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  1. Did you get any runs on your permission today bangers ?
  2. If I start annoying you on here will you invite me out on a days permission aswell
  3. Bangers has already seen a few already but decided they were to far to slip at 40 yards
  4. You start taking a step back when they get to closely bred and get cloddy and injury prone , adding some fresh pure blood usually brings back all good qualities, there has been some very good dogs bred going back to a pure and strangely they all seem to be real fast and sharp and the pups often turn out to be faster than both parents which I think is from hybrid vigour, I bred buddy x pure and Cindy x pure and putting them to a pure saluki actually made the pups turn out faster than there coursing bred parents
  5. Why didn’t you just say no thanks it’s to old for me, I spent about an hour yesterday finding out more about the pup for you
  6. Greb if you haven’t got any outside kennels surely you must of thought about the scenario of an older pup being in the house with the Akita before today and before you enquired about this pup ?
  7. I think you’ve covered more than the nail beds there
  8. You be alright with a long slip on that land bangers, you must be waiting for a kick up just slip of the dog see it at least it’s some fitness for the dog if nothing else
  9. bloody hell scouser looking old now, seen him run a good few times, put him to my bitch Cindy by artificial insemination because he wouldn’t line her but she didn’t take, that must of been a good 8 years ago I think
  10. Is that your dog out of scouser ? How was the dam bred ?
  11. I agree with mc, there saying stay still so the hare is more likely to go up track which wouldn’t do the dog any favours
  12. It looks like he lost it before the wood the dog is standing there good 100 yards off the wood didn’t go into it, not crabbing the dog he was a good animal
  13. Kim could run a top notch hare better than Lucas, them fast killing dogs don’t like it when they get on one they can’t have there way with, Lucas seemed to loose that hare a bit easy at the end I think he was glad to see the back of it Lucas couldn’t wait to get on the ferry back to Ireland and get back to them Irish hares.
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