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  1. Dogs that are attacked by other dogs can really be affected big time as I know only to well. No advice to give as I made right hash of my old dog
  2. There is a recycling plant plant near our big river they discharge leachate which is the waste liquid from land fills straight into our river. Big cockle beds and all sorts down river plus my yummy mullet. People report it but they have license for it. Bloody joke yet some guy took salmon home got hammered with over 2 grand fine
  3. It looked bit of shambles and they kept straightening there jackets to try and look good for fb Funny old going on. surprised they didn’t pull a pose
  4. Hopefully this may do something other wise it’s a farce Just a moment... WWW.ELECTORAL-REFORM.ORG.UK
  5. That 20 grand before you pay tax from reform is very appealing that would make noticeable difference straight away more money in the bank to spend in the local economy. Every one wins and grows. Don’t need to be Einstein to figure that one out. As it is now we get hammered spend millions every where like it’s water of stuff bloody miles away yet local towns are now ghost towns with all the shops boarded up
  6. I know sod all about it and even I know it’s just going to be more of the same rubbish. The only thing that will change things and I would notice a difference is if reform get in
  7. Unfortunately being a farmer doesn’t make you a proper country man woman. There’s few farmers around all posh places with loads money packham country file types. They look at man with a dog chasing a rabbit like some thing they scrape off there shoe. They were a minority back in the 70’s 80’s in fact. The days of small farms with the old boys tottering about. Scruffy working places with sound people. Remember one farm I worked with the terrier and I would see the farmer in the distance and give him a wave and he waved back. As the years went on I got closer and closer lol. Sound chap shame the
  8. Ann Davies and it was in reply to one of them automated basc forms that emails your local mps. In fairness she at least made effort to reply. in other news all the antis are getting revved up
  9. Voted first time in my life reform for me. In another note this woman from plaid cymru can get knotted. People like her do my head in pompous bunch of gits. What right do they have. Clueless
  10. Think there’s something to be said fore that one set lark.
  11. Beautiful night to be out last night 3 am beach to my self. Weather spot on and bit of moon
  12. Yes get in is new priminister. Having to wait four years to get rid of these other prat’s is going be torture
  13. Is there anyway reform can get in with out waiting for next election?
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