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  1. That's even worse talking to ye sen
  2. Fess up then your doing same as me put it in the cup holder and forget about it ffs
  3. No need to be Francie it was a relief I got my head round it years ago that that poor woman in the bed wasn't my mam but just her husk the mam I knew was always doing something
  4. Everybody's different mine didn't go in a home she passed away at home for the last twelve year I've watched it take everything you take for granted if your mother wanted everyday she could that's good on her but not everybody thinks that way why shouldn't they have the right to die with dignity
  5. Lost my mam beginning of this year after 12 years of dimetia last 5 year rarely out of bed didn't recognise any of us that's not living don't understand why we are so scared of assisted death I know she would of opted for it
  6. EU fxcked em before that it's a shame best holidays I've had where in Greece friendly people
  7. It's on its ass so probably best thing to do, no doubt some on here will think it's wrong
  8. Lot a green on thear D
  9. Cracking wkend big thanks to Joe.,dave and his Mrs for having us, same for the rest that attended and making it what it is cheers Somebody said once a year isn't enough lol
  10. That,ll be a first
  11. No cos you were nuts before you went?
  12. Been watching dolphins at whitby today
  13. No dave out at whitby tomorrow travelling down Wednesday
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