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  1. If not the greatest, definitely right up there. Not trying to usher him out the door, but it might be timely if he went before the end of the tournament, and let football, and in particular the world cup give him a proper tribute and send off. Only man to win it three times.
  2. Firstly, I think too much is made about the whole ‘backyard’ thing. Fury had fans in Germany, it wasn’t exactly Rocky IV. Secondly, and it’s just my opinion, AJ got his first world strap easy, but remember it was only his 16th pro fight. Since then I think most of his fights have been against genuine & ranked opponents. Fury fans bemoan the stripping of the IBF belt, but that’s the world of boxing and fighting mandatories v’s honouring rematch clauses etc. People conveniently forget the positive test and ban which ensured Fury was out the picture anyway. That was on him. Mayweath
  3. He does love a lock button
  4. Fury has had five world title fights.., five, and three of those were against the same opponent! Fury didn’t achieve greatness beating Wilder, he only proved Wilder was the fraud we all suspected. Dillian Whyte deserved a shot, but AJ, Povetkin, even Chisora had shown us Whyte would struggle at the highest level. Then there have been a smattering of bums in ‘warm up’ fights. I don’t dislike Fury, but there’s a lot of talk comes out of him and his camp, and the pedigree just doesn’t back up the boasting. When all’s said and done I’ll judge his standing in the sport on who he fought and beat, bu
  5. Thread is shaping up nicely for a Friday night offliner. Get Max and Greb back on asap for a no site rules/no holds barred free for all, and get this thrashed out once and for all. Pffft…, who said THL is dead.
  6. Wouldn’t have minded a tenner on Japan to have beat both the Germans and Spanish to top the group.
  7. Why should I present facts to discredit a conspiracy? Are you seriously trying to tell me someone is ‘making’ rain over the UK? Who and why? Most of the ‘mainline’ conspiracy theories I listed, would have required literally thousands of people to have been complicit in the subterfuge. Not saying governments, and especially where national security is concerned, don’t have secrets, but some of the claims I’ve heard are fanciful…, and are often made by people who spend a lot of time indoors, smoking dope, and on the internet. My instinct on a lot of this stuff is based on what I’ve learned
  8. If it was an effective way to make significant amounts of rain, then wouldn’t we see it used regularly to fight or stop the spread of wild fires? Fires in the last few years in California for example, that have cost dozens of lives, tens of $billions and scorched millions of acres. Don’t know what it is about some people, they love to believe that we’re all being lied to and manipulated on an industrial scale by governments, or even darker forces. Take the 9/11, moon landings and Area 51 conspiracies, there may be some stuff where we struggle to find or understand answers, even some substance
  9. Fought that horrible disease with great courage, and done great work to raise money for MND research. RIP big man.
  10. Fair enough, it’s been done in war, albeit about 50 years ago. From what I can see, and limited scientific knowledge, it doesn’t actually ‘make’ rain, but in the right climatic conditions can cause localised precipitation which I guess could be useful, but is probably as much if not more use as a propaganda tool. The science I can’t dispute, but I think from the original post and others following, the inference is that this weather manipulation is done routinely and surreptitiously by unseen forces. I just don’t buy that.
  11. Have you any examples or proof of when it was deliberately used for any of the above?
  12. They? Who’s controlling who’s weather…, and why?
  13. I like Joe Rogan, but he smokes a good bit of weed, which (imo) makes him a bit prone to buying into the odd conspiracy theory or two
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