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  1. Be getting we isa out lamping she's running the beam good no been easy with the moon past few nights but doing good
  2. You don't need to ask that I don't hold back
  3. There's people fighting it just now trying to get alot of it changed what there asking is impossible and cruel so just need to see what happens I'm no going to argue about the shooters we know the truth as I do alot of beating and heard them and people high up in your shooting organisations
  4. That's fact mate I know the Internet hasn't helped but the shooters asked for a all out ban on lurcher work to save there own dog work the ban will not affect me in the least not saying feck the ban but just need to travel more and be a bit more careful when out and about as for standing up for you can't beat the government and that's another fact
  5. Was the shooters that wanted lurcher work banned to save thete own dogs flushing and retrieving as said unite f**k that there c..ts
  6. She's a we bitch in 2025 won't be able to fish 10% of Scottish coastline and seas as well just a start of what the green party and snp will do
  7. Nice one brambles just in myself from a bit of lamping with the young dog
  8. Any luck he's away up to Scotland to shoot nicola sturgeon and we Harvey assbanger
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