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  1. Gav

    Bermudan Peado...couldnt make this shit up

    And this why I believe we should bring back capital punishment!
  2. Gav

    1st car.

    Mg bgt Black with wire wheels an a hard top, still remember the reg, mcw 770h £100 it was an was a lot of money back then.
  3. Gav

    4 youths stabbed in london

    I think with today's dna evidence there would be no doubt of guilt, then they should be executed.
  4. Gav

    6x24 scope on 17HMR?

    Both my 22 an17 are t bolts, cracking rifles, canny beat them japanese barrels for accuracy.
  5. Nice one guys Mouse gun made me spit my coffee over my tablet when I read that
  6. Gav

    6x24 scope on 17HMR?

    I've a niko Stirling long range 6x24x50 on my 17hmr, the only reason it's on is its off a .308 I had, to be honest it is overkill and I rarely go up to 10x, it will be going back on the 308 when I get around to getting a new scope, I'm more inclined to get a 4x12x50 for the 17. As walshie says though just my opinion an go for what you like.
  7. Gav

    Anti's on Amazon.

    Now Ive sussed it I'm on the case I'm reporting their comments as abuse and rating them unhelpful too
  8. Gav

    Loving the HV ammo.

    I'd did a post on the damage the cci mini mags do a bit ago https://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/378554-half-an-hour-this-morning-graphic/?tab=comments#comment-4638746 I still like them and use them, I can't be bothered re-zeroing to go back to using subs as the price difference is negligible, until I purchase a reasonable quantity of subs I'll stick HV.
  9. Gav

    Anti's on Amazon.

    Yeah bit of a joke we canny leave positive reviews but the bloody dictators can leave their tosh, something fishy going on I thinks?
  10. Gav

    Anti's on Amazon.

    Thing that gets me is how do amazon let them do it, I thought you'd to buy stuff to review it? Obviously not, so we can all review stuff we have an opinion on! The pigs are expensive but worth it, difficult to source here so looking at delivery option was all.
  11. Gav

    Anti's on Amazon.

    Looking at buying a suckling pig and the antis leaving fake reviews about how we shouldn't eat it is ridiculous ffs, check out farmed rabbit too, here's a link to lobsters by post, who do these idiots think they are dictating thier stupid views, no wonder the world's a mess. There are some folk leaving positive reviews but are way out numbered by the haters! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B014DC8SB8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_o7tDBb12GVCZC
  12. Gav

    Life without gadgets

    Think I was too old for him then, white dog shite I don't mind
  13. Gav

    Life without gadgets

    A good solar storm they reckon would put us all back in 60s and 70s, bring it on I say
  14. And that's why we should be allowed to all carry pistols in the uk