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  1. It's called an aggression.. it happens around winter time it helps them control body temperature , share mates , enhance their defenses and share resources... All found on Google
  2. Sounds a bit of a change from the spicegirls
  3. Max .. hes posted nearly 40 times in 14 days .. that's hardly not coming on is it .. I reckon you should get back to your old self with the good advice on running dogs as you've a wealth of knowledge and experience with the years you kept greyhounds.. Think it's best to ignore the people you clash with it's not worth getting wound up over an internet forum ..
  4. Chid


    How much you paying ? Here's a pic of my work
  5. Welded cast exhaust manifolds loads of times using a normal mig with mild steel wire .. don't know if I'd like to weld a cast iron stove the same way though
  6. Boring view at my work lol
  7. Chid

    I'm a Celeb.

    Just seen on the bake book she's had to quit already
  8. I started off on the hgvs , then done outside work and now I'm back inside , main work is fitting towbars but also do fabrication and welding when needed .. Don't like shit weather after working at a garden centre that was like a wind tunnel and being in Northern Ireland I was constantly wet
  9. Some of you get some nice views where as I get to look at s**t like this most days
  10. Don't know how long you've been on here but you should know he speaks the truth ... Well according to one smart arse mod who edited my profile years ago and it's never been changed
  11. Chid


    Suzuki use fiat diesel engines .. I know honda and rover were in partnership at one time when rover was going.
  12. Chid


    His wife is worth that , because of her shares in her father's company , but I'd say the rusty Chinook has plenty of money to All the politicians in the UK/NI are the same they ain't gonna give a s**t about the everyday person all they are interested in is ££££s
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