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  1. Looking good there strike is unreal
  2. How's urs looking ferretgirl could u put a photo up
  3. There's some steep gullys with loads of rocks I've seen me bolting to her and putting the lurcher on the lead taffey there certainly a hard type
  4. Well another good season by with my we dog done well be 4this summer
  5. Aye it is used Bruce to sire that put Bruce back over his mother
  6. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Gf1DMdjEZdY&si=Wt4yhVLNQwsYZSne
  7. Mon the beddy.lurchers with nothing added
  8. The tip.of the tail gives it away
  9. Like a beddy cross but a first cross don't think I would have one beddy whippet greyhound be my choice
  10. Is it thought it was a acd x greyhound x collie greyhound x acd x greyhound I think be a strong dog that's for sure
  11. Thrown more to the cattle dog by the looks of it
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