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  1. I normally prefer been out on my own anyway, but I know what ya mean, too much techno to keep everyone busy sat on their arses these days.
  2. Gav

    American trophy hunter

    Aye its a fecker when she more than likely payed a small fortune for the privilege too! They'll be banning fishing soon too, poor innocent fish ffs, time some folk had a reality check!
  3. Gav

    Gatwick Closed

    More drone activity in the last hour, I'm guessing it's the guys selling the technology to stop these intrusions are the culprits, "we told you we could sell you the technology to stop this" Hmmm call me suspicious, or it really is aliens?
  4. Gav

    Gatwick Closed

    They were saying they were professional ones weighing a few kilos with large li-on batteries that could bring a plane down if they got sucked in the engine!
  5. Gav

    Gatwick Closed

    Radio earlier said tens of millions, hinting at ecologists niffed at pollution! Suppose they'll get to the bottom of it eventually, blame the Russians if they can't anyone else
  6. Gav

    xmas you looking forward to it

    Pah bumhug, just another effort to get us to buy crap we don't need with money most don't have, keep the debt cycle going to keep the masses in check, and make us all read chinglish instructions! Merry birthday baby jesus!
  7. Gav


    We don't count it till its over 100mph here pal! Cauterize with black powder whilst taking a good lungful of the smoke, you'll be up and at em in an hour with even more vigor Seriously though, just keep moving and get out when you feel fit. All the very best mate.
  8. Gav

    Out for a walk

    That link to the picture isn't working for me?
  9. Gav

    17 hmr zero

    I have slippers made from mouse pelts, they think I'm just another mouse I can get close enough to flick their whiskers if I so choose
  10. Gav


    I only have 1 to 4b no additional conditions, never noticed before!
  11. Gav

    17 hmr zero

    As above but I do like the federal 17gr ballastic tip, the grouping for my t-bolt is a lot tighter, or I might have just convinced myself of that
  12. Gav

    Bruno .22 LR

    Awww man who needs drugs
  13. Gav

    Bruno .22 LR

    Aww man my sides are splitting, this thread turned out to be a If its OK with you guys I'm dusting off my punt gun and guna try zero it at 249 yards (in the rain) against my neighbours shed at midnight
  14. Gav

    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Wife walked in while I was looking at it the other day, now if looks could kill, I wouldn't be typing this now. I was only curious, honest!