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  1. zandy01

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Yes, adjust the ISO until you get a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the motion of bird in flight, if exposing against a sky then you’ll have to over compensate on the exposure...
  2. zandy01

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Manual is a totally different ballgame - you set and change your exposure in manual by either changing aperture, shutter speed or ISO... Personally I only use manual for more static subjects and if I want to be creative, 99% of the time I shoot in aperture priority, I set the ISO myself and f stop, if I feel the shutter speed is too slow then I up the ISO.. If you’re shooting in Manual then start off with lowest ISO possible dependant on light, f 7.1 is good for all round sharpness and shutter speed depends on subject but about 1/500th should be minimum really if handheld... ISO is how sensitive your camera is to light, the higher the ISO the faster the shutter speed will be, the lower the f number, the more you’re opening your lens up, letting even more light into camera giving you even faster shutter speed and obviously the slower the shutter speed the longer your allowing light in - it’s all about balance... If for example you take an image at f5.6, ISO 800 and shutter of 1/1000th and it’s under exposed but you want to keep f5.6 you can either up the ISO a little and keep the 1/1000th shutter speed or slow the shutter speed down to say 1/800th and keep the ISO the same. Have a try using aperture priority, set your f number, set your ISO and let the camera control shutter speed, if speed is too slow then up the ISO - see if it makes any difference to your keeper rate. Not many people I know use manual when shooting wildlife as sometimes you just don’t have time to mess on with settings. You can still get creative in aperture priority mode by using the exposure compensation + or - and as for lightroom, it’s great for tweaking highlights, shadows and reducing noise, it’s limited to how much you can change exposure, best practice is to get everything right in the camera.
  3. zandy01

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    All settings change with different light conditions, also most DSLR’s have an exposure compensation button/setting so you can over or under expose as you feel... Normally if you were to shoot birds in flight, you would over expose as the camera would meter for the sky and not the bird as the sky is brighter and bigger than the subject resulting in a silhouette of a bird or very underexposed without any details... Understanding settings, exposure and use of light can create some amazing and creative images and will open up a whole new world of what can be achieved. Have a google of backlit or sillouhette photography techniques or tutorials.
  4. zandy01

    Netflix, a question?

    Why don’t you try the Netflix free trial for a month ??? Nowt to lose...
  5. zandy01

    Shortie & Kestrel

    Ah thanks Arry pal, very kind. It’s just a passion and hobby, I’ve had people use my images for reference for drawings/paintings, BBC Winterwatch have used some and National History Society Northumbria use quite a few but for now the building sites pay very well and my weekend/evening photography is my escape.
  6. zandy01

    Shortie & Kestrel

    Thanks very much pal, very kind of you to say and cheers for taking the time to look.
  7. zandy01

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Short Eared Owl
  8. zandy01

    Shortie & Kestrel

    Thanks pal
  9. zandy01

    Shortie & Kestrel

    Thanks a lot pal, he’s a wild Kestrel but very tolerant of us, been feeding him on and off for 4 years with live mealworms... He comes down for them and will happily sit 6’ away unphased.
  10. zandy01

    Shortie & Kestrel

    Thanks mate, if you look on my page https://www.flickr.com/photos/94724826@N08/ I’ve taken, Roe, Stags, mountain hare, brown hare, red squirrels, I’ve no idea where to go for fox and never even seen a badger except road kill... Setting vary but shoot in aperture priority anywhere between f4 -f7.1
  11. Short eared owl and Male Kestrel were today’s offerings, never had time to make my barn owl location...