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  1. waltjnr

    Life of brine

    And you!
  2. waltjnr

    Life of brine

    Join the queue!
  3. waltjnr

    beggers in your town

    then the banana skins distracted you!
  4. waltjnr

    Bucket List Trips

    want to see the gas mask pic and the dodgems!
  5. waltjnr

    beggers in your town

    Kev was you doing a bit of up-skirting in the supermarket?
  6. waltjnr

    beggers in your town

    Many of them were Scots , all of them looked filthy and were looking genuinely homeless. I just think that's what they look like anyway!
  7. waltjnr

    14 Year old stabbed to death in London.

    This country is so full of scum! Can't see an answer, purge? Lol
  8. checked out their guns ,pretty impressive ,bit like a baikal but slightly better engraving!
  9. stunning ,well done on the commission!
  10. waltjnr

    Funny Joke Thread

    think his bumming Ozil!
  11. waltjnr

    View From Your Swim

    Bit my tongue for a while, all the pics of fish lying on grass, gravel, mud, turn my stomach, one the other day kid with wool gloves on holding a fish!! A wet mat, is the least they deserve, bit of gel if hook hold has been a bit bloody, or for lifted scales, any previous injuries.
  12. waltjnr

    One for the carp boys 😜

    I'll stick to tel hearn, true great, full of genuine passion, and no French nails, or plastic tits,.. Yet! Monkey boy one weird looking specimen! Liked the candle lit, meal, seranaded by youssef the throat slitter!
  13. waltjnr

    View From Your Swim

    Parrot mouth, poor sods, blame matchmen for it no concern for fish, just weight in net, personally think their the worst,yet slag carpers off!
  14. waltjnr

    Bucket List Trips

    See a program on it ,was grim ,we dont realise how lucky we are ! I'll stick to waitrose !
  15. waltjnr

    The things you find .

    pablo escobar?