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  1. 400 notes ain't too bad for a well reared pup imo Not really my type, but the lightest of the 3 fawns would be my pick
  2. Jeemes.... I see you like a bit of bread with your butter don't ya mate.. Lol
  3. Gnipper... What did you use on the roof ? Looks tidy mate
  4. Really sorry to read this Ray....
  5. Arry..... Bloody sprouts again mate Rest looks top notch
  6. Looks cracking again Arry...... But I don't do sprouts
  7. Ain't took the camera that many times this season due to it being damp most times, here's a few pic's that managed to get
  8. Dodger.... Would that of been Brian ellis's black bitch Fly ?
  9. Charts.... Watched the young lad last night, did you see his quarter final game with Aspinall ? Came out 1st leg to do a 9 dart game.... Unbelievable
  10. Bloody hell mate... If there anything like my 2 lads you've got another 20 yrs yet... Atleast... lol
  11. Smithie.... Nice one mate, 5 from 50 yards can't grumble at that Great write up by the way
  12. Fuji.... Wasn't that fawn youngster litter brother to Boots that you owned as well ?
  13. Lovely Arry..... What type of cheese you got ?
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