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  1. zandy01

    lowa hunter gtx evo extreme

    Thanks Moorman, if I get 6 years out of them I guess it’s not a bad price in the long run.. If you’ve bought a 2nd pair then you obviously rate em... Cheapest I can find them in stock is £235 on bushcraft store, anywhere else I should be looking ???
  2. zandy01

    lowa hunter gtx evo extreme

    Cheers Joe, I wear Bridgedale socks during winter but my feet feel the cold more than anything else.
  3. lowa hunter gtx evo extreme Are the worth the money ??? And if so, what do people recommend to treat them with ??? Had Altberg Warriors for past 6 years but they’ve finally started letting in even after being waxed... Like the look of the Lowa and it appears that they’ll offer plenty support which would be good as I have problems with a weak ankle, also insulated would be ideal for snow covered Cairngorms hills in the winter... Any opinions on the above boots welcome please.
  4. Couple of Brown Hares before the last of the evening sun.
  5. Absolute stonking image... Love it
  6. zandy01

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Male Stonechat from today..
  7. zandy01

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    superb birds and great images considering taken with mobile...
  8. zandy01

    Watery/leaky eye

    Thanks for the replies... Had her to the vets to get checked and she has hayfever, to be fair the vet did a full check of both eyes whilst there and told us we were to just give 1/2 a piriton (anti antihistamine) which we were cheaper buying at Wilko or supermarket instead of vet prescribing, 2 days later and all dried up and sorted.
  9. Dogs eye keeps watering, tear like and clear but been over a day now.. Had a good look in eyelids, nothing there and doesn’t appear to be bothering her in any way. Possibly might’ve scratched eyeball somehow ??? Been bathing with warm water regularly, any suggestions or advice ???
  10. zandy01

    Eyes to the skies

    Thanks Gents... Sadly on Saturday the Airshow was a massive washout and 90% of the displays were cancelled, Sunday wasn’t much better by all accounts with only fly pasts by the aircraft and no Red Arrows this year as they were out the country... Still great to see them taking off from the airport though and there’s always next year.
  11. zandy01

    Eyes to the skies

    Took a short drive to the back of Newcastle airport this afternoon to have a look and to see what was heading to Sunderland airshow, dull and grey sky was brightened up somewhat with these guys...
  12. zandy01

    Which Camera

    To be honest I’m not clued up on compact or bridge cameras as I use DSLR’s with telephoto lenses but the bigger optical magnification the better the image will be on a compact camera without the huge lenses.
  13. zandy01

    Which Camera

    Keep away from digital zoom and try and find a camera with a large optical zoom... Once you go beyond the optical zoom range and into the digital zoom your image quality with degrade dramatically and become quite distorted, optical zoom will retain all details and IQ.
  14. zandy01

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Beautiful little owl staring into the lens whilst oblivious that an audaciously bold and daring soldier winged beetle risks its life and limb sitting on the the tremendous claws and talons of this bird... Such an easy snack for the little owl, literally at its feet...