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  1. Smart mate is that the one with collie greyhound in her
  2. some of bruces and his sisters young
  3. I can name a few as well as you know but every breed is the same just got to look at the coursing world the internet is a gateway for them not getting a dig at coursers just using that in general.
  4. Just in from old bobs kennels hes lining bruces and tank mates dog sister soon as shes in season put her nephew over her
  5. Got to love it there a few on here that talk the talk and do nothing and that is factmoney spoils things
  6. Plenty bullshitters in all walk of life no just beddy greyhounds
  7. Good luck mate hope it happens for youse
  8. Might of made a mistake its from the same line no sure if its the brother need to ask tank
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