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  1. Looks like a ta lever to me
  2. Looks the same ? If so you may have a ta torque amplifier model .. it's like a split gear when going up hill ect so you don't need to drop a full gear .. Not sure if the 674 came with one though
  3. Should of said separate high low box
  4. 2 levers down by the seat on the left hand side ?
  5. Case bought international Harvester out along with David brown became case international or case IH now there CNH , which is case , New Holland fait agri and Steyr.
  6. Good tractors worked on a couple and driven a few. Check it'll lift on 3 point linkage smoothly Check as your using the loader steering doesn't go jerky . On the road check how bad it is at wandering. 2 wheel drives with loaders are hard on the bushes but it's an easy enough fix
  7. Only injection as babies in with their other jabs . As older children it's a drop on the tongue
  8. Trying to justify £800 for pups bred from young untested stock
  9. By our laws ... Laws of other countries are different
  10. Chid

    Albino roe

    leucisitic I think is the right term not partial albino
  11. Why worry what other people are doing or what vaccines there taking .. Just live your life how you want to live it and leave others to live theirs how they want . Simple
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