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  1. See these kind of threads started all over the forums. It would help if the O P's stated where they are based as my crystal ball refuses point blank to let on!!
  2. Got my spares from here last week - "BSA - Airsporter Model Variants" BSA - Airsporter Model Variants WWW.AIRGUNSPARES.COM Airgunspares & The Countrystore Gunshop. Gun spares for hundreds of airguns, no matter... You could also try here as they carry them - "Airsporter BSA - Airgun spares | Chambers Gunmakers - Airgun, Shotgun & Rifle spares. Parts for Air Arms, BSA, Crosman, Diana, Gamo, Relum, Webley, Weihrauch and many, many more" https://www.gunspares.co.uk/categories/24287/Airsporter/ Hope these help
  3. It would be a shame if the court case causes bad blood between the bandmates. Was I tittle too young (missed them by a couple of years) but have played them over the years ever since This is my favourite PiL song For me, one of the best Pistols songs
  4. Straight from the tin, fook faffing about. Vermin will never know the difference
  5. What's an 8 yard windage, I don't understand??
  6. Look on the bright side Arry, no-one's got the wooden spoon twice on the trot so you'll be alright next year Kev didn't even finish the sentence before Sean had half his kit in the next swim down, he must of known that end of the pond was shite
  7. Hope it all goes well Jimmy and the weather hold out for you
  8. Met up with a fella last Monday after heading back home from a few days in Northumberland, he had 5 tins of these in .30 . He rated them in his Rapid. I looked at getting a tin in .177 @ 10.5 g but at £24 for a bag of 250 I thought fook that
  9. Still got mine from the mid 80s, it's a "S" in .177 and i'll never sell it
  10. Never sold any of my rifles, each has a different characteristic feel about it, and the fact, its always good to have a backup if your main shooting rifle goes down
  11. You clumsy pair of cnuts, and sleeping on the job Fair play on getting out mate and telling all, could of been worse, you could of blanked Sure your gun will be back looking good as new
  12. Have you done the seals yet Walt? The seal that normally goes is the little one where the cylinder screws on to, 10mm socket to get the valve out and there's one behind that If you have trouble, there's a fella in Essex, Andy, (Blackmax) who's the goto bloke to sort them, he'll take the anti-tamper out as well so you can keep it legal
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