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  1. Cant beat do or die f..k they thinkers running about with there heads in the air
  2. Some are in there prime at that age
  3. Needs must had to do the same other week eating all geme crop.
  4. Flea collar under in help for the ticks up there place is full of.them with the amount of deer
  5. Lol just going to another beach you need to walk to a couple mile so there will be no wild campers just sea trout i hope
  6. love this beach use to be quiet until the so called wild campers found place is fecked now full of shite they tents were today
  7. Great post bordelad and great memory's to think back on
  8. A great chance for someone neil hope they get good working homes
  9. Cracking pups them neil and a good price
  10. Got 2 studs im thinking about collie grey x beddy grey or irish terrier x whippet
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