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  1. liP


    Banter stewie, you read it all and there was nothing malicious like I've said before... Its late, goodnight and sleep tight
  2. liP


    Like I said it was a long time ago and I can't remember the facts as there was a lot of piss take. Yes we all took the piss but not in a malicious way as you well know, so don't come across like a pansy waving your hands, look at these c**ts picking on poor little stewie. I'm not going to go into detail but to say I stuck up for you. Oh BTW I've just been told I never sent the mugshot as it was put up on the site by someone else so not so guilty then! Ps "The where to look" was in response to sticking up for you in light of the accusations against you now f**k off.
  3. liP


    Just reading through this thread and I can categorically say it was not sid who had anything to do with putting mugshot /name /address up on your/our little site. f**k knows where all those shitty accusations came from? On that site we all had a good bit of banter nothing malicious and not a bad word or falling out from any of the members apart from Stan banning me lol Sorry Stan for the irate words lol This is all from about 4 year's ago so I may have got some of the info wrong. I think I may have sent the mug shot of you to sid as he already knew what you looked like after seeing you at the 1st comp. I honestly can't remember if it was sent to me or I found it after someone gave me the Info on where to look, either way both sid and I stuck up for you after you telling me the true account of what really happened for you to get arrested and staffriffraff on here backing up your account. I will still say you were treated harshly for what happened to get you caged but, to bring all this shit out now after all this time in the way you have only thing I got to say is go f**k yourself. After reading your posts on here, you are one selfish c**t and selfish I can't stand. Instead of running to the hills like a prick, why didn't you try to get the poor girl some help, it's not like you didn't know she needed it? I see you sent me a pm or two whilst I have been catching up on this thread and writing this but I'll tell you now, I'll not even open them to converse with you and to be totally honest I think you are f****d up in the head or that's the way you've come across! Best thing you could do is leave this site for a while, grab your thoughts and come back a better person under another name, it's up to you
  4. Makes it all worth while, well done all
  5. liP

    FAO Newkid

    Yous were lucky to get the 3pts but fair play. Can still see yous coming 2nd again this season
  6. These are the people I felt sorry for, real victims!!
  7. liP


    Maybe all is not lost... Yet
  8. liP


    https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/eu-chiefs-push-for-closer-union-paving-way-for-eu-superstate/ Just came across this article
  9. liP


    Just watched Andrew Marr show and from what Javid was saying, "Boris will obay the law but will not ask for a Brexit extension". He did not go into detail as "we have learnt from previous mistakes" letting the opposition know their plans. Boris and Cummins must have a masterplan, I sincerely hope so.
  10. liP


  11. If you've got to explain a joke then it's no longer funny
  12. Micky, see you've been on here 2 or 3 times but no comments. Have you got the job, when you starting,and how much?
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