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  1. No where as important as your story ,but listening this morning about a news of the world story back in the 60s ,undercover reporter invited back to a party ,lots of drugs ,and they named mick jagger ,he wasn't even there ,it was Brian Jones, they make it up to sell issues, a scum profession like traffic warden ,bailiff,estate agent ,any form of sales ,the lowest of the low slimey fukcers all of them
  2. Unlike the Sun to get it wrong !
  3. Wasn't a dig just saying ,twats with these dogs ,shouldn't be allowed to breed themselves, let alone a dog ,
  4. Don't know your situation, but would you be happy ,with a div neighbour and a kennel of xl bull shites ,and only a 6x6 bnq fence panel between them and your kids ?
  5. Least I can see clearly now !
  6. Was OK, got it from place I get my black puddings ,which are that good ,would make someone who didn't like pudding change their mind ,so was expecting more !
  7. Screen wash ,not the pink one !
  8. Grew up feeding raw tripe (proper whole tripes) ,bit of biscuit ,veg leftovers ,peelings ect ,then worked in a greyhound kennel ,learnt a bit more about nutrition, think nowadays its all about convenience, I'd use dry in Socks situation, as a last resort,someone dog sitting ,makes it easier for them ,
  9. Seeking a woman pushing a pram ,seen near by ,plot thickens
  10. waltjnr

    Dobermans ?

    Just get a nasty farm collie
  11. You honestly can't believe the hell her family must be going through,clinging to every slight chance she's OK, deep down knowing it doesn't look good ,brings your own minor problems into perspective, if it is foul play ,to think some sicko is watching all this ,getting off on it??
  12. A local on the news saying police asking for dash cam footage near a certain road ??? Wouldn't need that if she "slipped" in the river
  13. Got some cold smoked rib eye collar bacon ,never had it before ,will be having bacon roll watching the footie lunchtime !
  14. Might not be everyone's thing ,I know it picks us guys up ,but if you never had a dog ,that works ,probably don't mean much
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