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  1. Bit of sun will do you good mate...enjoy it .
  2. I like 2 keep a open mind on these things..
  3. Am kida hoping there out there ..be a beautiful thing to see..certainly wouldn't shoot the decker ken lol
  4. I think am just frustrated mate ..no one can tell me anything I dont allready know...its something I'll live with ...I have so much to offer my famly and frends but unfortunately my mind wonders...am still at the stage were I feel it's a weakness..and probly allways will..I tell myself most days just 2 man up but it's really not as simple as that....I carnt be happy as I no what will come after...so I just keep fighting for a few goles I have...
  5. Give me abit of this and am cool lol
  6. The only real thing I think about is my kids mate ..my oldest I'd 15 now..some days I carnt be there for him and that bothers me...dealing with mental health bullshit makes you come across selfish as f**k..but your not..
  7. It's just the way am made mate..I done it all tbh...a few months back they say I have border line personality disorder..the doctors couldn't give me the tablets he thought I needed..so he put me on to the right people..we spoke..that was a good 5 month back..haven't hurd shit since and tbh I dont think it would help..I just keep on keeping on...am not depressed at all I just have that thought of dieing..I'll get my rod and mutts out soon..I'll be alright but I no what will some after...every time I feel happy I have to me sad..I walk alone..allways have..it just pissers me of sometimes not bei
  8. As said mate I have pretty much just live with it...no doctor can help unless the feed me drugs..and no amount of drugs or talking will help.. It's just a shame I have lost most my relationships due to this shit. Luckily I have a woman who understands me no but shes definitely starting to struggle with it all..
  9. I fell pretty hard last October time..had 2 take a few week off work..went out and got the help needed...am still wating on the call back lol .I pretty much apsetered my mind tbh...I'll never feel true happiness..kinda just stuck in one place..it is what it is I serpose..
  10. Unfortunately I spend most my days wanting to die..I wake up and go to sleep thinking it..it literally is never out my thoughts..I have blamed myself for years wondering why I have this pervtic weakness.... People who kill them selfs must be going though hell to take that step..
  11. Alot of men fight hard befor they kill them selfs..they see no were out...there not selfish..
  12. Been meaning to go 2 get a mole that's been bothering on my back for months.. You be fine mush..
  13. Is there certain places on the web to look for farm work don mate?.
  14. I would jump at a chance like that..working in a werehouse every night for 12 hours isn't healthy..can be soul destroying in fact..next year I will definitely be changing this job...
  15. tb25

    Pet hates.

    These c**ts on the 400 odd pound scooters flying all over the place..
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