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  1. Why does the believers need to be following something ? Maybe they just find solace in the words and teachings of the Bible ..
  2. No point in ridiculing people for their beliefs and calling them fake ect and there's no point in them same people trying to push their beliefs down your throat .. I dont understand why each side of the god debate can't be right (or wrong lol) let's say evolution for instance .. we can see it's happening but what's to say it's not god doing it there you go chaps more to argue about
  3. There's millions or Christians left around the world , just because they don't shout about it or ain't manic in their beliefs don't mean there not out there ..
  4. Been done loads of times , worth a try imo if there's no other option ..
  5. I can't lay slabs but laboured for someone who does and they always looked better 50/50 staggered joints and he layed they on a bed of mortar (not a dab in each corner but like you'd lay bricks on all round the outside edge ) then mortar all the joints ,he said it cost a bit more material wise but was easier and never suffered with loose flags.
  6. They are thinking of there parents when they decide to end it , there thinking the parents will be better off without them , it's an illness they no one can comment on unless they've been there
  7. Average of one fight every 4 week
  8. Just looked and I stand corrected that's not a feed ..
  9. You don't want to be putting lawn feed and grass seed down at the same time
  10. Refused to get his kids their childhood vaccines
  11. Chid


    Maybe because he holds no positions that allow him to ..
  12. Chid


    Family argument lol king James was king Billy's father in law
  13. Chid


    Yes and I've also seen the nationalist WhatsApp messages doing the rounds . Someone out there likes stirring the pot to keep Northern Ireland from being peaceful
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