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  1. delswal

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Would that be the Peterlee plant Max? Got 1 or 2 pals who work there, they have all said the same about the spot, what a great place to work it is, would be a shame to see that spot go under.
  2. delswal

    Best place for him

    No, that's not a cowards way, that's the road most fathers would like to go down.
  3. delswal

    Iron Arms

    To be honest Gnasher I was going to send you a gift and a card for asking about my welfare while I was recovering from my op, BUT............ I thought if these cnuts on this site found out I sent you a hand knitted Leeds United scarf and programme I would be ripped to bits, so I never sent them, sorry................but hey its the thought that counts eh ???
  4. delswal

    Iron Arms

    Yeah what did Max make you Gnasher lol? was it a ferret cage for them two ferrets you got of Our Team ? I hope he made a good job of it, would not do for a shabby looking cage on a balcony on the Wharf lol
  5. delswal


    I use the recipes from Als Kitchen Micky, have done so for quite a while now, and you're right they are bang on and easy to make. I've made a few for friends and they swear the Madras and Jal frazie are as good the local Indian
  6. delswal

    Specimen perch

    there's a couple of places around here,,depends what ya looking for pal ............message me
  7. delswal

    Specimen perch

    Nice fish, looking at the rubbish in that lake, that could easily be a place I call to now and then in Scarbrough
  8. delswal

    Finally had a play at reloading

    yup!!! that's the one I use dave, bought from the very same place
  9. delswal

    Finally had a play at reloading

    Look at CDSG website they have everything you need at decent prices Dave
  10. delswal


    This is nothing, I've seen threads with litters of pups almost turning into murders lol
  11. delswal


    Yeah, I went to the doctors he refused lol, he said getting flung through a windscreen won't do your chest much good, will it? I said nor would an airbag going off, simple solution said the doctor........don't drive until your chest is healed up, you need the exercise anyway, so walk. Doc Martin has nothing on this f****r lol.
  12. delswal


    I asked a copper the very same thing not so long back wilf, ..........I've just had a heart by-pass can I drive without a seat belt..........No he said if your not fit enough to wear a belt you're not fit enough to drive .................
  13. delswal


    I can remember a few years back I got pulled for not wearing a seat belt, I argued black and blue I was wearing it, even though I wasn't. I argued that much the bobby said fair enough wait here sir. He radioed in for a traffic car, they went through my motor with a fine tooth comb, cost me £200 in various fines plus the seat belt fine. After the traffic cops left he took me back to his car and played back a recording of me putting my belt on as I was being pulled over..........he went on to tell me if I had never argued I would have been £200 better off and be sat at home. with my feet up by now............If I get pulled now I shut my gob lol
  14. delswal

    Racism in football

    The politically correct white man is more offended by racism than the black ever has been, I have a good pal in Leeds, he is, as black as the ace of spades and he hates it when ( them white cnuts and them white bitches lol ) others put themselves forward on his behalf for their benefits only, and nobody else's.
  15. delswal

    Happy lad

    Looks like one happy young man there