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  1. We had them in our school lol
  2. And none of the news articles seem to be printing his age like they normally do ... Is this so we don't wonder why a young fit person is dropping dead .
  3. Your prescription might work for 2 lots of medication , girl I work with gets her meds online but gets prescription from vet and it can be used twice before needing a new prescription
  4. Chid


    Under 21s get less dole money as well
  5. Well I just tried and one near me has some dates , but it's only 2 days a month
  6. Correct .. I know of a 24/25" lurcher that lined a small Russell bitch .
  7. Same surnames but not related
  8. Not had a drink for the last 3yrs .. Was a time I'd be in the pub every night after work for 3 or 4 drinks before going home .
  9. Get a pay rise at work
  10. Was younger than 30 when I joined
  11. Chid

    Rufford ford

    Thats why I'm driving about in a 20yr old Yaris
  12. Chid

    Rufford ford

    Chains don't last like they used to now , 60 thousand mile is the expected live span of one on a Corsa/viva
  13. Chid

    Rufford ford

    Most new cars have the air intake lowdown and forward now , it cuts down on cabin noise.
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