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  1. Did anyone watch the new Guy Martin series that was on Sunday night with him travelling around Columbia.? Wasn't a bad watch I thought
  2. Dilly.... What you mean, finally got round to measuring him he's 23-24... not sure what the tape said mate lol But I know what you mean about it never mattered before. Keep us updated mate with how the bitch is getting on / if she's took
  3. Do me a favour Tomo me old mucker.... give Jeff Burrell a "quick" ring would ya and ask him what's the difference between a lurcher, tumbler, Smithfield, Norfolk and a "Anglo - stealthund" please pal and let me know lol
  4. Just shows how deceiving pictures are mate, with that picture of him sat down. Like I said before, should make proper uns. All the best mate
  5. Should make proper handy pups them Dilly, I hope the bitch takes for you. What size are the dog and bitch? She come off the track mate.?
  6. Terry.... She's looking well mate What did she level out at height wise ?
  7. DC.... Looks a nice patch to have a walk on mate
  8. Where's the pics of Nel ?
  9. Looks bloody lovely that does Arry.... With all these pic's on this thread, yours are always the ones when I think to myself, I could smash that.. Lol Your a lucky man
  10. Wouldn't mind trying a pint of that Charts.... See what all the fuss is about. Only if it was your round mind.. Lol
  11. Greyman.... Not the bloke who backed Constitution yesterday, had 11k on to win 4k
  12. Good to see the great hoss Constitution Hill win so well today... How's everyone do today ? Many winners ? Any tips for the rest of the week ?
  13. breeze

    RIP Motty

    Always a voice of football for me growing up watching MOTD on a Saturday night Rip... Motty
  14. Probably gone up by now then mate, like everything else lol
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