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  1. Fella in county down has beagle harrier crosses for sale on done deal mate if any good to you
  2. have you still got  Of pedigree unknown mate, Phil Drabble?

  3. Think I know the fella that said that lol
  4. Send me your address I'll post and you pay postage
  5. I thought better of you lol
  6. They are valued at any where from 100 to 150 it's gone to a fella for 20 and I sorted postage hope he enjoys it
  7. But all them years ago everyone thought it was the gospel truth lol
  8. milliken


    I've a few here I found in a box I don't read so make me a offer
  9. Having a clear out and found a books of books I no longer read so if anyone's interested make me a offer
  10. It's a decent book some rubbish in it but entertaining
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