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  1. Win, lose or draw they’ll be having a party. Would love to see us get through to carry this on just a wee bit longer. Hopefully the link works.., pipers leading the tartan army through the streets of Stuttgart earlier. Special x.com X.COM
  2. 38 years ago today probably the most infamous goal in football history was scored. And look what crossed the line first in the 5.40 at Royal Ascot today!
  3. Not at all. Think you’ll find Scots are a very welcoming people. You seem pretty well versed in trying to wind them up though, so wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve come across a few who think you’re a prick. I was merely lamenting the changes I’ve seen in the last 40 odd years. No issue with anyone moving North to become part of a community. My views are very selfish too, as I don’t live in the highlands and islands and would guess that the ‘traditional’ mainstays of employment such as fishing and farming are now probably very difficult to make any real living at. Tourism is probably the on
  4. The highlands and islands of Scotland are filling up with English looking to escape. Probably escaping the migrant hordes.., but with the irony a bit lost on them. I’ve loved the far North West since I was a wee laddie but haven’t been up in a while. I’ve read about how busy it’s become especially since the NC500 and covid, and it looks like it’s become a weekend playground for anyone in the UK with a kayak or a mountain bike. The allure of that part of the country, apart from it’s obvious rugged beauty, is how remote it always felt. Driving miles along the coast on single track roads and sc
  5. pesky1972


    Kipling could write a lovely poem…, and apparently also makes exceedingly good cakes.
  6. England have an embarrassment of talent, yet play some of the most boring football I’ve seen yet in the tournament. Just seen Kyle Walker interviewed saying “it’s tough coming to these hostile environments”.., it looked like England fans had most of the stadium ffs. They were booing a bit at the end mind lol.
  7. Laughed when I read that.., had a few Barbour t-shirts myself. This year I got a Guinness micro surge thingy which I haven’t used yet but am very keen to try. Apparently the thing to do is drop a few hints about what you might like. My problem is I usually only find out it’s actually fathers day when I wake up on the Sunday morning.., to a card, a four pack of Guinness, a giant bar of chocolate and (you’ve guessed it) another Barbour t-shirt.
  8. Mate’s missus just took a job with a housing authority and is hating it. I said it must be frustrating with very little social housing trying to find desperate people housing, he said it’s the opposite. It’s the entitled attitude of a lot of scrounging b*****ds that have never paid rent, and can’t even be bothered to look after a property. I’m a believer in publicly funded housing for the worst off and vulnerable souls in society, absolutely, but I’d be fcukin ruthless on anyone who abused that charity, and that’s what it is. The root of that is in education and setting out our stall as a soci
  9. If you’re going to a rodeo event, don’t wear a red t-shirt ffs x.com X.COM
  10. Just read the last couple of pages. No wonder these threads always get shut down.
  11. Just saw this online and it sums up the last few years in a nutshell. I never bought it and Usyk is now rightly crowned aa the best in the division. Doesn’t mean to say there’s no value in Fury v AJ, or either rematching Usyk. I’d pay to watch.
  12. Wicked disease and a long lingering death. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. He bore it with much bravery, putting himself in the public eye when he was a shadow of what he’d once been. As said, hopefully his sacrifice, like that of big Doddie Weir, will bring about a cure sooner rather than later. RIP Rob Burrow.
  13. pesky1972


    Now then, I’ve been looking for something to ‘deter’ the wood pigeons that are eating all the seed out my lawn top-dressing. That might be just the ticket.
  14. I’m still a young pup at 52 but read this thread just before my mother in law came round last night.., she’s 75 and I had a wee blether to her about times gone by. She’s never caught anything more than a cold in those 75 years but she grew up in the 50’s/60’s and she’s skinned and plucked plenty of game for the pot. She grew up in a mining village where men would often drop in stuff they’d caught/shot. She told me one of the local boys had a thing for her older sister and they’d frequently wake up to find he’d left a couple of rabbits on the back step. I grew up in the 70’/80’s and it was a no
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