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  1. Was going to say similar that the weather would be more reason to give an extra feed more so than work.
  2. I always just fed once a day, if I was lamping they got a good feed on return same for daytime work fed the night before and then when we've got home.
  3. If he's a well known dog thief then get his name on here.
  4. Hope that doesn't mean the gypos that stole them get to keep their identity secret. As that's usually how these things go.
  5. Kerney dogfox greb and a few others. How many usernames you had on here foxy??
  6. dogmandont


    Like i said if it had of been today and with the right brief it wouldn't of even went to court. It shouldn't have went to court back then ffs, but get a cop and a judge that don't know their ass from their elbow but singing of the same hynm sheet and your getting screwed over.
  7. dogmandont


    Fcuk that. Lol. I'm anonymous on here for a reason. Lol.
  8. dogmandont


    Was in court for digging a bit longer ago than that, lost my fac and a hefty fine, name splashed over the papers and made out to be some kind of serial killer and that was after it was basically thrown out of court if it had of been now with a better defence it wouldn't have made it to court. And pedos get a slap on the wrist for having that stuff in their possession. Fcuked up world we live in.
  9. Sorry for kinda dragging you into this tomo. Lol. I'm a fan of the terrier crosses but not blind to their limitations but when a lad calls them out as useless and only good for one thing I just can't help myself. Some of the worst examples of lurchers I've ever seen have been bull xs but I've also seen a few real gems over the years that weren't one trick pony's and could take plenty of graft.
  10. dogmandont


    I can't believe the sentences given to these pedos that are caught with 1000s of images, a fcukin suspended sentence ffs unbelievable. A lad caught digging are running a hare get harsher sentences.
  11. Beep Beep Beep Beep. Lol. Full of poo. Lol.
  12. Why ye liking tomos post mC HULL lol. You've been on here waffling shite that bullx couldn't do a full night and telling lads they're full of shite for saying they can but a lad like tomo that has proved many times on here that he knows his stuff when it comes to lamping says probably the best he ever seen was a bullx and your liking his posts. Lololololol. Tell tomo he's full of shite and it can't be done. Lololololol,.
  13. Id be bored fcukin stupid after watching the plodder run 2 or 3 never mind 50 lol. I'd rather take the wife's whippet out for a shine at least its exciting to watch. Lol.
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