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  1. My blood boils when I watch some of these car chases in the UK.., fcukin halfwits doing 80mph through a town in broad daylight trying to outrun the police…, and then they get a ban and poxy suspended sentence if they actually get caught. I’d like to see UK coppers riddle a car with bullets for taking off.., might make it a lot less frequent occurrence.
  2. One of my favourite albums of the nineties, or maybe ever.
  3. Think it could be legit, some big nine year olds, and power to weight feasible imo, and with good technique? That said, it wouldn’t be my daughter. I’ve always stopped mine picking up heavy weights, be it helping move slabs in the garden, or lifting dumbbells in the garage. No way I’d want them getting a bad back injury at a young age, it could fcuk them up for life.
  4. You reap what you sew.
  5. Lynx yes, wolves no. Can’t see what harm it would do…, apparently there’s already a healthy population of big cats living in the UK.
  6. Apparently 25 years since this was released. Where did it go. Timeless track though.
  7. Opinions and ar$eholes eh. On the face of it, it looks like he got what he deserved, but I don’t like judging these things with no real context. Seen a lot of doormen take total liberties with people in the past. Who knows why the guy was so aggravated? Maybe someone in the millions of comments condoning what Francis done? I agree with Wilf, I don’t think it was necessary, and I’d suggest that a heavyweight boxer chinning a guy half his size, might be looked upon as excessive use of force.., whether he did or didn’t deserve it.
  8. Maybe the sentences make them more valuable as currency in any prisoner swaps or negotiations. Or maybe Russia will say it’s not our court, but fcuk the UK for sending all the hardware that’s killed thousands of Russian troops, and execute the two. Not a lot the UK govt can do about it imo.
  9. pesky1972

    6th June

    A great uncle of mine was in the engineers during the landings. He suffered what they’d call nowadays ‘life changing injuries’, sometime after landing. I remember as a kid at family gatherings, no-one really spoke about it, and if they did, it was always in hushed tones away from him. I certainly don’t remember there being much talk of heroism and glorious victory, just sympathy for what he’d gone through. Shortly before he died he did speak about his experiences with an uncle. His story was fascinating, but at the same time, probably typical of what many of those young men did. Although I onl
  10. I came across my dad’s old gear clearing his house after he died a few years back, a lot of which came from my great uncle, and which included about four baccy tins full of these old spinners. Pretty sure I just binned them. Wish I’d hung onto them now.
  11. Four ospreys flying round the lake all day. Reckon at least two of them were immature birds, presume last years young.
  12. Been out and about the last few days and don’t think I’ve seen a bit of bunting or flag flying. Think there were only a handful of street parties organised, mostly in Glasgow. I know that’ll offend some on here, and maybe provoke the usual verbal disdain for us Scots from the usual quarters, but there is genuinely very little visible evidence that anyone up here gives a toss. Nothing ‘anti’…, just apathy.
  13. Jubilee celebrations in full swing at Pizza Express in Woking.
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