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  1. Some just want to work and will go and round the stock up when not needed otherwise
  2. Chid

    Wrassing with the baby

    Great to see
  3. Chid

    Fathers day

    Kids got me socks , but not just any socks .. they’ll look good on the 12th day
  4. Chid

    World Cup terror attack in moscow

    Driver fell asleep at the wheel supposedly
  5. Chid

    Best part of uk to live

    Northern Ireland.. lived here 10yrs now and wouldn’t move back to the mainland
  6. Chid

    Flying the flag

    If You want to see true British support/celebration for a country get over to Northern Ireland anytime in July .. thousands of union flags flying, nearly every house in loyalist areas flying a flag ,
  7. Chid

    wish i was coming in from school to this

    Mate had a yz250 what was rapid Front wheel in the air soon as you give it a bit of throttle , I preferred the thump of a single 4stroke
  8. Chid

    Collie Grey For Stud

    Only one ball and looks cow hocked ... brilliant specimen to be breeding from
  9. Chid

    rapid 7 forum

  10. Chid

    Dog transport

    Have you tried len McKinney and aiden Mcallister ? They work together and cover most of the uk and Ireland
  11. Chid

    Kennel bedding

    Tried everything and the old dog likes nothing in his bed , it’s out in the run within the hour of putting fresh stuff in .. same with his son...bit of rubber horse matting is what I’m going to try next screwed down
  12. Chid

    Trip to Ireland

    Wouldn’t want a border it’ll make getting to Rossnowlagh harder in July
  13. Chid

    Trip to Ireland

    Ffs 4 days !! You’ll need a week to recover after having the after hunt ‘wee drink’ ..
  14. Chid

    Trip to Ireland

    The one what’s gonna have to be built When brexit finally happens lol