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  1. Fire damaged woodland to remove
  2. Look nice and strong them hopefully they they work out for you
  3. There both good saws in there own right to be fair it’s down to preference I’d say in my company it’s about 70% use stihl with a few echos thrown in I’ve only used the 066 and 088 to mill a lot of years ago but I do like the husky 372 and 395 they were the dogs danglies when they came out
  4. I use stihls mate had a few older husky’s and me pal had a lot of bother with his 560s 550s and he was felling up at kielder forest always had one in the dealers getting work done to it the new stihl 500i is the weapon of choice around here there Pretty thirsty but cut like no other saw on the market at the moment
  5. I’m a utility cutter mate there’s was a downed 11kv power line running through there
  6. Rip Brian terrier world has lost a true gent
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