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  1. How many Russian doctors have taken flying lessons out of high-rise windows during the pandemic. Lol.
  2. Told ye dude it's fcukin scandalous. Lol. But at least when it's got its got. Booked into a place in the Republic for 4 nights over the coming weekend and even its taking the piss plus it gives rain the whole time. Lol.
  3. Max was pulled apart for being a condescending victim playing prick. Plenty of lads could have probably agreed with things he said it was just the manner he said it so fcuk the overgrown cry baby.
  4. Well I walked out of it 900 quid lighter so go easy. Lol.
  5. I had the full crew with me today which was a handful as usual. Lol. They had them on display in the car park which was handy. I'll get it up some evening during the week for a trial run.
  6. Bought that one today myself. Lol. The 5 man we were after was sold out and they were down to the last 1 of those so got it instead.
  7. Haven't Don, don't need it till the week after next, everything is last minute with us so I'll probably go looking about it the day I need it. Lol.
  8. The virus is real, the vaccines haven't had the testing they should have, governments are using the virus to gain more control over the people. THE END. ........FACT........
  9. So if the fruitcakes are to be believed the NWO is going to cull the people they can control and let the upstarts live. Lol. Right enough lads there's been some amount of dung talked. Lol.
  10. Thinking about this one from decathlon myself Don but I'm open to suggestions.
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