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  1. dogmandont

    Hot weather exercise.

    I’d rather hammer nine inch nails through my bollox than step foot in a green field with you bill.
  2. dogmandont

    Hot weather exercise.

    Bill is an absolute knob..... just thought I’d throw that in there.
  3. dogmandont

    Bloody horses

    Had a Wheaton x that was brilliant with all stock except horses and always got edgey as fcuk round them, have also almost lost a couple of terriers to horses over the years.
  4. dogmandont

    New estate car

    Best of luck with it jigsaw. Keep er between the hedges.
  5. dogmandont

    lakeland terriers

    A mates Black and Tan.
  6. dogmandont

    Lurchers dog or bitches

    killing cubs in July bill???
  7. dogmandont

    Redirect blocked

    I only use my iPhone for here, the pop ups have stopped now though.
  8. dogmandont

    Flat roofs

    Use the the single ply membrane ourselves on most of our modular buildings and it’s good gear but like you say I’ve seen cheap stuff shrink by up to 2 inches.
  9. dogmandont

    Flat roofs

    I’d just paint the whole thing with a decent sealer until you’re ready to sort it proper.
  10. dogmandont

    Redirect blocked

    I’m getting the same thing as don.
  11. dogmandont


    Is that the litter of terriers bill?
  12. dogmandont

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    That’s about the height of it.
  13. dogmandont

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Leave him to what exactly???
  14. dogmandont

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    I have a home for every penny.