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  1. milliken

    Out Today

    Ok pm me your number I'll give you a call after speak to the lad
  2. milliken

    Out Today

    Might know of a harrier dog that's great searcher do you flush to butchers
  3. milliken

    Out Today

    What type of hounds yous running there's plenty good searching dogs about the problem is they will. Find anything
  4. milliken

    Out Today

    How have yous been doing hunting wise it's been very poor with us but still getting result and terriers getting plenty of work Sunday was 6 degrees and hunting was very slow
  5. Jesus lads who dragged this back from the dead 7 years ago I posted this that dog I got turned out a decent animal
  6. milliken

    finally the seasons under way

    we get enough to justify there keep some weeks more than others
  7. milliken

    finally the seasons under way

    a few from this evening
  8. milliken

    finally the seasons under way

    another great weekend both hounds and terriers getting abit of work
  9. milliken

    New Pup saluki x

    no sure if you can use it on pup of that age ask your vet but auldex best stuff I've ever used
  10. milliken

    Staffy Bull

    very talented girl
  11. milliken

    finally the seasons under way

    the harrier bitch I got of Pete I offered him it back but that foxhound bitch I got is improving ever times she is out thats her in the second picture
  12. milliken

    Hounds on boar in Spain

    is there no packs local that hunt boar I'm sure France is full of them
  13. milliken

    Hounds on boar in Spain

    I don't think there will be many private pack racing across to hunt boar as if like are own if they hunt anything other that fox they wouldn't be here long but I know a local foxhound pack to me had a great 14 mile hunt at a unbelievable pace they thought it had went to ground in a rock pile only to find out it was a billy goat lol I could get you there number
  14. milliken

    Staffy Bull

    like that stamp of bull