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  1. Why not show this siht ,on the news at ten ? Woman getting her arms cut off ,before her head ?? Why deny this is happening?? Some dumb f**k coon getting stabbed in Lewisham makes the news, pretty tame compared with what else is going on ,watched enough starving Africans, covered in flies ,begging for aid ,well wake up some serious crap going on else where!We can't even sing land of hope and glory ,and rule brittainia, so we are fukced !
  2. You on a horse ?
  3. Just stick your head in the sand and ignore whats really out there ,mostly so twats over here can do a "cheeky line " in the pub toilet ,a rough estate in UK eire ,jockland ,Wales, dont compare to South American slums ,brutal beyond belief, hard to see ,but why not see what the great human race is capable of ?
  4. I want the Mexicans to sort out the pikeys ,check out bestgore ,guy cuts someones chest open slices a bit of heart off and eats it whilst guy is dying
  5. at least I've 8 fingers, and 2 thumbs ! having a mare at moment
  6. Shit I'm on holiday then ,sennon cove ! Dont know why I thought it was this Friday!!
  7. Just started a course of steroids for me gout ,hoping they have some effect by Friday, cant get a boot on at moment, it's hard to believe the pain in a toe joint can be so harsh !!
  8. Common sense ,as usual!
  9. Ok if I jump in ? ,got shit bout of gout ,but work slowing up ,so could travel down Friday.
  10. What unfortunately your off spring will face ,if you ok them mopping up and being lackys ,wombs to the worlds half breds ?
  11. Grandad Greb ,any more halhal goat curry ? Your bitch daughter a bit slow in the kitchen!
  12. waltjnr

    Sex pistols

    It's in hes blood !
  13. They settle here cause they are made welcome, and our authorities bend over backwards for them ,if what farage was showing, with the hotel full of immigrants, is true ,how welcome would they feel if all locals surrounded it with flaming torches chanting out out out out out ,rather than bitching behind closed doors and on here ? We are rolling over without so much as a growl ,its our kids that struggle to get there own places ,because obviously we have to house the detritus of the world, mad !
  14. waltjnr

    Sex pistols

    You rich b*****d! no barbel there mate ,youd miss them !
  15. waltjnr

    Tree Sap

    Blow lamp and a stiff wire brush !
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