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  1. This little tosser stole a fish off me once. Every time I got there he would bob up in the estuary and disappear and then pop up a few yards to side of me and try and grab any fish as I reeled in. He copped one in the end and the line screamed off me reel. I had to put brakes on and snap it before he took all my line. Then he bobbed up in middle with my fish in his chops. I wasn't a fan
  2. Looking forward to weekend nearly there. Bit poor last weekend with just couple of 2lb and then this decent one 4.11. Every tide is different and just a case of getting out there. Love the surge in the tide as it moves forward and then the fish follow it in and bang. Beautiful fish mind
  3. Bloody hell I had to google it as well now thought it was a biscuit oh that macarons
  4. Same here a hare will run out the lamp the bulk of the time unless your lynford (back in the day). Also seen a dog nearly reduced to walk with the hare doing the same they seem to just go and go and turn on a six pence
  5. instinctive like aiming a shotgun you just look at what you want to hit?
  6. I all ways found letting my lurcher mix with ferrets in yard got him wound up and still does espeacially if they approach him and he can't get out way. Out in the field he is spot on
  7. Yea got my cousin on a couple good ones a 10 and an 11 and he whacked them both. Well I had to do one as he didn't have his whacker. I didn't like doing it. I had an 8.11 which copped it and I regretted straight after and as I say a fair few back as I have had a very good season so far. Its a bit of a sad ending for a fish that had dodged anglers and nets trawlers and god knows what for all them years.
  8. Good on you been returning a few of the ones over 6lb from the shore this year but just lately the trawlers have been hammering the place and coming in close. Sort of wondering what was the bloody point of putting my hard earned ones back though I get pleasure out if seeing them swim off as long as the freezer is full lol
  9. Well yea there is that
  10. Tethered goat is a like a lawn mower just move them along plus more character than some tit of a sheep too plus get milking nanny and some some nice fresh milk
  11. Bloody brilliant
  12. Yes it was me cousin. His not caught decent bass since he was a kid and only small one then. So I been puting him on the fish in 3 outing his had two doubles 10 and this one. I actually said to him stand there and cast there. Next time I will tell me self stand there he can fooker off out the way haha. Only kidding I get lot of pleasure out of helping some one catch a good fish. Only family though lol
  13. Where did you pick it up if you don't mind me asking ?
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