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  1. Look shit them .. Tidy job bet they cost a bit to buy
  2. Loads go missing never to be found . There's nearly 20 who were abducted by the IRA and never found
  3. Watched about 2 mins of it then when he started linking masons and Satanists I stopped .. guys just talking shite
  4. Shame most of them have rotted away now
  5. I'd try digging a bit of it up and planting it see what happens
  6. They've also brought out a new land cruiser, wonder if itll be as good as the last one
  7. Maybe @Aussie Whip might be able to help
  8. A neighbour of mine just died from some form of MND after being told they was suffering from long COVID .. Dont know about jab history or anything as they was very private people .
  9. Chid


    There was a maestro turbo that was a cozzie (escort) killer .. Cars of the past have a lot more character imo .
  10. Chid


    For a car of their age they was summat special .. 0-60 in less than 5 secs, would still keep up with most modern fast cars .
  11. Chid


    Not being funny but that's a load of nonsense.. if you work on cars day in day out you will see different build qualities on different makers. Even in the VAG group you see different qualities between brand Skoda karoq/VW Tiguan same base car but the VW as a far better quality about it .
  12. Chid

    Bare feet

    Athletes foot doesn't have to be caught .. it's a fungal infection, same as ringworm and jock itch .. can develop in warm sweaty areas .. As for the Mrs best just telling her that her sisters a better ride .
  13. Chid

    Copper braclet.

    Got golfers elbow , had it years tried alsorts got one of them bracelets with magnets in ... Did feck all apart from I started getting really bad headaches till I stopped wearing it .
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