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  1. Cracking find and take Steve, it is indeed a little owl, nice one
  2. Ha ha... creased me up... Nah, not for no images of Shrikes, should put some effort in really to be fair, there’s been a masked shrike showing at Hartlepool and a Lesser Grey shrike on Holy Island past couple days...
  3. 1st time i've ever seen one, made it even more special being on home turf...
  4. A stunning Mediterranean bird arrived on our shores at the weekend and i made the 200 mile round trip to see and photograph it, obviously off course, more than likely due to strong winds and a slight lack of coordination this beautiful bird ended up in West Yorkshire, feeding on grubs and mites at the grounds of a cricket club...
  5. God knows how GL and some of the other hot chilli lads can eat that shit.... Tried a few of these crisps from Singapore, tears in eyes, coughing and tongue on fire...
  6. More than happy for you to use any of my images buddy, only request would be if posting on FB or the likes that you give me a mention/credit for usage of photo if there’s any here you like just drop me pm with email and I’ll send you a high resolution copy https://www.flickr.com/photos/94724826@N08/
  7. Top quality art there buddy, it’s a shame I have no brown hare images really, plenty mountain hare photos and loads of other wildlife and birds you’re more than welcome to use... If you are on Facebook I can point you to an very good photographer that specialises in brown hare’s
  8. Cork from what I’ve read on social media but I couldn’t say for definite.
  9. It’s frightening really and what were 2 police officers going to do in that situation...
  10. No idea what it’s all about, can’t believe what I’ve just watched...
  11. Quality mate, looks like it’s been a fantastic year for breeding pairs of LEO’s, seen some healthy chicks myself at a couple of local locations and know of many more
  12. Portrait of a wild peregrine falcon (Juv), birds of prey don't come much better...
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