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  1. Tyla... I was gonna say, I heard you the 1st time
  2. Jacob.... Cracking pair of saplings mate
  3. Few have said that and also said he should of been named The Terminator
  4. Resulting in this with his Sire...
  5. Igz.... Here's hoping mate
  6. Rip Honey Good age that Phil, you must of served her well, as she did also for you...
  7. Jacob.... Both coming on well mate, both got some front ends on them
  8. breeze


    Neil.... How do you go about looking after those ? Like a leather boot myself, something that you can chuck a load of wax into
  9. Does anyone know that with merle X merle apart from blindness and deafness does the gene cause any other issues internally etc
  10. I can never get my head around things like this Most people know that something like this can definately happen... So why take that gamble and not put 2 merles together, I know Trev that you said it was a mistake mating but why not get the bitch jabbed to stop the litter
  11. RIP... Fly Looks like she had a good life with you Rew... Fair play
  12. Rew.... How come you ain't got the dog a few runs in them fields ? Good to see that there's still a fair few about at other places
  13. Couple of recent trips with the youngster, she will be 8 months this Monday 15th March
  14. Nice little books of days gone by, bet you loved flicking thru them when you found them
  15. Tomo... Stop being excessively concerned with minor details
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