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  1. Pitta bread dipped in olive oil and if there lucky also dipped in a bit of taramasalata
  2. I’ve always fed twice a day all year round with that being a light meal in the morning and a heavy meal at night but obviously not being fed on the morning if they are going to be working that day
  3. Do you think adult dogs are better off being fed once a day or twice going off that theory ? I also agree food shouldn’t be left down all the time as it can make them picky and they will eat at different times which is not what you want for a working dog when you have a heavy work load planned at a certain time so they will want feeding at a certain time.
  4. Yep defo, although they may look good that’s about it, I’ve seen whippet greys with cat feet that have had almost ever toe knocked up and then saluki type flat splayed feet and never had a problem with them
  5. Feet don’t look flat at all to me, I’d say they are quite tight for a saluki type
  6. Well I didn’t know that did I, perhaps the clue was in the name
  7. I’ve heard of people using baby formula for pups with good results, I wonder if that pigs milk has got a hint of bacon flavour to it
  8. I think they don’t get there full speed till around 15 months old, you can start doing bits and bobs from 8 months just don’t overdo it
  9. How’s that ? Lactol is a powder formula puppy milk
  10. First cross foxhound x saluki 14 months old, see how he shapes up over this season
  11. I always use lactol I got told not to give dogs cows milk as they are lactose intolerant
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