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  1. The Koran, light reading ,If you need a book on dogs ,get rid of kennels and grow some veg loads of books
  2. Just shoot the cutns dirty vermin ,treason in my eyes ,as some ones said ,the end of Great Britain,now the shit hole for the world's scum ,
  3. End of the monarchy, 2000 plus migrants every other day flooding our country, sad times
  4. Some ones mum , nan ,great gran ,sad times for her relatives ,a weird life ,RIP Liz
  5. Knew you'd have that one!
  6. waltjnr

    The Queen

    Seriously, hope he catches up with them ,scum !
  7. waltjnr

    The Queen

    Fuk me he will be angry ,bless her !
  8. Cornwall finest place to be !!
  9. Nah not funding Arabs, slave labour ,and a culture that despises me ,this country is shit enough, " yeah I'll jump on a plane pay 3k plus and fund Islam even more " just go to Luton and give Hussain 3k ,mugs !
  10. waltjnr

    The Queen

    Ken ,how much notice do you get given ?
  11. Only 2 books I value, in pursuit, best carp angling book ever ,in my opinion, written by the finest uk angler
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