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    Is this the thing being promoted/endorsed by one ir two of these youtube boxers? It should be the mission of every boxing promoter to get these idiots in a ring with a competent pro in the same weight class and utterly expose them for the frauds that they are. I can’t even fathom how they get any attention in the first place. As for this clamour for a bottle of pop, I’ll never understand how fools and their money can be this spectacularly parted. Idiots!
  2. One of a very select few sportsmen to transcend their sport and become a globally loved and respected sporting superstar. There’s no doubt he was a footballing pioneer and genius, head and shoulders above his peers. For Brazil he was and always will be a national icon…, a guy who has died after long illness, years after finishing playing, and the state has announced 3 days of official mourning! Not the time for debating the ‘GOAT’…, but no debating who was and will always be the king of football. RIP Pele.
  3. Moving drama on BBC about a terminal cancer diagnosis and a decision on assisted dying. Worth a watch.., decent soundtrack too.
  4. Merry Christmas one and all. May your stockings be overflowing, and your turkey fully cooked.
  5. In a world where I now utter the words ‘the world’s gone mad’, or ‘we’ve lost the fcukin plot’ with depressing regularity, yesterday’s goings on at Holyrood hit a new low for me. Despite opinion polls showing the majority of the public do not want this, the Scottish parliament voted to approve a bill enabling a person to officially change their gender identity after 3 months of ‘living’ in that gender…, although there appears to be no criteria laid out to determine what that actually even means. Worse still, a late appeal to amend the bill to prevent registered sex offenders changing
  6. No real context on numbers but a quick search shows about 300k deaths in canada p/a, so only maybe 3% assisted? If it’s used to intervene in the lingering and painful final stages of cancer and dementia, then I’d say the number might even be lower than I’d expect.
  7. Soundtrack to the ‘90 summer of love. RIP Martin Duffy. May your light forever shine on.
  8. Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think Enjoy yourself, while you're still in the pink The years go by, as quickly as you wink Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think … Good advice RIP
  9. Can you eat soup with that finger
  10. Bit surreal watching a world cup with the Christmas tree up, and strange that Scottish football started back on Thursday, but got to say I’ve really enjoyed it. From probably the last 16 the levels went up, as the political side show largely died away to leave the football making all the headlines.., just as it should be. The icing for me is watching Messi lift the trophy. The ‘GOAT’ debate will rumble on, but for me Messi emphatically now gets in a three way conversation with Maradona and Pele. Anyone else you care to mention sits on a list of football greats for me, but not the greatest.
  11. Half time. France not at the races.., yet. They need to step it up, and should hopefully make for a decent second half.
  12. Loving this right now.., really catchy riff…, yeah, yeah!
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