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  1. My grandson lives with me, he's 12 now ..............the wife got the clippers out the other day.................like a flash he said, either of you two come near me with them and I am straight on the phone to child line, and he sounded real serious lol.............never seen him hit the stairs so quick lol
  2. delswal


    Feck em close the lot down and send em packing, slanty eyed feckers........have a traditional english takeaway like...............chicken tikka or fish n chips
  3. I'm ok pal, it would be about a year ago this week when you offered to come visit me in hospital, just keeping me head down and out the way, fecked if i want you visiting me lol..................
  4. Well fook me, if nothing else good comes out of this mess at least we got something serious and sensible to come out of you lol lol
  5. I will go for the when Bosun, fingers crossed..............we need some good news soon, and hopefully it starts with Boris
  6. When he pulls through this shit and the country pulls through as a whole, I wonder how the government will view OUR NHS then?
  7. Come on Boris shape up, I never voted for you to tap out this early..................
  8. How many plasters did that one cost you Ken?
  9. Well if things do ever get back to somewhere like normal Si I'm sure myself and Matt could put a word in for you at our place ...........not the best wages you will ever earn but £550 a week keeps the wolf away........no more wet backs and cold fingers either lol
  10. delswal


    I have a Jack russel here that has done my head in for years, always going for cars motor bikes and cyclists, I've pulled him back for years and give him his share of toe pie, being a stubborn JR he never changed ...............them cyclists keep 2 mtrs away now he has a longer lead, and the dogs never been happier
  11. A year Wilf if this thing gets a hold in India and South Africa which it will, it will be around for years, we cannot get rid of the common flu feck knows how folks think we will get shot of this
  12. delswal

    FAO mods

    Hell yeah, will send you details of my pay pal account
  13. delswal

    FAO mods

    I've never been ashamed of making a few quid Chris lol..........how many you want, £2 each or 6 for £10
  14. delswal

    FAO mods

    Can you hoard likes? I've plenty left at £2 a piece
  15. Ray! set your good lady up with an account on here, it might be amusing to hear her side of things lol
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