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    Saw a white old age pensioner waving a mobile around and just couldn’t help himself!!
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    my 2 oldest walk my 4 terriers and old lurcher bitch everyday for me lol....always want to be involved with the feeding and cleaning too
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    Ross and Cromarty Thursday.
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    Anyway. Enough of this flirtin’. Farmers invited me out tomorrow with his land manager and shotties. Corvids the target. He doesn’t give two fucks, and neither do I. Only going to watch
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    All my kids and grandkids have been fetched up around dogs .they all adore them .this is my 6 year old granddaughter skipping away with our lurcher.
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    Fox on the feed, misses puts a bowl of food out for him each night then watch,s it back on cctv in the morning
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    Are you sure it wasn't help me I need to go to A & E ? most peculiar momma
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    Packham's a c**t but, there's a host of people and departments responsible for this balls up. I'm concerned that someone may be be looking to make an example of a shooter in the sort term but, realistically I don't think that there's the stomach or the funding to actually police this bollocks. Especially in rural areas where the local copper will understand the needs of his community. At the moment, I reckon crack on as normal and keep schtum - probably a bit easier with air rifles than shotguns. Good luck everyone
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    Serves that TV cupboard right smug looking furniture deserves kicking shite out of
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    Think we need a thread titled , Call Someone a Liar or Pull Their Dogs Down, as it's becoming a key feature of replies these days.
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    Our kids bag andys biggest fish
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    Some people just don't get along. Why do all this on a public forum. Take it offline or pm each other??
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    my view of the other lads Our kid in his chair
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    Hi there! The infos regarding the breed you find on books and online usually come down to the same story, there is also a good share of tales&myths about these dogs but what really matters to me is the Dogo Argentino today. I am a personal friend of Ulises D’Andrea Nores, direct nephew of Dr.Antonio Nores, and I had the opportunity to have long chats with him and other local breeders while seeing their dogs in action. The Dogo Argentino is a recent hunting breed created for a specific task, with specific skills, extremely agile and fast considering the class of dogs we are talking about, an exceptional sense of smell, a brutal biting and holding force and an amazing hunting instinct. ProperDogos are not for anyone but if you get things straight from the beginning you get a stunning life and hunting companion. I personally believe these dogs need to be trained and used for what they were bred for, hunting consistently, and managed by experienced people. Only inArgentina we do reckonized annual competitions for working Dogos, on the field. Dogs need to perform on several tasks including dealing with boars, cattle, respond to commands, ecc..This is an extremely important attempt to have useful hunting dogs, far from the “show”ones and the oversized Dogos you often see in the USA for example. In Italy there is a well know breeder who sells Dogo as pet and family dog saying hunting is rubbish so he is trying to breed out the hunting instinct… this is how f****d up people gets. Dogo have bad reputation across Argentina, as well as in several other countries, for reasons that to me come down to: dogs coming from unknown breeder with poor genetic, wrong dog for the wrong owner, wrong training and management, and of course wrong dog for the wrong job! To me is like using a stabled young, pumping thoroughbred for doing equine therapy, It’s just asking for problems.These dogs were bred for hunting not for dog fighting. Hunting dogos managed by skilled owners are the most “stable” ones as they know hot to get along in a pack and in several environmental conditions, from the hunting field to hurban life. The number of dogs taken on a hunt can go up to seven that's including a couple of young “apprentice”. An average of one to three Dogos according to the hunting you are doing plus a few faster Dogales, a cross between Dogo Argentino and Galgo (both the Galgo Barbucho Patagonico and the Spanish one), will do any kind of heavy to medium hunting stuff required under any condition.
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    Just couldn’t let it pass sorry
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    No-one is saying they'd deliberately set their dogs on a cat. The point of all this is the stupid, nonsensical 'right to roam' law of cats, and when they stray etc. Like I said, if someone's cat killed your kids rabbit, guinnea pig, bantam or whatever, the cat's 'right to roam' will be pulled out, BUT, if your dog was to do the same, you'd be prosecuted! f***ing mental!!
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    In my opinion if you do things to cats you are no better than a dog thief. Thats not meant to be a dig out at people , I just can’t see how one set of behaviour is a bit of crack but it’s exactly the same in principal as removing a family pet from its home environment. Hey ho,
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    Lad who bred pups sent me a pic today there all cuming on great .look nice and healthy
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    my pond is coming to life now.