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  1. I have the FX Bobcat in .22 on FAC running @30lb.....lethal out to 97yards......
  2. A late phone call yesterday (Saturday) led to an unexpected trip out with the Impact. She ended up with 11 feral pigeons and 54 rats in four hours..... no pics this time. She is earning her keep. The more I use the Pulsar C50 scope the more it impresses me.
  3. The rat gun turned into the rabbit punisher...
  4. Just put some new clothes on her....
  5. luckily enough I knew the person selling it and the history behind it, totally unmolested and plenty of £'s spent on extras for it....
  6. Picked this up on Saturday.... fx impact x in .177 came with lots if xtras... fitted the pulsar c50 to it.....
  7. Brighton based.....have fished Shoreham, but only the beaches.....normally I tend to fish the Ouse over at Newhaven, targeting mullet on the fly, highly frustrating, highly time consuming, but when you get it right all that frustration is forgotten. Mullet on the fly has to be one of the hardest fighting fish in the UK.
  8. Wrong section.....thats what i get for using my phone to add a post....
  9. After a day of this.... i had a call for an evening date with this... and ended up with this.... a day and evening well spent....
  10. Can't remember wether I had it on my sub12 or the FAC rated Bobcat id I'm honest, as I say its been sat in the draw for gawd knows how long. The FAC Bobcat now has the Hugget Magna sitting on the end of it. The sub 12lb Bobcat has the titch mod (Airgun forum member made mod) sitting on it. Both do their job. My FX Dreamline Compact Lite has the HW XLK (small) sitting on the end of it, now that is quiet.
  11. the end cap on the FX shroud should unscrew....then the hugget screws straight onto the shroud. I have the same hugget sitting here in a draw that I used to have on the end of my FX Bobcat.
  12. my to little rascals.....Grainger (jack) 6 years old...... Oscar (springer) around 5 months old in this pic. Don't know much about him, was my nieces dog until she decided she didn't have the time for him, took him on from her just before xmas, now 8 months old and settled in nicely.
  13. hopefully get out and try these over the weekend.....only problem I can see is the barrel length.....FX Bobcat barrel is 500mm.....recommended barrel is 600mm... we shall see......
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