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  1. pesky1972

    LOVE THIS... !!!!

    ^^ What he said ^^
  2. pesky1972

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    c**t Sod. Should suit you down to the ground. Maybe get them to add a bit of citrus and you’ll have Orange c**t Sod
  3. pesky1972

    How long without food

    Fasting is all the rage now. Haven’t tried it but can see logic in it in terms of how our bodies would have evolved to cope with feast and famine. Might give it a go later in the year..., once I’ve finished off the last of the Easter eggs
  4. pesky1972

    Putting Muslims in their place.

    Thread title’s a bit ironic..., given that much of the grief is about the Israelis actually stealing the muslim’s place.
  5. pesky1972

    Funny Joke Thread

    Not a joke, but funny
  6. pesky1972

    Government grant to kick off UK spaceport

    Hopefully it doesn’t do anything tospoil what is one of the most beautiful areas in the whole of the UK. Plus, once Scotland gets independence we can use it for firing rocket loads of midgies over Hadrian’s wall.
  7. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    Not even a bronze. Remember at the start everyone said this was the worst England team ever to go to a world cup. Then, as a lot of the other ‘big’ teams faltered, people forgot all that worst team stuff and actually believed they could win it.., everyone just swept up in all that ‘it’s coming home’ stuff. Funny how that mass hysteria works..., bit like when Diana died and all that. Well, funny if you’re Scottish, Welsh, Irish...etc.
  8. pesky1972

    Fury return

    At least he’s fighting a heavyweight this time. We won’t know what Fury has, or has left, until he’s fighting quality opponents. This guy is apparently ranked 138th in the world. Make of that what you will..., don’t think I’ll go out of my way to watch it.
  9. pesky1972


    You’ve left it until the night before the big day..., and you’ve come on THL for help to save the day. I’d say you’ve already fcuked it right up. You should do what Meghan Markle’s old fella did and just phone in sick Only jesting pal..., hope the day goes well and best of luck with the speech..., think you’ll need it
  10. pesky1972

    Two notices

    Couple of builder mates of mine called John & Wayne, had an ad with “John, Wayne - Don’t be fooled, we’re no cowboys”
  11. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    Loving the smug look on Roy Keane’s face and Neville and Wright looking like they’re sucking lemons.
  12. pesky1972

    What you listening to at the moment.

  13. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    Like to dish it out but you can’t take it. Beat off the only two decent teams you played. Think maybe the Panama win went to your heads. It’s comin home
  14. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    It’s comin’ home...., oh wait John d GIRFUY