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  1. Gav

    What's this?

    Long body I'm inclined to say Damson fly nymph
  2. Gav


    Because I had pistols back in the day and reliquished them when the ban came in, I thought I may have a chance again, been on the deer management group for humane kill and been on call for RTA's for the local council/estate, my FEO said "if you canny manage the .22lr invest in a bolt gun, no chance" so he ho in the UK
  3. Gav


    Ain't it been prepared?
  4. I do for FLS but not bump necking! Opinions? Apart from carbide dies do we need too?
  5. This would fall into Mr Bernard @Sausagedog 's forte I'm thinking
  6. Quickload is pretty accurate as long as you put the correct data in the right places, and your rifle data is upto date. I've never tried apple products apart from an old ipod in the car
  7. I'll upload quickload and some other stuff later today and pm you a link, I don't mind buying new brass but hate paying silly money for software I've not had chance to get out with any cast yet, I've had a lot of good info off our friends over the water, your right they are very much into it, but can also be very serious too, I reload for fun and obviously stay safe but some folk get too serious which goes out of my comfort zone.
  8. I just bought some new PPU brass in .308 specifically for cast bullets, having to flare necks etc, checking the flash holes before FLS I found this rather large piece of swarfe inside, pretty sure if I'd have run it through a die it would have knacked the case. So always worth a check of new brass. Never had it before with starline or GFL.
  9. Gav

    A view from above

    At least they have tree's
  10. Gav


    Does it look like I give a f##k aye!
  11. Gav


    While I'm on it, this seems appropriate too hope ya get sorted
  12. First two cases disclosed here today pal. The ferries only taking freight and Islanders that live here, same as the planes, so even if you could get across the Minch you'd not be any safer, but hell yeah I'd put you up I've over 4000 pils and just short of 5 kilos of powder, should last us a week or two
  13. But I only do a big shop once a month, it's guna be a drag if I have to do it once a week now ffs
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