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  1. dogmandont

    In the interests of balance....

    Boris is a massive fcuking tool and anyone that is sucked in by his bullshit is a massive fcuking fool. Oh and abbot is a Cnut.
  2. dogmandont

    Any litters planned

    This ones bred that way and definitely doesn’t lack pace.
  3. dogmandont


    Totally agree chesney and I’d never put a young dog in that situation well not knowingly anyway, I’ve seen good dogs get the run around in rangey places no deeper than 3 foot but if it was a straight forward place then yes I’d be disappointed, in my opinion it’s more important for a young dog to learn how to find and stick at it whereas the staying part should be completely natural.
  4. dogmandont

    Ruin a dog

    I said it on here before rh that the best bitch I ever owned never put a tooth in a fox above the sod simply had no interest.
  5. dogmandont


    I’d be very disappointed if a young dog came away on a 8 ft dig even if it was his first.
  6. dogmandont

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    When things are tight January is definitely a hard month to get through.
  7. dogmandont

    When you don’t get paid your wages..

    Fcukin fair play to the lad.
  8. dogmandont

    Been a while

    Good to hear from you lad. .
  9. dogmandont

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    Max Chris didn’t like his situation so he done something about it, you don’t like the situation Britain is in so you talk bollox on the internet. One of you is a doer the other is a talker guess which one you are......
  10. dogmandont

    Any litters planned

    I bred a litter the same way and they never lacked pace.
  11. dogmandont


    Had a terrier years ago you could drop anywhere and if he didn’t get a bolt in a deep place he’d be out in a half hour lol. Did a hell of a lot of digging to that terrier in shallow places and he never came away if he could hear you moving about above him. He wouldn’t of been for everyone but that terrier accounted for a shit load of foxes.
  12. dogmandont

    Fury v wilder

    Feck me len take the odd day off from the racist bollox.
  13. dogmandont

    Patterdale pup ,

    Cnuts as dumb as a brush.
  14. dogmandont

    Fury v wilder

    If he was a lurcher he’d be dragging foxes about by the ass till they committed suicide by holding their breath..
  15. dogmandont

    Fury v wilder

    Was he not snorting a shed load of coke during the last years of his career max. Fury took almost 3 years out and turned into mr blobby when he started the marching powder. .