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  1. waltjnr

    Final say March

    On a BBC channel
  2. waltjnr

    Final say March

    If GL was PM, our A holes would think we were burning in hell the amount of chillies we'd have to eat!
  3. waltjnr

    View From Your Swim

    Another blankety blank!
  4. waltjnr

    Black cat

    I see one on a roundabout!
  5. waltjnr

    Cod in Thames etc!?

    Didn't that thames 50 originate from dinton?
  6. waltjnr

    View From Your Swim

    Bit chilly last night
  7. waltjnr

    Funny Joke Thread

  8. waltjnr

    Funny Joke Thread

  9. waltjnr

    Beware - scam hunting website

    how does this work? Do i send the Bino's to Robert Burleigh? or can i just make a cash donation,forgotten how these scams work?
  10. waltjnr

    Funny Joke Thread

  11. waltjnr

    Funny Joke Thread

  12. waltjnr

    Afghanistan for breakfast

    Do one similar, but has chorizo in!
  13. waltjnr

    Please Don't Take Pictures Of "Spice Zombies"

    we dont have spice zombies in Welwyn ,i feel im missing out!
  14. waltjnr

    Beluga whale off Gravesend in the Thames estuary

    had it out last night on 2 18mm krill boillies over a bed of pellet,not a great fight if im honest !