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  1. Tryed hard to be a better man but theses thoughts won't leave me alone...I don't wanna die but I don't want to suffer no more...it doesn't stop..am weak
  2. If you hit this c**t you would probably be called a woman beater in court... Wtf
  3. Banned simply because he's not liked.. Sad .
  4. One of the first rap tunes I hurd..Iiked it ,still do..rip
  5. tb25

    ohh shit

    Brought tears to my eyes watching that as a kid...lol Great film
  6. Wild fires as I was travelling to surry this afternoon to work..had to down tools a hour after...intense to f**k in direct sun
  7. In the shade its perfect I think
  8. Most be poor kids without proper decent parents to. Time we put a cap on these scummy fuckers having kids..I see it day in day out..young tarts popping kids out for no other reason that they can.
  9. tb25


    Yes he's still making it.same great quality
  10. tb25


  11. But not really needed
  12. tb25


    Well he's certainly f****d any chance off parole up now.. Not sure how I would feel living next to him ..definitely would do my anxiety any good lol. I wish the man the best though
  13. Not sure I could do nights again..suited me for a good few years but not so sure now.. It does have its benefits though.
  14. My heads took a wobble past couple of weeks..hit the gym hard..befor and after work..running till near death lol. Amazing what it does for your mind and body. Stick with it Keith..quiet a few older ladys and gentlemen at our gym.. If owt mate most the blokes would look at you with respect for not just sitting at home.. Well I certainly would. Try again tomorrow mate
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