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  1. Rez

    100 Float

    Yeah chaps. Im with ya, and as much as I know I can just drop on a Hugget, the shroud extra just adds something with aesthetic. And I know we'd all like a chunkier barrel.
  2. Rez

    100 Float

    Any of you lot runnin' ya 100 with fully floating barrel? So not band to cylinder etc. Or even have done? Thinkin' of getting the shroud and Huggit set up and it'd have to float but its a good un and so wouldnt want to ruin anything, even on a small level.
  3. Rez

    Sorry but...

    True my man. We must of had a super warm winter then... with all the foliage in the shot But yeah, I agree.
  4. Rez

    Not out completely...

    Super easy to strip mate. Super easy. Gettin the spring back in the comp tube though... Aint got the kit and think it could do with a coil took off just for a smoother shot cycle. Only want it doing 2FPE at most. Funnily enough Ive been meaning to get this off to the man Si. I will do it. Just worried I wont get it back
  5. Rez

    Sorry but...

    Eyeballin meh
  6. Rez

    Sorry but...

    One lad who I chat with in insta says it’s all legal according to BASC news... asked him to tell meh a bit more.
  7. Rez

    Sorry but...

    Spot on mate from what I’m finally seeing. Would you shoot a magpie then in a tree if it presented itself? Knowing the f****r will be on anything young and protected... maybe not that day, but you might not get that chance another.
  8. Rez

    Sorry but...

    Sweet. Nice one timmehhh. Shit, made a tit of myself now, best edit that on the Insta
  9. Rez

    Sorry but...

    For sure. I think so too. I’m just thinking perhaps that those two images there could just be one of us. To the anti... there would be hardly any difference between seeing an image of us on here, or them in that editorial.
  10. Rez

    Sorry but...

    Thought I’d ask um... see what they say. Might all be above board.
  11. Rez

    Sorry but...

    So the chap in the magazine is actually shooting birds illegally? To be honest, there was another article in July’s where the that shooter with stubb hands, he had a couple of woodies. And actually, that other lad from Newcastle, had a couple of magpies. One rule for them and another for the rest I guess.
  12. I know this is gettin on everyones tits a bit, but I just have to be clear... in this Months [June] Air Gunner, the Mr Eddie Jones drops a couple of woodies in his article and, well, is that alright now? Just taken two birds from a tree that could hardly be doing much damage... Ive quick skim read the article and it doesn't say anywhere that it was written before the GL farce and it just seems everythings back to normal if the airgun press are writing about it in such a way. I know they dont have to say when the article was written, but Im sure they would to keep things 'legal'.
  13. Rez

    Tree vermin

    What the actual f**k. Same picture, just added a few more on the computer. It’s alright mate, we all do it
  14. Rez


    Look like the same bugs ya shot the other night to me big man On a serious note, them jsb, what head size are they? Out of interest.
  15. Rez


    Just seen this on the gaybook. So thought Id jump on here to see whats what... And thought, this cant be true. I mean the headline, not the web ad before any of you lot jump on it