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  1. milliken

    Free raw food.

    free lol thankfully but they are paying £4 for 10lb tripe minced £4 for chicken and £5 for beef all 10lb weight
  2. milliken

    Pelenna Valley Show 2019

    if id off seen This a few weeks ago id of flew over for this one
  3. milliken

    Dog transport

    adain mcalister 07714455188 top bloke
  4. milliken

    Dog transport

    adain McAlister ill pm you his number real gentleman no messing about with him unlike some and first class care off your dogs
  5. milliken

    patterdales in ireland

    my father and a mate bought a bitch of nuttal round 86 or before so was and there where a few in northern Ireland before that
  6. milliken

    patterdales in ireland

    if you seen him now you wouldn't know him the weight he has lost
  7. milliken

    Old Photo's

    some good info on here its been interesting reading
  8. milliken

    Old Photo's

    id say it blacks and reds where not as popular back then due to whites where easier to spot running lose on the fells and moors and working rock piles or was it because black and reds where always a more mute terriers and not a great baying terrier or was it just that they where shit at the time
  9. I alway start first weekend of September with the hound and usually do two day with them and threw a days digging
  10. you will have to get a day or two up to us threw the season
  11. you only get out what you put in just good food exercise and work keeps most them happy
  12. round 10 mate but he thinks he is a 3 year old
  13. His fitness is coming along nicely he can't wait till September
  14. milliken

    Old Photo's

    your probably right mate but its up to us as parents and role models to show and learn the younger generation the way of the country side the need for pest control that's why id have no hesitation take youngsters out and showing them the ropes as long as they where polite respectable and want to lean ask any my kids about pest control and what hounds terriers and so on are used for they will be able to tell you and about the need for them in the countryside and the two older ones don't hunt or have any interest