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  1. As I get older just mooching about with dog. Cutting couple catty forks. Don’t really matter it’s just being out. The dog is nice to be around which really helps. The whippet done well Fred far from easy. Rarely far from a tree obviously little sods. Though they can throw a panic at times. Giving the tree a good clout seems to get them going
  2. These nets are tied in and get bit out of sync. Just to avoid messing in the dark nice to run them out and get ship shape. Been taking the dog with me not to do anything but it’s all learning. Don’t learn nothing at home we found nice blind set this morning or she did. Bit tricky to get in position but worth a try We don’t catch much but it’s never about that. Spring is in the air soon be time to switch over to the fishing
  3. What load bollocks they can shove there surveys where sun don’t shine bunch muppets. Every thing is garbage now a days idiots everywhere. Made my day when farmers went by other morning in there tractors to cause bit of disruption. Good on them. Getting to point people have had enough of it all.
  4. I was all ways impressed with my granddad. Back in 1980 he moved us into a mobile home. First thing he did was go to scrap yard and pickup a wood burner with back boiler. Plumbed it into the existing boiler tank. Sorted out chimney out the side of the caravan. It saved a fortune and gave us nice hot water and heat. But I can remember that tank bubbling like hell when it hit boiling gurgling away and making all sorts of noise. Nothing bad ever happened though.
  5. That don’t sound right. I can understand if private some tight git might try and charge but other than that forget it
  6. Same and 15 browser windows later
  7. Laws rules and regulations have got so ridiculous now people just ignore them and rightly so. Like this 20mph joke. Rare to see any one abide by it and even bus and lorry drivers ignore it. It’s laughable
  8. Poor do indeed. Lost dog dumped dog or some farm dog sloping off at night. There was silage fields near me that held 4 or 5 stray sheep. One day then I saw 3 dogs from local farm walking the hedge row. One was terrier German shepherd and a collie. Lucky I saw them before me old dog as he wasn’t social fella. But over next few weeks them sheep disappeared one by one with just few bones laying about. My money was on them farm dogs even though the guy had his own sheep
  9. that’s what you need I had a JR same once. Once he hit a line it was game over and he wouldn’t stop until rabbit was to ground then nets on ferret in. Very efficient
  10. Said it before you grow a spud and compare the taste to shop bought one. They are miles apart and it makes you wonder how they get them to be so tasteless. That applies to every thing from meat to veg
  11. Nice to see you out Ray. Only seems like yesterday was reading bucks adventures when he was young
  12. Lovely little dogs busy things. Enjoy my normal view of one we had
  13. Can’t see the pictures either which is shame was looking forward to it lol
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