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  1. We cracker brambles hope she does you proud
  2. We bit spinning through the kelp with a we 7 foot rod had a cracking couple's had 9 altogether took 3 for my dinner
  3. Yep place is going crazy sad times ahead need to advertise pups as gender neutral lol
  4. Can't say bitches anymore on adverts it's offends some people
  5. had a good season with isa plenty days out and nights
  6. Well I'm breeding another litter and continuing doing what I'm doing hope that cheers u up black-necked here's the only way to get forward in this country now
  7. Was is the right word country full of snp and greens that want to stop u doing anything hate crimes the next law starts in April can't even say anything offensive in ur own home the place is run with fuds it's falling apart
  8. Stick with what u have mate tried and tested
  9. Need to mind rell tell my dogs there stupid cause there keen as f..k
  10. Put ip a link.mate and will add it to few groups in Scotland
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