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  1. Arther Carter feild sports, is he still going, he use to have a page in the countryman’s weekly with all the stuff he sold
  2. You wanna clean your glasses better, bubbles sticking on the inside of the glass means the glass is dirty, hate it when I get a pint in a pub that looks like that, not as bad when it’s your own glass I suppose
  3. He died falling off his roof when he went up to adjust the Ariel, I think it was because he was trying to hold on with one hand
  4. Christ it usually looks like that when it comes out the other end not before you eat it
  5. So are chicken nuggets but you wouldn’t eat them without cooking them
  6. What you eat the black pudding raw ?
  7. When you get married it’s a life sentence
  8. What would make it a stew a couple of carrots in it
  9. I thought it was called hash when it’s like mashed potatoes with corned beef mixed into it
  10. Fine dining a bit of old corned beef stew, if anyone wants the recipe it’s potatoes, water, oxo cube x 2 and a tin of corned beef
  11. Are you sure your not an alcoholic mate ?
  12. It’s actually supposed to be better for you having a little bit each day than binge drinking on a weekend
  13. As I said I have a week off now and again which I’m doing this week and have started not drinking 1 night in the week so I’ve decided that means I’m definitely not an alcoholic
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