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  1. If that's what you've taken from that article you're a bigger halfwit than I already thought you were.
  2. ..... Guns don't kill people rappers do.... Phones aren't the problem fcukwits are the problem.
  3. You can be as dedicated as you want if it's not in it your not putting it in it, it's really that simple.
  4. My ole fella took me out to his wine shed lol one day about 10 years ago and pointed up to the eves and said put your hand up there son and you'll feel a package, there's a few quid in there if you ever need it he says, no bother but I'm grand I told him, never thought much about it till he died and went to see if it was still there, was indeed all 20 grand of it. Lol. All his grandkids got a few quid each.
  5. Use cash for 90% of all my transactions unless it's an online purchase, if somewhere only takes card then I'll go elsewhere. The pound has been devalued enough as it is imagine what they could do in a cashless society, with a press of a button they could make your online tokens worthless or with hold you from accessing them. Use cash where you can and if a normal business doesn't except it then go elsewhere.
  6. Driving the land was never really a thing here, road siding yes but when fields are the size of postage stamps it just doesn't work. When I was really keen I'd be Lamping a couple of nights a week, digging on a Saturday and out with hounds on a Sunday and that was every week of the season, didn't take long to find out what you were feeding and only the gooduns made it, only way to find out what you have is to put gear in front of them, I'll not judge a man to much on how he goes about doing it.
  7. The cream always comes to the top as the saying goes.
  8. 400 quid for a nice looking lurcher.... Wouldn’t give a fiver for a pup I didn't know anything about, in fact I wouldn't take it for free. Lol.
  9. Labranda blue bay resort is all I know mate, started off just me the wife and kids and it's turned into 16 of us so should be a good little get together.
  10. Any you lads been to Rhodes? Going for a week in June and looking forward to it but I've never been to Greece or any of the islands.
  11. Mindsetofthetruth (@mindsetofthetruth) • Instagram reel WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM 106K likes, 34K comments - mindsetofthetruth on March 27, 2024: "Pakistan day. Will...
  12. The big 4x4 motors are a money pit if you don't have a genuine reason for having one besides posing at the school gates and the only ones worth having are the 3 litre and above.
  13. Few lads I've hunted with used xtrails for dog buses with very little issues.
  14. And he's a self-righteous cnut an all, but Daniel has a lovely wee voice so he has.
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