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  1. Saluki lurcher we ill have Maybey tye added advantage ntage on day time roe but running fallow four five a night couple attimes a week the alsation his a spec i a list type fa this running. Atb bill
  2. Thing his this ya get these types on here what they have his the best thing since sliced bread I have owned worked a late variety of different xes but it'ss like this lots of just ain't come up ta svrat h fa one reason or other now killi g a few coneys round holes ain't ne ezary the be all end all fa a jukel some needs different things in there jukel capabilities that go far way and beyond a hole jukel one can suffice with days ferritin same cana be said fa the ferritin jukel. They be found wanting definately only good f1 types in the herders fa venisio. Fallow on a night fa me are alsation xs greys those that I seen run them close were Richard Jones collie xs greys but they had a mix and border but lots a them seemed ta like the vhave all that in abundaenus ion and Charlie. All the other f types cattle xs I f a llow regular couple times a week single handed alsation types see n kelpie xs were not powerful enough T t a ke them regular single 2 ta 3 a night I say had I know it maybe y ex emotions happen with good as lsTion types even the ad maller tight breds have lots a power far more than kelpie types power strength natural herding ability alsation are naturals even pures will catch the odd uns under the lamp atb bill
  3. OK Maybey even more a alsation xs greyhound his one powerful jukel generation c as n be even stronger depending how they throw. Atb bill
  4. Of course I have seen three quarter lots a types even a kelpie x three quarter and cattle xs plenty collie three quarter both beardie and border bull xes three quarter Wheaton three quarter any more types ya want think generation three quarter types also need I say any more smost a these a fresh out the wo. B on here has far has experience of variety of xes and t h Arms a fact whippet s grey thee quarters generation beddie xs three quarter and generation types seen the blloody lot atb bill
  5. It's simple some handlers are gin a jukel fa a reason the best they can get and more then perhaps they get utilised in ta a breed or generation ha atb bill
  6. Socks ill enlighten you with abit knowledge depending on the way they throw most f1 alsation xs will tackle mostly anything broylught on right but hey socks think and think hard if that's what yall have ta do a alsation Greg y f1 anything from twenty four right up to thirty inch fast plenty durablegame enough when bonded right sames has a kelpie xs Maybey but three times the jukel power the welps herefa a reason he nce two we see wee test then wee Maybey go ta the beat Malli xs coursing type we have here and she ain't no mug on anything teeth or vennie. Atb bill
  7. That's the oy way tall get any amount a conies ya fe King to bit farm hand on a shit hole of a so called farm traps ha some fecking dog man you traps lol lo lol bring that kelpie down here I'll put some gear in front off it cotton socks. Lol atb bill
  8. Like I said a don't need a all night type hence the three quarter on off job done can surprise at times we got proper all nighters that's not what's really wanted now Tb bill
  9. Narrh socks now you no I day say that but they won't do what I need at moment next few yrs it all about on and off job done not fecking about round holes. Atb bill
  10. It'll do fa me I had one before where I run now its a fragile place lol atb bill
  11. Like I said ya be close fa confrontation simples atb bill
  12. Don't be silly ya silly childish Hill Billy atb bill
  13. Uya a silly c**t bring it down next season come riim some a these behind Keith's place lol ya willing come fix the fence come see if ya can ya fe King numpty atb bill
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