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  1. Looks like you’re having some good fun, what type are you running fox pack
  2. Just line bred Bull Russell, bred by a bloke up near Stockport
  3. If it was to happen I’d want a good fast well proven dog to use over her. Breeding irrelevant as long as its got a good bit of speed and does the job.
  4. Mines a proper allrounder mate. She’s done everything I’ve asked her too
  5. 100% they’d call these pups of mine Dutch herders. Sire and dam both red/fawn but grandparents on one side both brindle. Agree with the police dog statement too. We’ve had a few dogs come back for being too high drive and too much for their handlers.
  6. She’s from KNPV lines on Sires side, Granddaughter to the world famous Berry 2 and ringsport lines on Dams side. Shes an operational security dog but also used for pp, pest control, beating and trials.
  7. Yes was restrained. Use the table to work on grips of the dogs. Can be done back tying a dog to a fence post and working on your knees but putting them on a table saves doing that. Other people may have different uses for them
  8. The picture was taken on the day of posting mate, pups still only 8 weeks
  9. Considering putting a long dog over my bitch in a year or 2. She works all game aswell as the man
  10. Not well known but rated this dog highly
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