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  1. Mark r

    New Bitch

    If got a spaniel beagle bitch and yes they wirk together the spaniel beagle will usually find first but recently the beagle bitch has found on her own a couple of times. the beagle bitch will stay out longer searching. I'm more than happy with her.
  2. Mark r

    New Bitch

    She's around 2 not sure what she done in the past when I went for her I saw her work a few banking and knock a few rabbits up but she wasn't flying she got better since having her on the Charlies I feel she's got more we will see what she has next season.
  3. Mark r

    New Bitch

    Spot on mate better than I thought. I feel she could still be better. But she working and finding on her own and begging to show interest around holes.
  4. Mark r

    F2 Beagle x Spaniel crosses

    Shovel shy that top pic looks like a lads dog from round me beagle spaniel bull Russell
  5. Mark r

    Last season

    Nice to see the pics of the little birds I’d love an aciary again but just don’t get time.
  6. Mark r

    Beagle x terriers

    Anyone running beagle x terrier. How do you find them? Compared to beagle spaniels?
  7. Mark r

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    How’s she bred mate
  8. Mark r

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    My beagle bitch
  9. Mark r

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    A couple of mine
  10. Mark r

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Very nice mate
  11. Mark r

    Planned litters

    Are you after a Wheaton x mate or have you got some planned?
  12. Mark r

    Out Today

    I like the wheaton xs aswell
  13. Mark r

    Out Today

    What lurchers you run mate bull xs?
  14. Mark r

    Out Today

    Nice one we keep knocking loads about but There urban spots so carnt use gun
  15. Mark r

    Out Today

    Was you running the beagles mate? And good do