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  1. As an extra note, and again, if your on about the 97 blackline, I swapped out my synthhhhh stock as shooting a spring rifle with a thumb hole just didn’t work for me, the shooting cycle didn’t quite work either. The holding position was all wrong, so swapped it for what’s his name, old member, Scott something, noodle arms... stock. But his 77 foster stock for my 97 worked and I’ve never looked back.
  2. Assumin your on about, basically, a 97 power plant in a plaggggehh stock... knowing you and your knowledge jjm... what type of question is that? Funnily enough what drew me to your post was mine was originally a silver line/black line/knickel whatever most call them. Best rifle I’ve had and will have. Simple as that. With work mind. X
  3. I’d second what Jon says. Proper sign of a decent head shot that. I haven’t had clotting like that myself on shot game mind. Was it left sometime before pick up? On another note... it’s not for the table is it? Perhaps think twice about that particular bugs.
  4. Lovely post or posts this Jon. Great images mate.
  5. Rez

    HW 77`s first outing, - she excelled !

    That shooting pal of yours is one handsome tart mate. That face
  6. I need one of those for the mrs. How does it work? With rabbits in mind I mean... Being as there scent driven.
  7. Jon "Are those BLK's...?" Rez "Nuffin like being polite" Mark "No there sportsmatch" Jon "" Rez "" Mark "" Basically. Anyway, shooting Marko. I know we'll be seeing this seven'teh'seven a lot. Lucky get.
  8. Did ya Mrs tell ya that? x
  9. Rez


    Lovely. No idea how you spot the little shits in the foliage like. Absolute lesson in shooting though dawwwwg. As per. Lovin the toys'R'us scope too
  10. Nice one Ben Skimmed ya text like but why not take an image of the 3 woodies instead of those rats and 1 foodie? Checked out ya insta man. Nice. R10 Love
  11. Finally. Something decent in your collection Full length 77’s are true airgunnners airguns. Nuff said.
  12. Rez

    Bipod or No Bipod?

    In the summer both me PCP’s are quiped with a pod. As I’m mainly afters bugs and know there spots. Winter time they come off though as I’m favouring the birds. Super sweet image that too.
  13. Rez

    Prepare ya sens...

    If you’re hinting at the fact that we don’t hear about it at all really, due to the weapon being licensed and to that effect, is locked up? I get what your saying if that’s what you mean and it’s perhaps a fair point.
  14. Rez

    fred carter dvds

    Bringin back some memories there mate. Bloody hell. Is that the one where he nips round a sawage plant dropping rabbits from his wagon? Think he goes after some roooks too, then shows his Logan or something that shoots round balls...
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-44980034