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  1. Gav

    Got another new bit 👍

    I'd start by taking them monstrous pylons out, might take a good deal of heavy ammo though
  2. Gav

    The slam dunk!

    Like something out of a guy Richie movie, that tweed makes you look slimmer too pal. Grand result.
  3. Gav

    Flu jab

    Get offered every year and always refuse, never had flu and don't intend starting now, in fact don't ever remember having a cold, must be super human or summat coz wife an kids get colds all the time? Maybe it's because they have that jab? Certainly won't be having a quack stick a prick in me!
  4. Gav


    Does she do her eggs fertilised or unfertilised
  5. Gav

    Please Don't Take Pictures Of "Spice Zombies"

    Jeez I've actually never seen em, thank josh we don't get em here, Tom petty zombie zoo springs to mind. Best get out and put them out of thier misery?
  6. Gav

    Please Don't Take Pictures Of "Spice Zombies"

    People with disabilities don't have a choice! People that do drugs do, fair game to name and shame in my opinion, it they don't like it don't do it, personally I'd take thier picture through a 4-12x50 attached to a .308
  7. Gav

    The Red Fox.

    I've actually never seen a fox in the flesh, we don't have them here, I thought they were a breed of wild dog to be honest, so thanks for the pictures, feeling slightly enlightened
  8. Gav

    Bye bye bungle .....

    Only watched him on pointless celebs other night, he looked OK then! It's true https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45706667 how sad. Rip Geoffrey.
  9. Gav

    .625" balls of fire.

    Ah man that is class, I'm really glad you enjoyed them. Did you do the lot or save a few What was the compression like? I'm too old to be a factory but can always do a few more. Thanks for sharing, Atb Gav
  10. That's why I'm a thousand miles north away and owt south of Glasgow is southern softie country to me
  11. Gav

    Smart Phone recommendation?

    Mate just got a Huawei for 100 squids new off amazon has an amazing camera, not as advanced as the p20 but for the price it's a cracking phone without all the Samsung bloat, he's new to smart phones an nearly 70 an he's picked it up pretty easily.
  12. Surprised the cockknees haven't had it jellied by now
  13. Gav

    What a kind gent!

    Wait till I get my new lathe
  14. Gav

    Smart Phone recommendation?

    Huawei do a good range in price and not full of shite ya don't need like Samsung an apple. Best camera on the market at present too if that's going to be one of your main uses. Just my opinion. I'd go android though as apple stop supporting stuff after a couple of years so ya have to buy the latest model!
  15. Gav

    17 HMR

    Trouble with SS is it's double the price and really if you look after any firearm properly it should last a lifetime. They are very smart but I just can't justify to myself paying out for SS, I'm a tight old git though I admit