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  1. Does anyone know we’re I can buy some decent fox snares from ones with the stoppers on. I bought some from a local gun shop and the crimp on the wires has broke off. I don’t have any confidence using them now
  2. Spaniel beagle are busy dogs and can find but you’ve got to keep On top of them or they will speak on all sorts if you let them Iv seen erm speak on squirrels and all sort. I guess it what you want to hunt. Also seen a fair few speak really early on a line so if they don’t travel too far which is the idea with adding the spaniel in the mix sometimes they don’t get close and there back too you. And the quarry keeps on going. Alright if your doing gorse or small patches and you can get round with guns or lurchers. I run a lurcher with my little dogs so I prefer something that speaks when it’s
  3. Foxes are bolted and shot on leper’s land
  4. With the old dog coming to the end of its career I was thinking about getting a whippet and wonderd who breeds the best working or racing whippets these days
  5. Walk out with the hounds earlier pups really coming on now
  6. Anyone breeding a litter of Russell in the near future the parsons type? I’d be interested in one thanks.
  7. right picture mate. Always fancied a gwp for hunting the Charlie’s or one crossed with a greyhound. How do you find them?
  8. Good number but I hope you both are safe shots dint know you was aloud to shoot a shotgun off a step ladder
  9. Grow a pair is my answer to that you not gonna get 5 year for killing a rat or something with your dog. If you Kill a cat with your dog aslong as your trying to stop the dog your doing everything In Your power to stop it, as a police man once said to my mate it happens every day it’s nature we carnt doo you for it unless. Your seen setting the dog on it on purpose. As for the people that think ratting and stuff is cruel there snowflakes who cares what they think, if the rat was in there kitchen they’d be happy for it to die. Iv been caught a few times once.l coarsing and digging once and I kn
  10. Thanks mate he’s coming on.
  11. Took the pup for a walk and knocked a few bunnies about
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