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  1. nothernlite

    Getting excited, litter on the way

    Be a cracking litter from 2 very good dogs hope all goes well vicky
  2. nothernlite

    Bedlington cross maybe ?

    One of jeff burells tumblers
  3. Got to agree with two crows thats no sport
  4. nothernlite

    Bad day for hunting

    Fishing next
  5. nothernlite

    New Arrivals.

    Thete you go john
  6. nothernlite

    Derbyshire swallows

    Last week for us in west scotland
  7. nothernlite

    Old lurcher photo

    Can mind the travellers years ago in canvases like that plenty of them about then
  8. nothernlite

    Phantom pregnancy

    Tea spoon every day till goes away that's what i do.works with my we bitch
  9. nothernlite

    Phantom pregnancy

    Epsom salts bit over her dinner
  10. nothernlite

    All the little trips add up

    Sorry you lost 2 trev better luck next season regarding the dogs mate youve had a great season on the rabbits trev well done
  11. nothernlite

    New Arrivals.

    Good luck john hope you get what you need out of your pup atb
  12. nothernlite

    Beddy whippet breeders

  13. nothernlite


    I believe you mate seen something simaler myself stalking a roe
  14. nothernlite


    Lurcher lads bull cross
  15. nothernlite

    Beddy whippet breeders

    Beddy greyhound whippet would be my choice did you phone that boy with the beddy grews?