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  1. Years before bullshite covid ,Mrs had a brain tumor ,size of a large orange,small grapefruit, to quote her nuero surgeon, 18 months prior to this medical professionals told her it was migraines, so when they say the vaccine is fine .... yeah alright !!!
  2. Government admit on most terrorist attacks, to have known the purpotrator, and they'd been on a watch list ,is that not negligence? Pretty much like the amount of times nhs have fuked up ,but hey ho believe their advice ,get jabbed up ? Really ?? Powers in charge happy to see a kids concert end in bloodshed ,and have the nerve to say " we was watching them!" Slimy deviant filth ,I'd rather live with rats ,back bone of this country disappeared years ago !
  3. Alright ginger ex man u midfielder, that likes his daughters foot in his mouth
  4. You seen Scholes with his daughters foot in his mouth ??
  5. Man u, fans quiet ? Got a mouth full of your daughters foot and can't reply ?
  6. Oh well Paul Scholes, will be remembered, not for his football! ! What was the idiot thinking and doing ??
  7. Only lemsip for a stinking cold ,sure I talk shit anyway
  8. Always wise words from you
  9. You loved the showers !
  10. A sad thread ,but some great posts ,some decent guys on here !
  11. Just use " alright useless ctun " sums up a good percentage, or oooh aargh ooooh and bang your chest, for the chimps !
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