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  1. breeze

    A Week on

    Sounds fair enough mate, you got to keep the kennel staff happy
  2. breeze

    A Week on

    Grizzle one would still be my choice as well John, you can keep those weird looking merley things Look to be coming on a treat mate ….
  3. breeze

    A Week on

    Look in great health John , just how they should be.... Nice and chunky
  4. breeze

    Best quicksets these days.

    See you there mate
  5. breeze

    It never rains .....

    What you got lined up Socks ?
  6. Do abit of ferreting... Loose bolting to the dogs not far from Knighton, a mornings sport at best, but a change of scenery helps
  7. breeze

    A Week on

    Coming along well mate, top one be my choice at the minute.... Dog or bitch.?
  8. breeze

    False pregnancy

    lurchers.... I will try that mate, got a bitch here at the minute going thru a phantom. I have used the Epsom salts before, but never heard of the vinegar part ?
  9. breeze

    Bushing stud dog

    Fair play to ya Foxpack
  10. breeze

    Next years hopefuls

    John.... I'd take 5 over 8 pups any day of the week, last litter I bred over 6 year ago now, bitch had 5... nice handy number for you and the bitch to cope with Those 2 darker colours look almost grizzle.... Do you think they will lighten up in time same as the sire ?
  11. breeze

    Pups for sale

    Jacob.... What's the breeding of them mate.? Size to make? Credit to the bitch and breeder, look in top order
  12. breeze

    Fingers crossed

    All the best with them John, hope the bitch as a easy time with them You got many folk put there name down ?
  13. breeze

    Hopefully get a pup back

    There's a few in there for sure ........ Anyone running a book, I will go for 9
  14. breeze

    Running dog next to bike

    Been brought down in the past myself aswell, by this current bitch I'm running. Cut across a park on way home got the bike into a high gear head down and full belt.... She flew past me but shot right clipping front wheel, went down like a sack of shite... Lol
  15. breeze

    Running dog next to bike

    Always a good way to get a few miles into a dog with a bike I find. You can go twice as far in half the time compared to walking. I usually go along a canal towpath so dog is off the lead and can go at its own pace. Handy when they stop for a pee, keep on going so they get the odd sprint mixed in to catch you up