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  1. Crying out loud @Bush Rummagercant believe what I’ve just read… You’ve done a right old job on yourself there fella, glad you managed to get home safe and sound.. Just goes to show how easily things can go tits up… Hope you’re on the mend soon pal and back out on the hills. Looks a super spot and what would’ve been a great camp apart from the injury.
  2. Bull - Netflix - canny enough, enjoyed the twist to it… Lansky - Netflix- good watch and based on a true story…
  3. They give me the creeps mate, I’ve not myself heard of anyone been bitten by one but I reckon there’ll be a lot more than we think or here about.. Seen a video of a very large female adder scaling a dry stone wall in the Lake District, must’ve been a good 4ft long and plenty girth too - I’d be heading in the opposite direction if I’d have been there.
  4. Plenty Adders in the Cheviots and surrounding hills of Northumberland- place is rife with the horrible f***ers..
  5. Cooling off in the Glen Etive today - well deserved chill out…
  6. Cheers buddy, weather is amazing up here, couldn’t have asked for better… Done Snowdon a few years ago and in all honesty it beats Ben Nevis in my opinion… Tell your young’n I send the best of luck, I’m sure they’ll enjoy every minute as it’s something special ?
  7. Fort William for the week mate and the weather is spectacular… Just took the Mountain Path (Tourist route), set off early doors and not too bad going up but 26° heat all the way down zapped the energy levels…
  8. On top of the world today… Well, the U.K. anyways… Ben Nevis
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