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  1. As all ways the people who want things banned have never used one or no understanding. You give one them biscuit nibbling clicker waving plums some head strong dog that has developed a liking a for wool and see how far they get.
  2. Any dog can be good at ferreting and a bull grey with collie in it can be bright as a button Mine has the urge to catch any thing. Keen is not the word lol. This winged duck didnt get far
  3. Like rats now our county is infested with them they are out of hand. Got to the point I can't walk the dog off lead just after dark because they are all over the shop much earlier now a days. Ridiculous
  4. Sad and just bad luck Typically all ways the good ones that get it. Similar happened to me once he took a tumble and was slow coming back. Seemed ok but gave him a rest and then went to slip him and looked down and he was fitting. It was a long night then and like you wished it had been instant
  5. This country is so deluded now a days. Every day millions of chickens,pigs and cattle and god knows what get the bullet and shipped around the place jammed in lorries. You don't hear uproar about that. Its just the way it is and I enjoy eating like every one else. But people just live in cuckoo land. They are on a different planet . Whoopie do a deer got dragged down I bet iit ended up going to waste then because they stuck there oar in well done
  6. Great shame looks lovely dog
  7. Wildfowling areas are sewn up tighter than a ducks arse lol. Better off trying to find a nice splash some where
  8. terryd

    The Drink

    Don’t agree with me so not touched heading for 10 years. Don’t miss it any more
  9. oh i see your all ready on there lol https://www.accidentalsmallholder.net/forum/index.php?topic=77539.0 christ 3 years ago you really are struggling lol
  10. This is a good forum to check out may find some help there https://www.accidentalsmallholder.net/forum/index.php?topic=102447.0 https://www.accidentalsmallholder.net/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=01895f1e1d3ae18bc2c0248be6cc9d4c&board=30.0 also another read https://uksurvivalguides.com/raising-rabbits-for-meat/
  11. Try and weigh up where you ferret as well. There is all ways a surprise waiting. But if it looks difficult weight it up. Glad she back you got lucky. All ways a worry when you take them out
  12. I went to the docs this week about my hearing and said i was firing a gun last week and she honestly went all suspicious on me. Firing a gum mmmm ? For an educated person just thick as a plank
  13. In this vid https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/vile-scots-badger-baiter-caged-20387332 his kicked a trapped rat around and a brush on a bit of string hardly genghis khan
  14. Yes perfect little dog for that. A nice little size too
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