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  1. Good old days. My fav lamp was some head light on a handle with a door bell switch on which worked a treat. Next up was the old blue eye which was the bee's knees. Spilled battery acid had an oddly nice smell and gave a weird itch on your skin then a few days later your clothes fell apart. We are spoiled now with all the gizmos if you can afford them
  2. No lurcher in the uk is going to live off rabbits that is for sure. Bins hand outs and sheep will be the order of the day and an early end unless it gets taken in
  3. Can any one recommend a wifi camera that also acts as a stand alone wap to connect to so it doesnt require internet ? Preferable POE too but not essential for outdoors Thanks
  4. This is it. Used to lamp with a couple of lads who had bigger speed machines. If a rabbit was a good way out we sent them or I just got positioned in-between and slipped as it got closer to the hedge. Or in the smaller rougher fields I ran mine. I just loved the size of her and many time popped under my arm for what ever reason. She weighed less than the terrier
  5. Only ever had one and a lovely dog. Was no speed machine though and when we lamped I all ways ran her on the rabbits close to the hedge because that was where she came into her own and nailed them. Caught a load by sticking her head in the hedge. Could run over any rough ground as she just floated over it. Only thing she didnt float over was a low lieing electic fence one night which saw her retired .
  6. The whole lot need sacking that place needs a clean sweep. March this fella through door No idea what he thinks of any thing else but if he likes fishing and has his whole life its a start lol. It shows some slight grip on reality
  7. Just get chopping. With big bits you whack hell out if it and the smaller bits you do it like this. Few seconds there that show the technique no idea what his doing for other ten hours. Think your safe my 70 year old gran used to manage less her
  8. Pets at home prices are just ridiculous but they have the best price out for this stuff at 12.49 it was around a tenner a while back. Can either collect from store free or get delivered for less than 3 quid with in 2-3 days or free delivery for 4 bags. Can't fault it and he does ok on it Arkwrights Beef Working Adult Dog Complete Food 15kg | Pets At Home WWW.PETSATHOME.COM ProductShortDescription is available to buy online at Pets at Home, the UK's largest pet shop with fast delivery and low prices
  9. Waiting for my renewal with baited breath as the doctor ticked the big red box neurological issues. Due to an essential tremour I got diagnosed worth few years ago. Nothing to worry about doesn't affect me and no treatment needed. Doctor put all good stuff about it in the notes bit. I only went at the time in case it was start of some thing else. Gun cert never entered my mind and wish I hadn't bothered in hind site. Any way fingers crossed
  10. Can you put me down for the tank top please. Just seen this and its right up my street lol. Very generous of you by the way
  11. Like to see them do that down our local aldi break there necks before they got five yards. They love leaving pallets in the middle. Hardly fit trolly up there half time
  12. What about Farage he any good he likes fishing ? clutching at straws
  13. I know one thing with this fishing lark you just got to get out there. I thought I had this bass fishing sussed with the right tides,weather and wind direction. But last year it went against the grain and some of my best days were when the conditions were dead against. Strong north eastly blow against the tide I had my pb and also best numbers of bass. So this year I am ignoring conditions and just getting out there
  14. The net is closing from all directions. Shooters are also getting it with packham and the general licences. Endless attempts to stop you shooting and load of rules. It is going to get worse and worse. Plus the big hooharr on gun ownership and the police are looking for an excuse to take your licence going by the news.
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