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  1. Rez

    Parallex question

    Ahhhh. Parallax. Love it when this comes around. I personally don’t think it does but that simple finger experiment suggests otherwise. Finger up and out at arms length in front of you at a point of aim or on aim at something 10ft or 30ft away. Close your none dominant eye and move your head around looking at your finger on target. It moves all over the shop. Over the target, left and right. Parallax on this short focal plane does effect zero, if your finger is ‘zeroed’. Now if your finger is over a target 30 yards away, and you move your head side to side, it stays put. There is no parallax that can be noticed at that distance. Naturally that is only at 0x magnification. Basically, if you can absolutely garantuee your set up perfectly, parallax will not effect zero.
  2. Rez


    I’d have it open mate. Drop a willy kit in. If it’s one of the first ones, they look pretty decent. Got a Fenman, mk1 lightening and imp look about um.
  3. Rez


    He’ll look a f’kin diamond mate. Nuff said. Welcome to THL.
  4. Rez


    So is 17.4 million people mukka. Youve joined just to sell a P10... get on free ads lad.
  5. Rez


    Ya’ve got some kit there me old. At best guess right to left... 97 LGU 99 with CS 500 LGV Master Pro 98 95 Eighty Not sure Webley of somesort Rapid 77 97 77 35 Webley 35 Diana... triggers not right though. If I’m right with 5 I’ve done well
  6. Rez

    Another decent session + bonus

    Great outing there Dave. Assuming that’s ya name like Those groups are bang on. There’s something purculair with the perspective though. A .177 pellet makes a bigger hole than that on paper comparing it to a tree rats noggin. Is the target set back a bit? top notch shooting none the less mukka.
  7. Rez

    Lightningse se .177

    That is a bangin little rifle that. When I see these lightning posts I think of the mk2 models. The mk1 ones where real smart. Is it in good nick?
  8. Rez


    It’s due to this being a new topic in its self Marko. You can’t technically start a new topic in a topic if you know what I mean. ‘Hunting with classic air rifles’ is a topic by Mac, not a mini forum. Thus if you post a new topic, it will indeed appear in the level above. In the general hunting section. Maybe they’ll create a new section for ya
  9. Rez

    quietest action

    Sorry Flynn... forgot about about you. Her... or his.
  10. Rez

    quietest action

    Smash her head down deep in the pillohhh Best quietest action you’ll get.
  11. Rez

    Advice on value.

    In all honesty mate. I’ve seen properly decent ones go for 200 + but there properly showroom shelf condition. But sheds aren’t too desirable. Some images would be mint... just out of interest Top 5 best looking airguns ever made.
  12. I don’t even know what to say about this I dunno if darlo is being serious or not... the fact that he’s gone through that many pages or how he’s lived under a rock for the last decade.
  13. Rez

    Cominge to an end

    That is a bugger. I’ve not used it ‘that’ much. But it is a fabulous little app. Oh well. Best learn the old way
  14. Rez

    Tx copy

    If my memory serves me right thats a chinkehhh SMK init, and, after a few sherbets, is literally a TX lookalike. Never fired one, never seen one. For eighty beans... why not