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  1. I am glad you understand
  2. Can't argue with owt he said
  3. No Joe mek a noise like a pack of baccy lol and I will make one like a tin opener
  4. You will think Tony Blair at the next one you could have said smile a bit lol
  5. Fxcking hell arry you could have said smile cracking wkend again thanks to all that attended for making it what it is and to dave and his family aat the fishery
  6. And he only has 14 feet
  7. Would have been better not to but in London tomorrow so had to drag it all out ffs
  8. Thars OK the best unpack the van then
  9. Can't believe you put that' smithie lol
  10. Them coming over the channel seem to get a thorough sorting corona or not
  11. You need to black up Ffs then it's fo nowt
  12. I had me own comp dave I won lol
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