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  1. Have a look at the hikmicro falcon fh35, very good for the money, you can get them brand new on eBay for £1400 or wait till you see a second hand one come up on there
  2. The pulsar 30 S is a lot better than the standard 30 and the new 30 F is not as good as the 30 S either my mate just bought one and sent it back after a couple of weeks, if your looking for a really good thermal at a decent price look at the hikmicro falcon fh35 there around £1500 new, I got one not long ago off eBay for £1100, they are much better than the pulsars in that range, they have got the best sensors you can get in any thermal at the moment
  3. Must of been the heavy going the hares couldn’t skim across the top of it
  4. You still can’t admit that hares take more catching on bottomless ground, some character you are, me and every coursing man in the country must be wrong then, I’m glad you’ve enlightened us
  5. @green lurchers, regardless of wether you think that hares run better on good going, do you think they are harder to catch on bottomless ground ?
  6. You’ve just invented that hares are at the best on good going because that’s the only time a whippet might have a slight chance of catching one , then it makes you feel better thinking that took some catching on that ground with only 2mm of sink, I see what you’ve done there, very clever, but there’s no point kidding yourself
  7. You’ve always been saying to mc that hares are the best and take more catching on the firm, your just back peddling now because you know I’m right and have overwhelmed you with superior knowledge and commen sense backed up with science
  8. The hares can just skim across the top of the slop because there so light whilst the dog is sinking in a lot more, maybe the hares do not run there best in the heavy going it’s just that it puts the dog at more of a disadvantage than the hare which makes them harder to catch, I can’t believe you think hares are harder to catch on good going, maybe the hares do run better but the dog hasn’t got the big disadvantage of having to pull itself through the ground making it a lot easier running for the dog as long as there is enough give for them to turn properly
  9. I think the kennel club sent a sniper round for fiddling the pedigrees
  10. Someone I know was selling one a few weeks ago, I’ll check for you if he has still got it
  11. Arther Carter feild sports, is he still going, he use to have a page in the countryman’s weekly with all the stuff he sold
  12. You wanna clean your glasses better, bubbles sticking on the inside of the glass means the glass is dirty, hate it when I get a pint in a pub that looks like that, not as bad when it’s your own glass I suppose
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