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  1. First year growing from seed and quite chuffed a nice mixture of sizes and not one bolted. Saying that not one bolted from sets either so they were all happy this yea the amount of stuff coming off is silly lol. The red russian kale is delicious fried much better than nero. Even the smell picking it I love.
  2. terryd

    A quick drop

    nets stowed away nice and tidy too
  3. terryd


    would love mine then he don't ferking shut up oh but that is all the time so maybe not
  4. terryd


    we have a show type who is a pet. He only has one speed and thats flat out. Right character and great family dog
  5. terryd

    Plod talking nonsense again

    The news is a disgrace lately a horse bolted at a local country show and look how they worded it. The horse, which was in competition, threw its rider and broke loose into the crowd before it went "on a rampage". They might as well said it went on a killing spree idiots. God knows what crazy rules they bring out for the show next year
  6. terryd

    brewing kombucha

    Does butter milk taste sour and a bit fizzy lol ? Still experimenting with kefir. See the pics of thick creamy stuff but I haven't got that yet
  7. terryd

    brewing kombucha

    been doing kefir for few weeks. Had few gut problems see if it helps
  8. I used to pass a walled off graveyard and you would often see a couple of pheasants in there that lazy buggers that they are would never fly over the wall just run through a little gateway back into the wood. I often used to ponder over them birds But on the off chance I called in to see the keeper and asked if he had any birds spare and he filled up my boot and said call when ever you want all for free. But I don't think they tasted as good as them birds leaving through that gate I imagine But certainly no need to go hungry in shoot season as they will happily give them away now a days
  9. terryd

    When's everyone starting back

    Aye nothing wrong with that. Be starting soon my self just an hour early. Rather start season early and finish early . Can't wait for the rumble
  10. ha little busher is off all ready. Just hard wired to go. Great stuff
  11. Be fine I think. Loads down the allotments be hard pushed to lift half of them lol
  12. terryd

    Working at height

    and you maybe replace guts for nutcase lol
  13. terryd

    Working at height

    very true his got guts for sure but unfortunately every one is going to get to see them
  14. terryd

    Working at height

    just an idiot lol .Completely crackers
  15. Judging by the other folks each year another month at least. Some folks down the plots have got them twice the size of mine