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  1. Rez

    Well hello again

    Ahhhhh bugs ya slag good to see your back around
  2. Rez

    HW97K 177 Vortek PG2 SHO

    Same. But ain’t got a fancy blue stock dam it Nice one robo.
  3. Rez


    Me too. Don’t shoot sod all in the garden though, apart from paper and magpies. Some how breaks the rules somehow.
  4. Rez

    Gamo Phox

    Timmmmehhhhh tree... master pro sport man asking how to lift the power of a pcp... I do not. I doubt many will come forward on a public forum and answer too... some may do the pm route mind being a gamo, perhaps the same way one would do a beeeza. Hope your well man x
  5. Rez

    Seals for HW100

    Firstly I would try eBay. Second here my man. https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24752/HW100/ Sold my menace to you years back... didn’t fit your rig if I remember right.
  6. My .20 is running a f,kin treat on Exacts mate. Give um a go. To be honest, us ‘inbetween’ Calibre lot are hard pressed to find anything decent, in that a mean plenty of choice, but of all the .20 I’ve tried, exacts set the standard. Thinking out loud though, my .20 is US and they’re built on JSB, being German slash UK’ish, maybe H&N could be worth a go in your 100. Keep us posted.
  7. Shooting Chris as per. Really like your posts man. One rifle, no pissin’ about, usual outcome. Stick to what you know mukka. And it works well.
  8. Rez

    77 or 80 ?

  9. Good choice mate... but...
  10. Rez

    Cp1 rifle.

    Shooting U. Big rabbit or little dog...
  11. Rez


    Same thought exactly. Basically why I clicked the topic... to be honest.
  12. Rez

    Ripley in my garden

    Where’d ya get that face mask from mukka?! It’s sodding amazin’.
  13. Congrats marko. Bout time you got some taste x
  14. Rez


    Lots round here. In the f****n garden snatchin young song birds the little b*****ds. Pellets are permanently on the window sill should I see any and get a chance to get my rifle out it’s slip. 3 so far in the garden and I don’t shoot anything other than paper and spinners in the garden but magpies are an exception. Even the mrs shouts up now when she sees um in the garden... now she’s seen what they do to young chicks... she’s seen two tear to bits a young starling. Now she gets it. Pest control.