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  1. pesky1972

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I wish Fast Eddie was my promoter Fury fans always whine that he was robbed of the IBF belt so it could be handed to AJ. I don’t know if it was or not but if Glazkov was mandatory for the IBF strap and had to wait whilst Klitschko fought a voluntary opponent in Fury (WBO mandatory) then he shouldn’t then have to wait again for the rematch, so Fury had to fight him to defend the belt next. Once Fury stated he would honour the rematch clause and fight Klitschko again then they stripped him. They would have had to do the same to Klitschko if he had fought anyone but Glazkov next. Sick of having to listen to Fury’s fans making excuses for the way his career has gone. The +ve test, the lifestyle choices, the piss poor management team..., yet apparently it’s all the fault of the establishment not wanting him. Boo fcuking hoo. Fury might be the best heavy on the planet, I personally think he’ll make Wilder look stupid. He might be too much for AJ. Fact is we’d already know if he hadn’t fcuked it all up and spent 3 years out. That’s nobodies fault but his own.
  2. pesky1972

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Check all the AJ haters. He’s ‘ducking’ fighters He’s fought a unification and a mandatory this year ffs..., and his record stacks up better than Wilder’s 40 and nobody.., and better than Fury’s one fight wonder career. Who has Fury fought since Klitschko? And the sniping at Hearn.., all just jealousy. If you could generate hundreds of millions from a fight why the fcuk wouldn’t you?? Football analogy would be an 80k England sell out at Wembley against San Marino. Would you give them half the gate and TV money? For what it’s worth I think AJ could fight both next year. Will he win? There’s only one way we’re all of us ever finding out
  3. pesky1972

    Dalglish Knighted

    Watch this (maybe with the volume down) and check how deadly he was with both feet. And that was just part of his game..., to me the way he read the game and his range of passing to feed the likes of Rush for years, was the platform for Liverpool’s dominance at home and abroad. Not many better ever to have come from the UK
  4. pesky1972

    Age to join THL?

    Any 11 year old who hasn’t been wrapped in cotton wool and locked in their bedroom will have seen a lot worse than anything this site had to offer...., maybe with the exception of a Dogfox pads video. Can imagine the sh!t I’d have got up to with a smart phone when I was eleven! Isn’t there a younger members section on the site? Aren’t there any young hunters using it?
  5. pesky1972

    Rare documentary Brian plummer

    An eccentric no doubt, but his books fired the imagination of many of the young minds, that would go on to be old heads on here. Mind, he’s the kind of man you wouldn’t want teaching, or within a mile of kids nowadays too.
  6. pesky1972

    Dalglish Knighted

    Man U were my ‘English’ team as a kid when all my mates had Liverpool strips, but even so I idolised Kenny Dalglish. A great player, and a decent man.
  7. pesky1972


    Hook always fell out in the net. RIP John Wilson
  8. pesky1972


    Isn’t this just a typical day in just about any street or town in the North East? Whole place is just a holding pen for Jeremy Kyle.
  9. pesky1972

    Corbyn, the poppy and the anorak........

    No fan of Jezza but think the criticism of yesterday is OTT. Some said his poppy wasn’t big enough ffs. I thought the hooded jacket looked ‘scruffy’ and he could have been better turned out, but it is consistent with his usual attire so not sure it was intended to be disrespectful. Some folk need to get a fcukin life.
  10. pesky1972

    All Things Football

  11. pesky1972

    The Tigers of scotland

    What you talking ‘bout Willis
  12. pesky1972

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Bookies don’t fancy Tony and neither do I. Stoppage 4-6 for me. He says it’ll be his last fight so fair play for not taking an easy fight.
  13. pesky1972

    Legally changing age ffs

    Can’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s no more nutty than someone born with a penis proclaiming they are a woman, or parents not ‘assigning’ a gender to the child born to them with male gentitalia..., or a white woman who ‘identifies’ as a black woman. It’s the 21st century ffs, we can all now be exactly what we want to be. I think it’s great. Next week I’m going to ‘identify’ as a Mk1 Escort and stick an ad for myself in Exchange & Mart. Week after I might start a new life as a giraffe. And don’t dare anyone say my neck isn’t long enough, or I’ll have you up for a hate crime.
  14. pesky1972

    Mayweather MMA

    Nor me.., and I refused to watch Mayweather v McGregor on point of principle. People rightly say that boxing is in the entertainment industry, but fans are entertained by quality competitive sport, not by how much hype and razzmattaz goes into the build up. Mayweather fighting any MMA fighter is the equivalent of Rocky fighting Thunderlips in Rocky III. It should be a charity fund raiser, not lining that vulgar little cretin’s pockets any further.
  15. pesky1972

    are the Bonnies burning?

    Snowflake I’ve laughed at many a dark joke and at other people’s expense. Haven’t yet gone to the length if building and burning an effigy of kids being burnt to death. Can’t really find the humour in it. Don’t see that makes me a hypocrite, suppose it’s all about levels.