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  1. zandy01

    Nest boxes

    Kinkell - how lucky you are to have such a garden and location with tremendous birds to watch from the luxury of being at home... Bell - that’s cracking stuff, hopefully they’ll return again this year and this time use the box you’ve provided
  2. zandy01

    Nest boxes

    Spotted fly is a cracking bird to have in the garden and especially using one of your boxes... Nice one. I’ll be putting some smaller boxes up soon on the farm, will keep a couple blocked up for when the flycatchers and redstarts start coming in
  3. zandy01

    Nest boxes

    As some will know I do a lot of wildlife photography, trying to benefit wildlife and myself I built a Tawny Owl box and a Kestrel box which will be going up this weekend on a farm I have permission to do so... (just need to secure a branch/perch to each box front) Just wondering if anyone puts nest boxes up for any kind of birds, whether on permission or in the garden ??? If you do or have, what kind of birds and have they been successful in being used ???
  4. I spent christmas morning sitting in -6 degrees (was very mild for time of year) photographing wild red squirrels in the Cairngorms... Delighted with this image and it's rarity for me but this one will be getting mounted and framed for my home...
  5. Spent christmas in the Cairngorms so it would've been rude not to photograph a crested tit... The only keeper i got from an extremely dull and overcast day...
  6. Just what’s needed to start the day...
  7. Ah that’s a shame mate, mind last time I seen them near me was 3 years ago but this year there has been good numbers coming over... I was fortunate to have a flock of 80+ only 3 streets away from my house and the Rowan trees are full of berries but won’t be for long the way the waxwings are stripping them... Looks like it could be a good waxwing winter this year so fingers crossed you might see some
  8. Waxwing today - all the way from Scandinavia to Northumberland
  9. Female blackbird with her eyes on the berries..
  10. Thank you... Get yourself your the Peak District or the Highlands of Scotland - you’ll se plenty
  11. They’ll be far easier to spot in their winter pelts, might take you up on your offer in the new year buddy if it’s still open
  12. Here’s a mountain hare sporting it’s winter pelt, I spent about 7 hours with this individual last year in minus temperatures and a biting winds, heading up again this winter and hoping for snowy conditions.
  13. Once again Arry, very kind buddy... There as so many wildlife and nature photographers that far superior to me mate and it’s a super hard industry to get into, for now it’s bricks and mortar with photography as a hobby for me but I will keep taking photos and keep posting them
  14. Ah buddy, that’s such a compliment and confidence booster and much appreciated but as you’ve just shown in your images, it’s not always about the fancy and best of equipment - you’ve proven that with some cracking detailed photos The main part is being out in the fresh air, appreciating the wildlife and enjoying what’s there whether it be in the garden or out in the countryside or the likes... Keep em coming pal, atb Andy.
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