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  1. You can always load fmjs backwards so pointy bit is in the case
  2. Maybe we could use depleted uranium that'd be safer huh
  3. Knew them crows had it in for us can't educate shit huh
  4. Ain't that the point
  5. We haven't mate! He's made choices, he will explain them as and when he see's fit. It's nothing personal.
  6. He's all good, spoke this morning
  7. I've never come across anyone that can catch a .308 lump o lead @ 3000+fps yet
  8. Yeah I'm sure he's grand, was busy at work last I heard, I'll message him tomorrow see if he's OK and report back, if he don't beat me too it
  9. I'm wondering what 400 year old shark tastes like
  10. There's shit loads of lead on the church roofs here, praise be Allah
  11. What a crock of shit! Bet they won't increase the price they buy but sure as hell will the price they sell
  12. Must be daft, I'd have taken your arm an leg ffs
  13. Ready steady cook, Ainsley Harriet hosted it
  14. Factory ship I worked is UK registered, fishes barents Sea and lands 600+ tonnes of cod in Norway every 5 - 7 days, and its still running!
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