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  1. Is there any particular reason for the big dopey heads??
  2. Hadn’t ever given them a second thought on till this virus came on top but when you look into it a bit deeper they are corrupt as they come.
  3. That is exactly the type of immigrants the uk can be doing with and not every scumbag from the four corners of the globe.
  4. The WHO are corrupt as fcuk. It’s funny that the Trump administration has done a u turn on the subject and is now advising the wearing of face masks, why would that be?
  5. There is that many conflicting opinions on this that it just leaves the general public confused about the actual facts.
  6. So health professionals are wearing them to stop patients from getting covid from them.
  7. The wife works in a small local shop and she wears gloves and mask at all times and is behind a screen changes the gloves regularly and uses sanitizer on the gloves after each cash transaction.
  8. Seen a litter bred out of track bitch that used the same stud that I used on my coursing bitch and to be fair I preferred the type my bitch threw but then again it depends on what you like, I can only talk of fox dogs but coursing bitches just seem to throw a dog with a bit more substance.
  9. Generals gathered in their masses..........
  10. Standing out the back having a coffee this morning and a hare walks in off the road straight past me and into the field at the back of the house. Lol. Look down the field and there’s 3 more hopping about, never seen a hare in that field in the 10 years I’ve been here.
  11. Seems to be a few decent lines of staghounds in the states, if I were you that’s way I’d be going and try and source a couple of pups.
  12. Would of been funny if the greyhound owner then had of turned up with a proper bulldog. .
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