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  1. twobob


    Define short term pain ffs i lived on a pound aday picketing money during the miners strike
  2. twobob

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Yea ffs
  3. twobob

    Fishing Comp 2019 numbers

    Can you get intouch with arch
  4. twobob

    Fishing Comp 2019 numbers

    Is robbo coming this year we understand each other orate
  5. twobob

    Fishing Comp 2019 numbers

    It was on the otherone that was up couple of week back
  6. twobob

    Fishing Comp 2019 numbers

    Thank you
  7. twobob

    Fishing Comp 2019 numbers

    Wears my name you baffoon dint say i wasnt coming just be a bit late set off after the races
  8. twobob


    Come on own up which village is missing its idiot ffs
  9. twobob


    Why if we are going over a cliff edge after brexit did siemens anounce 200m investment in goole thats after the vote to leave imports exports we import more than we export so if they hit us with tarriffs were laughing we do the same its not in their interest to make things we import cost more if they had markets to sell what we were taking they would be selling to them already
  10. twobob

    Kids taking money

    Its a50 pounď not not 50 p
  11. twobob

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Or horse tranquiliser
  12. twobob

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Cheers frodo
  13. twobob

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Its ourlasses 50th this year apparently iam a selfish b*****d unless i take her to rippon races on the saturday.she.s not running just watching does anybody know how many signitures i need to get her sent to syria
  14. twobob

    Kids taking money

    Youve never had afifty ye cant
  15. twobob

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Once again he wasnt with out before all this started but dont let that blinker you