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  1. Been watching this dude and sid for a while, both characters. Lovely green boy . . . #parrot #parrotsofinstagram #parrots #parr... | Pet Birds | TikTok VM.TIKTOK.COM Lovely green boy . . . #parrot #parrotsofinstagram #parrots #parrotlover...
  2. Him and bill are out decapitating xl bullies limb from limb.
  3. The greatest 30 seconds in TV History. #covid #covid19 #antivaxx #anti... | TikTok VM.TIKTOK.COM The greatest 30 seconds in TV History. #covid #covid19 #antivaxx #anticovid19
  4. Tasty bit of graft there kev, looks brilliant.
  5. Tell the silly cnut to take her face for a shite. Never ever give a cnut like that a chance to voice their opinion.
  6. No surprise there then hawki, snout in the trough just like all the rest, of course he's pro migration it's worth a 160 grand a year to him.
  7. At the minimum a lid is always a good idea, but fair play to you for just saying Fcuk it and doing it.
  8. Nothing as bad as been nearly at the top of a real grueller of a climb on the mtb and some fat cnut on a emtb pedals past as fresh as paint. Lol. Doesn't do the fatties any good on the way down though. Lol.
  9. They made it clear a long time ago they were taking in a million migrants. They'll make up 50% of the population.
  10. I read somewhere that he's pro immigration, is that accurate Paul.
  11. Just to add.. Plod ain't paying shit, the public will be picking up that bill just like all the rest. Cops don't have an issue with pushing cases they might lose, if they get a win so be it if they don't... Ah well.. The public will pick up the tab..
  12. Read that the Ukraine is losing anything up to 1000 soldiers a day and have started to ask European countries that took in refugees to send the men back to fight. Fcuking meat grinder
  13. It's threads like this one that I really miss Don being on here, he'd of been having a field day. Lol.
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