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  1. The results of having an all female team of bodyguards.
  2. Supposedly the secret service sniper had eyes on the shooter for over 60 seconds and was told not to take the shot, if that's true then there's only one real conclusion.
  3. B and C, wasnt planned by the deep state but was aloud to happen. It was inevitable that some nut job was going to take a shot at Trump they just had to make sure he got the space to do it.
  4. No not a boiler stove chid the pipe work is there but I'm not gonna use it again.
  5. Go for a multi fuel stove Francie you know it makes sense.lol. Pulled the back boiler out on Thursday evening and it's being replaced with a multi fuel stove, can't wait if I'm honest.
  6. Time for BlackRock to move in and start the takeover sorry Rebuild.
  7. He's a good lad Francie, as modest as they come.
  8. Local lad fighting for a belt tonight in NY. Best of luck to the lad.
  9. Yea the disposable ones, brilliant if you doing anything where glasses are a bit awkward, I can stick them in and use googles or riding glasses and have perfect vision.
  10. The very reason I started wearing glasses, my arms weren't long enough to get the tape measure in focus lol. Been using verifocals for 6 months and they're dead on. Have you tried contacts, I use them while mountain biking and it's made a huge difference.
  11. Totally agree, what a load of bollox to make headline news.
  12. That's about the height of it. Lol.
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