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  1. Sorry to read this Charts Rip... Lima
  2. Had one off him fair few years back now, not really enough bagging in it for my liking. Got it hanging in the shed still, was gonna drag it out and cut it into stopnets, once i get around to it
  3. Tomo.... Any up to date pics of the youngsters mate ? what sort of size have they made ?
  4. Gosh.... Good length of back on him mate
  5. Ry..... She looks in cracking condition mate
  6. Nice one Moose ..... Pity alot more folk don't put has much time into there dogs ,like what you have already done . Keep up the good work mate
  7. Charts..... All the very best with her
  8. Northenlite..... The one on the bottom left , got abit of Parson Russell in it ?
  9. Very nice youngster there John.....all the best with her
  10. socks.... Proper job mate, looks lovely bit of grub
  11. Both looking well Jacob
  12. Alan.... Looks a nice pup mate , looks like one of them Tumbler / Smithfield / Lurcher types that Burrell breeds
  13. Just keep turning it on and off
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