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  1. Another cracking camp last night in the North Cheviots and to finish off the perfect camp a full English cooked by the Mrs when arrived home…
  2. Only heard good things about these tents, Wild Country is owned by Terranova who are extremely reputable for high quality tents… A tent you can pitch inner/outer at same time is quality, means if pitching in pi55ing down rain then inside is still gonna be dry where as if it’s an inner first pitch tent then there’s a good chance inside would be damp before you had time to get the fly sheet on.
  3. Yeah, been watching loads of his channel, appears to be in quite a fortunate position being able to be out as much as he is and fair play to him… Scotlands Mountains - he does some absolute wicked hikes and camps, also Andrew Beavers is worth watching too, he does lots in the Peak District but does travel all over for a camp
  4. Yeah, watched this vid and loads more of Andy’s, to be honest I reckon there’s been a crack in the pole already or something…. These lads took some battering mind
  5. Disappointing to hear that, gonna give it a watch anyways, was hoping for something special with it being a true story and so recent, it’s been hyped up hear quite a bit on the telly and radio.
  6. Has there been a 2nd series of it ??? I watched it a few months ago and it’s canny good humour, had me creased up
  7. Been looking at 4 season tents and the Hille Soulo is certainly on the list, sadly the only thing that lets the CP2 down is that it’s only really a 3 season tent as the fly sits about 4” off the ground letting quite a lot of air to come through, cracking for the warmer months though.
  8. I thought you said the HW97 was the best spring gun on the market ??? Is the 97 or the 98 the best ???
  9. It is mate, the cloudpeak 2 It’s a cracking little tent and for the money it’s doubtful you could buy better Had 30mph gusts last night and it stayed solid.
  10. So you’re trying to tell us it’s very realistic and an enjoyable film worth watching
  11. The Dawn Wall Another “El Capitan” climbing documentary but certainly worth a watch
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