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    fishing comp charity

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    Fishing Competition 2019

    Yet another great write up of the weekend Kev to all those who attended and made the weekend a success yet again. Sorry I couldn't make it but hopefully one of the lads from the other forum put you in the picture, 1st one I've missed! I'll be adding to the charity and hopefully all going well see you all next year
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    Scary thing is though Kanny, the lib dems have suggested putting Hillary Benn or Ken Clarkes name forward to head an interim government, that may just work. Hope Moggy and Boris have something up their sleeves to put the mockers on it. I wish the leavers would stop telling the other side exactly what their plans are as it gives every remaining dog in Parliament including that kunt Bercow a heads up on thwarting it.
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    Only just seen this thread.. Nice one Walshie, hope she grows up every bit as lovely as your last one
  8. Have you sorted the problem Eradic8r?
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    https://news.sky.com/story/ecb-opens-door-to-rate-cut-as-outlook-darkens-11770351 Could be a perfect storm, in Boris's favour.
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    https://greece.greekreporter.com/2019/07/24/special-meeting-called-as-greece-prepares-for-a-no-deal-brexit/ Talking about bilateral agreements
  11. Fake news sandy, yet again... Sandy reads The Star
  12. Try having a look at this thread and see if it helps solve your problem
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  14. When the soldiers returned from iraq and marching through Luton you had the muslim c**ts spitting at our soldiers and burning the Union flag. Muslims marching with an isis flag with the police doing sweet f**k all, just ushering them along. TR was the first man over the barricades to have a go and grab their flag, fair play to him.
  15. I don't think a lot was happening regarding the Northern sex abuse cases til he got wind of it then the news exploded. After inquiries top copper and Councillors lost their jobs and that was just the beginning. Cases were found all over the country, opened up a can of worms for the c**ts.