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  1. Gav

    It was hot.

    Aye nothing like a front stuffer and the smell of BP to keep a bloke happy
  2. I never got on with eley and had 1 in 5 a flyer aswell as a few misfires from winnies, tend to stick with cci mini mag hvs now. I had a load of old Hornaday 17hmr I couldn't trust they got lobbed in the Atlantic just to get shut!
  3. Gav


    Welcome Mr Bernard sausage
  4. Gav

    How the other half live

    Look like nice fatties too
  5. Gav

    U.S gun ranges.

    That honeymoon certainly took the smile off his face though
  6. Ok amazon are fast at delivery, got a caldwell chrony. Mixed results just doing the blc(2) with 150 gn sierras spt(spitzer) had a 2629fps but others were between 2665 and 2669 for a 45gn load, so pretty good for consistency. Accuracy I’ll be out again! I’ll get to the 165gn pills when I have these sorted.
  7. Gav

    U.S gun ranges.

    You want to be in LA ,vegas way for ranges, they literaly are 10 a penny and go the whole hog on everything uoto .50bmg pal
  8. I loaded a few 150gn sierra spt #2130 with the BL-C(2) I did a 44gn and a 45gn load, unfortunatly I dropped and broke my chrony so canny tell what velocities I was getting, but both loads seemed accurate enough @100yds. I've just priced up a new chrony might be a few weeks before I can get some proper results unless someone wants to sell me one cheap or have recomendations below the £140 one I was looking at!
  9. I just got some bl-C(2) and H355, was talking to the rfd for some time as we went through what he had, he wasn't impressed by the new rules and won't be restocking until he knows what people want, so his assortment was limited. I was saying as we were all forced to change and redo our load info's, we should be able to buy new powder by the oz not lbs, at £55 a lbs it's an expensive venture trying stuff we don't know will be upto the job. It's all ok on paper, but in practice it can be whole lot different. I'll post my results on the two I got when I have some results!
  10. Gav

    Kelly kettle

    I've got two, the big steel base camp one with the cooking pot setup for long stays out and the smaller aliuminuim one (couple of pints) for short haul, had them years and they're still good. Beauty of the Kelly is the windier it is the more draught up your flue, so boils the water faster. Don't over fill as when they boil they can spit water out and can put your fire out!
  11. Must admit even if don't get anything I just love been out amongst it
  12. I've had no bother with mice since getting mine
  13. I did find this which maybe helpful in deciding burnrates, but obviously its going to be a while (I think) before we get back to actual proven results from the REACH powders. https://imrpowder.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/burnratecolor.pdf
  14. I'm in the same postition, I only ever used varget and H4895, I recently dug out my reloading gear and all I needed was primers and powder, the powder no longer in stock anywhere now I can get too, I know I've a different rifle (.308) but now all my past load data is useless. I've been told to try imr 4895, ramshot TAC or Hodgdons BLC-2, I have loads of Sierra spbt pills in 150gn and 165gn all .308, its like having to start all over and go back to fekin school!!
  15. I tried most of them and got variable results, my rifle loves the fedral BT's and I've not used anything else since, I put them inside a 5p piece at 100 yds, when weather conditions are right. I'm sure temperature has something to do with accuarcy, and I don't mean shivering