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  1. pesky1972


    To fcuk with your loyal man and boy local supporters. Got to ‘grow the brand’ in Asia don’t you know....
  2. No you’re not. I think this is a very welcome and probably very calculated diversion from the misdemeanours of the paedo prince. The ridiculous amount of media coverage and the portrayal that this is some sort of threat to the monarchy, whilst abusing teenage girls gets a bye, makes me fcuking sick to my stomach,
  3. I disagree with his views on hunting, and think he’s a bit of a knob-end. But I just watched most of the clip above and that took some balls so respect. Also think Afterlife is a work of genius in terms of the whole comedy versus tragedy bit. Would recommend it.
  4. Don’t see what all the excitement is about. You only get one life so you’ve got to chart your own course..., fcuk everyone else, even if that’s family, the queen and future kings, the establishment, media and much of the British public. And if its three less mouths I’ve got to feed, then fair play to them. At least Harry’s not noncing young girls. Seems he’d get less sh!t off some people if he was.
  5. A massive and worldwide human population reduction is the only answer. As a species we have zero hope of achieving this without wreaking further damage to the planet. Mother nature will provide the answer in the next century or so with a plague of beyond even biblical proportions. Just saying...
  6. Was going to ask if anyone had done the Llangollen canal but don’t think I’ll bother now. What a fcukin place
  7. The Friday night offliner at the race course for the sheer drama and suspense takes a bit of beating. The whole saga with the dog that lost it’s bark and the great bino swindle. There’s been a few good hunting threads.., especially liked the ones with plenty photos. Thinking of the likes of (apologies if I get the names wrong) the goat hunting with Jigsaw, trips into the mountains with Fuji, Iworkwhippets mooching round the local golf course, some good rabbiting action shots a few years back from Millet? And plenty more I can’t recall now but enjoyed reading. Maybe the most heartening was the way the site came together to back Dymented. Keep fighting the good fight, and here’s to another decade
  8. pesky1972


    Never liked the idea of VAR but it was inevitable due to massive increase in televised games and the amount of camera angles, technology used to scrutinise decisions (in particular offsides), and officials effectively being tried by TV every Saturday night. I think the offside rule is the problem football needs to solve.
  9. Last house I bought was probably to within a few metres of where my first lurcher caught her first hare maybe 35 years ago. A lot of the ground we walked over, hunting, nesting, fishing for perch in wee ponds is all housing now. Funny now when I tell my laddie that when I was his age ‘all this was just fields’, I hear my old da’s voice.., and he’s been gone a few years now. Some great land bursting full of nature for a boy like me to spend halcyon days in.., sadly gone forever. Like many of the pals who I shared it with. I have my memories though.., and this thread has sparked a few so thanks
  10. pesky1972


    The top flight clubs in England don’t give a shit about the supporters. They no longer rely on punters coming through the gate to survive. And so, for me, the English game has lost/sold some of its soul. Said before, I see a day in the future where you’ll be setting your alarm for the middle of the night to get up and watch a league game between the Chinese owned West Ham Dragons v the Indian owned Arsenal Tigers live from Beijing. Okay that might be a bit dramatic, but it might not be too long before we see English teams face one another in domestic competitions on foreign shores. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/49647660 English football is now a global commodity where the money involved talks way louder than the man and boy lifeblood supporters who put teams on the park every Saturday for over 100 years. Btw..., watching the Liverpool game in Qatar. Fans are feckin miles from the park. Bodes well for the world cup. Just as well us Scots will be boycotting it as usual
  11. Either there’s a right few classic car enthusiasts on here, or a right few old duffers
  12. Problem created when it’s suspected the loony brigade released 5000 mink. Poor things will be feckin starving. Mink are fantastic wee predators, but I’d cull every last one in the UK.
  13. Hope for anyone who’s let it go and thinks there’s no road back. Bit of persistence, self discipline and patience and it can be done.
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