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  1. Ok apology excepted then lol......its only a wee video ffs!,i'll tell you what,you want me to contact admin and get it took down for you Jesus man! stop being so salty! or dare i say cringy lol... man o man!!
  2. Aye there was a few nice ones for sure but the tap-ins were cheered as much this season mate,bearing in mind the Rangers supporters have been to hell and back with whats happened to the club this past decade aswell as stopping that mob from across the city winning there tainted ten its been emotional....have to admit theres been a few tears and halves drunk esp for absent friends thats not here anymore to see it but its been good.
  3. Say what you want about the man....but as a player he was a genius,maybe the best ever to play the game!
  4. Started watching The Outsider done by HBO,only watched a couple of eps but the acting is first class and there's enough about it to so far to get me thinking its going to be quite good,it also has some decent reviews
  5. Get where you are coming from but you have to remember Britain/England didnt rule the waves all of the time,take the Anglo Dutch Wars during the 17th century....The Dutch handed the British their arse on a plate in naval battles more than once during these wars with the Dutch having a formidable navy and being a leading ship building country during these times.
  6. Aye everybody and their dog has had a shot of taking,trading and owning slaves down through history,but i think the boy was getting at more of the logistic side of the Trans-Atlantic period and iam sure a read somewhere or another several times a few years back the rich jewish Dutch traders and galley owners had a big piece of the pie on that side of things....but i could be wrong as aint no expert on that much lol
  7. If your speaking about the trans atlantic slave transportation you will be speaking about the jews?....specifically Dutch jews?
  8. Sadly aint that the truth chief,and equally as sad is there is a fair element connected to both sides from the West Of Scotland,i think ive been misconstued earlier,what i was meaning was one up man ship,trying getting the last word in and always see who can get up higher on moral step...I know fine well it was took to a different level altogether across the water.
  9. lol,aye yer prob right its not my bag aswell,both clubs have their share of nitwits....always been the way.
  10. Well if nothing else at least we have one thing in common ....although the Union Bears are talking about setting about big jocks statue if that lot are want to go down the road of being complicate of exploitation and the abuse of another human rights lol.....see thats the thing up here,no one does the tit for tat thing quite like Glesga or the West Of Scotland lol
  11. Big fan of Brendan Gleeson,watched these two again over the past week
  12. Lol....Away an bile yer heid with that patter!.....Anyway you do know its the classy green brigade thats launched campaigns pushing for the street name changes up here?
  13. Na man,Buchanan Street is further down the list bud when you are speaking about well known/most important streets in Glasgow......Well you have Edmiston Drive,Copland Road and Broomload Road and then maybe the two you have mentioned might be a fair shout
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