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  1. Think that ones been worn out lol
  2. Much the same here Fred but its also getting more tricky to park up any where lol
  3. Every thing is just getting so much harder now a days
  4. How good are these water filters out of interest can you safely drink out of any stream ? I remember drinking out of a cattle trough as a kid which werent my best idea. Could hardly walk for a week sick as pig. Least I assumed it was the water. Used to get gasping when we were out ferreting all day
  5. I often read through old posts on thepoacher.**"£$%^&*( ten years ago the content on all the forums was more to the point and hunting orientated. Now a days there is a lot more rubbish posted but I don't have to read it so just skip to any thing that interests me. As far as mods go they should work behind the scenes and just tidy up any threads and basically keep there heads down in my opinion
  6. I would go for the bottom one off fb they get good reviews and give a warranty. Tempted my self some time in future
  7. Some terriers are level headed and some are just not. I had a cracking terrier that was a super ferreting dog but many a ferreting trip turned into some thing else which was some's times good and some times not. I made a point of when he hit a line running like hell to keep him in site if we were on new ground. If I new the ground and new what what was coming up i used to get the sod back on a lead. One trick I had up my sleeve was if I shouted rabbit he would come running. I saved that for emergencies or if I actually saw a rabbit. By the sound of it yours is off on a line or not though. I gu
  8. Thats sounds like a perfect mark to me Micky
  9. See good comments about that chap making the orange ones on fb
  10. Teal and yes I’m a greedy git Bass other day No finesse here got collie cross to look after not got time to piddle
  11. Can't beat them ninjas bloody great ours is used daily
  12. As its only a chain no harm in trying it out
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