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  1. Nice one marko. What distance you all set for? Show us ya hide when it’s all set up mate.
  2. Might you have a link to anything where I can get one?
  3. I thought the same until I picked up this latest HW.
  4. Marko. Obvs v’man is right, but I have indeed tried them myself from voymir as they do look mint, little tin cans like, and there a bit gash on my own 100 to be honest. I’ve not shot any game with them for that reason. Accurate like, but accurate as in 1/2”... nothing like me magnums which is pellet hole size at my zero. In fact, got the monsters too... rotten. Do it and let us know. Be interesting to see how the barrels are fussy bitches in real life. On another note, I’m surprised to see you take that much from YT channels. There no better than most on the forum, they just “show” what there up too like. It’s all a bit 8 years ago. Decent post mukka, but I know, you know, your pellet is doing it’s job every time you go out. Proof is in the pud and your hunting posts show just that.
  5. Wish your put a sun shade on that Jon...
  6. I see. Best get some clay blocks init and do some testing From the images you and marko do post, the tissue is well and truly damaged... even with the lighter pellet.
  7. What mod you got up front there moley? You threaded the end like or is it grub screw? Looks the dogs bollox mate.
  8. Not using heavies as such, as in the shape but I’ve not moved from bizzy mags in my 100. There a touch heavier than the JSB @ 10.6... Thoughts... yeah, really good. Touch more drop course but to be expected. Is it the weight side of things your on about Marko or the BC/shape of the heavies? From what I gather, your little combo already does a fine job.
  9. Tar Jon. Yeah, I Do too. I know it could be worse mind so just rolling with the
  10. As per the posts above. Just got one for me own 97 to be honest, and as much as it needed a touch of sanding to get the fit pukka, can’t fault it for body fit like. Went for the 800 for the near vertical pistol grip, but I’ll be looking at the 500 for me 98 and own 99. Worth it. Especially for a little 99.
  11. Bit late gents. Apologies. Bit of a shit December so not really felt like getting online and all that. All the best for the new year ahead. Rez x
  12. All the very best fellow THL’ers. Much love. Rezmond.
  13. Just checked out that link and there all Uber high end 10 pace match ones the sight would be worth 4 x the rifle... I’ll have a butchers for an air arms one. Nice one Phil.
  14. They just 11mil dove tail then boss?
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