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  1. Let them compete. Women want equality so bad, so let them have it. Scrap gender/sex categories in all sports altogether, just have all the best athletes in the world compete. See how many women or weirdos you see at an Olympics, World Cup etc., etc.
  2. Hope this doesn’t blow up today. Two England players self isolating as a ‘precaution’ after close contact following the game. Gilmour will have hugged every Scotland squad and backroom staff member following the game, yet no more Scots isolating All a bit of a mess. Hope the Croats don’t kick up a fuss.
  3. Billy Gilmour out with Covid for tomorrow’s game. Fcuk’s sake
  4. On paper England should have won at a canter. Simply saying England were shit does a disservice to the way the Scots performed. A draw was a fair result and one which keeps us in the competition and avoids a dead rubber on Tuesday. Overall I’m happy with that. Thankfully the media have stopped purring quite so much over England now. I’m fcuking sick of listening to sh!t about the ‘class of ‘96’, particularly from the BBC. You’d think England had won the thing instead of getting knocked out in the semis. The semi finals is the least any England fan should expect ffs! Perennial bottle merch
  5. Spent a few nights in Dingle with the missus a few years back. Got ‘talking’ with an older couple at the next table to us. Chatted for about half an hour.., I didn’t understand a fcukin word they said. Lovely people in a beautiful part of the world though.
  6. Had a look on some near me. Can’t say they look ‘busier’ than normal. Not saying there isn’t an increase in rescues due to lockdown, but the impression of there being a crisis is probably good for fund raising. Thing is you look on Gumtree and the like, even adult dogs being sold for hundreds, even thousands. No end to the madness in sight yet.
  7. Always reckon it’s easier to regret something you did, rather than something you didn’t. As been said, life is short, and so if you’re that unhappy, make the change. If it was me I’d want to get enough cash saved to cover me for at least a couple of months, just in case it takes a while to get going. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  8. Scotland pressured into taking the knee at Wembley, but not the other two group games! WTAF is that about?
  9. Enjoyed watching him fight. RIP
  10. Can’t be doing with all that supposition and speculation about who’d win a fight based on previous events. There’s only one way we’ll ever find out who would win. And if I was forced to bet all I have, I’d probably edge on Fury. Thing is you trumpet Fury like some sort of fan boy, and want to discount everything Joshua has achieved. As a ‘neutral’ that just sounds ridiculous to me. The calibre of opponent Joshua has faced has consistently been higher. And not forgetting, the reason we haven’t seen them in a ring together is down to Tyson Fury, not his management, his trainer, broadcaster or an
  11. Berocca. Probably a placebo as much as an actual health benefit
  12. That’s living alright. Wouldn’t want to do it every day mind and get bored with it
  13. My last house was built, I reckon, within a few yards of where my first ever lurcher caught her first hare. The house I live in now built on land I played on, hunted, nested, and was chased off of quite a few times as a boy in halcyon days. Funny thing is there are a few mature trees, old hawthorn hedges, and burn courses left, all hidden amongst the housing to remind me. Kind of makes it even sadder. And when I tell my kids “when I was your age, this was all just fields” I hear my late dad’s voice in my head, and realise the sadness he had in his heart when he told me the same about his old s
  14. Tbf I heard a ‘friend’ of hers interviewed on the (BBC) radio who speculated that a ‘rival gang’ drove past the party she was at and opened fire ‘indiscriminately’. However, that would also suggest she’s part of a ‘rival gang’ If you fly with the crows etc., etc.
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