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  1. I grew up in Oldham went to school with the asians got Asian friends and there is definitely no go areas for whites I'm lucky in a sense because I know some of the Asian 'big lads' from the area, I never really got trouble used to regularly walk through the area's most wouldn't but still got surrounded a few times by groups of them ready to show me I shouldn't of been there .. and that was ten years ago , and I'm told it's only got worse since ..
  2. 30 yrs ago there wasn't that many Muslims in Oldham .. now it's overrun with them with no go areas for whites and this is with people fighting back against them
  3. Oldham has a majority Muslim population
  4. Tommy was in limeside which is a predominantly British white estate .. so it's be like a SF/IRA politician canvassing up the falls and people from the shankill going up the falls in protest
  5. Chid

    Mobile app

    Why would you want an app of the site ...
  6. It makes no difference tbh even if the email address is no longer in use , but some people use email alerts to keep them updated on when they get messages ect ...
  7. Chid

    Buzzards - any clue?

    Buzzards will migrate and fly in groups when they do , maybe you seen a rest stop ...
  8. Change of email I picked it up as ,moving from one internet provider to another and loosing email address account was set up with ..
  9. Why not just change your email address on your account your using now
  10. Chid

    Opinions on this ......

    A cow
  11. Chid


    Thats an aluant x greyhound... (The one you want) why not just go and buy one and save alot of hassle
  12. Chid

    New Arrivals.

    I'm afraid there is a ban on hunting hares with lurchers in Ireland
  13. Chid

    New Arrivals.

    Sure some people charge for a pup some people a good home is all that matters .. makes no odds if you really want it you’ll pay for it
  14. Chid

    New Arrivals.

    Any free to good home yet ?