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  1. deerdogs

    What You Think?

    Out of interest why would you go to a coursing type and not a greyhound? I’ll be honest the very few coursing types I’ve seen and one I’ve owned just didn’t have that off the mark speed I like.
  2. deerdogs

    What You Think?

    She was slow to mature but she’s come good. Natural guard! Laid back around the house and quiet in the kennel, loves to hunt up. Good with other dogs but won’t take any shit! Very prey driven yet works the man better in defence. Very social bitch until threatened
  3. deerdogs

    What You Think?

    If the breeding was right and the pups throw the right way, I’d say something like a bull/collie/grey but without the collie nerve/picking runs/ bigger stronger pups that will go into anything and give a fight as well as take one
  4. deerdogs

    What You Think?

    Looks a different bitch with her coat changes between seasons
  5. deerdogs

    Lamps, batteries and dvds

    View Advert Lamps, batteries and dvds Lightforce Blitz & striker plus clulite lamp. Lithium tracer batteries 1x 22ah 2x 10ah 2x chargers DVDs as pictured Pm with offers please Advertiser deerdogs Date 18/12/17 Price Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
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    Lightforce Blitz & striker plus clulite lamp. Lithium tracer batteries 1x 22ah 2x 10ah 2x chargers DVDs as pictured Pm with offers please 👍🏼


  7. deerdogs

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    My bitch pup bred out of Nobjerks Dog
  8. deerdogs

    Multi Purpose Dogs?

    Poor quality pictures but the Mali bitch on a rabbit this morning
  9. deerdogs

    Multi Purpose Dogs?

    She's living on an estate up the road now, got use of the bitch if I need her
  10. deerdogs

    Multi Purpose Dogs?

    I have a malinois bitch, nasdu qualified. Works security, the lamp, tracks shot deer, retrieves shot foxes catches rabbits the lot not fast enough for most stuff but does more than expected
  11. deerdogs

    Fox Only Terrier Bitch

    Now sorted
  12. deerdogs

    Job Search

    Been sorted a while now lads but cheers
  13. deerdogs

    Fox Only Terrier Bitch

    Had a few PMs, got by to have a look at one Sunday! Cheers lads
  14. I know it's probably wrong time of year but I'm on the look out for a half decent earth dog for sale, only be used on the fox job on the shoot. Something that's already been to ground or a young bitch ready to enter this season? Thanks in advance
  15. deerdogs

    Best Guard Dog

    I'm pretty sure Scott hasn't ever bred a litter of Herders sorry thought he ment mal'sI'm almost certain all of his Malis are bred by other people.A couple might be stud fee puppies.Im sure the only home bred pup him and his partner have is Gorilla the presa/Mali cross who's definitely not a dog for an inexperienced owner. Gorilla has a good hard bite, and is very driven. He's with the right people that know how to get the best from him gorilla.jpg Are you at the avd trials this weekend deerdogs This the night trials ? yes mate, 5k-9. Sati's place