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  1. Ok apology excepted then lol......its only a wee video ffs!,i'll tell you what,you want me to contact admin and get it took down for you Jesus man! stop being so salty! or dare i say cringy lol... man o man!!
  2. Aye there was a few nice ones for sure but the tap-ins were cheered as much this season mate,bearing in mind the Rangers supporters have been to hell and back with whats happened to the club this past decade aswell as stopping that mob from across the city winning there tainted ten its been emotional....have to admit theres been a few tears and halves drunk esp for absent friends thats not here anymore to see it but its been good.
  3. Ive read a few of your posts now about this ma man and i have to agree 100% with you pal,i thought about sharing my opinions about this shit-show on here but you've saved me the time chief,cheers
  4. Say what you want about the man....but as a player he was a genius,maybe the best ever to play the game!
  5. Funny enough he would say much the same about England,but maybe not so eloquent lol......Ive fond memories during the 70's and 80's of my father taking me through to Hampden for the big games like the home internationals and the mid-week world cup qualifiers and the like when i was a nipper,the auld stadium was packed to rafters and back then Scotland had decent team so when a goal was scored you could end up 100 yards away from the auld man in a panic lol,i also remember chittering on the bitter winters nights up there mid-week and he would produce the half bottle of bells or grouse and say "
  6. Your like the rest of them....jealous! lol As i was saying the boy has talent on what we saw the end of last season and deservedly got many plaudits....always like a young player who plays with his head up,good decision making and bags of confidence for his years,but theres been many before him who is going to be the next big thing and didnt quite get to the top esp down there in the EPL.Ive been aware of the boys talent for a while now with him coming through at my team,if memory serves me right we had him in the first team squad at 15 or 16 but i think that was more to try and get him to st
  7. The boy came through the academy up here at Rangers,maybe if the club werent going through their bad time they would have held onto him a bit longer and maybe it would have been detrimental to his career with more playing time,i know he broke through at Chelsea at the back end of the season but iam sure hes been out with a injury for a while "maybe back fit now" ....getting back into that first 11 going to be a tall task for the boy with the talent they have and the pressure that league has to get results.....but your right hes a fantastic talent for his young years and if the saying of if you
  8. Well done Scotland,cant believe its been 22 years from i was out in France pickling my liver following them in a major tourney lol.....Its my auld man iam chuffed for more than anything he's a huge Scotland fan and he's getting on now a bit and i genuinely didnt think he'd see us getting to another tournament,spoke to him on the phone last night and was buzzing which in turn brought a huge smile to my coupen lol
  9. Started watching The Outsider done by HBO,only watched a couple of eps but the acting is first class and there's enough about it to so far to get me thinking its going to be quite good,it also has some decent reviews
  10. Get where you are coming from but you have to remember Britain/England didnt rule the waves all of the time,take the Anglo Dutch Wars during the 17th century....The Dutch handed the British their arse on a plate in naval battles more than once during these wars with the Dutch having a formidable navy and being a leading ship building country during these times.
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