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  1. We never did go and have a cuppa with Platts after all Tomo
  2. Poor buggar.... Fair few stitches in there mate, hope she heals well for ya
  3. Jesus Katch.... You got some heavy duty ear plugs for the return journey, that will be playing hell up soon as you leave Jiggys yard Atb mate
  4. breeze


    Cheers AT..... But give it a couple of weeks it will be free
  5. breeze


    Just searched it on YouTube... Says to watch £3.49
  6. Few there today, bought a few bits and sampled 1 or 2 ciders. Nice day for it Heard some shotguns going off, don't know whether it was the clay shoot or they were trying to stop Tomo from getting under that fence
  7. Some gap under that fence..... Christ
  8. Will be there earlyish Saturday.
  9. Katch.... Which pup is yours then mate ?
  10. breeze


    Poxon.... From that last pic, she looks to have nice chunky feet on her mate
  11. That's the one Gilbey.... I couldn't think of its bloody name, I knew Charlie Lister trained it but that was a "Dog" aswell Tomo. The lads got a nice fawn bitch but she ain't done racing yet
  12. Tomo... Razzamataz ? The Sire to Birds bear of a thing dog. Think Max has only had decent "dog" racers and not bitches
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