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  1. There is a difference between killing hares and killing top notch hares, the best hares will take 4 to 5 mins plus and will not be killed quick by any dog so if your dog can’t stick on it’s not going to kill top hares, as long as your happy with quick kills and seeing your dogs getting blown to bits on a top hare that’s up to you
  2. I’m even more confused now, is it just me or does this Carl seem strange to anyone else,definitely not the full shilling, I can’t believe what I’m reading on some of his posts
  3. This guy has got to be on a wind up, this is not normal behaviour
  4. To be fair he does take it roller skating a lot to test it’s wind out it once pulled him to the local supermarket in under 4 mins and that was with hitting a lamp post on the way
  5. Geoff fletcher ran one of his whippet x grey in a coursing comp on the fens for a bit of sport, dog ran its heart out for first 2 and half mins then had to put the handbrake on as it couldn’t take anymore, that’s what Mchull is saying them type of dogs will catch hares but can’t hack it when they drop on mr right on big land
  6. Pups 9 weeks old today and have had first jabs, smooth white dog and red feathered dog left to go will take £395 each, bargain of the century , pm me if interested
  7. Sire to the pups, ugly bugger like his dad buddy but all top class old school breeding with no crap mixed in
  8. Brindle bitch is called May she was straight out of Caulfield’s joe and was the mother to Cindy. Red bitch is Cindy and was the mother to tikka
  9. Romeo has got bob in from joe as chase which is Romeo’s sire was sired by jack who was foxy x joe
  10. Only pure bred that needs to be added to them now and again is saluki to widen the gene pool, adding pure grey would ruin years of work
  11. Fuji, Ben fogle will be making a programme about you soon , quality pics
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