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  1. twobob

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Tell darcus howe that when he tried to make a program in brum and was told to leave or else
  2. twobob

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Dont taik like a cnut
  3. twobob

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Lip the.s nowt as blind as them that cant see
  4. twobob

    Diane abbott best gaffes compilation

    And shes grown another leg
  5. twobob

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Satdy neat ye daft twat lol
  6. twobob

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Aye up robbo thank fluck thys guin
  7. twobob

    Bad day for hunting

    Dont know why your all getting wound up if you havent voted for this it doesnt apply ask the remoaners and its only illegel if your caught just carry on fluck em
  8. twobob

    Champions League

    Thank you you youre so kind
  9. twobob

    Champions League

    No your just shite lol
  10. Just aswell really you wouldnt reach to look in it frodo
  11. twobob


    Cant just blame the goverment a judge this week gave a turkish turd thumping shit bag the right to remain
  12. twobob

    People your dog don't like

  13. Illegals bathing in the header tank check the loft lol
  14. twobob

    Fishing Comp 2019 numbers

    And one that can understand me lol