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  1. zandy01

    Trail cam advice

    Thank you very much pal, to be honest when I first started Wildlife photography I became a member of Natural History Society Northumbria and started going to one of their nature reserves where they have hides and also do a lot of bird ringing, although I’m not a huge fan of ringing i understand why they do it for monitoring purposes etc... Now with time, experience and learning I’ve set my own hide up and often locate wildlife on my own which is a million times for satisfying If it’s bird ringing you’re interested in then might be best to get in touch with BTO or local bird club.
  2. zandy01

    High speed camera

    Ah right, I know you can do slow motion with GoPro software but I would imaging most camera’s that shoot that kind of FPS will be very bulky and expensive. good luck with your search, hope you find something
  3. zandy01

    High speed camera

    How about using a GoPro, you could grab still images from the video footage, really small, light, compact etc ??? just a thought.
  4. zandy01

    Hoopoe spotted today

    Top stuff mate, what a find
  5. zandy01

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    Male sparrowhawk looking down the lens at the noise of camera clicking in my hide.
  6. zandy01

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    Another image of the male Sparrowhawk - hope they’re not getting boring.
  7. zandy01

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    He’s a little topper... Always have a soft spot for GSW’s
  8. zandy01

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    Thanks for all the comments and likes... Here’s a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the rain a few hours before the spar came in and any sun was out
  9. zandy01

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    Another of the stunner at my hide...
  10. zandy01

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    Sent you a pm mate
  11. zandy01

    EOS R, full frame mirrorless

    Tidy them mate, I’m in too deep with both 1.6 crop and FF DSLR and multiple lenses... results look go so far, keep us updated and the images coming
  12. zandy01

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    Thank you very much
  13. zandy01

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    Ha ha, thank you very much. I’m a little pleased with it myself... Got some lovely video footage of him preening that I’ll post up tomorrow
  14. zandy01

    Sparrowhawk at my hide

    Thank you very much, still buzzing about it now.
  15. Been working and building my own feeding station and hide for past couple months and now i'm very happy to say all my hard work has paid off, Male Sparrowhawk came in today for 30 mins and what a stunning bird he is. I can't express enough the satisfaction and sense of achievement i have right now.