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  1. Your on the wind up or your as dumb as a fcuking brush.
  2. How many labour run councils covered up the paki grooming gangs voon? Do you think Starmer knew nothing of it going on?? Seriously...
  3. Holy Fcuk. . An article by pedo enablers defending a pedo enabler from accusations by pedo enablers.
  4. Agree with that sandy but labour will do nothing different.
  5. Making a tit outta you isn't me biting you dim twat. Lol. Now behave or I'll get Abdul to give you a dirty look.
  6. You honestly think you wind folks up don't you... At least try and be funny for Fcuk sake
  7. He hasn't been back in the corner shop from Abdul bate him in a staring competition 15 year's ago.
  8. Done the course of antibiotics with the bitch I mentioned on the advice from a vet but it didn't help, I'm not saying it doesn't help but that it didn't in our case.
  9. Had the same from two in their prime and in the summer, thriving for the first 10 days then one by one they faded and died, it's a hard watch that's for sure.
  10. More backbone in a dozen plastic nationalists than the whole of the edl.... yous give up, Jacked, shit your pants call it what you want but you quit.... . Fcuking jacker.
  11. He was in the edl you know Francie... And stared the enemy in the eye... Over the counter of the local corner shop while buying the Daily Star.
  12. And a saluki owner with his clothes removed.
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