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  1. From my experience there would be very little heat being felt from that height, if it’s cold enough for it to be needed to be on it should be around 2 to 2 and a half feet above the bed, even at that height you don’t feel much heat if you hold your hand under it at the same level as the dog would be but if you turn your head to the side and put your face by where the dog would be and leave it there for a few seconds you can feel the heat more, I find that the best way to gauge what height to put the lamp
  2. I found the 250 watt ceramic bulbs the best, they throw off more heat and last longer than the infa red
  3. Them polar bear crosses can be a bit steady
  4. Fair point but most people have realised by now that a bit of saluki put into bull x will make them better than straight bull greys
  5. The only way you can solve this problem is to knock the bull cross on the head and get a good saluki cross
  6. I thought exactly the same as you, at first I thought it was a joke but when you think about it taking rabbits in the daytime without bolting them with ferrets takes some doing mainly because there is little chance for good course on a rabbit in the day
  7. They still have to pay it so it’s the same as a fine whichever way you look at it
  8. What’s the problem, is it because there kept in an old freezer draw
  9. I’ve always said that, go out in a Subaru and you may aswell have a big sign on the side saying hello everyone I’m coursing, some people got no brains
  10. Smart dog, Was he out of a greyhound bitch or the other way round, what was his stamina like
  11. Is sonic your first cross saluki greyhound? Can you put some pics up of him in his prime, I was thinking of breeding some first crosses in the future
  12. Me mums got it up in her kitchen she loves it
  13. Cheers for the info I’ll look into it, have you any idea what use to cause the hot spots and how long did it go on for with your dog
  14. I’d just rubbed some ointment in on the second pic which made it look worse, not sure wether it is mange or something else, I’ve treated her with advocate about 2 weeks ago incase it is mange and just started using camrosa ointment yesterday which has to be done twice a day for a month, it’s supposed to work miracles for healing and hair regrowth
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