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  1. dogmandont


    I’ve owned and been around strong dogs jigsaw what other experience do I need? The fact I’ve owned them is the very reason I have the opinion that they shouldn’t be keep as pets.
  2. dogmandont


    But a lot more pitbull attacks end in a death I’d say, no?
  3. dogmandont


    Why any man would willingly take a dog into the home around there kids that’s been bred to fight is absolutely beyond me. And I have nothing whatsoever against pits but as a pet, why?
  4. dogmandont


    I’ll say this and don’t care if some people take offence to it, anyone that has pitbulls round kids is an idiot.
  5. dogmandont

    What would you do

    Right enough foxy that’s as gay as fcuk. .
  6. dogmandont

    Greyhound mag box

    Think they’re made to order, over here anyway.
  7. dogmandont

    What would you do

    They reckon you need 5 million in the bank nowadays to be a millionaire.
  8. dogmandont


    Was there anything else added to them in America are did the original dogs just get more refined?
  9. dogmandont


    Can only be a good thing chesney..
  10. dogmandont


    Was going to See if I could get another twenty pages going but as chesney seems to be on the beer and feeling all double hard and talking about nutting dogs and you’ve started posting pictures of your mute terrier I’ll let yous get on with it.
  11. dogmandont


    If yous take a look lads I’ve deleted all my posts after rereading them as they were as others said just plane embarrassing, if kerny had anything about him he’d do the same and let the thread get back on track. More fool me for getting sucked in.
  12. dogmandont