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  1. milliken

    Old girl

    was more laughing then arguing that's what its all about enjoying your dogs and bit off a laugh along the way
  2. milliken

    Old girl

    maybe bum you in the process lol
  3. milliken

    Old girl

    Jesus can't believe I read all that heads spinning fair play fd for offering. Boys out to see there dogs work if you fancy a weekend over here next season with your terrier send me a pm ill put you up and give you as much digging as you want as for the pic one way or the other the fox was accounted for to fireman seems a fair bloke and if memory servies me right offered a friend off mine a Russel pup few years back so the same offer goes to you also but some the arguing that goes on is mad and the season is just about over god help us come July
  4. milliken

    Guard dogs

    its very easy to stop a gaurding type dog or a pp dog from getting poisoned just simply train it in food refusals very easy done i don't understand why more people don't do it with there dogs as for the gun not much you can train for that bit at lest with a shot going of give you abit of time
  5. milliken

    Working Airedale Terriers

    as long as it has passport and all vaccination are up to date there wont be any quarantine as a mate just went to us to compete in psa there and back to problem
  6. milliken

    Dog v Bitch

    dogs for digging bitch for working with the hounds that's way I like it
  7. its usual on this time every year I haven't been down for couple year now but had some good days down anyone of here down for it who's hunting it this year suppose all the usual packs macrooms cirrickregshane
  8. milliken

    Pre ban fox and hare killer

    and so was my post but hay what's the point these days its a sad day when you cant put a pic up or cant make a comment but ill sick to working the hounds and the digging
  9. milliken

    Staffy Bull

    well mate hows things you still the other black bull bitch you had pic up off a while ago
  10. milliken

    Guard dogs

    he is probably right mate if he done the bite development right ie biting hard with a full mouth and that environmental work he done as a youth and that bonding 24 hours a day now I'm sure with right breed the dog would be unstoppable I've heard off on dog as a 8 week old pup would run and hid under a table but with the right owner and bonding training and development the dog made a top psa dog and earned its psa level 3 title so just goes to show what can be done
  11. milliken

    Guard dogs

    seen that that on youtube awhile ago myself the fella was relying on the breeding behind the dogs if memory serves me right but the dogs had never been trained to bite and just ran up and barked then he let the two out together and still nothing even gaurds that will bite with out being trained once they become involved in a fight and are getting hurt they lose the nerve as for nervous dog for pp work they never really come to anything as soon as you get your pup and get drive built-up and progress into its bite development you need put it in as many different situations as you can with as many destruction as you can and then you can build up fight and pressure but you need to know and understand what you are doing as this can make or break a young dog
  12. milliken

    Guard dogs

    nice that what lines is it off is it for sport or pp work
  13. milliken

    Deal breaker?

    really depends. How much you work her but to me minimum four good season digging over her then weight. It up for there but most will know. Before then mate just put plenty off game infront off her and cross your finger hope she works out to many breed substandard terriers
  14. milliken

    Deal breaker?

    personally if it was me and the bitch was outstanding and not a middle of the road bitch then I would breed of her as with the right selective breed the under shot can be fixed
  15. milliken

    Deal breaker?

    I've been there mate trying to make something out of nothing just a waste. Of time and energy source the best you can and work from. There mate