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  1. gaz

    The PlayOff's

    I see the famous were gonna give the puddle drinkers a guard of honour on sunday at the end up Rusty.....but they fuked it for themselves as they never turned up "Lennon must stay" WATP
  2. gaz

    Title race

    Spurs last won the league in 1961 and Liverpool won their last one in 1990 so between the two of them they haven't won their respected league for nearly 90 years yet the two of them will fight it out to be crowned the winner of "The Champions League"...…..Ah its a funny old game lol
  3. gaz

    Title race

    Jesus! I had a feeling these semi-finals could be a bit special but I never thought just that special as that last night,well done Liverpool and their fans for some comeback and the spirit they went about that game when really they should have been dead and buried after the first leg,they had a bit of luck as far as the chances Barca missed esp in the first half but in life everybody needs a bit of luck and with the right attitude you make your own luck in life imo which Liverpool personified last night. And what can you say about big Klopp,what a breath of fresh air the man has been for the game with how he carries himself aswell as the emotions the man shows knowing how much the game means to the man on the street.....I remember someone saying something along the line of " Klopp is not just a great manager,he is also a very nice person,which is quite a rare thing these days"
  4. gaz

    Title race

    lol.....Aye my wee mates been a spurs fan for yonks dont ask why or how landed in at his pad last night to watch barca v Liverpool game for a few beers but there wasn't no shaloms last night from him lol
  5. gaz

    Title race

    Ajax is a yid team too.
  6. gaz

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Love this piece of music nearly as much as my love for its filming location
  7. gaz

    Title race

    Totally agree with keane and Souness here all the same the Man United players attitude is guff just now,most of them would deserved to have their arses kicked if they were playing amateur football never mind representing a club like man utd.
  8. gaz

    Title race

    Roy Keane is priceless here,thought at one point he was going to slap that boy Neville lol
  9. gaz

    RIP King Billy

    RIP big Caesar....A true football man aswell a big gent intae the bargain,a class act.
  10. gaz

    Champions League

    How good have that young Ajax team been? I wouldn't bet against them turning over Spurs even if they were at full strength...having that talent and playing without any fear is a fair weapon to have in the locker.
  11. gaz

    Champions League

    Cant see anything on Salah being suspended for the first leg but I know he wasn't booked last night so iam swinging to think he will play.
  12. gaz

    Champions League

    How good are the semi's gonna be!...at this stage iam usually debating with myself who's gonna win it but this year I wouldn't like to pick a winner from the semi's,but i'll tell you what both should be cracking to watch...what I will say is,with Liverpool having Salah back in the saddle running at you with Mane' and Firmino cant be bad thing!
  13. gaz