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  1. Two crows,I heard that Gary lee’s dog Sargent was a good dog back in the day, did he just have a bad day when he ran in the feildfare challenge
  2. Just out of interest, how long can them first crosses stick for as in 2, 3 or 4 minutes, I know they will all be a bit different and inherit different amounts of stamina but can some of them stay on a bit from your experience or are they mainly short winded ?
  3. No messing about there, great pick up, should of killed it a bit quicker thow in my opinion 🕰
  4. Has that dog in the video got some saluki in it ? It seemed to hang back a bit and want to run it to death
  5. Never judge a man until you have walked a thousand miles in his moccasins, that’s my contribution to this deep and meaningful topic
  6. Most dogs will cough after a gruelling run when they not fully fit and conditioned for it, it’s just a slight strain on the lungs which usually clears up in a few days
  7. That is the gun for sale, I put the pics up for northantscourser
  8. Like that dog in the first pic, what’s the breeding?
  9. I know the feeling, some mither arnt they, when your working aswell there is barely a spare minute in the day
  10. Didn’t know jacko had passed away, what happened there ?
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