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  1. breeze

    Kelpies as a stud,

    That's the way jigsaw... The goodness you put into the bitch she will put into her brood... I think your enjoying this breeding lark ain't you mate.?
  2. breeze

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Fawn one looks a beauty mate.
  3. breeze

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Jiggy..... Good luck mate, hope all goes to plan
  4. breeze

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    Looks the start of a nice set up...… BUT i'm the same has Flacko, the more room the better. For a number of years now i've had mine in a 8' x 4' run with just a sleep box one end and a shit tray at the other
  5. breeze

    Lurcher and terrier

    Shaaark...... That's Jewel's pup.... And she will be 7 next month how time flys hey mate
  6. breeze

    Lurcher and terrier

    Katchum.... This is the bitch "Teal"
  7. breeze

    Lurcher and terrier

    Stop bleedin whingeing about having to spend a few quid, the kids deserve every penny. I had to keep mopping Tomos brow, every time his wallet came out he broke out in a cold sweat. Loved it when your oldest lad tried to get the last bit of shrapnel out of your wallet just to finish you off.... You should of stayed longer mate, we lit the little bbq when back at the motors.... Cheese burgers and hotdogs all round
  8. Not a clue mate, but i'm sure he would do you a deal
  9. Tomo….. Cant you get the odd spool off Mick Dadd ?
  10. All the best Penny to you and Andy for your new way of life aboard a boat. Hope it's everything that you both wanted
  11. breeze

    grand national

    Great performance by Tiger Roll, but I'm the same as Max couldn't back him at the price with 40 runners even tho he won that cross country race at the Cheltenham festival that easy looked like he could go around again. One question for any horsey folk on here tho.... After the finishing line today there was several folk pouring buckets of water over Tiger to obviously cool him down after his excretions... I get that, but why doesn't the jockey get off him earlier to relieve him of 11 stone rather than waiting until he gets into the winners enclosure???
  12. breeze

    New spot

    Neil.... Good do out mate, but how come your mate only managed 6.?
  13. breeze

    Marched up the Flipping hill

    Well done gents ..… Hill or no hill you've both had a better day than me on a 10 hr shift
  14. breeze

    Dog or bitch pup

    As above what Katchum said ….. If your really not that bothered either way wait till you go to see the litter. when Ive been to see litters over the years, then I have always put the dog pups away and just concentrate on the bitches in the litter, but you can cast your eye across the whole litter
  15. breeze

    Collie bull grey

    Bosun …. them pictures ain't bad at all, considering them cameras back in the day. Tried to have ago myself, used to have to press the button a couple of seconds before you wanted the picture, the delay to the camera was that slow