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  1. waltjnr

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Nearly here, just in the ley arms!
  2. waltjnr

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Leaving in about half hour! un decided a303 or m4/m5 ?
  3. waltjnr

    Aretha Franklin

    Shit! Sad loss, a true great, true class! RIP!
  4. waltjnr

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Packed ready to roll! Work in morning, grab dog half 11 then hit the road!
  5. waltjnr

    Fishing Comp 2018

    raining here in herts at the moment ,not going to last ,lo 20's and a bit breezy for the weekend down in exeter
  6. waltjnr

    Life without gadgets

    What white dog shite and gary glitter ? No thanks!!
  7. their giving British 1970's tv/radio celebs a run for their money let alone mussies !
  8. waltjnr


    Think he wants to ride you Pete!
  9. waltjnr


    And a bath!
  10. waltjnr

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Started getting me stuff ready, ill load up tomorrow evening!
  11. waltjnr

    Poland and Hungary, fighting the eu

    Pete just keep the Guiness coming over your fine by me!
  12. waltjnr

    Poland and Hungary, fighting the eu

    guessing they must all have relatives or at least friends over here,so couldnt have to much against us ?
  13. waltjnr

    Poland and Hungary, fighting the eu

    Kerny,do they like brits out there?
  14. waltjnr

    Westminster crash

    to be fair now ive seen a picture of the driver ,i reckon he was just trying to parallel park,they aint the best behind the wheel !