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  1. Henry Kranks maybe? https://www.henrykrank.com/
  2. Gav

    Which Calibre

    Because Mr SD, them WMR's are only for bigger mouses see
  3. Gav

    Which Calibre

    Another for .17hmr, but I'm swapping mine out soon for .22 hornet, purely for economics though.
  4. Gav

    Night vision??

    How did you get a hold of them to start with, then get them to pee on you, thats some talent you have there pal
  5. Gav

    Night vision??

    Not for £20.00 but have a look at some of this stuff pal https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product-category/night-vision-thermal/ You've got a torch from torch factory I recall, you can buy an IR pill for that if you go down the IR route.
  6. Gav

    Night vision??

    You missed a couple of 0's off that £20 mate
  7. The PC brigade are out again, trying to dictate what we can and can't do, alter our ways of life to suit they're own agenda. SACS are highlighting this and opposing it, see the link for further info. Theres a questionaire you can fill in at the end if you have time. https://www.sacs.org.uk/news/proposed-scottish-green-party-fox-and-hare-control-ban
  8. Gav

    The winds....

    Happy eating pal
  9. Gav

    SAK mod cleaning.

    I've had the same with a SAK I have, they do collect some gunk, but at least you can get into them to clean, unlike the A-Tec's I have which are maintenance free?? Wondering how long these units last until they bung up and are unusable?
  10. Gav


    Aye trouble was once she stopped she put even more weight on, hence why she ended up an ex
  11. Gav


    Yeah thats perfectly logical. I'm just one of those that doesn't really put it on or lose it whatever I do, set in my ways and the only indulgence I do is a big dirty mixed naan kebab maybe once a month, the rest of the time I'm a meat and two veg guy.
  12. Gav


    Had a bird once on that Atkins diet, she just ate meat and protien, no carbs. She lost loads but had to test her pee regular for keytones.
  13. Gav


    I'm on a sea food diet, I see food and eat it 16 stone for the last forty years +, was 6'5" probably shrunk a bit now though
  14. Gav

    Scottish deerhound.

    Perths a bloody long way south off me.
  15. Gav

    Scottish deerhound.

    both, work mainly!