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  1. Gav

    Petlog (scam ??)

    Shame I can't like your posts, bloody mods, but a
  2. Gav

    Another Brexit?

    Even more !
  3. Gav

    Another Brexit?

    Early 80's my mate Ian an Stig did this and was bang on!
  4. Gav

    Another Brexit?

    Oh come on, must be a conspiracy?
  5. Gav


    Something I've never tried, would be interesting to see how you get on though, plenty of pics please, and good luck!
  6. Gav

    Late stags?

    Total washout mate, admired a few from afar but never bagged any. On the hinds now so we''ll see if I get out after the rut when they come in.
  7. Gav

    Climate crazies

    Ah god bless Mr Trump, what an honourable man, we should have a leader like him here, he could sort this planet out with the press of a button. God bless you Mr Trump
  8. Gav

    The trap was set

    Good grief I'm not surprised they were legging it
  9. Gav

    The trap was set

    A lot higher quality, not cheap chinese, probably still made there though, check out the reviews on duckduck of best quality trail cams here!
  10. Gav

    The trap was set

    You get what you pay for with these things, I was after a Browning which are supposed to be the dogs, around £200 though, I'd probably lose the damn thing I have to tag everything with gps, I'd break that then never find anything again.
  11. Gav

    The trap was set

    Good result I have some but not very waterproof in sideways rain, not bad quality during daylight though.
  12. Gav

    Foxes calling

    I'd prefer some wild hogs
  13. Gav

    Foxes calling

    We don't have them at all, so wouldn't have a clue
  14. Gav

    Get it off your chest thread....

    fight fight
  15. Gav

    Quick zero check.

    Probably a bit of both