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  1. tb25

    Daily mirror

    Mate a glad to have a few week off tbh..new job allready sorted..only labour work but pays well
  2. tb25

    Daily mirror

    Got sacked lol.got a womam from check rond in a hour...long legs.nicw ass..bad teeth though but i can live with that
  3. tb25

    Daily mirror

    Werehouse work lads....i even did a sext african last week...first time..she ate my ass out.strabge but nice
  4. tb25

    Daily mirror

    All i know is i spent 6 grand on beer.ficked 16 woman from work in the past 3 months.got sacked yesterday and probly got aids...happy new year
  5. tb25

    Who’s up lol

    My first Christmas not waking uop to the kids...cherish it boys and happy Christmas
  6. Wish i had a firm hand over my lugs as a kid..i got away with everything. .i serpose it was easier for my parents that way...its done me no favers in life. Well done dotty..respect
  7. Life lessons are learnt out of school...but i left school at a very early age and do beleave its turn me in to a social retard alittle like a dog whos been kenneld all its life alone
  8. Alot of knifes my way...Unfortunately its the why i carry one..its me or them am afraid
  9. f**k me...been over ten years coming dotty lol..good to see mate..great to see your kids getting in to it to..spot on..
  10. tb25

    Iron Arms

    Its all fun and games lads....lets leave the kids out of it though..
  11. tb25

    Cannabis oil

    Am very sorry to here this mate.
  12. Sorry about the spelling. Shit phone. Well done lads..kids and wifes who are involved
  13. Bunch of grown men .who was once strangers all getting together for a good reason Bacame life long frends.make good money for there chratys... I think is great..love there kids and wifes get involved to. Spot on..they could fish a paddle but they all have fun and money well that gos to some great places.well dont to you all
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