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  1. Chid

    Oldest dog on thl??

    Father in law had a Springer that lived till it was 19
  2. Chid

    Safety work shoes/trainers

    You'd hope they'd be good at the price of them
  3. Chid

    Safety work shoes/trainers

    There made out of a composite material not steel and there a lot lighter , I won't wear steel toes anymore
  4. Chid

    Safety work shoes/trainers

    Look for a composite toe not a steel toe , a lot lighter and easier on the legs .
  5. Chid

    Gundog lurchers

  6. Chid

    That's townies for ya lol

    and so it begins
  7. Chid

    That's townies for ya lol

    Same here ... I've got silage bales to bring in when there wrapped probably be about ten tonight when I start ..
  8. Chid

    Hong Kong - British Colonialism

    Am I the bigot or is it you who is One
  9. Chid

    Hong Kong - British Colonialism

    Granny Wong does it , she becomes an icon of Britishness I do it and I'm a bigot ...
  10. Chid

    Tree felling

    Get a professional in
  11. Chid

    RIP very soon ......

    Well socks was right.
  12. Chid


    Why the lepto vaccine only lasts about 3 months ..
  13. Chid


    There was a fella on this site caught it I'm sure he was from the Shetlands .. he did have a topic about it but that was maybe 5+ yrs ago
  14. Chid

    Haymins pups..

    Isn’t it a bobcock ... 3/4 whippet 1/4 grey
  15. Chid

    Dog transport

    Len McKinney - 07759690354 Try Len