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  1. Sell it too me loved them lol. Can't get any thing like it now not that I know of
  2. Fighting losing battle just got to net up which is a pain but it help keep the butter flies off too which is a bonus. https://www.scaffolding-direct.co.uk/debris-netting-2m-x-50m-green.aspxhttps://www.scaffolding-direct.co.uk/debris-netting-2m-x-50m-green.aspx
  3. Have to watch out when I out with nets don't trip over some fooker lamping on the floor
  4. The more they publicize this stuff the worse it will get. Every nutter looking for fame
  5. No shortage of things to do. Loads fishing to be done bait collecting. Been given access to a pond so want to start feeding that for ducks. Picking up couple kits next weekend. New pup coming in couple months. Loads of shooting to be done on pigeons. List goes on. Down side is this work lark lol really whacks a big hole your time. So much I would rather be doing
  6. I know Tiercel used to swear by the two GWP he had through the years and used them for shooting ferreting and working nets etc. Only thing that put me off them is I get the feeling they are not a beginners dog. So I would probably cock it up and I think one you didn't have a handle on could be a pain. Saying that I have never been around one
  7. Who ever did that to her chops needs locking up. Sure she was fine before hand. Every one that has work done looks worse. I don't understand it unless you have medical reasons for having it done
  8. Terrier whippet type sounds perfect to me no matter what the terrier as long as it has a bit of go in it. For catching rabbits at least with ferrets that is what you need. Rabbits never in the open more than few seconds ducking in and out. Slipping nets or what ever. No good having a bloody big blunderbus for that work though they will have a dam good go lol
  9. Walking farm last night and I found 2 rabbit droppings. Yes 2 ! they weren't even fresh but I was over the moon. The place has not held a single rabbit at all for over 5 years. Prior to that we could pop out any night and get few runs. I find it really sad to see the place devoid of rabbits. Just not right. Fingers crossed they can recover.
  10. You want want to message old Kev Kcb Leather - Home WWW.(!64.56:886 Kcb Leather. 5,089 likes · 121 talking about this. I am a leather worker and make bespoke handmade leather dog collars leads made from bridle leather all hand sewn...
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