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  1. milliken

    Full Springer or Cocker

  2. milliken

    Full Springer or Cocker

    hi mate do you know where there are anymore of them types a friend who flushes to the lurcher is after something of similar breeding
  3. milliken


    you cant half tell the season is over go to the kennels the hounds are ready to kill one another come on here its the same lol I hate the summer lol
  4. milliken

    Peterborough hound show

    hi all was thinking of going over to the Peterborough hound show is it worth the trip and is it only on for the one day as couldn't find that much info
  5. milliken


    they all learn there trade in theses places be they mixers or hard types and they don't need all be deep know a few rangy places with very few ends it takes a good dog to dig them
  6. milliken


    with age come experience so the more experience the deeper more difficult the earth should be the rule sure thats the way it is for a terrier if only young terrier lads had the same thought process then there might not be as many failed first season dogs
  7. milliken

    alsatian x greyhound

    how do you find your bitch for hunting cover as I been training my bitch for psa and broke her to all sorts of game feather and fur as you need know what they would put on the trial field but she is none stop feel like throwing her in with the hounds next season because I know if I let her she would
  8. milliken

    alsatian x greyhound

    they cross them that much theses days and if they come out black or brindle they are Dutch if red or fawn Mali lol to tell you the truth bird I wouldn't touch a police dog if it was being give to me what lads use for pp work and what police have are worlds apart I know of two dogs out are club that went to the police and when getting assessed scored very highly but they where lacking for pp work and where told straight the reason they where not gonna make the grade for the lads that owned them
  9. milliken

    alsatian x greyhound

    hi mate what's lines is your bitch from them pups look nice strong pups is your bitch used for pp work or ipo
  10. milliken

    alsatian x greyhound

    hi mate what's the reason for the dog being raised up of the ground like that ? It seem to be a big thing in England working them on platforms I have my own idea why it done be id like to here your view
  11. milliken


    was looking at one off these myself seem value for money
  12. milliken

    France passes hunting law

    good on them for standing up to the antis if only are beautiful country applied the same law and stopped wasting judges time trying to convict hunts that are trying there best to stay within law
  13. milliken


    nice them and in great condition which one are you sending me over lol
  14. I'm a butcher by trade but with wages so low at the minute and having to work every Saturday it wasn't adding up so I started window cleaning Monday to Friday work like a mad man now over the summer gives me plenty then when winter comes any days I get rained off are hunting days so should average 3 days over the season
  15. milliken

    when the young

    I'm a butcher by trade from I left school ive been boning beef from i was 15 so the kids alway have a good understanding of where food comes from and about the quality welfare and so on of the animals in the UK compared to other countries and the importance of buying locally