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  1. Anyone working springer Russell’s or springer x terriers?
  2. Anyone working springer Russell’s or springer x terriers?
  3. Anyone using welshound x springers? What size are they.
  4. Did it catch regular or just the odd time any pics
  5. It’s a wheaten terrier x spaniel
  6. It is mate but what terrier ?
  7. A mistake mating out of two of my dogs
  8. They will drop in of out the right stuff. I had a black cocker bitch that was brought up going out with terriers and lurchers that used to go to ground and get stuck in. It wasn’t botherd in the slightest. Iv seen springer pull stuff out of holes. I was thinking about putting a good russell to my springer bitch bug plans change and the wheaten dog got over her by accident
  9. Wheatens and strong dogs don’t need to be Unprediactable or just lock on to anything to be game you do get ones that ok around other dogs Iv seen a few wheaten terriers over the years. Iv a wheaten x here that is no bother at all around other dogs or when there is a catch but I wouldn’t stand for that anyway
  10. A mate of mine bred a litter of bushingdog / hounds about 10 years ago. They were russell crosses. after he fell on some hard times he had to part with them. A friend of mine had one who recently passed away so I’m trying to track the dogs brother to the one that my friend owned it supposedly in barnsley the dogs called Mooney if anyone can help.
  11. Does anyone know we’re I can buy some decent fox snares from ones with the stoppers on. I bought some from a local gun shop and the crimp on the wires has broke off. I don’t have any confidence using them now
  12. Spaniel beagle are busy dogs and can find but you’ve got to keep On top of them or they will speak on all sorts if you let them Iv seen erm speak on squirrels and all sort. I guess it what you want to hunt. Also seen a fair few speak really early on a line so if they don’t travel too far which is the idea with adding the spaniel in the mix sometimes they don’t get close and there back too you. And the quarry keeps on going. Alright if your doing gorse or small patches and you can get round with guns or lurchers. I run a lurcher with my little dogs so I prefer something that speaks when it’s
  13. Foxes are bolted and shot on leper’s land
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