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  1. No different to manning any other hawk!
  2. You'd be surprised the female that I moulted out last season had virtually no full tail feathers when I bought her. I turned her loose in the aviary and she used to bounce off the walls now and then. It makes you cringe, but she managed a nice clean moult. I think when the feathers have done a year they then become more dried out and brittle, and are more prone to break. The new growth will be more supple and flexible.
  3. Sounds like you'd be better off totally covering it in except the roof. Goshawks usually pick a spot on the wall and bounce off the same place each time. Some people that I know have had success in putting some astroturf or matting on the contact points. I just clad the area off with polycarbonate and that worked for mine.
  4. Dug up this old thread, is anyone flying this cross at the minute?
  5. I would just gradually drop weight a bit until it will jump on glove to be fed then secure jesses and off you go!
  6. If you feed a varied quality diet there wouldn't be any need to feed supplements.
  7. The final 2 accidents of the season whilst exercising. Putting her down for the moult now, finishing on #70
  8. Breaking the rules from high in a tree top flushed by the dog. #68
  9. Another quick one thanks to the ferret #67
  10. Always a few on Birdtrader.
  11. Out for a quick one #66
  12. Another accident whilst tree flying #65
  13. You won't be disappointed!
  14. RS4 7.5g RS2 3.5g. Mine is the RS4 better battery life and range. Don't get the Marshall they aren't any good on a hawk, they are designed for longwings, and I would still get the Microsensory. My mate is selling his Marshall GPS after seeing mine in action and buying Microsensory. The battery life on the Marshall is shocking mate, and a recipe for disaster with a gos. The other day my mate forgot to charge his Microsensory before he went out and the battery was a higher percentage when he packed up as the solar panels on the tag charged it as he was using it. Quite often mine is on 100%
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