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  1. Absolute bonkers. Idiot on the news now banging on about people visiting other homes to see family or mates. Its all there fault yet you can go can on the piss and sink 15 pints as long as you get it done before last orders because every one is really well behaved when there on the lash. Back in the day it never took me till ten to be an arse I was well capable of that by about 8 on a weekend haha. Bunch of idiots running the place
  2. terryd

    Veg & Meat Boxes

    £16 quid for a chicken no way lol. Our local butcher sells one for over a tenner and thats too dear. Just can't do it. I don't mind paying more with in reason.But for 16 quid you could buy 5 or 6 in aldi and the taste would not be hugely different. But like I say I do buy half a lamb or pigs local if I can at decent price and the taste is worth every penny. Also when it comes to veg the taste difference in shop stuff and home grown is huge. Spuds espeacially
  3. terryd

    Veg & Meat Boxes

    It is just the prices. Much as I love free range and fresh grub. Culmore Organic Farm Raw Milk £1.25 per litre (2 litres £2.50) Aldi 1.20 or less for 2 litres I think. I know which I would prefer but just not afford. There is a farm up the road where you can help your self from a machine and the daughter treats me to a bottle some times but its a treat. Saying that I am all ways scanning fb for local fresh pork and lamb and often buy a half of some thing if the price is ok. So for me it's simply money
  4. Really sad you just never know
  5. Plus I have a few fields where I literally can't let the dog off late evening or early morning because the chances of bumping into one are sky high. Where as years ago seeing one in day light was dam near unheard of
  6. One of my perms has been hit few times and you can tell its been heart breaking having some of his animals slaughter. All ways seems to be his favorite ones in the herd that cop it and gutting for him and his mrs
  7. Right bunch muppets on there. They got fair few followers mind. This heading makes me laugh Badgers 'could be wiped out' warns conservationist ahead of cull I bloody wish the filthy stinking bloody things. Tripping over them round here. They used to be fine 30 years ago. Numbers just right out the way as well.
  8. Small bright nippy. Nothing not to like for a rabbiter
  9. No room around here any way. Every little bit of spare woodland or scrubby field is getting bought up and people clearing and sticking little carvan or a shed on it. All trying to grab there little bit of countryside. Dam near impossible to walk the dog anywhere now with out bumping into some one
  10. Well put jd take the country side back 30 years and there was a hell of a lot more wildlife at least around here
  11. Looks bloody great what cut did you use Arry ?
  12. lansky is a pain in the ass to grip the knife. But I am sure its me lol
  13. Very well hanked lol
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