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  1. Most dogs will cough after a gruelling run when they not fully fit and conditioned for it, it’s just a slight strain on the lungs which usually clears up in a few days
  2. That is the gun for sale, I put the pics up for northantscourser
  3. Like that dog in the first pic, what’s the breeding?
  4. I know the feeling, some mither arnt they, when your working aswell there is barely a spare minute in the day
  5. Didn’t know jacko had passed away, what happened there ?
  6. Jigsaw, the best shavings I’ve found for pups are called bedmax, they come in a big yellow bale and are big flakes of shavings, you don’t want the small dusty ones, you can get them from the agriculture store chain called wynnstay stores, not sure if you get them in Ireland thow
  7. Could of been, that Darren’s brigorn was an imported pure saluki I seem to remember, I know sniper was defo out of a pure it’s the other half I’m not sure about
  8. I think it was 96 or 97 the year he won the forley, the dog had a nice style of running, I think he was bred out of a pure saluki to a lurcher with s fair bit of deerhound in, not entirely sure thow
  9. Class dog in his day, knew how to go up and down the gears, dont think he ever left any pups as good as him thow
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