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  1. breeze

    New spot

    Neil.... Good do out mate, but how come your mate only managed 6.?
  2. breeze

    Marched up the Flipping hill

    Well done gents ..… Hill or no hill you've both had a better day than me on a 10 hr shift
  3. breeze

    Dog or bitch pup

    As above what Katchum said ….. If your really not that bothered either way wait till you go to see the litter. when Ive been to see litters over the years, then I have always put the dog pups away and just concentrate on the bitches in the litter, but you can cast your eye across the whole litter
  4. breeze

    Collie bull grey

    Bosun …. them pictures ain't bad at all, considering them cameras back in the day. Tried to have ago myself, used to have to press the button a couple of seconds before you wanted the picture, the delay to the camera was that slow
  5. breeze

    New pup

    Lovely looking pup mate....got any pic's of the parents ?
  6. Shaaark.... Not one of mine mate, but a very nice bitch tho
  7. breeze

    Deerhound lurchers

    Stonewall..... the older dog in the top pic is a stunner mate
  8. breeze

    Couple hours last night

    Good stuff Blackdog ….. that 2nd pic's abit different mate
  9. breeze

    Pic of my Collie/Whippet I bred

    I can remember when you bred that litter mate..... Got to be more than happy with how the pup has turned out
  10. breeze

    Steve Bruce sacked

    Dytkos…. If he doesn't throw in another sick note
  11. breeze

    collie stud

    Go for it mate, sounds like the ideal type of collie dog to cover a greyhound bitch. What size do they both stand at ? Is the greyhound bitch a fawn one that you've got ? or am I thinking of someone else ?
  12. breeze

    A Week on

    John.... You took my advice about that grizzle one then mate All looking good mind
  13. breeze

    A Week on

    Sounds fair enough mate, you got to keep the kennel staff happy
  14. breeze

    A Week on

    Grizzle one would still be my choice as well John, you can keep those weird looking merley things Look to be coming on a treat mate ….
  15. breeze

    A Week on

    Look in great health John , just how they should be.... Nice and chunky