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  1. tb25

    It's came again

    I no al get slated..I kind of want it mate...hopefully it kicks me out my weakness
  2. Lifes been pretty perfect just lately..changed jobs..better money.. It's all good now I want to die again..what the fuckis wrong with me lads...I no am weak mindined..why one day I feel good the next I self harm..f***ing perfetic..
  3. Speakes quite alot on sence regarding addiction. He's hindind behind those ig clever words though..
  4. We be pretty nieve to think earth is the only planet to hold life in the solar system..
  5. f***ing dogs..who would have em hey lol.
  6. Hopefully just gone for a wonder mate. Fingers crossed for you.
  7. You never wank ? Lol
  8. As humans was we ment to spend a life time with same person..?
  9. tb25


    Thank you chid...any ideas if those key things turn them..am clueless lol
  10. tb25


    Whats this thing called lads..just had the room all plastered and it put back on the wall now it's leaking but have no clue what it's called to fix it..
  11. What about those who are over 18 ..not the older generation but those who dont wish to live any longer?.
  12. Alpha dog .. Based on a true story.. After the film I watched one of these pod cast things by the bloke who that Timberlake played..f**k...he only did 11 years.
  13. I wouldn't feel comfortable not knowing what the problem was..and if I thought it was a brake..well. Vets mate..
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