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  1. For sale Sportdog 700m remote collar Beep/vibrate/shock functions excellent condition and fully working as should... Strap/collar has been cut down to approx 14” (new strap can be had for £10 on net) £100 posted via Royal Mail 1st class tracked/signed for.
  2. Same here... No option to start new topic (sales post)...
  3. Understandable and quite right... Yes, I’ll drop you a pm closer to the time and we can arrange it, it’s a top offer and thanks again.
  4. I use my 24-105 for that sort of thing which can be had used for £250 or if you’re looking at less money then “kit lenses” are probably a good option like an 18-55mm and say a 70-300mm to go with would cover all bases from kids in the garden to family outings to wildlife - not high end but good enough on a tight budget to get you started out... Unless you’re spending serious money on a lens £1k plus... Then buy 2nd hand from the likes of Wex or MPB Interesting video you posted
  5. Definitely an offer I would certainly take you up on FH, April/May would be great time to start watching them really... So long as yourself and landowner would be happy for me to visit
  6. Buy all my equipment from these, normally here within 3 days, they offer a 3 year warranty and Canon U.K. will honour the warranty... https://panamoz.com/gb/canon-eos-90-d-dslr-camera-body-only.html
  7. Greb, the 90D is in my eyes the better choice and the slight difference in autofocus wouldn’t even be noticeable - trust me... Especially if you could pair with a canon L-series lens - they are known for faster focusing with better motors, some 3rd party lenses tend to “hunt” - take longer to find focus... I would choose the cheapest Canon L-series lens (even 2nd hand) over a new Sigma or Tamron 150-600 any day... You can pick up a Canon 300mm F4 L for about £500 and a 1.4 mk iii extender for about £200 so then you have a 300mm f4 and a 420mm f5.6 both L - series, Image quality will
  8. Thanks mate, kind a local, never managed to get back to where you showed me but I really should... Buzzing to see them and photograph
  9. Hi Greb, I use a 1DX mkii and have a 7D mkii as my backup. 3 lenses I use are all Canon L-series = 24-105mm f4, 100-400mm mkii and a 500mm f4 and I have a 1.4 extender which I sometimes use with the 500mm making it 700mm f5.6 The 7D mkii is a cracking body and combined with equally good lens is a lethal combination. I owned a Sigma 150-600 for about a month before I sold as produced very soft (not sharp) images, tried the Tamron version and the same... I would seriously recommend a Canon 100-400 mkii if funds allow, if not then a Canon 400 f5.6 would be my 2nd choice (One o
  10. Yes Greb, always shoot Raw with minimal editing in Lightroom... a little noise reduction, highlights and shadows is about all I alter...
  11. No mate, if anyone would ever like one I would just email them over a high resolution copy free of charge and let them get printed/mounted/framed... I haven’t even got any of my photos framed in my house although I’m going to get some done this year as my wife has been asking me to get some done for home... I’ve had artists use them for reference and request they credit the original photo with my name, I’ve had Natural History Society of Northumbria use my photos in their publications but it’s just a hobby for me... Plenty excellent wildlife photographers out there with big name
  12. Bulb - we changed to them, superb service and and saving a fortune compared to Scottish power
  13. It's taken me over 40 yrs to see a wild badger with my own eyes, let alone photograph one... Probably the hardest image i have ever had to work for, after spending countless hours, weeks and months over a period of 5 years or so sitting at different setts and sites i finally got my 1st sightings and images of a wild badger.... This sow became very tolerant of my presence and had the pleasure of watching her and her 4 young cubs over the summer and into the end of autumn... Might not seem much to some on here and it may have many haters but to me, this is probably the most treasured a
  14. I’ve not heard nothing about any otters down the quayside, loads of local photographers always down there but none have ever mentioned otter sightings, I’ll keep an ear out though...
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