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  1. Rez

    HW100 bullpup

    Im with the vman all the way. They look just well to tactical from what the original 100 stood for. If I want a pup, Ill go for one from a manufacture that started off with pups [within reason]. The foreign or Yank stuff. Bangin working parts, obvs, but the 100, dare I say, was never ment to be a pup. They just caught on to the craze hitting the market and gone "shit, we best make a pup!, lets just drop what is about perfect closer the shoulder... lets make it shiny and black, [like one of vmans love honey toys ] and mould it around the palm." But what would of been mint, is if they didnt. And just stood by and watched. And maybe, made a new, revised full length sporter... a subtle twist on the grain if you will. Or even a new springer, jeeeeez, when will that happen from any of the manufacturers. Something from HW that will take note of perhaps the Pro Elite/Sport from AA. Something so on point, its like, bloody hell, they understand the principles of shooting... without a life tank. Maybe even the next step of unlimited shots, without the need for stripping A NEW RIFLE DOWN and tekin out the parts [thats Ive just paid for] to make something better. Thinking about it, what am I actually paying for when it comes to buying a HW... the framework basically. Cos its gay inside. AA's arent like that.
  2. Rez

    Spare bit...

    Fuk sake.
  3. Rez

    Spare bit...

    That’s a ly. Reading it back I do no what your on about jut my cint3xt is all Oder.
  4. Rez

    Spare bit...

    mate. Honestly. I’m a bit wrecked. No id a what your on about. Peace x
  5. Rez

    Few more rabbits

    Once. Not my end of the country like. Would go again like. If your there for a kiss and that Ahhhh. Love that real world opinion John. That just shows so much about marketing... bollox. They do look mint like. The open cut dome head, perhaps, as an idea, will never live up to the simple curve of the usual diablo. It’s like, let’s cut shapes into the head and hope it cottons on. Expansion, stoppin power etc.
  6. Rez

    Spare bit...

    wanker x
  7. Rez

    Few more rabbits

    That looks like black cats range... Youll be having your own channel next Them hades then... any good?
  8. Rez

    Few more rabbits

    close that billehhh.
  9. Rez

    Topping up the ferret food.

    Decent outing there mate. What’s the kit up top your using? Light wise I mean. Weirdly looks look me a WT too.
  10. Rez

    Spare bit...

    Found it. Had a good f****n look today.
  11. Rez

    Spare bit...

    Just dropped a tin bum like. Not that impressed to be honest. Guide is way to tight, had to force it, top hat guide is to long, when fitted, the rifle wouldn’t cock as both ends would connect just before the latch of the piston would engage the trigger, so had to take the top hat off. Dropped in the smallest washer, smooth a f**k like but to close to 11 FPE. Only want it around 8.5-9.
  12. Rez

    Spare bit...

    Init mate. It’s like a part that’s worth 3p. Carbon footprint and all that. Nice one tom.
  13. Rez

    Spare bit...

    Literally happened an hour ago. Hoover’s not been out.
  14. Properly asking for the earth here fellow members... But as any one you got the spare nut that sits at the back of the Rekord unit going? Ill pay for postage obvs My 99 was in parts and the mrs moved the trigger unit and the fuckers fell out somewhere. Look on J Knibbs, but cant find it on there. If anyone can point me in the right direction. Ill get one online.