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  1. At 7 his joints ,bones will still be fairly soft ,12hr shifts will be fine !
  2. Dick in a cap ,hope you slapped him for that!
  3. End this thread on these words, just sums up perfectly ! It's harsh ,seen as a cowards way out ,but just thinking your a bit down ,to throwing yourself under a train ,are miles apart ,
  4. It's like a dressing down from the admiralty!
  5. My Mrs had head ,nausea for 18 months, quacks just said migraine, when finally got an mri ,even the nurse doing it saw the problem ,and said ," have you got someone to drive you home ?",frontal lobe tumour size of a large orange ,or when I met her consultant, a top nuero surgeon, a grapefruit, that was 10 year ago and she's doing fine ,cut out ,and sybre knife ,a very precise radio therapy
  6. Had his weaknesses!
  7. Picture you could take from casualty, and a map with spots !
  8. Mmmm news agencies, now they're not trying to influence us ??nah surely not !
  9. It's a load of shite ,it's the world's government's upto no good ,you obviously think they are honest and only have you well being at heart ?
  10. Load of peasant graves ,send me the medical notes of them all I'll cast me eye over them
  11. Absolutely meant it mate ,gutted for you ,sh*t times for us all ,and real shi**y for some !
  12. Load of bollocks!but you carry on believing it
  13. Gutted for you mate,sorry for your loss ,interesting to hear what happened
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