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  1. delswal

    Sick little bullying tramp

    That was harry who done that Max, took two shots at his dad..........missed then turned the gun on himself, that was on the Rift House Estate as for the rest Max, nothing would surprise me about the rest of them.................all headcases
  2. delswal

    Swan attack - another muppet

    Wont have been any body from this site with an air gun......................grouping was to good . was it a .177 or .22
  3. delswal

    Hail Satan?

    Don't know who personally ? mix with what sort ? sitting on the fence ? Oh so you do believe in something ? Kinda going round in circles here, are you living in a confused state ted lol lol
  4. delswal

    Hail Satan?

    fck who Ted we need names lol
  5. delswal

    The last Alaskans

    Think for that price I will stick to deer stalking for FREE
  6. delswal

    Hail Satan?

    Now Ted, just to clarify are the fcukwits the non-believers, or the believers? or a combination of both. It would help for future references when you call someone a fcukwit we know who it's aimed at lol
  7. delswal

    Sick little bullying tramp

    Time caught up with them brothers Max, 1 dead 1 doing life ( or was) and the other is fcuk all without the other 2 hovering about
  8. delswal

    Sick little bullying tramp

    No Max, Lancasters............unless thats who ya meant
  9. delswal

    Sick little bullying tramp

    Sounds like a family I knew from Hartlepool taht Max lol
  10. delswal

    Rettendon range rover murders

    The minute them 3 were shot another 3 took their place, chances are the next lot will have been just as bad but a little bit smarter........which makes them more dangerous
  11. delswal

    Hail Satan?

    Can see another god thread about to rear it's divine head again.
  12. delswal

    Hail Satan?

    Does it take a smart man to know it's not a fairytale Francie? Or, just somebody with a different opinion ?
  13. delswal

    North/south divide.

    FFS Tomo.........you had to mention a fcuking black cat.............can't help ya self can ya Max lol
  14. delswal

    North/south divide.

    1993 I moved to Exeter.............before 1994........I moved out Give me the East coast of Yorkshire any time............ Only good thing down there was the river fishing but not good enough to keep me there...........thank fcuk
  15. delswal

    Bruno .22 LR

    plenty of stuff or just pencils lol