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  1. Katadyn Befree 1 litre is the water filter of choice, cracking flow rate, no back flushing or messing with - awesome bit of kit…
  2. Cooking a roast beef dinner in a 35yr old tent… This guy‘a channel is very much worth a watch, he’s like a little pack horse the amount of gear/food/drink he takes on some of his camps but he’s extremely knowledgeable and knows his stuff… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wv5429Cl4k
  3. Personally I think for £270 you’d be crazy not to get it… To be fair you could try it out on a few trips and if you decide it’s not right for you so long as you don't damage it or anything you’d happily get your money back selling it on 2nd hand The likes of the laser compact and the Hilleberg Enan are great for summer but in winter and wet weather you need a bit more space as you can be tent bound for long periods - always nice to be able to sit up… The voyager is a one man palace
  4. If you can get that for new £270 then that’s the bargain of the century, I’ve been on the lookout for one and a few times nearly hit the buy button… My only concern and downside in my eyes is the fact that it’s inner pitch first so if it’s pi55ing down the inner will get it until you put the fly sheet on although the inner should be treated with a DWR coating (water repellency) I would need imagine… Its a superb tent and the front porch is cracking for cooking and keeping gear although there’s bags of space and storage in the tent itself
  5. Very nice mate, had some great skies on the Borders
  6. It’s been a cracking night to be fair mate, far better than expected… Yes, I’m pitched up in the Hilleberg Soulo
  7. I though GL ate some weird and strange concoctions but that’s just next level fckd up pal
  8. Woodpeckers are canny handy at hanging onto and walking around a tree trunk
  9. Yep, beak is the real giveaway
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