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  1. Is she seeing stuff and not chasing ? or is she not just getting involved trying to find stuff. Some lurchers just don't know how to use there snouts espeacially if just used to lamping
  2. At that age if you have been out and about you would think the dog would have dropped in by now. Unless you haven't been out and about. They tend to just do what's natural given a chance
  3. That sounds bloody good. Might try that. Might have to get wife to help find corners in that dish mind
  4. The one on the left had a good twatting as morton put after taking after a lamb at 5 months. I hated doing it but I remember thinking its for his own good. From that day on he was the most reliable dog I have ever had with stock and I would literally have bet my right arm on him under any circumstances. The one on the right I don't recall her ever doing any thing wrong just wasn't in her nature
  5. Exactly and that dog will go through a much more pleasurable life because of it getting more opportunities because he does as his told
  6. I live here and was thinking the same. We have got some lovely views mind. Thats about it lol
  7. Take a rough guess how many years you got left and divide it and put feet up and enjoy life. Help the kids out now and again obviously
  8. Just don't . Chances are you will regret it big time for what ever reason
  9. terryd


    Well done. For such a decent size bird ducks often come out of know where.
  10. The second he puts a foot out the door his switched on. Pain in the arse to be honest lol But think the world of the plonker
  11. Looks really tasty to be honest and on my todo list. As you say nice to respect the quarry. I ran over a hare last night. No I really did ! So waste not want not
  12. I have one and my only complaint his too keen. Got more than I bargained for lol
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