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  1. delswal

    Clear racism

    For £10.20 an hr in London thats slave labour...............no wonder they asked for blacks only
  2. delswal

    Guard dogs

    Next stuff to go missing might just be the guard dog if you dont get a decent one
  3. delswal

    Off to the mountains again

    I hope them dogs are better at hunting than you are with a camera lol
  4. delswal

    orth east football teams

    Thing with the tide is Max, it goes up and DOWN, lets just hope Sunderland don't get caiught in a rip tide like they have for the last few years eh
  5. delswal

    Please Don't Take Pictures Of "Spice Zombies"

    Whoa steady on there Max, everybody is entitled to make a few quid, on the flip side if it was not for folks off their heads on drugs who would go to watch Sunderland eh!
  6. delswal

    Rip Charles

    No suprise there he was 94 Not a shabby innings that
  7. delswal

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    believe me and you as a pensioner you would not want to take golf up lol
  8. delswal

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    No swapped the running dogs and rifles for golf clubs at the moment..........................Seaton Carew in a few weeks, grab ya self some clubs, see you there
  9. delswal

    Dog bites?? Statistics??-

    I know of one if that helps
  10. delswal

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Have you been sniffing glue Max? Hughie Fury will give Joshua a good fight the same night Sunderland win the champions league and when that happens I will apologise and hold you with the utmost respect.................but until then stop talking fcuking sh1te
  11. delswal

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Mick I've always found my self agreeing with what you say about boxing and agree with most of your comments, but why should Joshua fight outside of Great Britain ? He is champion, if his opponents want his belts let them come here to take them, did Andre Ward ever travel to Europe to fight no, did Mayweather, not sure? both great champions, why should Joshua be any different. Use every advantage as champion and if fighting on home soil is one of them so be it, plenty before him have done it. Joshua is right he's got the belts...........You want them, then come here and take them.
  12. delswal

    New in te Uk

    I was just about to tell him the very same thing Mush
  13. delswal

    World Cup 2018

    Paint ya own head or cant you afford that much paint
  14. delswal


    Work ??? I remember you when you were a snot nosed apprentice lol, you pinched more gear than you laid...............psssttttt got some plastering i need doing soon, you want to price it ?
  15. delswal

    Weed ;)

    It's happening now in Leeds Daniel, crew there with quality gear and simply packing and branding it as a Calofornian import and charging silly money, and getting it. Same outfit will buy anybodies crop as long as its quality and simply package it and whack the price up.........starting at £35 for 2 grm some folk are just blinded by the packing and believe they getting something above the norm............mugs