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  1. Chid

    Live Bands

    Was at v festival in 2002 and 2003.. seen a fair few there .. chemical brothers were good . Seen the red hot chilli peppers live and James brown was the warm up act.. he was class lol couldn't of got any one better to get the crowd going
  2. It's about 700/800 in every million in Northern Ireland
  3. It can increase the chance of Merle pups .. it also increases the chance of double Merle pups which are where the problem lies ..
  4. Open a window .. or keep the heating on 24/7 .. My house suffers with it because it's an old stone cottage walls never warm up so any hot air condenses on the walls over night
  5. Max said we don't and I believe him because I seen Janice on Facebook ranting about being forced to get injected to
  6. That's why my dad has a 5hp seagull engine FFS get a rough tide and you don't make any headway
  7. Try joining a boat club . That's what my dad did , could put his boat in off there slip way whenever he wanted
  8. https://www.rib.net/forum/f8/launching-on-the-north-east-coast-68670.html
  9. Find slip way push boat in ... Jobs a good un
  10. timeline for making a new vaccine for pandemic influenza .. this article was from over ten years ago and they could make a new vaccine then in 5 month so with another 10yrs advancement of medical science I don't think this vaccine was rushed .
  11. So it's McDonalds fault people are to lazy to throw their rubbish in the bin
  12. Lives there though ... No wonder that poor monkey was hanged with people like him in Hartlepool
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