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  1. terryd

    Dog aggressive to me

    I can see that in the mirror now man tries to ignite dogs bollocks
  2. terryd

    optimum distance for long net from hedge

    The long netting section has some great threads going back over the years. Some real knowledge and memories to folks since passed. Inevitably one day this site will gone and it will all be gone. Some one should whack it in a book for posterity
  3. terryd

    Dog aggressive to me

    his fine now mate and back in action
  4. terryd

    Dog aggressive to me

    Mine did the same chaff a few weeks ago. His back was in a spasm or some thing and giving him agony. I didn't know and came home from work and just stroked his back in passing. Well fook me he screamed spun around and got right up to me all teeth. I stood me ground and cleaned the carpet behind later But he was in a bad way and he wouldn't come near for about 4 days because he thought I hurt him. His also been a possessive sod all his life but getting better and we never really have issues now. But its some thing I keep an eye on. Lots on here would have done away with him long ago. But we manage fine
  5. terryd

    Few wires out(hares)

    No nothing this morning and I could only leave them for one night for one reason and another. So no hare stew for me yet lol
  6. terryd

    mother of divine God

    Hunting with dogs is doomed for sure espeacially the chase a catch stuff types like your lurcher and sight hounds. Only a matter of time and not long I reckon. The gundogs with get a stay of execution for a while any way as they are seen differently and not as killers. The shooting guys also don't attract as many idiots. I also think is a money thing. You want a gwp and gun license plus gun it alls costs fair few quid and you have to do things right. On the other hand any plonker can pick up a bull cross for 50 quid that will happily pile into any thing because the poor sod hasn't been taught no different. We are screwed plus this country constantly likes to tighten the thumb screws and are all ways looking for any excuse to restrict people more and more. I can't even chuck a cardboard box in a black bag ffs
  7. terryd

    Earliest memories

    I remember grandad moving us from suffolk to wales in a reliant robin that was fun poxy thing kept breaking down. Then a sheep jumped out a hedge and nearly wrote it off
  8. terryd

    Guard dogs

    Surprising what goes on. A year or so ago 3 guys broke into the butchers just a few yards down the road and terrorised an old lady upstairs. They had footage of it and put on fb. Quite chilling to see them casing the joint just yards down the road from my house. Its quite reassuring have the old bull cross in the house as he wouldn't mess about if need arose. Sure between him and the mrs they sort the fookers out save me getting out bed
  9. terryd

    Few wires out(hares)

    Thank you i just got back from setting a few we shall see
  10. terryd

    Earliest memories

    no word of a lie mate i remember the dress she wore and tapping on the car window. But who knows the old mind plays tricks
  11. terryd

    Forum members age?

    50 this year and the old hearing not what it should be. Too many years on the chainsaw and using the old saw bench screaming away all day. I have to answer the phone a lot now and I have to ask ten times there bloody name. By the time I get that sorted I have forgot what they want in the first place because me memory has gone as well
  12. terryd

    Earliest memories

    I swear to god I remember coming out of hospital after being born and remember seeing my grandmother who was going in with a broken arm. I can picture it now and she did go in on that day with broken arm. Also remember sitting in a high chair next to my cousin the same age and pinching his milk and getting a bollocking. I can't remember yesterday mind
  13. terryd

    Few wires out(hares)

    How big for the loop size ?
  14. terryd

    Selfishness/self preservation??

    yea if you can't trust your mrs with the money then what is the point. Bit daft
  15. terryd

    Selfishness/self preservation??

    I notice a lot of couples keep there finances separate I don't get it. Mind you I think some get burnt then they play it safe