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  1. Foxes get hammered round here as well. Nowhere near the numbers there used to be.
  2. If that’s his terms he doesn’t want it.
  3. Poor Jukel is going to get the feck clemmed outta him.... aye well it’s been nice knowing ye.
  4. How ever they see it’s plenty good enough as mine can see an unlatched garden gate from a 100 yards. Lol.
  5. The predator vs prey eyesight thing makes sense. Always thought a dog sees in shades of green.
  6. Valid question though lol. Used to shake the lamp myself but don’t actually know if it made a difference to rabbit or dog lol, I’ve seen rabbits that it wouldn’t of mattered if you had a million watt strobe light that fecker was hitting the hedge full tilt.
  7. If shaking the lamp disorientates the rabbit can it also do the same to the dog?? Or does the dog get used to it??
  8. If all your after is a big head and short legs you’d be as well using a full wheaten.
  9. History always repeats itself. Lol.
  10. Who the fcuk is us???? You and who???? . I’ll not be explaining anything to a gobshite junkie like you pabs. And if you think you’re having a dig at me for taking a few Es and trips in my younger days then it just proves how sad you really are. anyway I know you’re dying to have the last word so knock yourself out.
  11. And so it begins. Come on pabs cry us a river.
  12. Couldn’t believe a word comes out of your junkie gob. When are ye gonna start the bleeding heart story’s about being hard done by like you usually do. .
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