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  1. Great minds think alike
  2. It was written in the stars, all the signs were there…
  3. I’ve been eyeing up the Laser Compact 2 for summer which I was set in buying until I seen a review about a flap that goes over the pole and how much of a faff on it can be, put me right off it… So it’s back to the drawing board for a summer set up… I’ve not been out for ages, family life and change in career but things looking good for plenty days/nights away with camps and hikes
  4. zandy01


    Pretty sure in the documentary it does mention about DNA tests as proof but that could also be a Micky mouse test that’s been taken… They are both using each other for their own benefits and also share the same views and outlooks about things average Joe would find quite disturbing.
  5. zandy01


    His son has some of his fathers traits, not to the extreme but they are there for sure. Quite perverse when you look at the photo he took of the ex wife on the beach with Charles’ book between her legs but then bragged about how manipulative they both are and just talk bollocks to media for money, making stuff up in support of his dad gaining more attention which in turn makes them both more fame and money… Kinda crazy though as even he says if his dad ever gets out he wouldn’t want him living with him as he’s unsure how he would be on release or to live with as he’s a real control freak
  6. zandy01


    48 years in prison, he’ll be so institutionalised he would not be able to handle any kind of normal life in society…
  7. Gerrin…. @Bush Rummager it’s a cracking tent that’ll happily do 4 seasons if you choose to camp in the winter, you’ll certainly not go wrong with it… Think I’d be questioning your camping pals motives mind You’ll be bagging camps left, right and centre - make sure you keep the posts and photos coming
  8. Atherstone Ball Game - Medieval tradition… Atherstone Ball Game descends into violent chaos in 2023 edition of Pancake Day tradition - Mirror Online WWW.MIRROR.CO.UK The Atherstone Ball Game is a tradition that is played out every Shrove Tuesday, but this...
  9. I’m guessing they’re the Cheviot Hills from North of the Border ??? The last photo looks somewhere near Kirk Yetholm but I’m probs wrong… Cracking walk and photos
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