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  1. delswal

    isis bint

    Here we have the chance to make an example of what to expect if you leave this country to fight or support terrorism, will we take it? will we feck. This little bitch will be let back into the country and make thousands selling her woes to the media
  2. delswal

    Old girl

    Well I was thinking about buying a terrier, but after reading this thread feck that, they sound more trouble than what there worth. Not buying a dog to make a cnut outa me, the wife manages that quite well
  3. delswal

    isis bint

    No pal the only feckers are likely to be engineers from clients, not many many of the feckers in Whitby Scarborough filey area at all...........in fact my village and the surrounding villages are a total of zero..........knowhere for the feckers to hide and get up to their mischief they would stick out like a sore thumb. Plus I dont think the sea gulls like em .........the shit dont half make a mess on them burkas lol
  4. delswal

    isis bint

    lol not quite, but I am lucky enough to live in an area were we don't have asians in numbers, unless its summer season and the feckers come for a day out but most of the year your lucky or unlucky if you see more than a dozen in a day thank feck.
  5. delswal

    isis bint

    lol there has never been an Asian interveiwed for the shop floor yet, think the names might just do the trick, saying that we do have two polish lads here, good grafters but i think two is enough
  6. delswal

    isis bint

    I hope in they own way they are discriminating, and if so they are doing doing a cracking job
  7. delswal

    isis bint

    Slightly off the subject, a factory where I work employs about 600 people 440 of them being on the the shop floor. Our union UNITE has ask the question why do we not have any asians or coloured employees on the shop floor? I'm not to sure what senior managements repsonse was, but I hope it was along the lines of " because we don't fecking want them" why the hell would the union bring this up ? apart from trying to portray themselves as politically correct or am I missing something ?
  8. delswal

    isis bint

    She will be back before long thanks to our pc brigade, I hope when ISIS kick off in this country ( and they wil ) that the pc brigade are the first to feel the repercussions of letting these parasites into the country in the first place
  9. delswal

    Was it worth your job for 400 quid

    I know this guy very well, he's been to my house numerous times in his time as an FEO, never had him down for anything thing like this, to be honest as an FEO he was bang on not like the horrible obnoxious tw*t that has taken over from him. Can see him being popular behind bars, if he gets there...............I very much doubt that
  10. delswal

    London baby abandoned in that weather

    A same person no Gnasher, but as Archie said facts first then maybe an execution eh? the poor child could have been snatched from the mother and dumped for some insane reason ...........ie born out of wedlock and from a different race, some of those idiots out there carry out insane honour killings so dumping a child would not be beyond them. I'm not saying for one minute thats what happened but without facts, who knows what happened, lets just hope the child finds a good home and gets a good life after a bad start eh and those responsible get dealt with accordingly....................atb Del
  11. delswal

    22lr first shooting help

    Feck me i've had a .22 rimfire now for over 20 yrs, after reading this thread I won't dare shoot another round for the fear of a dreaded ricochet Alsone, you mentioned earlier in the thread about your friend shooting when you were forward of the gun, why did you go forward of the gun if you knew he was shooting ? not the safest or smartest of moves to knowingly put yourself in the field of fire
  12. delswal

    i cant even start to work this out

    The judge may well have done him more harm than prison hopefully, he went to prison he would have been put on the numbers with all the other sex cases for hs own protection. Hopefully this way someone on the outside gets to him and slits his fecking throat, no protection wing on the streets
  13. delswal


    You think it learns you to play but it dont really, because you are playing with FREE virtual chips you tend to play to loose as you have nothing to lose and want to be involved in every hand dealt..........playing live and with your CASH bought chips is a million miles away from cyber world...............but hey do whatever you enjoy, but just remember keep an eye on what you can afford to lose and not what you expect to win
  14. delswal


    If your new to poker stick to low buy in games, keep away from cash games, try the local casino most have £10- £20 buy in comps to cut your teeth on. be prepared for some long nights lol, you hit a comp with 100 runners check the format you could be in for a very long night
  15. delswal

    Best ufo footage ever?

    Could explain why there is so many gods in so many cultures and a lot of different perscieved images of our so called creator