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  1. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    Embarrassing? Really?? Tunisia are no pub team, and England don’t have a single star in theirs. But you got a deserved win, and on another night it could easily have been 4-0. Whinging POMs about right
  2. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    Think England’s pressing and fitness will tell 2nd half. See it finishing 3 or 4 -1.
  3. pesky1972

    Own Up

    Just one ???
  4. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    With the Swiss drawing with Brazil, Iceland getting a draw against the Argies, and Mexico beating the reigning champs, the underdogs have set about upsetting the odds at the start of the tournament. Maybe there’s hope for England getting something against Tunisia tomorrow after all
  5. pesky1972

    Fathers day

    Yeah.., that won’t last
  6. pesky1972

    Fathers day

    Make the most of your old da whilst he’s still around..., and of father’s day before the lesbos take it away from us
  7. pesky1972

    Best part of uk to live

    Doesn’t stop them biting..., but it rots their teeth.
  8. pesky1972

    World Cup terror attack in moscow

    I’ve seen the video, it looks like a bit of a freak accident..., or it’s the one of the worst terror attacks ever. I may be wrong..., just saying what I’ve seen.
  9. pesky1972

    Best part of uk to live

    Would love to spend my summers in the Western highlands or Western isles but feck living there all year round. The few times I’ve been to the South and South West of Ireland I’ve always thought I could live there. Farmland looked less intensively farmed a much as I’d imagine the UK would’ve looked maybe after the war and when my old fella was a lad.
  10. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    Quarters for England. Think they’ll win all three group games.
  11. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    Watching France v Australia on BBC and they’ve got P Neville, Drogba and some wee burd doing the punditry. Granted she’s easier on the eye than Lawro or Fanny Murphy, but is she really qualified to give expert analysis on what is the pinnacle of international football? Surely to fcuk this isn’t what equal opportunity is about!!
  12. pesky1972

    World Cup 2018

    Ronaldo = cheating diving ba5tard
  13. pesky1972

    Fathers day

    It was on the BBC news this morning. The best way to deal with all this nonsense, if you don’t agree with it, is to just ignore it. The problem with the huge amount of almost suffocating media we have today, is that it gives a voice and a platform to all the looneys of the day.., no matter how small a minority they belong to. It’s all just bullshit and reacting to it only gives them more airtime.
  14. pesky1972

    Shit myself

    I’m still waiting on the punchline...
  15. If you want to quit bad enough then you will. Try calculating what you’ll spend on snout between now and when you’ll retire.., or maybe when your daughter turns 21, and imagine what else you & the fam could do with that cash. I stopped in 2001 and reckon I’ve saved myself somwhere between £50-100k..., add to that my missus stopped at the same time and we’ve easily ‘saved’ over £100k. Sadly I haven’t got it sat in the bank, but it’s in the roof over our head, and the memories from all the things we’ve been able to afford because we stopped. A pack a day at £10.60 is almost £4k a year. That’s a good family holiday. Unless you’re loaded then smoking is a fcukin selfish thing to do. Stopping is easy if you have the motivation to do it.