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  1. Think I’ve seen some clips of her on YouTube if it’s the one I’m thinking of she was tight on her hares and stuck to them like glue
  2. Christ that must of been bad, my mum had a pure collie years ago that I took lamping a few times just for the crack and that could catch rabbits easy enough on the lamp
  3. Has anyone seen the pups maxhardcore has got for sale on pets4homes, real nice strong pups, absolute belters
  4. what was up with the collie cross you had and how much collie was in it
  5. Going off what you’ve seen so far off your bitch do you think the deerhound blood improves the stamina a great deal compared to what you would get from a pure greyhound, genuine question as I’ve never had any experience of deerhound crosses
  6. Shouldn’t soak the biscuits in boiling water because it will kill a lot of vitamins in it, just use warm/hottish water, fill the kettle up but knock it off in about half the time it would take to boil
  7. That’s it you need a dog with brains, gears and excels around cover for small land
  8. Sandy would of done a better job, good thow
  9. What dog you thinking of putting to her ?
  10. Nice bitch, it might just be the way she is standing but she has got back legs like scooby do
  11. Good chest on the brindle one, she will have at least 5 mins in the tank
  12. Thanks for the vote of confidence I don’t really want them ranging to far I’ve had enough of that with ignorant saluki crosses over the years, from what I’ve seen from these pups so far they seem a lot more intelligent than what I’ve heard people say about greyhounds over the years but time will tell, all I can do is try and give them the best start
  13. Yea but how many are brought up from pups out in the fields learning field craft, about fences going under or over gates going through cover and start running there quarry from a young age, I guess most most people get failed racers at 2 year old or older and then start taking them out that’s why the get injured running into fences ect, most haven’t been left to free run out on the fields before and haven’t learn there trade from a young age, was the one you had an ex racer or you have it from a pup ?
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