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  1. waltjnr

    Good old girl!!

    will do mate ,its nowt special but does a job!
  2. waltjnr

    Good old girl!!

    The HW100 nice, but the super ten done the job this morning!
  3. waltjnr


    Don't worry I'd have loved to have been at home when he called, he intimated the Mrs, with the whole "I'm an officer shit" she feeling there's nothing to hide, her little handbag mutts, both healthy and looked after, and my whippet the same, just gutted she was subject to the anchor!
  4. waltjnr


    She didn't hear the warning!
  5. waltjnr

    Bacon pudding

    A suet pastry in the oven, didn't want the steamed suet pasty, even nice cold!
  6. waltjnr

    Bacon pudding

    Had a go at the bacon badger, a Buckinghamshire dish, loved it !
  7. waltjnr

    Get it off your chest thread....

    I'll give you that, still laughing!
  8. waltjnr

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Thought Gnash would have a Johnson, not a Willie! Could be worse could have called it his John Thomas!
  9. waltjnr

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Max is hog tied, blindfolded, in the the back of a transit, on his way to the river Wear, a swimming lesson he'll never forget!
  10. waltjnr

    Get it off your chest thread....

    The fishing comp I took a gamble, turned up on my own not knowing a soul, was gutted to leave Sunday afternoon, great weekend, and good bunch, nothing but laughs!
  11. waltjnr

    Any ideas wtf this is

    Cool mate, I had ring worm as a kid was a nightmare to get rid of, guess treatment is better nowadays! Hope you get it sorted whatever it turns out to be!
  12. waltjnr

    Any ideas wtf this is

    Lighten up its not terminal!
  13. waltjnr

    Get it off your chest thread....

    Think Gnash and max should settle it at the fishing comp, would boost attendance, I've heard Gnash is a bit deadly with the old pellet waggler, don't fancy max's chances!
  14. waltjnr


    Meant on ya hols?