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  1. delswal

    Hard men...

    You seem to get by with only half of one
  2. delswal

    Hard men...

    Know one or two good genuine hard men...........one from Forest executive crew, but I'll fecked if I will name any...........very much doubt anybody else with half a brain will either.
  3. delswal

    The town the gypsies took over

    Make laugh they do, tradition my arse..............I bet 95% of them live in houses.........all the travellers I know around here live in houses, use trailers in the summer now and again, fecking laughable lol
  4. delswal

    Anybody know anything about wetsuits?

    You're not what .................4'7 with a 36" waist and a 38" chest..........and you say you're not a weird shape, you could fit in a condom never mind a swimsuit ffs
  5. delswal

    Early Leavers

    Quite simply, because there is nothing in Hartlepool to give a f**k about. In footballing terms, Hartlepool are shite always have been, Sunderland is not far behind Hartlepool as their current position shows, but are still a long way behind the likes of Newcastle and Middlesbrough, if Sunderland is massive, I dread to think how big the other two Nort East clubs are.
  6. delswal

    Early Leavers

    West Ham won't be the only team city stick 5 past this season.
  7. delswal

    Slat mill

    Why? A pit needs to be in tip-top condition for what it does...........it needs pushing to the max, like gnasher said, it needs its lungs stretching for the work it does ie plenty of stamina. Your Patterdales borders or black and tans don't need that sort of intensive training, but hey if its what you want to do.........go for it
  8. delswal

    It wisnae me it was the big boys

    Would kinder to shoot the poor cur before taking your advice lol ..............look whats happened to that crazy fecker of yours after your training methods lol
  9. delswal

    Epstein dead

    You will never see a royal arrested over anything like this..............Andrew could be bollock deep and caught red-handed..........but would never get arrested
  10. delswal

    Epstein dead

    Just like Monica, she knew the score lol
  11. delswal


    If he was steaming every time and you still invited him what did you expect ??? you knew at the very least he was gonna get hammered............your not the first or last person its happened to ...........laugh it off.......tell him hes a cnut.........and move on ..................
  12. delswal

    Gut hook .......

    Shame on you Ken, you burst it wide open lol
  13. delswal

    Slat mill

    Apart from a certain breed for certain duties, there is no need for a slat mill, especially a working terrier
  14. As soon any particular breed of a dog becomes a fashion accessory, breeders will be along to cash in an ultimately destroy the breed for generations to come. Easy money and they don't give a flying feck who they sell to or what happens to the pups, seen single mothers on the local estate round here, French bull dog in one arm and a kid in the other, the kids dressed like a feck urchin and dog looks well-fed, fecking things should be banned from having dogs
  15. delswal

    Bore snakes

    I had a .22 rimfire for ten years never cleaned the barrel, never had the need to it never faltered, my mate cleaned his regular but shot no better, each to their own I guess