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  1. Your thinking of the wrong undertaker
  2. Chid

    Heavy haulage

    Not sure on when an escort is needed but place my dad used to work was moving a load at about 12/13 ft wide and they needed a 'second man' in the cab by law, to get out at any points and direct the driver if needed. I was that second man It was a gun turret off a battleship.
  3. Lamping dog x whippet/Saluki lurcher
  4. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-mma200-arcmma-inverter-welder/ Something like that would do you
  5. Yes I can weld mig welding is easy enough to learn .. just get a half decent welder not a cheap Lidl/Aldi job
  6. Go to your nearest welding place tell them what you want .. job done ..
  7. I've tried , asked a few places but none seem to want a 30 odd year old trainee about the place
  8. I know people who are working as plant mechanics who are on less than £12 an HR .. I was offered a job back in England for £13 an hour as an hgv mechanic . Both skilled jobs but in Max's thinking not having a skill and picking litter will be a better option than both .
  9. But everybody doesn't ... Your ginger so you mustn't
  10. Yes but your not understanding me.. who is going to want to go out and do a decent days graft when :- if I work 40 hours on minimum wage , I'll get no benefits .. and get £348.80 before tax .. and have to pay rent ..council tax ..pay for prescriptions and dental care . If I don't work and do community work and get £12 an hour for 40 hrs in benefits that's £480 and I'll get free health care .. yes I might have to pay my own rent and council tax though but it'dstill pay to be unemployed and go and pick litter or what ever you said , which isn't hard work ..
  11. Minimum wage is £8.72 ... So your way of thinking it'd still be better to be unemployed
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