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  1. billhardy

    Some thing different

    What it his with me his this ya sell a man a jukel ,it's his ta please has we wishes ,the same must be said dine when giftin no pressure no clause ya trust the man ta gift ta do right or hugs best by the jukel or why otherwise the gift. Of the jukel life his such fa me it his what it his this controlling type gifts seem ta me bullshit atb bill
  2. billhardy

    whippet x poodle

    The poodle his German by origin atb bill
  3. billhardy

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Made nice enough little bitch she was my pick a that bunch yas bred lad atb bill
  4. billhardy

    Some thing different

    I say this if a welp a gift it's just that , some put clauses on em ,such no grader cull etc,none a this fecking drink etc it's hard enough rearing them from eight weeks ta maturity and not cheep. If they got be priced ta sell price ,em. None a this fecking well a drink or Bung a cash keep it simple price them gift them or fecking cull em it's simple has that have done all three saves any didly misunderstandings and fa me a liked plenty jukels mostly I ain't owned but a never loved one lol get a grip atb bill
  5. billhardy

    whippet x poodle

    Have been bringing all sorts game in round these fellas don't think they got unnoticed they eat everything from kibble ta raw pigeon breasts rabbits the whole shabang lol atb bill
  6. billhardy

    whippet x poodle

  7. billhardy

    whippet x poodle

    my thoughts qualities not required by many today can be found in this type a xs the ones I seen xed whippet whippet types are quick sharp and very agile,quick thinkers, and come think have sern small poodles kill rats.atb bill
  8. billhardy

    whippet x poodle

    We have three smaller type poodles in family my old mar has one my daughters both have one each they all work on exercise and they're just lap type dogs the instinct ta hunt drive his strong in em atb bill
  9. billhardy

    whippet x poodle

    utube louter creek hunting poodles , atb bill
  10. billhardy

    whippet x poodle

    Right here we go,depends what yas want thy jukel for edible soft mouthed fur and feather type mooching catapulting general moocher water fowl etc,they can be okay how many folk are there left that acquire these skill sets in a jukel not many,even fewer have the skill ta train a jukel ta the standard required. Lots a standard poodles still worked overseas check utube out working standards .has a boy I had a miniature poodle xs non ped whippet accidental mat img very intelligent loved ta please was coming on fine but got stolen around twelve mths so never got ta see her full ability ,don't get thinking modern types a keepers would justify this type the majority would seem them has rubbish like I say different times different required attributes expected from the majority of lurcher keepers what I do know poodles have engines don't overheat have excellent noses take ta water naturally .atb bill
  11. Feck me these enough chasing it lol atb bill
  12. billhardy

    9 and 10 months now

    He does she refuses nothing ideal actually fa fella who keeps her easy keep laid back atbill
  13. billhardy

    First cross bull whippets

    Yeah and me seems an age ago now lol
  14. billhardy

    First cross bull whippets

    Etat ya mean what they doing staff does what they should and bitch tackle anything. A d catch most small edible plus all vermin. Atb bill