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  1. Gav

    Should the heads of the BBC roll ?

    Defiantly! I don't pay the fee anyway and hope this is the final nail in the coffin for the Biased Broadcasting Company.
  2. Gav

    Modern Body Armour

    Would be interesting to see it on a ballastic gel mannequin to see thel damage caused to internal organs? That was only 20 yards too, would knock you off your feet
  3. Gav

    Plymouth ho's

    Yes, it's pretty damn good to be honest too, used to get loads while we were trawling for prawn. Nasty though, knife through the head as they come down the hopper
  4. Gav

    Nuisance flies

    Clegs we get look like they're on acid, horrible wee gits they are, gives me the heebie geebies just thinking of em, hurt like hell too when they get ya!
  5. Gav


    Wife was born Fri 13th and we met on Fri 13th canny get much more worse can it?
  6. Didn't have me specs on, thought ye location said Lancashire sorry man
  7. We're nearly at prohibition here in Scotland at present, minimum price per unit, no bogof offers on alcohol, and they're on about doubling the minimum price per unit! Won't be long before the bootleggers are in full swing, I hope. They'll probably be putting a tax on home brewing before long ffs.
  8. I thought it was only illegal when you sold it (tax evasion) it is illegal in the UK without a license though! I brew wine to 30-32% with super yeast (cracking stuff). I wonder how many people have been persecuted Errr prosecuted for distilling for thier own consumption? There are plenty of stills for sale on websites, even my brew shop has a variety, they're intended use being water and oil distillation hmm
  9. Indeed, normally where there's one there'll be a few. Good shot though, they're nippy little buggers, only ever had them in baited traps myself.
  10. Been meaning to do some for years, I end up drinking all my wine before I can distill any
  11. Gav

    Can I go bed now?

    I'm guessing you were awoken, and didn't have time to grab your glasses whilst grabbing your rifle and ammo, bloody good shooting sir
  12. Hey guys, I've just purchased a dehydrator, so was just wondering if anyone has any tips tricks or recipes for it. I'd be interested in doing beef jerky/venison and any veg/fruit ideas. I have some tomatoes and banana in at the moment, seems the easiest thing to start with, will see how they turn out in a few hours. Thanks in advance.
  13. Gav

    pip assesment

    Exactly, especially when they ignore GPs to form thier own opinion, baffles me.
  14. Gav


    I'm one of those that can't hit a thing, oh how I've tried with SGs and all the different variants, but I've given up, if I ever hit anything with one it was a fluke but then give me a rifle and I can shoot a flea off of a mouses nose at a thousand paces (maybe just slightly exaggerated). I have seen folk that it's just second nature to hit everything they point at with a SG, each to thier own huh, at least I know what my abilities are, C'est la vie!
  15. Gav

    pip assesment

    Aye its a crap system, unfortunately it's the abusers that f**k it up for the folk that genuinely need it! The government has killed thousands indirectly by discrimination. They haven't a clue how the other half live. My nephew has CP and has been put through hell when they won't even look at his medical reports, just want a fascist in an office to form an opinion. Best of luck to your pal