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  1. zandy01

    Council has nothing better to do...

    Thanks for all the comments/advice/replies and support... I have spoken to numerous professionals and associations etc about my situation, to cut things short, although my intentions are for the right reasons the council aren’t willing to back down and informed me that I don’t have permission and even if I had have seeked it, it would have been declined due to public liability, it not being accessible to wheelchair users and so on. I am going to take everything down this weekend but carry on feeding for the next few months until spring and when natural food is more readily available... Every cloud has a silver lining - I have spoken to a lovely couple who own the neighbouring land and farm, explained to them my situation and I’m now very happy to say I have permission and full support from them to relocate and set up a new feeding station on their land, they even drove me round the fields in their pickup to show me the areas I can set up, informed me they have a pair of barn owls nesting in the shed (huge hanger type) a tawny owl using another building and where they see the roe deer every morning, to top it all off, they actually own another farm and farm shop a few miles away where unbeknown to me they produce and sell wild bird/pigeon/poultry food as well as stocking sacks of branded dry dog food... Needless to say it will be beneficial to both parties and the wildlife should thrive...
  2. Superb, what a lovely bird and image.
  3. Absolutely gutted - 5 months ago I started working on a wildlife/bird feeding station at my local “nature reserve” in a quiet and discrete area away from the well used tracks, using all resources and materials collected from the reserve itself (felled logs, moss, broken branches and twigs). Since September I’ve been buying bird and squirrel food and visiting every day since filling feeders and keeping the area tidy. I have now had a phone call and meeting with Northumberland Council who have informed me that I have no permission to hang bird feeders, put up nest boxes, erect or build perches and tables or even feed wildlife at the site. I am extremely sad and also sickened that I have been given until Monday to dismantle the station, perches, nest boxes and feeders, also to STOP all feeding altogether otherwise the council are going to do the job for me and take everything down and away including nest boxes and feeders. So much for conservation and encouraging people to help wildlife and give nature a home, especially on a so called “nature reserve”.... I’ve had multiple species of woodland birds, owls, sparrowhawks, kestrels, red squirrels, roe deer and foxes visiting and now in the middle of winter I have to suddenly stop feeding, the council won’t even give me the good grace to carry on feeding until spring when natural food would be readily available... I’m going to fight my corner and am seeking advice from Natural History Society of Northumbria and Northumberland Wildlife Trust, any help or advice appreciated.
  4. zandy01

    Canon T1i (D500)

    AV mode is kinda like semi auto - point and shoot.. Just means she has a little more control and will start understanding what she/the camera is doing... The beauty of digital is if photos are shite then just delete em, nothing to lose.
  5. zandy01

    Canon T1i (D500)

    I started out with a Canon EOS 600D which is the model down from what you’ve bought your wife... youtube is generally the best place for info and tutorials and learning “the exposure triangle” which is the fundamentals of what she needs to understand but can be a head fcuk... A good baseline would be to put in AV mode, set ISO to auto and she controls the aperture - F stops... F4 will give shallow depth of field - background all blurry and subject in focus as long as there’s distance between background and subject... F11 would give more depth of field - more background in focus with foreground/subject The lower the F number the more blurry The higher the F number the more in focus the whole image will be if that makes sense ??? low f number for portraits/wildlife high f number for landscape/groups of people/street photography.. If there’s anything specific she wants to know please post the questions
  6. zandy01

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Great set chev, lovely selection, whoopers especially
  7. zandy01

    Wander in the Toon

    Thanks Jok... Next time I’m down the quayside with the Mrs and not me camera I’ll have a look in and sample a pint
  8. zandy01

    Wander in the Toon

    Could be the Pitcher & Piano Jok as that’s just down from the millennium bridge ??? Although there a loads of pubs and bars down the quayside which step it up a level as it’s “the place to be” for a night out.
  9. zandy01

    Wander in the Toon

    Thanks Arry, it’s the one of the night that stood out to me too... All the best for 2019 to you and yours Arry.
  10. zandy01

    Dedito boots

    They get good reviews and feedback on FB.... Just google Dedito boot review. Surley worth a punt at that kinda money...
  11. zandy01

    Selection from my hide

    When you’ve got an itch you’ve just gotta scratch...
  12. zandy01

    Selection from my hide

    Thanks Chevinfox Thankfully they’re doing well in Northumberland and many groups helping towards their conservation and success
  13. zandy01

    Wander in the Toon

    All the best for 2019 pal, wherever you may be spending it