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  1. If you are looking for a dog pup, then only have them out to look at leave the bitch pups in the kennel. Spend has much time as possible with them, studying there temperaments and mannerism's. One will soon catch your eye mate
  2. Tell us more mate.? Whose running it ?
  3. Did you ever see that programme that Kate Humble woman did on Welsh collies.? On that they showed a fair few dogs commonly known has Welsh collies and they came in a range of different sizes and colours that looked very similar to that bitch of yours
  4. Sheepy.... Is she what some would call a Welsh sheepdog ?
  5. DC.... Yea I think that's what she named it
  6. Hasn't Skycat off here got a whippet X border ? She might be the best person to ask, I believe she uses it for bushing and ferreting
  7. Some dogs don't like pigeons at all because of the amount of feathers that they drop. The pup might be dropping the bird to spit out the loose feathers in her mouth. I would keep her off them for a while, go back to a fur dummy like others gave already said
  8. Moocher..... Can't your mate get you a freebie ticket then mate if he's got a stall ?
  9. Might go on the Friday pending the weather....
  10. Neil.... Pup coming along well mate Got any pics of the parents ?
  11. Socks / Phil..... Should of allowed him to run, good breeding stock
  12. Even tho he's half whippet type he don't half cover the ground while out mooching he's non stop... Wouldn't fancy keeping up with a pack of um
  13. White Van..... He ain't too bad mate, but my lad uses him too range out in front, like a very fast beagle
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