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  1. Neither were most other breeds but most will have a munch if in the wrong hands and some dogs are just cnuts plain and simple. Put that recipe in the body and mind of a performance bred pitbull and there's every chance it will lead to a bloodbath.
  2. We never had any issues with the staffs we kept for work bar one that went to a pet home with a friend as a pup, by 18 months it had bit a couple of people, not badly but enough for the lad to ask us to rehome it so it went to a working home where it got to do what it was bred for and there was never another issue with it getting mouthy with people.
  3. Couple more weeks and they'll be starting to use earth's a lot more regularly. If your just checking earth's it can be a bit frustrating.
  4. Im out a couple of times a week scaring foxes with dogs if your out doing it more then I'm jealous and fair play to you, but if your out driving the roads and the land knocking stuff over with a rifle while sat on your hole well ill never admire those types and couldn't give a rats ass if you were out 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  5. Your not bothered by what others say?? even though you never crossed my mind when I was writing that post, but here you are offering 1000 quid bets. Get over yourself ye jumped up twat.
  6. I hunt, but it's pricks like greb that's the reason I post nothing about it on here and Id say I'm not alone on that. Men that don't hunt stand out a mile from those that do and that's OK but don't try and belittle folks and make yourself out to be the great white hunter when in reality you do fcuk all. I know lads like greb in real life, mention a line of terriers or lurchers and they'll rhythm of every dog in the family, every man that owns them but hand him a shovel and watch him get to work and it becomes very obvious very quickly they know fcuk all.
  7. Ive been saying he's a dodgy cnut on here forever.
  8. First proper frost here this last night as well, lovely fresh crisp morning.
  9. Chris Popeniuk (@chris_jayja) • Instagram reel WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM Chris Popeniuk shared a post on Instagram: "Rolling coal". Follow their account to see 28 posts.
  10. We would start 4 keen young lads tomorrow if we could get them, most of the youth today are work shy fcukwits. Sounds horrible but it's the truth.
  11. Liked Dave Allen. Tommy Tiernan Billy Connolly.
  12. But not many bother their ass finding out, plenty of jackers in greyhounds the same as any breed, would you risk using one.
  13. Every single top greyhound sire will throw a massive amount of complete curs that would be worse than useless in any lurcher breeding program, follow a dam line that produces decent stuff, get your hands on something out of that and see if it has anything about it in the field and then it might be of some use for breeding. Some lads see a top greyhound sires name in a breeding and think it's great... Fcuk that.. Give me a grader that's killing foxes and I'd use it before I'd use a straw straight from the hawk himself.
  14. A friends ole fella got 2 young soldiers to hand slip his greyhounds across a football pitch for him lol. Only this ole fella would of got away doing the likes of that in the area it happened, he was some character.
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