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  1. Have a couple of starlings that have taken a shine to the peanut feeder, no shortage of them round here over winter and the power lines be black with em in the summer and autumn.
  2. When my ole fella had his aviary he had feeders hanging on the mesh on the outside and there was always wild bullies visiting aswell as goldies and linnets. A lovely sight.
  3. I get chaffinch greenfinch and goldies but yet to get the bullies.
  4. I've mixed seed in that type at the moment, the tits can empty it in a couple of hours and the sparrows get whatever lands on the ground. I must get another for the sunflower hearts, any tips on getting bullfinches to the feeders.
  5. What kind of feeder are you using for the hearts sid. I'm still using the Niger seed.
  6. My father had them in his aviary as well probably why I've a soft spot for them.
  7. Most I've counted at the feeders is 9, love seeing the goldies.
  8. Thats what's fcuked it for me, some lads think their opinions are facts after they've read somebody else's opinion on the net.
  9. Without a doubt. . But most don't post much any more but still the childish bullshit continues.
  10. It's become the max show on the general section now.
  11. All decent sensible discussion ended on this thread when max declared himself the covid specialist, some good input from folks of different opinions has been lost amongst his same old know it all bullshit and his condescending knobhead attitude. Covid is affecting everyones lives at the minute and this place was once a decent place to pick up bits and pieces of information from very knowledgeable people but that has gone to fcuk lately because of a couple of mouth pieces.
  12. Last time was 16 17 years ago in Dublin the Belfast gig has to be over 20 years ago.
  13. Saw them a couple of times but that particular gig in a small venue in Belfast was fantastic and as you say they don't do the Doors any injustice.
  14. ACDC 4 times, Metallica 4 times, Megadeth Slayer Iron Maiden Slipknot Linkin Park, LA Doors were excellent in a tiny venue while on Shrooms, there's a good few smaller and local bands that I've enjoyed as much as the bigger gigs. Would love to see Pink Floyd.
  15. Key worker= tax paying Army ant.
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