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  1. Gav


    We use broadine on the dogs now as front line just didn't do the task. I've a long batlle over many years with ticks, and I aint no spring chicken. Having the wife extract em from the crack of ye arse at 3am brings on a whole new meaning of commitment though
  2. Gav


    The Uists here are the Lyme disease hot-spot in the UK! Just saying. There's a thing here that the red/brown ticks are deer and the black/dark are sheep etc, and it's the red that more likely to carry lymes! You can quote me, but doesn't make me right or an expert!!
  3. I'm going to have to get nearer my quota on the cull this year, I aint seeing any about though. Is it just the weather? I'm usually seeing healthy heads, and young bucks wondering; but so far they must be still in the hills? If we're losing weeks, months? Can we get an extension for this season? We have our quotas, but the seasons are changing, and the beast are just adapting to the change. Just constructive thoughts, cheers. I'm North West Scotland, 58 degrees North BTW.
  4. Gav

    Poor Maggie.

    I think that ones blind pal
  5. I was going to say optics warehouse too, they have some good deals on at times and also some bargain second hand ones (guaranteed). They've been good to me over the years and vortex are a good scope if you don't wanna pay £10000000's
  6. Gav

    Don't you just hate....

    I didn't realise you were stood behind me pal, STALKER alert!!!
  7. Gav

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    I think I commited a long while ago
  8. Gav

    Wary fox.

    Cracking shot
  9. Gav

    Wtf is this

    Ah its only a lioness!
  10. Gav

    Did Labour Fiddle It?

    AN INVESTIGATION has begun into a Plymouth politician’s claim that thousands of students may have been illegally registered to vote in the recent council election. The plot thickens even more!
  11. Top banana that pal Sounds like you invested right, and to come up trumps first outing, hell, I bet your still grinning, well done What MOD you got, looks nice, do they do em in .30 cal
  12. Gav

    Did Labour Fiddle It?

    Yeah Arry, thats what its all about pal, folk been bragging they burnt thousands and they only won by 600+ votes, that and the abuse of postal votes "I'll get all my families votes, and fill them in myself", it's all a bit of a joke and open to abuse!
  13. Gav

    Plans for 16th

    Always have trouble with small flats unles they have spots Much prefer barn doors, Tarbut, Hallibut etc.
  14. Gav

    Plans for 16th

  15. Gav

    Back stop

    I used to use my archery rag bag to great effect on 22lr, bag of old clothes compressed into a builders bag. Cheap n cheerful!