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  1. Nah mainly sweetcorn ,fat ,wipes ,and the odd jonny !
  2. Some mi6 spook I think, no big shot ,might of been gay ,can't remember the whole load of corrupt shit that went on with it ,like to see his next of kins bank accounts???
  3. How did that spook who supposedly committed suicide, end up dead in a zipped up holdall? Think one of the scientists well up on the mad cow thing died a bit suss ,loads goes on ,the Russians come over here a do it with a nerve agent ,goes on all the time
  4. thats for chopping up the big log so it flushes!
  5. waltjnr

    Car Wow!

    Strive to arrive ,no need for speed ! That the signs round here !
  6. Sorry Ken they've been trafficked, working in a brothel in Romford now !
  7. Japs did more ,unit 731,kyushu University hospital,put the Germans to shame ! And most of the perpetrators pardoned.
  8. its all bollocks mate ,gov bullshite ,conspiracy bullshite ,just carry on as normal ,but stock up on bog rolls and beans ,dave down the pub gave me that tip!
  9. yeah id trust Gov,org ,cnuts feeding us shit ,lying scum who cheat there own flesh and blood ,really have our best interests at heart ,id trust rooney with me granny more!
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