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  1. Probably hanging round St Thomas’ hospital waiting on the BoJo scoop.
  2. As been said, bit of cabin fever. My routine is gubbed and so sleep is all over the place too. Another forgettable day of ‘working’ from home with kids and missus driving me up the wall. Glad I read this thread though, as now I know what ‘troilism’ means (not that I’m likely ever get a crack at it now) so at least I’ve accomplished something today. Stay safe and maybe lay off the cheese before bedtime
  3. You can’t get away with it. It was a joke and it was funny, but if you’re an elite level sportsman you can’t put stuff like this on an open forum viewed by millions and not expect a few people to take offence, joke or not. That’s just how it is. As we’ve seen before, Saunders is just too fcukin daft to realise it and refuses to learn.
  4. Watched the documentary film about Maradona the other day. Was a decent watch, but the thing that struck me was how go he could and should have been. I know he’s not exactly liked in England, but his fall from grace in Italy was nuts. Nothing to do with the documentary but I love this little warm up....., genius ️
  5. Lock down imminent. Vulnerable people need saving from these reckless and selfish b*****ds who are just wilfully ignoring advice.
  6. You’re all heart
  7. Not massively. I think my chances of surviving it are pretty decent and I’d have a go at it now. In order to see it off, most of us will have to get it at some point anyway (assuming you can’t catch it twice). Maybe in addition to quarantine, we should be carrying out controlled infection of those least likely to require hospitalisation so as to build up and accelerate immunity in the population?Take the fight to the filthy little fcuker
  8. No doubt this is the biggest crisis the world has faced, maybe in living memory. No doubt it’ll show the best and worst sides of humanity. I find it hilarious that so many people think they can strategise the best response to this disease, when a fortnight ago they couldn’t tell you what epidemiology meant. Party politics means nothing, and I for one have faith in BoJo and his ability to seek the best scientists this country has to guide us, and act without being swayed by the Twitter medics or following like sheep our neighbouring countries actions. Panic and fear will lead to mistakes. Cool heads and a steady hand are what’s required. I also think ‘wee Jimmy Krankie’ has shown real leadership. Contrast what we’ve got with ‘the Donald’. Firing out ‘fake news’ and ‘it’s all going to be fine’ soundbites is all very well, but they’re going to bite him hard on the ass, and may even cost him what should be a ‘shoe-in’ second term. Now that the footie has been stopped, people haven’t got the opportunity to vent from their armchair about how Pep, or Jose, or Ole et al don’t know how to manage a football team, so some have switched to telling governments how the govern, and the scientists that the masters degrees and their lifetimes work don’t count for owt because of the latest ‘stat’ they saw on Facebook.
  9. Went to Tesco at 6.20 this morning to get milk for the kids’ cereal. Was like Christmas Eve, all the tills open and queues of people with trolleys stacked full of shit. I do not fcukin understand. This disease kills old people. The rest of us will, at worst, be laid up for a few days, and then quarantined for a few more. The world isn’t coming to an end. Any shortage of food and essential supplies is entirely self inflicted. I think it’s time we had vigilante mobs patrolling supermarket car parks, beating the living shite out of any individual carrying so much as a family sized bag of Revels.
  10. Told today to work from home till further notice. I should get full pay. My heart goes out to all those who will be let go, or who won’t get paid again until all this is over. Schools here shut down on Friday with most thinking they’ll be out till August. I’ll go off my fcukin nut
  11. My Italian is a bit rusty, but I think roughly translated they’re singing; Bring out your dead..., and any spare bog roll you might have
  12. Shit’s getting real now, and going to get much worse in the next few weeks. In light of the recent panic buying, UK supermarkets have introduced the following purchase limits. Asda: 2 hand sanitisers, 24 toilet rolls max. Tesco: 1 Hand sanitiser, 18 toilet rolls & 2kg rice. Co-op: 12 rolls toilet paper, 1Kg rice. Aldi: 2 Trumpets, 1 diving suit & a MIG welder
  13. That’s what a lifetime of syphoning diesel and getting punched about the nut will do for you. Not a Barrs Irn Bru what he said either.
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