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  1. There is different types of all them apart from mumps
  2. Chid

    20 years

    But an explosion of jet fuel would create a higher temperature than its standard burning temperature would it not because its created a pressure wave .. bit like a petrol burning won't melt steel but a petrol tank going up will ..
  3. Chid

    20 years

    Why can it not
  4. Chid

    20 years

    20 years have passed and not much of a mention , are people forgetting
  5. After over 80% of the population aged over 12 have been vaccinated
  6. Knock and it shall be opened up to you ?
  7. Sudden death syndrome as been about for years as has sudden infant death syndrome aka cot deaths
  8. I agree last time I seen one walking about with a hand in its mouth was back in the summer of 95 , after my mate jumped into the garden occupied by the rotty to retrieve our football
  9. Hate to be persnickety but the Union flag is wrong on that chair
  10. https://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/299968-whoops/page/3/
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