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  1. Your one dumb attention seeking plonker. Lolol.
  2. Id try a sneaky score on dickdropper at 7/2.
  3. Only a matter of time Don. Lol.
  4. We know your an imposter redington. You'll drop your guard only the once. The Hunting Life super sleuths are already on the case and it's only a matter of time till your found out.
  5. Reality TV wrestlemania shit is what the American people seem to want because facts and figures don't seem to come into for the best part.
  6. There's zinc in the vitamin C I'm taking, I'm of the opinion that if does help fight it even a little bit then its worth taking.
  7. What do lads think about the use of vitamin D and its use in helping the body fight the virus? Me and the wife and kids have been taking vitamin C and D supplements from the start of all this.
  8. I have been pissing and projectile vomiting at the same time if that counts.
  9. dogmandont

    22 yr old.

    Two sets of bunk beds and single in the bedroom of a terrace house ( I've 4 brothers) made me a stealth wankin expert by the age of 12. .
  10. dogmandont

    22 yr old.

    And 80s. We didn't have central heating or double glazing till the late 80s.lol. When it got really cold like proper cold the open fires in the bedrooms would be lit but you had to be close to death for that to happen.
  11. With all the 50 grand interest free loans that were handed out it propped a lot of small businesses up and kept them spending but that was a short term fix but when the government hand outs stop and businesses have to tighten up their spending properly is when ordinary working lads are going to see the fallout.
  12. From what I've been hearing the funding that the government put in place worked and kept things ticking over nicely but that will all come to an end soon and then we are going see how things really are. Imo there's definitely going to be a down turn in February or March but I hope I'm wrong.
  13. dogmandont

    22 yr old.

    One whiff of vicks and I'm back in the POINT bouncing about to this Lol.
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