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  1. Trev ive just used my old dog he's 12 this august got him tested in k9 clinic above average swimmers so with any luck the old dog will still be firing for a couple years to come
  2. They certainly won't let me on tbe group.if it is who.i think.it is love the we boys
  3. Cracking best videos on you tube trev
  4. Here's me thinking colliec jon was bad ffs
  5. Wtf why would be aimed at you you dont even keep dogs ffs
  6. Actually i wasn't but if you think the cap fits batter in
  7. Well I'm sure ye can figure that one out for yourself
  8. Its not am not a fan just do t like there traits but seen some good ones and know a few lads who actually work them no just ralking alot of shite about them
  9. Get yourself on fb some cracking working collie greyhounds on there
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