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  1. The bond being built..carnt beat it..
  2. tb25


    Be a nice bit of company I would think mate..
  3. Old Phil said somthing along the lines..onse there of the lead chasing..the balls out our court.. Heart breaking losing a dog that way...
  4. Took my son away last week and the amount of very young kids in the sea unsupervised was mind blowing.as we was having a pint I could here mothers wondering were there kids were..they never even got up..just sat there drinking.
  5. Theres no rush...enjoy the little summer we have with the famly and kids... The mutts should allways be at a good point 2 run if need be...just like ourselves
  6. I appreciate the comments lads cheers. Were not all the same and think differently.. Am just missing my mate is all..feeling shitty and guilty. Sound lads
  7. I feel littery like I murdered her and strange as that may sound 2 you all.. Feel like it was 2 all rushed.. I should of payed the bill and gone from there and if need be then had her put 2 sleep rather than making the split decision.. f***ing hell she deserved a second chance surely. f***ing heart breaking man I should of put her 2 sleep.. At the end of the day her foot was f****d yes..but to kill her for that.? I killed her for nothing..she could of still lived the rest of her life right her chilling and having a good life. f***ing disgusting
  8. I put her in a plot next 2 the old terrier..the only dogs they liked was each other ..plenty tears shed last night lol.
  9. tb25

    65 today

    Happy birthday..I thought you was younger tbh
  10. f***ing hell lads..its the f***ing internet..plus it's a school night..lol. Chill out
  11. This wrist was broke and everything else below it I beleave..pretty much smashed up...they could of took the leg off but that didn't sit with me well.. And they said they could of half fixed it up but she would of been in and out the vets for some time.. I dont know if I have done the right or wrong thing..I was just trying to do the best for her.. I feel shit for having her of the lead where I new potentially something would pop up. My folt. She passed in my arms just after 5.
  12. It's what am thinking ken...am trying to do what's right for her..I couldn't keep her on a lead for the rest of her life..the vet said it will allway be a dead leg...plus spending more time in and out the vets.. I may as well end it now for her sake..not mine
  13. Shes booked in for five..am guttered ken
  14. Littery my best mate mate.. Saved my life a few times beleave me. A hard hole to dig
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