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  1. liP


    I'm going to have to Google that
  2. liP


    Good, don't come back
  3. liP


    O T, you know any John Betjeman?
  4. liP


    If it was your corn I'd set the field alight
  5. liP


    Our team, are you dyslexic or are you on the piss?
  6. liP


    That makes it 4 time now, still none the fooking wiser
  7. liP


    Didn't understand a fooking word of what you wrote there
  8. liP


    Listening to the msm, they are all trying to victim assassinate Boris. On radio 5 live today that Emma Bird was going on about how many kids Boris has. Knowing full well he's had a few affairs with various women, she tried her hardest to shine him in a piss poor light. Also she mentioned about one of his mates wanted a certain journalists address to go knock f**k out of him which Boris duly gave him lol The left doing there best to get a remainer into No 10, can't talk highly enough of that Rory bloke ffs
  9. Haven't got a clue mate. The plug is always in place in the Hw cylinder and only taken out when it needs filling. The dive cylinder has an end cap on too so I can only imagine it was some debris come loose in the hw cylinder end,like a bit of dried glue or lock tight, fook knows
  10. liP


    https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1141079/boris-johnson-news-no-deal-brexit-tory-leadership-race-theresa-may-rory-stewart f***ing says it all, no wonder we have not left the EU on time. f***ing says one thing to get our hopes up then does the other
  11. liP

    Did Labour Fiddle It?

    " However, Labour has categorically denied that Mr Mahmood had any involvement in the campaign, with a spokesman saying: “Peterborough council, who organise the count, always announce the results in a public area of the venue. There were hundreds of people there. The Labour Party had 19 official guests who were allowed in to the restricted areas. He was not one of them. " So how did he get the photos or vid showing the bags of voting papers from the restricted area ??? On his faceache page
  12. Yeah, I remember him saying once that he had a night out with you, a long while back now He's good with the Air Arms service and I think the Falcon is basically the same as Air Arms.
  13. If you could coax Davyt63 over, I think he could sort it out for you Decker.
  14. liP


    Cheers for that, I'll give it a watch