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  1. waltjnr

    Funny Joke Thread

  2. waltjnr

    So leading on from the hard man thread.

    could be worse ,could be school mini bus!
  3. waltjnr


    I did have 2 pairs of socks on!
  4. waltjnr


    Stick to the double quarter pounders and large donner and chips!
  5. waltjnr

    Fibre optics on a catty

    cheers Greyman, sent off for the snide, so Shootable! First outing and it done the biz!
  6. waltjnr


  7. I'll stick to whoring out 6 Eastern European birds, and selling drugs to mugs, least I'll sleep easy, honerable living and all that!
  8. waltjnr

    What the f**k .......

    old welsh flags or flaps?
  9. waltjnr

    Cracking year for butterflies.

    Same here, loads of butafflies,a good sign,?
  10. Just chatting to a guy in the pub, put a £50 deposit on a whippy /grey /collie, asking price £750!!! Tried to say your being mugged off, he's answer was as long as the Mrs is happy!! A fool and he's money!
  11. waltjnr

    Ration packs!

    Just get a takeaway delivered!!
  12. waltjnr

    after 2 weeks in dubai

    Not my cup of tea! Full of filthy Arabs, who fund bombing and killing us infidels with the oil we buy off em!
  13. waltjnr

    ( celebrity trawler men at sea CH5 )

    Just watching it, very entertaining, and a good watch, the ole shoplifter making himself useful in the kitchen /galley?, sure I've seen that skipper on something before, seemed a good bloke, didn't suffer fools, but gave credit where it was due! The rugby boy was seems a bit feeble, but I suppose they will all have their strengths! The waste of fish due to quotas was not good to see,rather see it made into fish meal if not able to sell it as food!
  14. waltjnr


    Think you took the bait, swallowed the hook, jumped in the landing net, probably just about to fillet yourself now!
  15. waltjnr

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Fair play!! That looks the bollocks! Well done mate, who ever ends up with that will be well pleased! Take it your in casualty now?