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  1. Well done to you both, if we ever do it again it’s gonna be the Rhys Ddu path for sure… You must’ve been well proud of your daughter and had a cracking sense of achievement for yourself too An ice cold pint would’ve been preferred but a JD and coke done the job, you’ll know for next time you do it anyways
  2. Ah shit, didn’t get any photos of us swimming…. I may be skinny dipping tomorrow, I’ll make sure I post a selfie of myself if I do
  3. Thanks for all the likes and comments people, much appreciated… After yesterday we decided to have a chilled out day, spent a cracking 4/5 hrs in Portmeirion and then went wild swimming in Llyn Padarn lake (Llanberis) - now gonna have a nice ice cold pint and a glass of vino for the Mrs
  4. We set off walking about 7am and reached the summit about 10.30am, we waited 5 mins in the queue and then sat and had a drink and some bait for 20 mins or so and the place started getting surprisingly busy and queuing for about 25 mins… We arranged it for after the summer holidays thinking all the kids would be back to school and people back to work but got a shock to how many people were there…
  5. Thank you.. We took it at my wife’s pace which was as really good to be fair, was 3 1/2 hrs up and took around 4 hrs down… She struggled with her knees on the descent…
  6. Hiked up to the summit of Snowdon yesterday via the Pyg track and returned down the Miners path… Standing above the clouds at 1085m or 3560ft we enjoyed a little toast to ourselves… Major achievement for my wife as she has rheumatoid arthritis in both her hips and both her knees…
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