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  1. Been on a few yards with various different working dogs and seen a few nasty bastruds over the year’s but none had me as twitchy as a lads Belgian shepherd, a proper Cnut that would take great pleasure in pulling your throat out and had a real air of menace about it, lad has it as a guard and it’s very affective.
  2. Have always had a radio in the kennels. . Have also known men have a single canary in a cage in their kennel.
  3. A c**t like that slipping onto someone’s property to kill their cat would probably think nothing of slipping onto someone’s property and thieving. Scummy thing to be at.
  4. If they say it enough and enough of the public believes it then it will come to pass.
  5. They can definitely hold a grudge. Lol.
  6. Terriers are a whole different ballgame.
  7. Could never understand why people think bitches will kennel bitter together than dogs.
  8. Had a decent lurcher killed in a kennel fight when I was first starting out and didn’t know any better, I’ve kennelled lurchers together since but it’s been brother and sister or mother and son and never kennelled two unrelated dogs even if they’ve been reared together, might not be how other people go about it but it’s worked for me and I’ve never lost a dog in kennels since.
  9. Start your own trolling thread and leave this one be.
  10. It’s a strange one for me because I’d happily hold a terrier back till it’s over two but would never dream about holding a lurcher back that long but then again a terrier has a tougher task to undertake so has to be mentally 100%.
  11. When did it all start going wrong for max? I think it was the fury thread when he couldn’t make everyone a believer and started getting shit about his man crush, now it seems he just trolls the general section thinking he’s fishing for bites when in reality he takes the bait every time and ends up making himself look a bit of a fool.
  12. Two brothers I work with married two girls from Belarus, both the lads are that ugly the tide wouldn’t take them out and have personalities to match even called their wives investments. A loveless marriage of convenience must be a strange situation to be in.
  13. Good riddance indeed. It’s just a pity they’ll be replaced by another bunch of lying conniving Cnuts with the only difference being a name and so the cycle continues.
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