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  1. Wouldn't serprise me if theres all ready a cure..
  2. tb25

    A days ferreting

    Whin only charges 150 per man.....
  3. tb25


    The earth is flat.
  4. tb25

    Paying your own tax

    Morning men. Starting a new job this week for a gardening firm and there wanting me to pay my own tax and what not. How do i go about doing that...? Cheers
  5. tb25

    Parking wars

    Alot will disagree but the same go's with speeding fines.. Dont speed no fine. Simples.
  6. tb25

    Muslim problem.

  7. tb25


  8. tb25

    Arnold schwarzenegger attacked.

    Well theres definitely going 2 be a couple of security jobs up for grabs thats for sure.
  9. tb25

    The PlayOff's

    As a derby lad there f***ing frustrating at the moment gnash
  10. tb25

    Finished this today

    Look better every time ken.. Carnt be easy get some nice small ones made
  11. tb25

    Ted bundy

    Woman get wet over him still 2 this day..woman in genral love this shit thats why they watch all these murder stuff..its genraly turns them on thats why they like 2 be choked out fro sex and stuff.ruffed up and so on
  12. tb25

    Gave me abit of a giggle

    Well i thiught it was funny lol
  13. tb25

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    Just seen your post tomo.. Am sure your kids are great pal . Eny piss taking i put on here is just in jest.. Never 2 course upset but if the tables was turned i would get upset i would think. No a fence intended is all am trying 2 say lol..
  14. tb25

    trt treatment..

    My gyms shut 2day . Totally f****d my routine up. Starting 2 think am be coming obsessed