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  1. Dead right L p d speaks the truth blacky. Dogs whose owners have gleaming white air max footwear attached to said feet, are 90% guaranteed to only have been 'exercised' lightly on a friable loam. Tilth is the real testbed
  2. Not that I'm an expert, but that power level seems ideal for close range vermin bashing
  3. @gibbo1973 is the pup you're getting bred in ireland? Was going to have a look, but thought better of it. Not for any negative reasons, but rather just didn't want to be tempted lol
  4. Spanish greyhound eh? Lol For the reasons mentioned, size, bred for basically straight line speed, I'd personally opt for a track bred pup. Some of those coursing breds are just far too big and heavy
  5. shaaark

    Fcuk it

    My mrs LOVES housework, didn't realise exactly how much until this last few weeks. Might need to buy a new vacuum cleaner very soon, as the annoying little twat will be wearing the one she's using as we speak!!
  6. shaaark

    Fcuk it

    You're not wrong mate, I used to enjoy my mrs' company Dole wallas , haven't heard that for years, since my old man instilled into me not to be one, when I was still in school!
  7. Good word that stan, repugnant. I also don't like him, he's a repugnant oik . Joking or not, what he does on a fairly regular basis is repugnant and crass. He's just one of those types of person. He's a crass, repugnant oik
  8. Quite a lot still breeding in ireland. I think busher100 on here brought one over as a pup a couple of years ago
  9. shaaark

    Fcuk it

    Glad I got that off my chest
  10. Said similar on here a few years ago. Anyone taking on an ex racer, and expecting it to perform like an average lurcher, is on to a loser straight away. All a racer will have known is being schooled, on a track, being walked, given sprints, up a track, and racing once - twice a week, on a track. They won't know how to use their speed over varying types of ground, how to avoid trees, cover, fences etc, as well as a dog that is brought up 'in the field
  11. Don't talk so round shouldered! We all know god put mankind on earth, and he was WHITE
  12. Kin el lads, this beats reading the doom and gloom about coronavirus eh?! Lol
  13. Check this for me wilf. Just did a bit of googling, and it says, the first king of ireland, was Henry V111, and the first queen catherine parr, in 1541, after doing away with the title 'lordship of ireland'. That being the case, how long does one actually go back in history, to try to categorise what we are today? The first scandinavian settlers? The norman conquest of enger land, that were anglo saxons etc etc? I used to love all this ancient history caper, but my interest is dwindling as my age is increasing lol
  14. Kin el gnash, keep it simple lol . I was just saying, in an awkwardly rumly drunken manner, that I just don't get why white english people feel the need to insist that they're 100% pure white english, when they clearly aren't. No self hate here either, I'm proud to be 100% pure welsh, irish, english, scottish and norwegian lol
  15. shaaark


    You drink that beer, and you're going straight to hell, you HEATHEN!!
  16. The merlin gun shop in pontypridd is shut til all this nonsense is over. Tony's in caerphilly, and keen's in aberkenfig were open yesterday, and be open again monday. I've got one of my guns that had work done on it weeks ago, to be picked up from the merlin. But I'm in no rush, and won't be travelling anywhere really, unless it's crucial
  17. shaaark


    Well, me and the good woman just finshed off some 'ruby mist'. A mature cheddar from north wales. With a couple of bottles of organic wine. Give it a try lads, you won't be disappointed. One is now in a good place
  18. Ah right, no probs, just thought seeing as he was getting on his feet, he was having that red collar pup
  19. shaaark


    That's exactly how I've worked it out ...... ..............
  20. Thought iww is having the red collar pup?
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