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  1. milliken

    exercise time

  2. milliken

    exercise time

    3 weeks to we start
  3. milliken

    Kelpies as a stud,

    yip in pup 4 dogs 3 bitches
  4. milliken

    exercise time

    And a few from tonight
  5. milliken

    exercise time

    with the season just around the corner its time to up the distance and peace on the bike hounds are reasonable fit already cant wait to get out into the hills at first light
  6. milliken


    lol yous two still at it thought yous hugged it out awhile back
  7. milliken

    Dog behaviour

    someone who has a good understand of dog behaviour few and far between on here sometimes
  8. Me and This dog served are apprenticeship together got him at six weeks at six year old the vet told me he had heart mumur and fluid in his lungs advised me to pts or keep in house and on pill the rest his life so I told the vet id pts he told me sure take him home and come bk tomorrow so of lamping we that night we had a decent night and never went bk to vet for another 3 years and id say we hunted 4 days a week taking most stuff
  9. milliken


    ill take the one lying down looks a nice type has he been enter yet
  10. definitely no hindrance it keeps me sane no better feeling than watching your own hounds working hard across open ground then marking to ground makes all them early mornings and late nights worth it
  11. they are mainly feed on chicken carcasses and thighs at the min just because it very hand got and plenty of it and cheap but but once the cooler weather come i feed more beef
  12. to many people watching youtube seeing then in them stupid trails and thinking its the same in the ground
  13. to me its a full time job but then again I've a pack of hounds up exercising at 530 washing out and so on then feeding and quick walk in evening then there is the hassle of sorting the days out out
  14. would love to see a good one digging I had a couple and where dirt and out off top stuff so if you ever fancy s Dig give me a shout
  15. all you can do is try mate if all eles fails apart from moving to another part the country then just keep doing as you are just keep putting stuff in front the dogs and try your best not to get caught and if you do just make some excuse be polite and you never know