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  1. If only you where closer
  2. delswal

    Pet hates.

    And don't forget Brentford
  3. just a bloke doing the best for himself who listened to the government, fast forward......................from here on in I want details of potential side effects in black and white and readily available before this sheep baaa's again
  4. Castle Hill are fantastic pal, 3 months after having my by pass I was in the fields shooting, I was carrying deers back to my car.............now I have days were I cant even carry my f***ing rifle without struggling
  5. I wasn't going to post this but i thought why the feck not, as one or two of you know or can maybe recall 3 years back I had a triple heart by pass a successful one as it goes no bother at all few months after the op I felt right as rain, couple of years down the line we are in the grip of this covid malarky. Rightly or wrongly I decided to get jabbed, double jabbed, about 3 months after getting jabbed I was always feeling tired worn out and generally shitty, phoned quacks and got the same as everybody else an over the phone assessment assuring me I was ok. fast forward 6 months and still
  6. The last time a drug was aggressively marketed like this was in the late 1950's early 60's by a German company Chernie Gruenthal trading under the name contergan ( Thalidomide ) We all know now how that turned out, do these manufacturers / governments not learn from historical mistakes ? Or better still don't we the public learn? If I / we manufactured a product and forced it on people through fear / travel restrictions / social gatherings / chances of future employment and this is all before its proven........... Pack your toothbrush your going on a holiday.
  7. delswal


    I'm not anti social........I just don't like people that's all.............but as I've said before pal your'e more than welcome to come down for a shot anytime...........just don't lean on my fence and keep ya hands in your pocket
  8. delswal


    Glad you don't live next door to me ffs.........leaning over my fence talking sh1t and begging off me
  9. Sorry pal I was taking the Pi55..................the only thing I could compete in is dominos
  10. did you check pre covid incidents and compare the two or just the incidents surrounding covid...........be nice to see the stats, either way like I said before some will have the jab some won't ............some will believe it will cause harm some won't..........this topic will go on and on and round and round, covid will be treat like the flu .controlled and not cured, get used to living around it, it's not going anywhere, well not any time soon it ain't
  11. I lied a little in my last reply, the first sentence was not the entire truth
  12. Just apply for 1, tell the truth and see what happens ................I've a conviction or two and a stint or two in her majesties establishments but still got passed for a shotgun certificate and then a year or two later got my firearms.........put a form in pay ya fee and take ya chance
  13. No I was a 22 year old getting ready for my 2nd ironman competition............. and if you look back far enough or dig deep enough you will find that those sad incidents will have also taken place pre covid, but if flames get fanned enough you can soon blame covid jabs...............anyway with the greatest respect to all on here some will have the jab some won't, and anybody who has not had the jab will still be welcome at my place BUT DON'T FORGET YA MASK
  14. What got blamed for blocked arteries before the Covid jabs? Smoking drinking and that nice big greasy full English breakfast............and no sportsmen suffered cardiac arrests before covid did they ( being sarcastic there just to be clear lol ) ...........pushing forward can we assume that anybody who has had the covid jab and then incurs a blocked artery later in life only has themselves to blame for being a sheep ?? ......... glad I had my by-pass surgery pre covid would hate to think my medical condition was self inflicted due to following the flock ATB ....Del
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