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  1. dogmandont

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    We had a rawheadrex and a spitting image. Lol.
  2. dogmandont

    FU**ING RAGING .....

    Seems my prediction of a another holiday for foxy was spot on.
  3. dogmandont

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    What I should have said as well is that I’ve also made lifelong friendships and some of the most genuine lads you could come across, I could fill my kennels twice over with quality animals both terriers and lurchers and not a penny would change hands.
  4. dogmandont

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    There’s cnuts in every walk of life and the lurcher game ain’t no different, in fact I’ve met more lying scumbags through my time in the dog game than any other part of my life. For some people money comes before dogs but for me it’s the other way round.
  5. dogmandont

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Emmerdale has a lot to answer for.
  6. dogmandont

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    People get smaller as they get older or Tyson was wearing his cowboy boots.
  7. dogmandont

    Scottish weather

    Is there different shades of white or is that 80% white British gnasher?
  8. dogmandont

    Fury fight-anybody remotely interested?

    You’ve fairly changed your turn max a while ago he was the best since Ali then the best since Lewis now he’s the best around at the moment...... BEEP BEEP BEEP
  9. dogmandont

    Pre Season

    The heads I used to feed weren’t skinned and like you the dogs looked and ran first class on them.
  10. dogmandont

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    Two lads I work with married women from Belarus, in fairness the only way they were ever getting wed was to a mail order bride.
  11. dogmandont

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    Seems Gareth Thomas inst the only closet homo on this thread. Nothing shouts queer as much as a man trying to make out how much he’s into women.
  12. dogmandont

    Hunting Rhino Poachers with Hounds in South Africa

    Your probably 100% right greyman but I’d of thought if a poacher got himself a bit of a vantage point like the man in the photo up the tree then he could pretty much do away with all them dogs in one sitting. Do a lot of these poachers not be armed with AKs?
  13. dogmandont

    Hunting Rhino Poachers with Hounds in South Africa

    Surely there’ll be a high death rate amongst them dogs as I’m sure the poachers are well armed and will be shooting the dogs as soon as they are in range.
  14. dogmandont


    Excellent choice.
  15. dogmandont

    This is all we need out here.

    Hunt with a lad who’s whole family worked in the slaughter houses when the money was good before the cheap labour pushed them out.