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  1. I take my hat off the this guy.., 119 days to row solo across the Atlantic. The final push to make landfall was a 40 hour slog which in itself would have broken most men. Lad I worked with (also an ex-RM) was regularly posting about his progress. It looked every bit as gruelling as you’d expect. The mental strength and determination of this guy must be off the scale. Well done, just well done Former marine completes unsupported Atlantic row WWW.BBC.CO.UK Dave 'Dinger' Bell arrives on land in Cornwall after leaving New York 119 days...
  2. I remember watching it. TFI was a staple of mine early nineties. I’m no expert but thought his knob was average.., at best. Certainly no porn star. S’pose it depends on your own personal reference point
  3. Sport, like society in general, needs to get busy making a few choices on this stuff. The very essence of sport is equality…, creating a level playing field to enable competition. These rules are well established.., think football leagues, boxing weight classes etc., etc. Dismantling that to appease a very small minority of people who have no respect for your sport, just so as not to appear prejudiced and open yourself up to criticism, is fcuking suicide imho.
  4. Was watching Only Fools just this morning, the gween, gween gwass episode. Iconic show blessed with a great cast, and wouldn’t have been the same without Challis as Boycie. If I ever hear the name ‘Marlene’.., my brain instantly repeats it in Boycie’s drawling version Made his mark. RIP
  5. Seemed a decent bloke, and was a hell of a striker by all accounts. RIP
  6. Some right miserable b4stards on here. Use the remote to switch to Corrie if you don’t like it…, but don’t come on here whinging (again!!! This isn’t the first time this has been discussed!!!). As a fishing programme it’s sh!te…, as two comedians being funny, also shite. What it is though is two old farts fcuking about catching a few fish and chewing the fat. I’ll take that over 99.9999999999% of the utter woke dross offered up as entertainment these days. Watched it a few weeks back and it made me think. I’ve fished with the same pal for nearly 30 years…., although it doesn’t feel a
  7. First Brit woman in donkeys years to win a slam? Born in Canada to Romanian and Chinese parents.
  8. Sorry, not a joke, but a clip from one of the best comedy sketch series ever.
  9. pesky1972

    20 years

    Been loads of stuff on TV all week, so no chance it’s been forgotten. And for my generation, having watched it unfold on live TV, it never will be. I was working on a chemical plant outage in Delfzijl, Holland. Was in an office with the radio on, and a Dutch guy who spoke little English. When the news broke, he was trying to tell me what had happened. To begin with I just thought it was a Cessna or something. Next thing the plant was emptied and I was in my digs watching it on TV. Utterly surreal experience, and one I hope I never experience again in my lifetime. Around 3000 innocents dead
  10. Never seen one, but lots of signs of them on a lot of river systems up here now.
  11. Don’t look forward to seeing them getting ready to leave or summer coming to an end, but have seen some spectacular flocks of swallows and martins in recent years. Watched a sparrowhawk flying over one a few years back. Must have been thousands of birds.
  12. I remember as a nipper of maybe 6 or 7 my old man taking me to see a keeper mate of his he hadn’t seen for years. On the walk up a jackdaw flew down and landed on my shoulder. Even at that age I was nuts about nature, and birds in particular, so was absolutely buzzing, but my ma lost it after it shat all down the back of my jacket Turns out it was my da’s mates bird. They’d been hand rearing crows since they were kids. I’ve got a picture of my dad somewhere as a wee boy, with a magpie perched on his head.
  13. Just watched this film, not been keeping up with the thread so not sure if it’s been up/discussed. To me, the two guys at 30 mins+ are typical of the type that are convinced there are big cats here. The first one has a video of something chasing a deer which he’s convinced is a puma. I watched it maybe 10 times and I thought it was another deer. If you want to see a puma, I guess you’ll see a puma. The other guy was just a fcukin liar and a fantasist who has clearly tried to butcher a boar to dupe people into believing it was a cat kill. Kills are generally the only physical evidence pres
  14. Okay, so I watched a bit of the video. I still don’t get what the fuss is about. Ever since I had a phone, I’ve never looked upon it as being ‘secure’. Someone really wants access to what’s on it, I haven’t the technical nouse to stop them. As for the video, the intention is (apparently) to catch people looking at, and swapping filth involving minors. The coppers are forever telling us they have nothing like the resources required to even make a dent in the problem, and implore the tech companies for help. So isn’t this a positive step? And if by Apple doing this I’ll get even more targeted ma
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