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  1. Had terriers kill em quicker ,coyotes??? Tossers
  2. waltjnr

    Harry & Meghan

    Dinnea yous knae whit ise onna about ?
  3. waltjnr

    Harry & Meghan

    Jock speak ,I'm guessing?
  4. waltjnr

    Harry & Meghan

    Sorry my mistake! King
  5. waltjnr

    Harry & Meghan

    Money first ,it buys pussy
  6. waltjnr

    Harry & Meghan

    I wouldn't cheat on my mrs ,perhaps you would ??? Let your kids down ?? Dont you get it at home?
  7. What's your agenda begium boy ? Thought you was alright ,especially with the sparr ,now sounding a bigger prick than pound shop ketchup!
  8. Might take some time !
  9. Cant believe you dont know how to do it yourself??? Thought you knew everything!!??
  10. Politicians run the country ,make decisions, shit most of the time ,but royals do nowt ,they are the same as a castle ,stately home ,a tourist attraction nothing more nothing less !
  11. just a ginger cuck!
  12. his just like the jester performing in front of the king! Hes allowed to get away "pretending to insult " the hollywood fcku ups! Id bet both my bollocks that Tom Hanks is hiding some serious shit definately some dodgy skeletons in his closet!!
  13. waltjnr

    Here we go.

    You Irish always going on about the crack ,no wonder you've a drug problem!!!
  14. They were calling her a brit whore ,just a case of Cypriot law scared of the jews ??
  15. Seen all the current big names live ,and Mickey Flanagan is the tops ,he is relevant to my era and love observational comedy ,simple but funny ! Also best to see these guys in small venues ,O2 no thanks !
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