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  1. I’ve had the same but in the corner of my eyelid, the doctor didn’t understand what a barbed hook was and was just trying to pull it out in the end they had to slice my eyelid open to get it out
  2. Aye but there would be no food in the supermarkets etc as it wouldn’t get there, at least all us on here would be ok for food as we could use our hunting skills, apart from the armchair hunters
  3. Mad when you think about it if there was no fuel ️ the whole country would grind to a haunt and there would be complete mayhem
  4. Yea I know what you mean the longer ago things were made the more robust they were and they lasted alot longer than today’s modern crap, I suppose it’s because everything is made as quickly and as cheaply as possible now so there’s more profit in it
  5. I’ve had a Bosch electric mower for over 10 years still going strong only paid £100 for it, highly recommended, never had one thing go wrong with it, have you tried plugging it in ?
  6. You be better off listening to your fellow Irishman Ivor Cummins
  7. Latest studies from Oxford show the double vaccinated are more likely to catch and transmit the the delta variant than unvaccinated
  8. Works on the railway by day, paints his toenails by night , never had you down as the sort
  9. Pink nail varnish on your toe nails what’s that all about, keep your nails waterproof in the slop
  10. Seems like a good lifestyle you’ve got over there, living the dream
  11. Listen out for what’s not shown to you and there you’ll find the truth for in a civilised and careful way they’ll sculptor all your views
  12. great come back that, I suppose it’s hard to argue with logic and truth
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