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  1. Nice little books of days gone by, bet you loved flicking thru them when you found them
  2. Tomo... Stop being excessively concerned with minor details
  3. I was gonna say around 24 half, a pup that's 20tts at 5 half months will do well to grow more than 4 inches. Just my opinion tho
  4. Penda... Weston was alot better back in them days, used to camp out behind Edrd tent. Up to the stables bar on the night time used to be rammed. Happy days
  5. Met him a fair few times over the years, like as been said, always up for a laugh and abit of banter. Jack Hargreaves ( out of country) did a visit on Len. He was showing Jack his many dogs 1 by 1. Wonder if anyone could find a link to it ?
  6. Dytkos and Blackmag..... The pitch has been shite most the season , no better than our local Rec
  7. Katch.... I would never risk it mate
  8. Meggy...... might be a idea to invest in some rubber caps for the top of the longnet pins, save your hands when pushing into the ground. Especially if any of the pins splinter a little... then they become bloody sharp Good vid again by the way.... How many ferrets were you working in that warren ?
  9. Tomo.... Think I heard Richard Torr moved to Ireland, don't know if that's right or not. I use Don at Swinfen vets now always treated me and the dogs fine
  10. Ain't it a wake up call when you've had the old dog's around you for so many years things are so easy, then a pup comes into ya life, it's like having 2 or 3 toddlers around the place...
  11. He wasn't messing around with the size of canvas was he
  12. Great story Phil ..... That's the way to do it, just a quick phone call and then as they say "The worlds your oyster " Just out of interest , How did the painting of Speckle turn out ?
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