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  1. Hi all, I’m thinking of getting my HW100 regulated & tuned by Rat Works, has anyone had this done, and what were the results afterwards? Cheers…
  2. Got the old girl repaired, full strip down, serviced, shoots lovely in the sweet spot! Tried it with the H&Ns FTT in a 5.53 head size, groups lovely, I was surprised.
  3. I think it’s leaking at the valve/housing were the air cylinder meets it…probably the o-ring. Do you think it will be hard to change myself??
  4. Hi all, My FN19 has started leaking air at the breech end of rifle, probably the cylinder or valve seal. I think it needs a good service. I'm up in Yorkshire for a few months, are there any good gunsmiths anyone can recommend around the Doncaster area? Cheers...
  5. Well, my mate came round today with his new AA Pro Sport in .177. I had a go and it is so nice to shoot & shoulder from the box and bloody accurate. 30 yards out, 5 pence piece groups, and it's only a couple of weeks old, not even bedded in yet! To the point, I'm now having second thoughts about the HW80 .177 (my New Year treat to myself)! That shoots so well from the box, quiet, no twang, and definetly doesn't need tuning if it continues as it has started. People's thoughts on the Pro-sport? Cheers...
  6. I’ve dropped him an email, thanks
  7. Cheers, Where is he located, does he do other tune kits?
  8. Hi all, My New Year treat to myself is to buy myself the above rifle. I've had my springers tuned by AGRTuning previously, Tony has since retired. The PG3 Vortek kits have tranformed my 97 & 95 into cracking rifles. Can anyone recomend someone to tune to my new HW80 & to put an after market tune kit in at the same time? Cheers Happy New Year...
  9. When I bought my HW95 in .177 (Brand New) I shot it for about 2 months before I sent it to agrtuning for a PG3 Vortek kit fitted and tuned, when Tony chrono’d it, it was kicking out nearly 15ft.lb, so it was illegal from factory. I contacted Hull Cartridge and Weirhauch, both did not seem bothered that they had sold me an illegal gun. I must say, now the PG3 Kit is fitted the rifle just gets better & better, and is so smooth to shoot & cock.
  10. Mine in .22, Vortek PG3 tuned by AGRTuning, cracking gun, love it...
  11. The 5.53's group well in the 97...
  12. I got the H&N FTT in 5.53 head size in the end and the 97K loves them! Noticeably tighter to seat than the AA Field 5.52. NM Products LTD sell 5.53 & 5.54 in H&N FTT in .22.
  13. Hi everyone, I today took the 97K .22 out, I have previously used Weihrauch pellets in the gun with good results. I tried 2 different kind of pellets today as I have finished my Weirhauch ones, the H&N FTT 14.66 gr in 5.53 & AA Field Diablo 16 gr 5.52. Both grouped extremely well, nothing really between them with the H&N a gnat’s c***k ahead on consistency, the H&Ns where noticeably tighter seating the pellets. What was interesting was the zero did not need adjusting between both brands, at one point I was alternating each brand after each shot, with good results!
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