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  1. That is a proper nut twitch in’ sexy wapid mate. Looks like brand spank new.
  2. You been out shooting then? Bloody ell. Right. I’m off this weekend
  3. I managed to get something over to them, it seems two of the 6 I’ve got are fine, and just said crack on. The other two have estate management companies and have said there on lock down, no one on the estates. And two haven’t replied. To be honest, I’ve actually sat back and had a think and for sure just gonna stay away for a month. I was throwing my toys out the pram to be honest. It’s just stressin me out having to stay home for weeks when getting out to the perms was my thing at the weekend... so I’ll have to be looking at the mrs mardeh face every fkin day. Just had a panic about it. Garden targets it is then for a bit. All the best you lot x
  4. Eyup gents. How are you letting your landowners know then? Or if you even are like? Im trying to put together a bloody texty to them all, kinda saying I know whats going on, and thats fine, but to be honest, Im still up for heading over if they're ok for it, but cant word it right. Being on the land is the safest place for me... private land, on my own, acres away from a soul. Its a tricky situation. Ive seen in other threads thats the lads are saying that its only when its essential can we go out, and they are right and I completely get that, but going shopping for food or medicines with more than 3 people around, touching coins, bottles, tills is far more risky than me getting in the car, driving on my own, getting out, and being on my own for 5 hours, getting back in the car, driving back. Ive seen people on my road, just walking about like. I dont know where they're going or where they've been of course, but its no different to me being on private land. They're just getting out for a walk... and really thats all we'd be doing, it would just be a longer walk on private land.
  5. I don’t know if any of you has just seen Boris’ speech... but looks like I won’t be going in anymore for sometime... though to be honest, I’d still be on my own... wonder if BASC might put something out about it.
  6. Eyup gents. You all still heading out to the perms at the minute? Just wondered like. Seems like a appropriate little past time we do have... we can stick the odd bit of dinner in the freezer... thats not been in some ransacked supermarket thank f**k... while being alone and surrounded by good old trees. Went today for a couple of hours and the sheer silence from all the news was the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Took the rifle like but to be honest didn’t take one shot at any pests, just felt mint to have a couple of ‘isolated’ places to go.
  7. It’s all good my man. I wasn’t intending to sound the way the post came across. It’s just these kinda posts come about every now and then, “anyone know any land owners” like... with all respect, for some reason, you don’t come across like that. Anyway. I’d be very surprised if any post asking for land gets any joy. It’s all about who you know and not what you know when it’s comes to getting permissions, and they only come round from throwing ya name out there. As a heads up, my first perm [not my hair] came about from writing to local land owners I found on google maps, asking for land to shoot targets only. I shot a lot of HFT comps back then. Just a space to shoot paper. On receipt of that letter, me first perm here in Lincolnshire, the land owner called me and kinda just said, yeah sure, shoot ya targets, but as a trade, you need to clear the rabbits from my other field with the horses in. I soon found out that he breed race horses. Expensive ones. Then his mate had a rabbit problem just down the road. And so on. In fact I have an image in my banner thing on me profile, top left corner was my first outing on that land. Land owner caught me dragging 14 bugs into the back of the car. Said do you want any obviously... he said yeah and sold um to a local pie shop for 4 quid a rabbit... the wanker On a more serious point, are you blue or red side of mank?
  8. It’s a proper good idea... I know what you mean though boss. To be honest, it’s not the power I’m interest in. It’s the shot cycle. Somewhat ‘mule’ of a shot cycle. Shooting my current weps gets kinda boring after a while...having shot the garden for years and the same rifles in fact. I’m just after something that’s gonna perhaps test me a bit. My perms, 3 of um are ticket passed as I know the land mangers shoot a bullet on all 3, so maybe I go that route. I don’t really want to shoot FAC airgun to be honest, that’s for pussies joke v’man, but being honest, I just want to miss now and then in the garden and learn something new. The same range, same guns, day after day, does get a bit samey. Ill have a word with the land owners.
  9. ‘Notice I always try to enter from the back...’ Tell us something we don’t know marko x
  10. I’m not sure if your aware, but this is a forum of shhoters and not necessarily land owners. Out of interest... what might you expect from your post? If only getting permissions was as easy as your actions.
  11. Walshie. For f’sake boss. I wish you’d allow the like button on your account.
  12. Without having ‘properly’ looked into it.... I’m wondering if any of you know the law on shooting a FAC air gun in ya garden? Got the chance to get me sen an old school eliminator, filthy cheap... the gardens 35yards, 40 max, with a decent backstop for just general shooting with all my rifles... paper, brick surround, carpet then a 3mm 1m by 1m steel panel behind that. Obviously nothing that I own at the minute gets by the brick layer. Can I apply for a ticket for shooting on my own land? Naturally happy for the old bill to check it before hand like. It’s just “most tickets” are for someone else lands if that makes sense. As an edit. I suppose it’s a case of getting the old bill LFO to come round and check the garden.
  13. Don’t know if you’ve bagged one yet but there’s a couple on gunstar molehhh.
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