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  1. Foxpack... Nice deep chest on her mate
  2. Jacob..... both pups looking in fine fettle mate Keep up the good work
  3. Nice one Ross.... Great to see the pup out after the last few months you've had with her
  4. Nice work yet again Sandy.... And for a great cause by the sound of it
  5. Looking good Wales ... don't know whether its the angle of the picture , but she seems alot bigger than the old blue bitch now
  6. Morton.... My lad did
  7. Another good do Trigg ..... What's the breeding of the bitches ?
  8. Well done Pud.... the jill on the left is a dark un mate
  9. Makes you laugh Drover... they want rid of the rats , but then accuse you of being cruel
  10. whitefeet ..... 1/8th border 1/8th beardie You've got a 1/4 too much there mate
  11. Ross .... she will make bigger than that surely, with her breeding and looks to have abit of knuckle still to grow out. How big were her parents ? Aint there deerhound in there ?
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