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  1. Do they have the internet in Spennymoore yet ?
  2. delswal


    Greb I had similar heart rumbles not so long ago...............not much to worry about mate, a triple heart by-pass sorted me out I'm right as rain now
  3. Always had ferrets gifted........or slipped the breeder a few quid for the kids...............maybe times have changed
  4. TOMO.......don't you dare try and destroy our heritage lol, Here goes ............... during the napoleonic war a french ship went down off the coast of Hartlepool with no survivors except for one little hairy fecker, so the good folk of Hartlepool pulled this invader out from the sea and set about asking one or two questions, now three things got this thing convicted. The uniform that was worn was not English............so had to be French When asked a question the reply was some what gibberish lol.........so not English............must be French Now the good old folk o
  5. Got a feeling we are going to hear a lot more of her in the near future ..............good on her
  6. A woman not far from me asked if I knew anybody who wanted a lurcher pup, I said I can think of one or two lads at work who cold well be interested, I asked her how are they bred, collie greyhound sire to a beddy whippet gey bitch..........then the bomb shell .........I want £850 a pup and good pet homes only, I got a right bollocking of my missus when I told the woman a few home truths, but I won't be to surprised if she gets the price shes asking, she priced me out of the market by about £750
  7. Good win for Leeds tonight, Newcastle might be just as pleased with it also, Job done looks like premiership football for Elland Road next season.
  8. Excuse me geezer not confident lol, in fairness I had already informed that other cockney git who resides in Wales that I had lost the bet and the cash was on it's way to him before the mention of double or quits lol. Next season the bet will be the same every time we get to meet that shower of yours..............or if I am ever due down your way it might have to be increased to a slap up and a beer on the result.............be warned I can scoff lol Well at least the charity is a few quid better off eh
  9. Debt settled Ray, will get you next season
  10. Settle down Max lad, as much as I was happy to hear that Sunderland won it's hardly a footballing achievement is it for such a so called massive club, if the club was so massive and so good they would not have been in that cup, further more if the real massive clubs, Man Utd Man City Liverpool Chelsea but to name a few how do you think you would have faired? Enjoy your success as did the other massive club did previously Salford City I believe it was, yup the mighty Salford City won it before your massive club did, not much to cheer about really is there? Automatic promotion is what you need u
  11. I was thinking about having a work out.............but after reading this thread I'm knackered, so I'm having a coffee and half a dozen hobnobs instead.
  12. Have you got an appropriate adult in mind to take your lad Katch lol
  13. Do we have to have the Covid jab or not before being allowed on site lol
  14. ???? and here me thinking Tw-ts covered all the bases ............more confused now than I ever was lol
  15. He lays bricks like a blind cobbler the cnut.............you ok Si lol
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