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  1. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Some thing different

    Romeo about 27 inch and my bitch 25 inch , don’t know how to put pics up on here sorry, both very athletic looking dogs, there is some clips of my bitches mother on YouTube called Cindy coursing, Cindy looks very similar to my bitch
  2. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Some thing different

    I’ve put Romeo to my bitch a few weeks ago she is out of Nero x Cindy, she is nearly 5 weeks in now so not 100% sure if she has taken yet but if she has these pups should make great dogs on all types of land, my bitch will kill on small grass paddocks in wales and kill after a punishing run on big open land
  3. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Dandruff in dogs

    Every dog is different, some react differently to the same ingredients
  4. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Dandruff in dogs

    It will almost definitely be something to do with the diet, do you use a cheap dry food as a supplement to the meat ? If you do feed dry aswell try using hypoallergenic stuff. I had mine on some cheap dry food recently and they got dandruff so changed the dry food I use as a mixer to that Arden grange hypoallergenic lamb and rice and the dandruff went in a few weeks and coats went shiney and I didn’t wash them or use any shampoos
  5. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Another foreigner over here😱

    Funny dogs them galgos, they don’t seem to have a coursing brain, you never see them get a hare under control and work it properly, they seem to run like a greyhound but slower, would like to see them run single handed then they might get chance to use there brains more if they have got any
  6. thefensarefarbutistillgo


  7. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    My pup... Nero x cindy scout x cindy

    Nice pup, the mother to them Lacey( cindy x scout)was an unbelievable bitch and her brother a red and white dog was also a masterpiece but got run over and killed. There has also been some top class animals out of the cindy x Nero, that cindy was a very good brood bitch. Good luck with your pup.
  8. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    My old dog

    Nice dog, looks like he can shift, how’s he bred ?
  9. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Stud dog saluki x grey

    Yea my mates bitch was out of buddy x molly which was a Black and Tan feathered bitch which was also the mother to indi and Carson and I know there was a litter bred the same way but out of mollys sister
  10. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Stud dog saluki x grey

    Can you not resize the file
  11. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Stud dog saluki x grey

    So your bitches sire must of been the brother to my mates bitch called bonnie, she was one of the best bitches I’ve ever seen and also the sister to maloneys Judy which is the dam to scouser
  12. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Stud dog saluki x grey

    Is it nuttals buddy ? And which bonnie, how’s she bred ?
  13. thefensarefarbutistillgo


    It will just be shear exhaustion epically if the dog isn’t fully fit and has just had a gruelling run
  14. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Best method for trapping Squirrels

    What do you mean by the kanias are very unforgiving ?
  15. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    dan x peggy

    Tidy looking dog, how old he now ? Has he lined a bitch before ?