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  1. Thee most accurate rifle Ive shot was an Ultra. Said it before like years ago, in a HFT comp in Bracebridge. It was RIDICULOUS. Far from standard like. But everything about it was on song. Ive never shot a rifle like it since to be honest. It made targets at 45 paces feel like 15.
  2. Erm, just wondering anyone has caught any of the shooting these games?! Shooting sports started Friday like but I can't find anything shooting related on iPlayer, BeeBeeCee or anywhere. Wouldn't mind catching some. Seen some Skeet highlights but that's it.
  3. You took the front end off that one hundred to get that on then?
  4. Yeah man, still about, just don't frequent as much as I used too. Theres only so much knowledge you can pass on In fact, I do pass by quite a bit, just dont post that much. Think the blue might be a touch to much for me... I'd go black... black and gold always wins. Bit like Dessert Eagle on MW x
  5. Why dont they produce um full silver like that! The muzzle break and that should be silver like you've done there. Or they should do a gold one! Jesus Christ. A gold, limited edition 97. Gun porn for sure.
  6. Not one to disagree with the godfather, but I found my old PS a bit of a paper queen, dont get me wrong, laser like on that 1/4 inch bull. But. In the field, get sand, field dust in the mech and she's a little bitch... and maybe its cos the mech is the full length of the stock. Not like a HW, where its front end only. Thus allowing more shit to get in the belly of the rifle and it just grating on a heavy day on the bugs. Jake. Your seem a tuner and enjoy developing airguns and airgun tech, so I can't disagree with master Atack. On paper or range, and field for a bit, the PS is like lickin
  7. More importantly. There he is. Secondly. Yeah, average shooting marko
  8. ONE!? ONE?! Your boys caught that mate, and your framing it as your own work... I mean, look at it, its a fresh as a daisy. Any eighty in twenty two smashes in like me and a Thai hooker. Theres not a mark on that wabbit. Kaisers caught that. Admit it -- As an edit, and joking aside, Ive not been on for a while and Ive not seen many pix of the German king... for god sake don't tell me he's gone rainbow bridge?! Hope your well mate x
  9. Had worse eyes to be honest back in the day
  10. Rez

    Not bad

    Alright I suppose
  11. Naps. Standard result mate. Your buds using a right old skool rig too. All the best mukka x
  12. Wow Joking aside, if that cluster in the lower image is at a 100 paces. It’s pretty ridiculous to be fair v’man x
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