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  1. The Alpinist on Sky. Documentary about Marc-Andre Leclerc, a Canadian free soloist mountain climber. I find these characters fascinating. I know they’re cut from different cloth to most of us, but it’s their really laid back demeanour that intrigues me. Is that something the climbing brings, or is it people who naturally have that type of mindset maybe excel in climbing? Either way it seems a nice way to breeze through life. Risky fcukin sport though
  2. If Boris doesn’t go then there won’t even be a shred of credibility left for the tories.., or accountability to the electorate in British politics. The cvnt should have done the decent thing and resigned last year. If it wasn’t for the Sue Gray ‘inquiry’ I think the vote of no confidence would be in by now. Either way its in the post for him now. My money is on this week, and a leadership challenge which he surely can’t win, and the coup de grace, begun when detail of parties was leaked last year, will be complete.
  3. This won’t be popular with some, but I don’t like when people refer to the BBC as being ‘full of nonces’. Not defending the BBC and have no truck with their left wing bias, and woke agenda, and firmly believe it should be wound up but.., fact is there are over 20,000 people work for the BBC. I doubt if a significant % of those who work there and are nonces, is higher than that in wider society and calling the whole organisation nonces is lazy and unfair. It’s like saying all lorry drivers kill prostitutes because Peter Sutcliffe drove a lorry. People abuse kids, not TV broadcasters, churches
  4. Stripped of titles, a public rebuke for his sins and damage limitation for the royals. Meanwhile behind the scenes they’ll be chucking everything, including ‘public money’, at his defence. Lots of people sympathetic for the poor wee queen. Not me. Wrong uns, the whole fcuking lot of them.
  5. A really nice cover of one of my favourite Dylan tracks…, Buckets of Rain. Worth a listen if you know it.
  6. Not her maybe.., but I take your point
  7. This is about right with those sneaky chancing b*****ds
  8. I think his number might be up this time. Cnut.
  9. Just a bunch of daft kids. They’ll learn when they get a bit older you can’t piss people off like that without there being repercussions. I can see a few of them sporting fat lips in the not too distant future
  10. Not a film but a 3 part documentary on ‘The Man Who Bought Cricket’. I was vaguely aware of this story at the time, but not a fan of the sport and so didn’t pay too much attention. Fascinating illustration of how many (most) people are utterly seduced by money. Worth a watch.
  11. I’m 50 this year. Fcuk is wrong with me
  12. …everywhere they go. Oh, is that Wright, Wright Wright
  13. Enjoyed the Christmas special, and the appearance of Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot playing in a pub. Another clip online which never made the cut, but I thought was nice.
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