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  1. tb25

    One less scumbag

    They was paid and still was coming back. Slabs who wanted easy money
  2. tb25

    I Work Whippets

    True though stan..mate it littery takes a few minutes to call someone.seconds even.. No ones that busy
  3. tb25

    One less scumbag

    They new what was going on.all but one over 16.. Tarts after money. They wasn't fussed at the time...have you seen these woman? Low life bitchers
  4. tb25

    I Work Whippets

    No time to ring lol.24 hours in aday
  5. tb25

    One less scumbag

    Should throw half the whores he f****d in jail while there are it
  6. Am ok mate hope your all well
  7. New you would pipe up lol..I dont wanna fight no c**t..just do beleave in calling a man.thats all.
  8. Sent you a pm mate
  9. Don pm me ya number
  10. PM me ya number mate
  11. Shit happens and you move on...happy hunting lads
  12. I dont just arse.probly the reason I got a slap
  13. Mate.lets be honest. From what I hurd your coildent last five minutes in the street..no afence
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