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  1. I say it tongue in cheek, pedantic, as most of the guys and mates from SAS, SBS, back then are gone now, so ...........
  2. I got mine back in the 80's, not much ado, I was part of the SBS that first landed and took back Port Stanley. Whats yours worth? Seems like she hands them out for fun nah!
  3. That'll do then, never called on anything and they do bugger all for us anyway, so cheapest wins I've not had a rag off SACS in years too anyway.
  4. But then the other folk are still nearly half the price
  5. How? What? Why? Where? When? I did hear about that when foxgun tom was about but never followed it up!
  6. Been with SACS for years, renewal price for me now is £40, but Gun Plan are doing same sort of cover for £18.99, anyone used or heard of this crew before, seems cheap and I don't wanna get stung!
  7. You can always load fmjs backwards so pointy bit is in the case
  8. Maybe we could use depleted uranium that'd be safer huh
  9. Knew them crows had it in for us can't educate shit huh
  10. Ain't that the point
  11. We haven't mate! He's made choices, he will explain them as and when he see's fit. It's nothing personal.
  12. He's all good, spoke this morning
  13. I've never come across anyone that can catch a .308 lump o lead @ 3000+fps yet
  14. Yeah I'm sure he's grand, was busy at work last I heard, I'll message him tomorrow see if he's OK and report back, if he don't beat me too it
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