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  1. Pigeon burger today. I see Jamie Oliver won his case against burger king saying they are unfit for human consumption so I will stick with these thanks
  2. If they never put it on the news there wouldnt be no panic. The news got a lot to answer for now a days
  3. don't buy 100 quid wellies get 18 quid farmers coop last year if get lucky
  4. That file is out there now job done. No going back and certainly no undoing the damage
  5. Your bang on two tea bags is needed and 3 minutes is perfect. I actual put a time on my phone. I the evening though I most have leaf tea and use an infuser again 3 minutes. As you say the cup matters too oddly lol. You have let your self down with the milk in first though
  6. Enjoying this guys videos nice and down to earth and the old versatile collies helping him out.
  7. They are now saying on the news consent is needed or at least the bald guy is. But if the kid wants it and the parent don't the kid can over ride the parent if they are competent enough.
  8. I would normally slow cook or curry it and bash it with flavours of some sort but after watch few folks on youtube thought I would give it the steak treatment. It was tender and juicy and did remind me of steak though I am no steak expert. Like they say if you overcook it then it would be terrible. Not sure if greylag is better than canada or theres not much difference will soon find out when i bag one soon. I did brine in salt water for 24 hours so maybe that took away a lot of gameness. Good vid here
  9. Bloody handy Cocoda Digital Meat Thermometers, 2S Instant Read Cooking Thermometer with 4.7” Long Probe, Backlight LCD, IPX6 Waterproof and Magnet, Candy Thermometer for Oil Deep Fry BBQ Grill Milk : Amazon.co.uk: Home & Kitchen TINYURL.COM Shop Cocoda Digital Meat Thermometers, 2S Instant Read Cooking Thermometer with 4.7” Long Probe, Backlight LCD, IPX6 Waterproof and Magnet, Candy...
  10. It was very tender. I got a meat thermometer so some one mentioned on a forum some where don't go much above 130 before resting and it was spot on. As long as you don't mind it like that. Sliced thin as well. Was really nice and will repeat. As I am sure you know if you cook too far it will be tough. Oh also made a point of trimming well and cutting out any tendon and silver skin
  11. Low flying greylag 130F and rested for 10
  12. Just said on news if kids are deemed competent enough to say yes to the jab they don't need parents consent. That's terrible. Basically they can whitewash the kids and jab them up
  13. Nice I need to pull my finger out and get some for a crumble they will be gone before we know it
  14. Well I went from catching good bass for few months in a row dam near every trip to now blanking like a gooden lol
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