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  1. delswal

    delswal's op

    Thanks again for the good wishes gents greatly appreciated, all jokes apart it a was almost one for Socks apparently, but hey sry pal maybe later eh lol thanks guys
  2. delswal

    delswal's op

  3. delswal

    Great target, well done lads.

    Just a shame there was not an Abbot target next to his eh!
  4. delswal

    The Final .

    No sleight here Max, I don't follow any club at all. But I will bow to your undying love of Sunderland, from a monkey hanger to a mackem good luck this season I best get off this laptop before the ward sister sets about me.
  5. delswal

    The Final .

    Every club has its idiot minority. ?? is that a confession Max lol
  6. delswal

    The Final .

    They have a few beers and a bit craic' very well behaved for the numbers they travel in, your quote not mine and no mention of derby exceptions, please don't paint Sunderland fans to be angels, you know different and so do I ................atb Del
  7. delswal

    The Final .

    That's absolute bollocks Max I've been in Newcastle on a derby day many times, so please don't give me that well-behaved bollocks lol
  8. delswal

    The Final .

    One thing for sure Max, if you have the numbers they may need their trunks, but you would never take such liberty at their place. Before slagging off pompey fans for slinging an odd can or firing some abuse around, take a good look at football in general, Sunderland fans are not angels when they bump into ANY man woman or child wearing a Newcastle shirt on derby days are they, Hartlepool and Darlington are no different. Thats what happens unfortunately at live matches. But yes your last match of the season could be interesting especially with both teams maybe having something to play for.
  9. delswal

    The Final .

    No Wilf, just full of delusional fans who still think they are a force in English football, a few pills soon remind them that they are just another club in league division 1
  10. delswal

    Where do i start

    Mac, when I've had this surgery call back down to Scarborough, me and Si between us could take you out with my rifles and see if you can't slot ya self a deer pal eh!
  11. delswal

    The Final .

    Think you forgot about the sarcastic bit there Gnash positive and NO sarcasm but good effort lol
  12. delswal

    delswal's op

    Thank you Gents greatly appreciated
  13. delswal

    The Final .

    Think you have misunderstood them Gnasher................you can say what you like about Sunderland, just as long as it's all good and without sarcasm Ain't that about right Max? Good luck for today, nice to see a Northern club in the final.
  14. delswal

    Fantastic Day

    Everybody I speak to says the same Gnash, but it don't make the exeprience any easier. I've had an eventful life up to the last few years, doing a bit of this and that, carrying on around the terraces up and down the country, seen the jail once or twice without batting an eyelid, but all that was my own doing and under my own control. Now my destiny is in somebody elses hands and that makes me feel very unsettled to say the least. But hey thanks