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    Air Rifle Hunting and Land Rovers (series 3). What else is there !!
  1. Hi all, It' been a while since I have posted. Last year my season was somewhat scuppered with work and family issues. Anyway I am thinking of treating myself to a new rifle, and was thinking of the Pro Sport for rabbit & squizzers! I have an Falcon FN19 & Weirhauch HW100 both in .22 calibre, I want to get a .177, would the Pro Sport be suitable? Cheers...
  2. Gaoler

    Zeroing Range?

    Hello All, What is the general consenses on the best range to zero my .22 air rifle at? Also I have always zeroed by making the crosshair go to the centre of the target, but I have been told shoot a pellet and if it is off zero I should take the crosshair to the pellet hole, then re-aim. Which way do you zero? Thanks John...
  3. Gaoler


    Hello all, I normally shoot at magnification number 5, when zeroing my rifle can I wind the magnification up then when zeroed knock it back to 5 without affecting the zero point? Thanks John...
  4. Gaoler

    Hard Gun Case?

    Hello All, I am looking for a decent hard gun case to transfer both my rifles (FN19 & HW100), weather proof would be good too. My landrover does bounce them about a bit and want something very sturdy and that will protect them from knocks & jolting. I have been looking at the Plano Cases! Thanks John...
  5. Gaoler


    I know, WTF...lol
  6. Gaoler


    Went out again today... Both rifles were spot on their zero, 43 rabbits for 46 shots, I am thinking it was me!!!
  7. Gaoler


    Is it best to store your rifles stood up in a gun cabinet or laid flat in its case?
  8. Gaoler


    HW100 .22 and a Falcon FN19 .22...
  9. Gaoler


    Hello All, I have had a busy winter and spring with work (can't really complain!). Been out today for the first time, and both my rifles have lost their zero, is this normal when not used for a while? They have been stored in the gun cabinet, their is no damp in the cabinet or anything like that. Thanks John...
  10. Gaoler

    What Springer??

    What about the AA pro sport in .177, does anybody shoot this rifle?
  11. Hello All, I have been shooting for many years now, using PCP's. I want to return to a springer, probably memories of my childhood!! I am looking for a springer in .177, I have been looking at the HW97 black line, from Sandwell Field sports and get a stage 1 tune. I just wondered what others shoot in springers? Thanks John...
  12. Gaoler

    New Rifle.?

    What is the Ultra like in .177, never owned a BSA..!!
  13. Gaoler

    New Rifle.?

    Hello All, I am in the market for a new rifle. I currently own a HW100 and FN 19 both in .22, both cracking rifles. I want to go over to .177 for something different, I have never owned or shot a .177, I was looking at the Daystate Hunstman Classic, does anyone have one or shot one? Is it a good rifle? Thanks John...
  14. Hello All, Been a while since I have been on the forum. How often should I clean my barrel internally and what is the best way of cleaning it?, I have a Falcon FN19 .22? Thanks John...
  15. Hello All, I have an FN19 .22 and a HW100 S .22 air rifles and want them both servicing, can anybody recommend someone to do a good job? Has anybody used Maverick Air Rifles in Yorkshire for servicing..?? Thanks John...