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  1. Jcm.... Nice little bitch that is. What's cross is it, Teckle cross what ?
  2. Llywelyn.... Any pics of the offspring from your litter mate.?
  3. fats..... Looks a nice youngster mate, breed her yourself or bought in ?
  4. She's just turned 7 1/2 He only took the bottom one
  5. My lads Collie Grey X Whippet.... And my Collie Grey "type" bitch
  6. Blackdog... How's the collie bred.? Looks to have a rough coat rather than collie coat..... Or is it just the pic, which is a cracker by the way
  7. We never did go and have a cuppa with Platts after all Tomo
  8. Poor buggar.... Fair few stitches in there mate, hope she heals well for ya
  9. Jesus Katch.... You got some heavy duty ear plugs for the return journey, that will be playing hell up soon as you leave Jiggys yard Atb mate
  10. breeze


    Cheers AT..... But give it a couple of weeks it will be free
  11. breeze


    Just searched it on YouTube... Says to watch £3.49
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