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  1. Just a f***ing shame we have to go to these lengths ken.. Shouldn't have 2 worry about stuff like this.
  2. Thing is with cctv is it only allows you to watch the crime. It doesn't stop it. Especially if its a in and out job. Scumy c**ts all the same
  3. tb25


    Fight day...carnt wait lol
  4. tb25


    I never wanted to ask how he passed but did wonder. Terrible. Rip
  5. Allways busy you dan mate
  6. My thoughts are there probably as bad as each other. So f**k em both lol
  7. You eat well you mate..looks bloddy beautiful that
  8. Abortion is murder..your taking a life....
  9. I honestly think Russia should kill the lot..
  10. Thank you gentlemen..hard to reply on here somtimes for some reason..probably my phone
  11. Pm sent jok Decca to win lurcherman mate
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