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  1. Am in werehouse work... been very lucky work wise...
  2. tb25


    f***ing hell, don't do my half do ya mate lol.. Hopefully you will find something what suits you helping you sleep sooner rather than later..
  3. tb25


    Yes that's it lads..best thing I have ever had.done me wonders sleep wise...I just dropped to 15 mg as the 30s was still making me a bit sluggish after I woke up..but I do pretty much go to work within half hour of waking up
  4. tb25


    Been on nights a few years now..only had 2 3 hours sleep a night...for most my life tbh.. Recently went to the doctors for other shit but he gave me mirtaxepan..probly spelt wrong but wow..I get back from work.drop a tab am asleep till 7 at night.a full undestured soled 8 hours..amazing things...best thing I have ever took...now just to fit in time for eating lol
  5. Alright kid.or kiddo...mother f****r am older than you
  6. As has been said..keep as normal as possible..plenty for us all....
  7. I carnt beleave you lot this borris makes the decisions..hes a middle man...he has no say in the matter...
  8. Allway a heart stopping moment when the bloddy things are in the woods...
  9. I think alot of black folk think its bullshit like most of us
  10. tb25

    The selfie

    It's a narsartitic trait my frend.a good 89 percent of women have it..
  11. I carnt just sit and relax to cook or eat..my mind dont shut off...
  12. Holy shit...am on my 9th day without food but some posts on here have me kinder hungry lol. Lovely looking food gents
  13. No money is worth that my frend...
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