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  1. pesky1972

    BJS is an utter scumbag

    Never liked this cnut but his latest social media stunt is a new low.
  2. pesky1972

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    RIP Enzo Calzaghe. Seemed a great wee character and gave Wales some world champs. Astonishing given his limited experience as a trainer.
  3. pesky1972

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Meece, Big Brother is being taken off air because no fcuker watches it any more. Anyone who wants to go on it must be desperate for fame, and I can’t even fathom why any sane person would want to watch that shite. Me, I’d rather go out in the street and stab myself.
  4. pesky1972

    A dangerous screwball !!

    The fcuk has living in Scotland got to do with anything? And as for Big Brother being news..., it’s not. To most normal people it’s a shit ‘reality’ TV show for pathetic wannabes.., or maybe that’s just what us cave dwelling Scots think. Maybe you need to go and get a life for yourself and stop getting your kicks off 3rd rate TV shows and tabloid ‘celebrity’ gossip pages.
  5. pesky1972

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Never heard of her..., and what’s a ‘CBB’?
  6. pesky1972

    Broken gate

    Combination of localised corrosion creating a stress raiser, (looks like a perforation further along due to corrosion, the galv coating will mean corrosion will occur only locally where this is compromised) & axial stress loading simply because of the gates design..., and maybe a bit a shear induced as the thing was manufactured, and can now be seen in the misalignment. Add to that the steel was probably made in China and probably designed by those slant eyed fcukers to fail in a deliberate attempt to derail our Western capitalist democracy.., and you’ll maybe have your answer. Or it might well have been aliens, who knows..., not me that’s for sure.
  7. pesky1972

    BAD LUCK..

    I’m not religious, and I know you don’t want to pray, but the ‘Serenity Prayer’ is about right for me. Sometimes on a run of bad luck you can’t seem to buy a bit of good luck. Keep plugging away and things will come round eventually. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.
  8. pesky1972

    What you listening to at the moment.

    If it wasn’t for the nips being so good at building ships, the yards would still be open on the Clyde. And it can’t be much fun for them, beneath the rising sun, with all their kids committing suicide.
  9. pesky1972

    Sunderland Has Got Its Soul Back

    Managed a draw with the mighty Fleetwood. Flying now. Half empty stadium and pay at the gate. Different gravy indeed
  10. pesky1972

    Last Night Of The Proms

    There’s boxing on Sky ffs..., fcukin homos.
  11. pesky1972

    R.I.P. Johnny Kingdom

    Mad as a box of frogs but loved the outdoors. RIP Johnny
  12. pesky1972

    how i miss

    As with all the rest, I really enjoyed your posts with Nell. I don’t have a dog at the minute and really miss getting out and about. Still, better to have known that experience and miss it, than never to have known it at all.
  13. pesky1972

    Insane perspective!

    As long as y’all stay standing on the green dot and South of the border I’ve got no issue..., knock yourselves out.
  14. pesky1972

    Hamster Gassed And Robbed At French Villa

    What a fcukin idiot and typically ignorant thing to say. And a fcukin insult to the men that fought and died to stop that ‘certain man’.