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  1. They get stole and took to Europe .. If it's stole then put on a tractor over here soon as an update is needed itll flag up it's been stolen ..
  2. It doesn't log locations it's not that kind of GPS .. basically there used to keep the tractor in a straight line when plowing or drilling a field
  3. I leave all that to the missus.. I just light the fire and relax
  4. Could say the same thing to you about max but it's been longer than 5 yrs since he done something stupid and bought a Thai bride
  5. Turkey and ham all the usual veg and trimmings. There'll be me and the missus the 3 kids and her mum n dad .
  6. Ring a JD dealer and ask them if the serial number as been flagged as being stolen ..
  7. Its probably been stolen then dumped .. You'll need a dealer to check if it works
  8. Chid


    Rest easy jiggy
  9. Chid


    No that's jigsaw this one's jiggy ..
  10. That's nothing Jeff burrell as a line going back 800 yrs
  11. Parents get a bit arsey when you start chopping up there kids ... Honestly some people have no idea or concept of size .. they turn up in the tiniest of cars then choose the biggest tree and get really cheeky when you can't fit it in there car and try demanding free delivery seen as we sold them a tree that won't fit in there car
  12. Gimp ... I've had 2 6ft nordmanns in a mini and I loaded a 10ft nordmann into a focus estate yesterday no bother . Feel sorry for the kids when there mum n dad buys a big tree and then expect me to just throw it over them so they don't have to make 2 trips FFS
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