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  1. tb25

    Eddie B/Dithcshitter

    Not alot of devrence to me inside or out..not fussed
  2. tb25

    Eddie B/Dithcshitter

    Life's only 15 year..the c**t would get stabbed up going round calling folk that..hope ya sort it will..just be careful with having a family and that so no more on this topic mate.
  3. tb25

    How long without food

    I do 3 days with out most weeks..it's not healthy for the brain Al tell ye that.
  4. tb25

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    One of the best family dogs there is..
  5. tb25

    Wooden floors

    Steam cleaner
  6. tb25


    Happy birthday??and I will be separating
  7. tb25

    World Cup 2018

    Thank f**k back to emmadale
  8. Bit pissed of me with them puting it over emmadales time slot.
  9. tb25


  10. tb25

    Down at the river

    Looks a lovely spot that..spot on mate
  11. tb25

    A decent night

    Must be plenty about ken..good bag that .
  12. tb25

    The things you do for your kids

    I believe if it wasn't for the support my mum and dad give me I would be dead..no doubt about it.i dread the day when they go.f**k they put up with some shit.
  13. tb25

    Drifting THL style

    Fred the frog deer coursing
  14. tb25

    1St time trout fishing tips

    Send me the post code
  15. tb25

    Self Inflicted Torture

    Who's playing mate?