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  1. Rez

    Ferals take a hit

    What happened to um all?
  2. Rez

    Help to cull corvids wanted

    Ya need to be a decent shot though v’man
  3. Rez

    Rifle scope on a spring air rifle.

    Looks like your tekin your research from the god damn yanks. Itll be fine. In fact, if I was in your position boblehhhh id feel like I’ve over equipped the rifle. Do it. Put that “rifle glass” on an air rifle. Let us know... Peace x
  4. Rez

    A few woodies on a lovely day

    Chris.. bloody hell. Not seen you about for a while. Photography is as crystal as per. Poper nice one. Ya look a bit like Tim Cahill
  5. Rez

    Rifle scope on a spring air rifle.

    I might be reading your post wrong... “is it ok to use a rifle scope on a spring powered air rifle...?” Really?! If you mean a proper firearm rifle scope on an air rifle, I’m pretty bloodehh sure the recoil from a bullet is far more that a proxy air rifle me old. I must be miss reading your post
  6. Well. One or two of you already know this through insta, but gone and got another 100... bloody third one. But the KS model. I’ve been properly interested in the new 110K for some time, and was waiting for the show to have a look at one. My shortlist is or now was, the 110k, wildcat, Galahad, AGT Vulcan, and a (Jesus Christ, can’t believe I’m about to say it... v’mans gonna rod me) renegade. Anyway, went to restock on pellets this arvo and was having a gander at a 110, the chap says “we’ve got a proper 100 over there on the second hand self. It’s 3 weeks old... owner bought it but lost there perm. It’s basically brand new.” Anyway. Walked out the shop having spent 570 beans and it came with a brand spank new 5L bottle. Filled. It isn’t actually the rifle I was after, but I suppose what I wanted would of cost twice as much bare one, and I haven’t had it in sporter format. And when a deal like that comes around, I would of been stupid not to take it. So yeah, kinda happy really. Forgot how ridiculous quiet the HW mod is. New gen stock seems nice too. Sits like me 97. Back with the sheep. Again
  7. Does anyone else find native birds attractive, pigeons really tickle my fancy. I think it’s the full breast.

  8. Rez

    Changing tastes

    5 shot group with fields though Bascially one .22 pellet. The 410’s are pretty ridiculous accurate though. Me mrs old mans one... I’m like, why don’t I have a 410?!
  9. Rez

    Mamba lite

    The funny reaction came from ya first sentence Might have to take you up on that my man. That would be amazin'. When could I pick it up? Be mint to have it over the bank holiday week... Got some days off, and I could run it back next weekend? As you know, it, of course, will be in the most caring of hands.
  10. Rez

    Mamba lite

    What kinda groups ya getting with the twenty two carbine of yours then? On a good day... as that’s my bad day on serious note, twenty two is a favor
  11. Rez

    New member

    Another yelllohhhh belllehhhh
  12. Rez

    New boy

  13. Rez

    Changing tastes

    I wish some of you slags wouldn’t hit return as much, it’s like I’m rubbin a bean with me thumb...
  14. Rez

    Changing tastes

    Absolute day lite robbed him Lovin the green caps on that 77.
  15. Rez

    Mamba lite

    Assuming it’s the previous gen one... no idea is its yours v’man? Was gonna get one to go on my new 110 carbine, when I get it of course, if I get it... or a big’ol viper pro.