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  1. Sorry mate read that the wrong put my we beddy whippet greyhound over my mate saluki greyhound 1o years ago his pup he kept backvwaz decent enough i will have a look for some photos for u
  2. Cushy number u havd young yin
  3. Black one is bedfy whippet greyhound just tooj a litter from her put the fawn dogs son over her a beddy greyhound he was
  4. People put photos up on whats app groups instagram even sending people photos once thats on ur phone its no coming of even if its deleted you got to love some of the comments shot and retreieved no a gun in sight or a bullet hole in it
  5. Wasnt on facebook was on you tube cant understand why someone would put it on here
  6. Meters are fixed feck them
  7. Never seen a lurcher retrievd a roe butt
  8. Shavings and shredded paper in bed area
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