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  1. pesky1972

    Fury v wilder

    From what I gather, Fury’s deal makes a fight with AJ less likely now. Not sure what that says about his ambition. Maybe Max can tell us. Warren going on about ‘biggest platform’ and ‘muscle at the table’ but if he can’t make the Wilder rematch, and Joshua is out of reach, then where does Fury go? Hopefully Fury’s 5 fight deal stipulates that he has to get a world title shot. Otherwise he’s a bigger ducker and more of a cash cow than AJ’s ever been
  2. pesky1972

    Too much fighting at the race course

    People on the piss all day, and a good few wired up with the charlie. A lot of big groups go as well so easy for a wee bit trouble to escalate into a ‘mass brawl’. I go to a Saturday meet every year, and we’re on the ale at 10.00 waiting on the coach. Never seen that much bother mind, but you do see plenty of folks falling about drunk by the end of the afternoon..., mostly women too.
  3. pesky1972

    My house caught fire🔥

    Glad to hear you’re all okay. Lucky you arrived back when you did. A minute or two later and you could have lost the lot. PS. to be on the safe side I’d shoot the cat
  4. pesky1972


    Wasps are little fcukers at the end of the year but are great wee things early in the year. Love watching them pulling bugs off of plants in the spring and early summer when they won’t look twice at you. Different story mid August BBQ when they’re twice the fcukin size and you’re swatting squadrons of the things off your beer. Although I haven’t seen a ‘bad’ wasp year for at least a decade. Thin end of the wedge if the wappies go 🦟
  5. pesky1972

    Basil has been caught

    Music at the end was like a drug to me..., just had to watch the next episode..., and the next
  6. pesky1972

    Rip John Haynes

    Haynes manuals were great. Must’ve been the scourge of many a car ‘stealership’ back in the days when you could actually fit a spanner under your bonnet.
  7. pesky1972


    By all accounts a very humble and accessible man.., a million miles from the modern day ‘greats’. RIP
  8. pesky1972

    Fury v wilder

    Lineal champion means absolutely fcuk all to me..., especially given that Fury was unavailable to defend his ‘title’ for nearly 3 years. Add to that he was handed a 2 year drugs ban, I think anyone spouting about Fury being the ‘lineal’ champion, or any sort of champion is clutching at straws.
  9. pesky1972

    First class delivery from Hermes lol.

    Never had an issue. Got speaking to the Hermes guy that covers my area and sorted out a stash for when I’m not in. Had dozens of parcels and no problems. I’d suggest that if you’re having problems.., it’s because the driver thinks you’re a dick
  10. pesky1972

    Fury v wilder

    The profile comments weren’t a dig, in essence I agreed with your point regarding it making good business sense. More about Max’ claims about ‘stock’, and maybe stuff coming from the likes of Arum and Warren. End of the day I think AJ and Fury both want it and will fight, just hope we don’t have to wait too much longer to see it.
  11. pesky1972

    Fury v wilder

    More pish.., stocks rising and falling AJ has the belts ffs,..., and is the man who actually beat the man, that’s his stock. And more contradiction.., you said a few pages back Fury would fight for the titles for nowt..., that being the champ was all that mattered. AJ is the big fish, the man to beat to say you’re the best. Wilder is rated as a fighter who’s fought nobodies. Hearn had made a good offer to Fury and he’s disappeared. From a business perspective maybe AJ fighting in the US makes sense. But suggesting he needs to raise his profile to fight Fury or Wilder is laughable. Remember AJ has what they (should) want..., and it’s them (deliberately) pricing themselves out of the biggest fight of their careers. As long as AJ can meet his mandatory obligations he stays champ. He holds 3 aces and has time on his side.
  12. pesky1972

    Fury v wilder

    Utter pish as usual Max. AJ has 3 of the 4 belts (+IBO) so if the others want to be the genuine world champ they NEED to fight him. AJ would only have to fight either if they became mandatory. Are you stupid enough to think that if the positions were reversed that Warren or Wilder’s promotion would hand out 50/50 splits? And if Hearn is ‘panicking’ it’s because AJ has stated he wants Wilder to become undsputed first.., then Fury, then Whyte and whoever. Hearn sounds desperate to deliver whilst the google eyed crook whines about ‘derisory’ offers made to Fury that he only heard about on the internet because he’s sh!t scared to lift the phone to Hearn, so Fury’s gone off and done it himself. Wilder doesn’t want to fight Joshua to hold all the belts, simple. Fury I can understand wants to take the easier route to a belt, no other explanation for why he isn’t biting Hearn’s hand off now. For the last 4 years he’s constantly called out the ‘weightlifting dosser’.., well now Hearn has offered him the same deal as Wilder/WBC has offered and not a peep. It’s crunch time now and there only appears to be one guy trying to make the fights we all want to see. And in a weeks time when AJ commits to fighting Whyte or Miller or someone who actually wants it, Wilder, Fury and all the usual fcukin mongs will crawl out the woodwork and still call him a ducker.
  13. pesky1972

    Fury v wilder

    Seen a few videos this week from Hearn on AJ’s next fight.., which needs signed soon. Open offers to both Fury and Wilder. Their silence would suggest the rematch is most likely. AJ has the belts so is the boss. Beat him and you’re the boss. It’s not rocket science. I think 60/40 from AJ would be fair and both should be biting the hand off Hearn. Anything else means they’re ducking AJ.., no ifs, buts or maybes.
  14. pesky1972

    Fury v wilder

    I agree. Take nothing away from Fury, he done what he needed to in a very poor fight. A lot made of Klitschko ‘dominating’ the division for ten years, especially by Fury fans, but it’s the poorest ten years in any weight division in the history of boxing.
  15. pesky1972

    Fury v wilder

    Hopefully we’ll see who’s fighting who in a week or so. Warren reckons Fury v AJ should be 50/50 split.., yet is negotiating the ordered 60/40 with Wilder Hearn claims he’s offered both Wilder and Fury 60/40.., and has also offered Fury the cash amount he wants for AJ fight.., although googly eyes has been left out. Going to be an interesting couple of weeks. Personally I’d like to see the bout for the undisputed first, then the winner v Fury.