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  1. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Quick question?

    A bloke called Dennis burns won it with a bitch called gyp which he later put to colefeilds joe, I did a 16 hour round trip to get a pup out of them which was worth it in the end as my pup turned out to be a very good bitch, do you remember that bitch gyp who won it?
  2. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Quick question?

    There use to be one called the Cawdor coursing challenge that sankey, harry burton etc use to run in, though it might of been that one
  3. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Quick question?

    What was the name of that competition?
  4. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Witch stud dog to use

    I was told pip had more staying power
  5. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Witch stud dog to use

    Yea had a pup out of digger to a pure out of Nero, sold him at 6 months old and from what I’ve heard he made a real good dog. Not sure about razor
  6. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Witch stud dog to use

    What about pip the bro to belle out of buddy x Kim
  7. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Holidays dog boarding

    Good idea, just hope that decking doesn’t collapse
  8. thefensarefarbutistillgo


    Smart pups, what is your dogs running style like ?
  9. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    PURE !!!

    Well said
  10. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    PURE !!!

    That 5th picture down is the absolute double of a bitch I bred out of buddy x pure saluki that the Arabs bought
  11. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    PURE !!!

    Sir Terrance Clark and some other members of the saluki coursing club took there pure Salukis to run against the galagos in Spain and surprisingly the Salukis were faster than the galagos our of the slips and won all of the courses bar 1 I think it’s just because the galagos look quiet greyhoundy you think they must be fast but when you watch the galagos coursing it makes you think them hares are super hares but maybe it’s becase the galagos aint that fast really
  12. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    PURE !!!

    Who is this person beginning with D ?
  13. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Hopefully get a pup back

    Healthy looking pups, what do you put collars on them at that age for thow?
  14. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Splodge X Fettle Bitch

    Was that Alan booths Fred, the bro to cruise of shildon
  15. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Do you know how that roe was bred ?