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  1. gaz

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Agh back in the clubbing days...good memories
  2. gaz

    Scotland camping

    Are you a native to the isle bud?
  3. gaz

    Scotland camping

    I think the fella above means The Caledonian Canal? Anyway back to a bit of camping in Gods Country,you can head just about anywhere here whether it be south,north,east or west you will find what you are after,sure the highlands get a lot of the publicity for obvious reasons but I wouldn't overlook the Borders or Dumfries and Galloway if you don't want the the long drive...plus it wont be as busy with the tourists at this time of the year. The famous midge can be a bit of the pain in the arse but a mossie face net if their bad combined with one of the products over the counter like Smidge or the like will keep them at bay and shouldn't put that much of a dampener on your time up here,anyway its a small price to pay as you will prob agree when you get home,another thing to keep in mind depending where you end up the weather can turn in a blink of a eye pissing one minute and the sun beating down the next..,.infact theres a auld saying up here "if you don't like the weather in Scotland just hang around for half n hour" lol
  4. gaz

    What you listening to at the moment.

    The boy is not really my cup of tea but hats off good cover of Bob Dylan's classic...……….
  5. gaz

    Right or wrong .......

    Two good points made on here before imo,if it was your wife or daughter even if you thought she was making a bit of a tit of herself and didn't agree with her politics would you be "Ah the silly cow deserved to be man handled by the kneck with this cock" my guess most like myself would ye fuk! And also if it was a hairy 15-16 stoned arsed fella that twat prob wouldn't have got out his chair! How dare she or any other peasant disturb these pigs with the their snouts in the trough! Fuk if that was me on that footage acting like a twat chucking my weight around with a woman my auld maw would have cuffed me round the lug hole lol
  6. gaz


    If the buttons get pushed the only coonts that will survive it to repopulate the planet ironically is the very coonts and their lackies that does the pushing! well them and their closest entities on the planet....the cockroach!
  7. gaz

    the fight

    "Hype" Theres not another sport on the planet that is plagued with as much as this than there is with boxing esp the heavyweight division,see theres only a few fighters that comes along esp nowadays that can sell the tickets and pay per view's without the hype that is spun around so many fights and fighters these days to make the big money that so many want there cut of in modern day boxing,Joshua is a perfect example of this being a fighter with a few attributes to get the juices flowing but on the whole he has been hyped up to be somewhere close to being the real deal but sadly he is and never going to be anywhere near that standard,he looks the part with that immense physique and power he can put average joe fighters away with but like anything that has been hyped up is mostly a short fix thing that through time will usually if not always get found out.
  8. gaz

    Liverpool vs yids

    Shit final considering all the hype and anticipation of a humdinger of a game,i know Kane is spurs talisman but I don't know if that was right decision to start him last night considering the last time he kicked a baw and he did look a good few yards off the pace,but the knock on of Kane starting was dropping Lucas Moura...now that was the biggest mistake for me they made as that guy is far too good to be sitting on the bench in any game. Anyway iam chuffed for the scousers as its good to see what id class as a proper fitba team taking the honours.
  9. gaz

    the fight

    Although a very limited fighter I don't think AJ is just as bad as he showed last night,i never really rated him much if you were to look past his brawn but I think he will do that wee portly fella next time round...but I wouldn't touch against him against Fury or Wilder and both these boys will not go down as any greats of the game.
  10. gaz

    the fight

    found out!