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  1. I don’t like really closely bred stuff for that reason and they also seem to loose speed when to inbred, mad when you outcross to pure saluki a lot of the time they turn out faster than either parent, hybrid vigour again I think
  2. I think they become more injury prone the more closely bred they are, you need a complete outcross sometimes to bring the hybrid vigour back to the forefront
  3. I will second that, them ceramic bulbs are the best, if you get the 230 watt ones they chuck out some heat and give off no light which is a bonus, would you like to try and sleep with a big light shining in your eyes lol, there also cheaper to run than infa red
  4. There is some gwp x lurcher pups for sale in the lurcher section of Pets4Homes at the moment, nice pups but they are a bag of sand each
  5. Yes, same bitch to Romeo, they only 14 months old now so this season will tell
  6. Sire. Prince out of Buddy x Whitney, buddy was out of (foxy x charlie) Whitney was out of (Caulfield’s joe x Caspers sister). Dam. Tikka out of Cindy x Nero, Cindy was out of Fred (Wolfie x titch) to May (Caulfield’s joe x gyp). Nero is the best producing saluki of recent times. Sire to pups 7 years old, Dam to pups 6 years old. Both well tested single handed dogs. Pups 6 weeks old. 2 white dogs left. £500 each.
  7. Just wondering because the mince I get has a label on it saying date of manufacture and then the best before end 3 months after that, i think If meat is being kept frozen for a good while it has got to be kept at at least -18oC, but can’t see it would be a problem keeping it longer than 3 months at that temp
  8. Is it correct that even when meat is kept frozen it will go out of date after 3 months, just wondering for those who buy in mass bulk and maybe have it in the freezer for maybe 6 months or more ?
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