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  1. tb25

    Do they know ??

    Best wishers Ray.. keep busy mate
  2. Type of money the bin men on now days mate.?
  3. I remember bring a young buck and thinking 40,50 years old was old as f**k...life really is short
  4. I hope that horrible c**t Oprah is on the list..
  5. Never really had anything physically wrong with me..mentally yes lol but had a right ear infection the past week or so. Hardly hear out the bloddy thing..
  6. Her dad's popping in who's a ex game keeper so with have abit banter between our selfs..both from the opposite side of the fence so to speak..ols school bloke..he dont get on with many folk but seems to have took to me.f**k knows why lol..
  7. A night playing niceties with the Mrs.. her mates and there blokes..mostly 40 plus who only seen to talk about x box and play station..I've been warned to play nice so may hit bed about nine with a sickness bug... Wank
  8. tb25


    Time for a job change mate..easier said than done though
  9. https://youtu.be/n_Tel5kuQgs?si=Lfa7KmUHIEh21BE8
  10. Smoking actually increases my enxity ten fold
  11. Think he had cancer. He allways said if he got it he would pop one to the head
  12. 4 I think Lee...the romance never lasted long...lol
  13. I think her x was from Luton.. he left a year ago and left the dog here.. Only none this girl a week..it is a shame couse he's quite a nice dog after I spent a few hours with his to day...make a good yard dog I think..she rang the aspca..they won't take him..there advise was they will if you tye him up to a park bench lol
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