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  1. How the feck you carry all them Made it a worthwhile evening, nice one
  2. One for sale on airgun bbs, think the member was admin on the old rapid site.
  3. Alright Jimmy, I just bought a Rekon setup a couple of weeks back second hand. I've not had time or been out in a while but got a phone call this morning to remedy that later this week, I'll reply to this thread after I've been out . What a would say is that they are heavier that I thought they would be and likes already been said, better for static shooting. Atb Steve
  4. Nice one jjm especially the black one. There used to be a black rabbit in the opposite field to the paddocks permission I've got. Was hoping for it to cross the road so I could get it for a sentimental pic
  5. Welling up here myself Jimmy, reading your words. Thoughts are with you and your family buddy. Steve
  6. Not even a fiver left now Just opened my shooting bag and found a XQ38f spotter in there , Christmas come early
  7. What issues were you having mate? Had one of those nights where everything went right. Wind was just a slight breeze in the right direction, no moonlight to light you up like Christmas tree, no injuries where a 2nd shot was needed just lights out, even managed to find the bunny's no bother in the long grass! Atb
  8. I've had the little permission about 7 years and it's the first time I've seen myxi on there, not that it's ever had big numbers there.
  9. Yeah, it was touch and go. Been doing demolition all week and getting home fooked.
  10. Pics 1& 2 are of the same rabbit!
  11. Been itching to get out, especially after reading some of the write-ups on here lately . Ventured over to the horse paddocks permission after tea this evening. Took the hw100 .177 with the Night-Watch gen 2 n/v and the CRS n/v rangefinder clamped on the top. The journey took about half an hour and i arrived at 9.30.Got out the car, grabbed me gear and scanned the field from the 5 bar gate, not one eye shine. Climbed the gate and made my way further into the field. Scanned the field again and still no eye shine, wait, see what looked like rabbit features. That could only mean one thing, myxi ! Got to 36 yds away and let the pellet go, straight down. As I edged nearer to pick it up, another one popped its head above the long grass and she suffered the same fate, she was at 32 yds. Pacing up and down to find it, another one darted and stopped at 21 yds away, like a stone it dropped. Went over to retrieve it and another one at the far edge of the field 40 yds away made itself known. Half a mill over and it was lights out. All four shots were taken free standing! Out of the four rabbit's, two had myxi. The myxi ones were launched in the hedge for Mr fox and the other two were left for the owner. Got a confession to make Jimmy, I had to use a knife lol
  12. Cheers Sean, I was well impressed with it!!
  13. Nice shooting lads I've not managed to get out since I was in the North with you lads! What model is the thermal? I'm on the lookout for one. Very nearly got the shackles, just it's going to make me skint if anything crops up unexpectedly.
  14. Could not put links to the sites so had to take screenshots..
  15. Hi Decker, regarding the fill pressure, it should say on the bottle? 200 bar I think (CP) charging pressure. TP is test pressure 300 bar. Regarding filling, unscrew the bottle half a turn then fire off a few shots to empty the pressurised chamber, probably 5 or 6 shots. If chamber hasn't emptied twist bottle another half a turn and do the same again, you will hear when the chamber is empty. If you've got spare bottle o rings, you can just unscrew the bottle but there will be a bang (not harmful) as the pressure will ping the o ring on the bottle. Normally the mod is just fitted using the grub screw but may have rusted in place. If you can heat up the end of an Allen key, most times this will break the seal if it's rusted in. (it works for screws) obviously, using a screwdriver. If your going to keep it it might pay to join one or both of the Rapid sites?
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