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  1. Best thing I ever did was have all mine removed, has saved me a fortune!
  2. You obviously had you eyes open when you popped it
  3. Wish I'd have been in blackpool when they were out.
  4. Fecking barstewards pigs... Should crowd fund to get em they're possessions back, feck the corrupt copper basterds
  5. Gav

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    Just a pi zero, I added a display but you don't need one, just use the web interface, takes less than ten mins to set up, plenty of tutorials on the web
  6. Gav

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    Pi-hole, no ads at all in my house Home PI-HOLE.NET 1. Install a supported operating system You can run Pi-hole in a container, or deploy it directly to a supported operating system via our automated installer.
  7. Ohh don't get me started, honestly its all a big fat joke now! All the billions the Government wasted on it too, someone had to make huge profits at our expense huh
  8. There's a bit of a cold going around and everyone panicked
  9. Damn link won't work grrrrr try this if you use Instagram, just takes me to login now https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/?next=/tv/CaHpPkAgGj7/ It's been great here today for a change, your all welcome to our normal weather!
  10. Never even got a mention when it was blowing 142mph here couple of weeks ago, it don't count as windy till it's above 100mph, get ye washing out, dries in seconds
  11. Gun plans prices are set? They don't ask any questions! Pick your plan, pay and your covered.
  12. Yup cheap no frills, I was with SACS but they make a lot of noise and do bugger all, like most of them!
  13. Gav


    Bloody hell you had a lucky escape, I ended been married to her
  14. Gav


    I bet he's not the only one! My neighbour thinks pubic hair on women is disgusting, told him i'd feel like a peodo if it didn't have hair, he thinks I'm wrong in the head! He's only in his forties, different generation I thought dogging was going coursing till one of my kids enlightened me, I have no clue what half the stuff even means any more, I'm from the age where gay meant happy
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