notice of the best before date
  2. Just read on the news in Ireland to meet green targets they are going to cull 10% dairy herds so about 65000 cows a year culled for 3 years. Farmers are not overly impressed. Best not chase a hare though very cruel. Bet I know 195000 cows that would swap places with a bloody hare
  3. Think I mentioned before I saw on fieldsports britain that in america some where it has been made a right that people can hunt and fish so it basically can never be taken away from them.
  4. I think Ray if that sort of thing happened in his first two years you would had different dog on your hands. But now he knows the score and will be good.
  5. No sorry never heard it until now. Dropped kodi few years ago
  6. If budget allows which now your working for Ken from what I see it does get firetv cube and yea wifi just need to e your normal nothing too flash as long as its stable Cube is just more beefy spec
  7. Depends how big you are on keeping anonumous. Real debrid logs every thing you watch and one day there servers will get collected. Then they have a log of what you watched and what you paid with and your details. Saying that they been going years. No big deal now adays they are far too busy trying to collar hare coursers lol
  8. Yea and that another issue when they stopped taking paysafe vouchers that you buy in the garage for cash lol
  9. Ditch sky and get a firestick and just subscribe there stuff much cheaper and plenty of choice. Various packages to can sign up to for a month then cancel and try another. Lots on there. I wouldnt bother with kodi and all that lark faffing around with broken links buffering. By the time you sort out some thing to watch its bed time.
  10. Wonder if the rspca will start sticking there nose in field sports more now.
  11. She is not and out and out killer which makes life easier. She marked leveret last night in long grass. I had time to pop her on a lead. She would have grabbed it if it ran but just marked it while it sat tight. Old dog crunch game over which would been shame. Such a treat to have more laid back approach. Yet rabbit shows she go through any thing. It’s great
  12. Yea I read about the fork width. I think the scout is 90mm. One question when you cut the top of the forks does it need to be dead flat across the two forks ? or does it not matter
  13. I am still at the point when any deviation from what I’ve been practicing with will take me another two years get any where close to target
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