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  1. Nice one C3. 100’s looking tidy. Is that the same mk1 in mk2 woodwork or did ya fork out for a new rig of the same rifle? dedication Indeed to the model if you did.
  2. God knows about the hades mate... but... Feeling sorry for the full stop key
  3. It’s a stiff willy init v’man. Mine goes all tingerley over smart airguns, and anything with a coin slot
  4. Shooting Mac. As per. Looking a babe too
  5. Looks good enough to eat that one
  6. Really... I didn’t know that v’man... I kinda meant the tac AR style and what’s happened to the old wood and metal sporter.
  7. Bit late to this... but Jesus Christ, what happened to good old wood and metal... FX fair enough, they kinda lead the market, but why the f’k is every new ‘high end’ release looking so AR and like it should be dropping towel heads these days. It’s almost getting boring.
  8. S200 smashing the bugs for sure. Easily holds it own with any ‘higher end’ PCP. Nuff said. And the WT granite is porno sexy. Dropping all them on a 30/30. Shooting mate that.
  9. Love the use of the emoji in the title mate. Ahhhh, the simple things eh.
  10. ‘I feel dirty already’ Filthy enough to spend 2k on air gun kit eh... imagine the tins of pedigree chum the lurches could had for that. I know, shit dog food, but it’s the only brand that came mind. Nice rig though man.
  11. He is correct. XL SE... as they say.
  12. Your smashin the vermin these days naps. Getting out loads... probs more than any of us. Top notch as per man x
  13. Great shooting Phil. But somewhat different to my own ‘early morning bash’
  14. Looks like them lot would make a fabulous sausage if we put um through my sausage maker
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