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  1. Neil.... Pup coming along well mate Got any pics of the parents ?
  2. Longer... Is that the missus in the pics mate ? If so don't let her read that post.... Love these "2" and you only name the dogs
  3. Socks / Phil..... Should of allowed him to run, good breeding stock
  4. Even tho he's half whippet type he don't half cover the ground while out mooching he's non stop... Wouldn't fancy keeping up with a pack of um
  5. White Van..... He ain't too bad mate, but my lad uses him too range out in front, like a very fast beagle
  6. My lads whippet type X beagle bitch...
  7. DC..... Might of started a trend there mate
  8. Yea greggs one side of it Pie shop t'other
  9. Fair enough Sid.... Wasn't knocking anyone for going suppose its like everything else with price increases
  10. Noticed one advertised not far from me last weekend, that was 15 quid as well, so must be going rate now. You can get into Cheltenham for not much more
  11. That pic with the bridge in.... Is that right next to the Lion pub mate.?
  12. Ferretman65.... Think I must of gone to a more expensive establishment for mine, think I had to pay a whole 10 pound note for mine.... The things we used to use years ago hey... These young uns now a days don't know there born
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