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  1. I'd rather go back on the rolls than start vaping again, cnut of a habit that's every bit as bad as smoking.
  2. Doctors giving out anti depressants like they're smarties certainly doesn't help peoples mental health. Drink and drugs another catalyst. I've lost friends over the years to suicide, couple were no surprise if I'm honest and a couple came out of the blue and it's those ones that are hard to get your head around.
  3. I've a couple of the cheap Chinese cree torches and have to say they've been brilliant but just a bit big for a pocket torch. I'll check out the Clu-Lite.
  4. dogmandont


    Im more after just a little handheld. I'll have a nosey at the fenix.
  5. dogmandont


    With the long nights back I'm after a couple of small handy torches for me and missus, something handy sized that'll fit in a jacket pocket, I've always used the little keyring maglites but would like something rechargeable.
  6. True story but that big bull x would spill the guts of other things one after the other on the lamp and make it look easy but a complete cur on daytime fox outta cover.
  7. Had something similar while breaking off a big useless bag of shite of a bullcross off a foxes arse. Last fox that dog ever seen.
  8. Funniest one I've seen was a mate trying to break a terrier of a fox in a dig, he broke the terrier off alright but ended up with a thumb on one hand and a finger on the other hand firmly clamped in the foxes mouth. Lol. A complete fcuking seige. Lol. Funniest part was he was one of the lads that stood and laughed at me 20 years previous, karma is a bitch I tell ye. Lol.
  9. Had a fox hanging off my wrist while a big ignorant wheaten lurcher was trying to squeeze the foxes guts out through its arse. Lol. That got a tad emotional especially when every cnut that should've been giving me a hand were rolling about laughing at me. Lol.
  10. And there was me thinking you were one of level headed ones on here. Lol.
  11. The sore legs was the worst symptom I had from it.
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