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  1. delswal

    FREE Two 12g shotguns

    yeah he's serious, it happens now and then on here, seen a few gifted............(dog men take note lol ) nice offer Andy
  2. After all this weight lifting if you ever get over to me for a go on the deer it might just come in handy lol
  3. delswal

    Police check!!!!!!!

    Erm, it has been known in years gone by lol
  4. delswal

    Police check!!!!!!!

    Ditto lol with heart bypass added lol
  5. delswal

    Police check!!!!!!!

    I've never ever had one...............might have to change my habits
  6. delswal


    When was the last time you actually hunted?
  7. delswal


    You're in a bad mood tonight OT, have one of your kits choked on that dry shit?
  8. delswal


    tut tut, you do have it bad don't you................Dobbie ground him for his own good
  9. delswal


    Dobbie, give him a hug ffs and tell him everything is going to be alright, a little bit of reassurance might just bring him back round
  10. delswal

    Which caliber would you pick ?

    After owning most calibres apart from a 25-06, I think after what I've had and the shooting I do...........the 6.5x55 suits all my needs
  11. delswal

    Skinny nursing jill

    All this ferret talk might be giving me the bug to get a couple
  12. delswal

    Skinny nursing jill

    Touchy huh...........after 6 months of dry food you won't lose a ferret...............you will see them glowing from 50yds
  13. delswal

    Skinny nursing jill

    You feed dried, and they don't get chemicals? how do you think they dry and preserve it?
  14. delswal

    Good read

    Mushroom with his bull whippet