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  1. Moorman 1

    mates harris for sale

    Thank you. I know what you mean, he does the hard work and finds them all, they are a great team, but he often gets overlooked! Sorry to the thread starter for the hijacking, at least you had some bumps!
  2. Moorman 1

    mates harris for sale

    Have flown her up to 2lb 10oz but currently doing well at 2lb 7 1/2oz. Yes she takes the full spectrum. She has taken quite a lot of Pheasant as I sometimes fly her on a few shoots. Her main quarry is bolted rabbits.
  3. Moorman 1

    mates harris for sale

    Was out with mine today
  4. Moorman 1

    mates harris for sale

    Likewise Dave all the best mate!
  5. Moorman 1

    mates harris for sale

    Often into their twentys Dave
  6. Moorman 1


    Swazi windriver, nahani and back 40 best around had some of mine over 15 years and i live in them
  7. Moorman 1

    Lowa Tibet boots?

    What Lowas were they D? My Hunter GTX didn't leak for 6 years and they had some serious stick.
  8. Moorman 1

    Lowa Tibet boots?

    What Lowas were they D? My Hunter GTX didn't leak for 6 years and they had some serious stick.
  9. Moorman 1


    Mine are 5cm which is 2 inches never had a problem with them and I know plenty of people that use these panels.
  10. Moorman 1


    Thank you....All I can say is it works well. The bird is free lofted all year round and keeps herself fit. Its just nice knowing that she isn't tethered with the risk of tangling etc. She sees plenty going on all the time. It works well with the minimum of maintenance etc
  11. Moorman 1


    With a bit of Clematis for a bit of natural greenery.
  12. Moorman 1


    I can't remember the dimensions it was a few years ago that we built it I will have to measure it in the daylight. There is no door between the shelter and the barred section its all open. There is a canvas sheet that I have rolled up as a curtain for really bad weather but have never had the need to use it. The wooden section is lined with plastic parlour board to make cleaning easy. The roof is corrugated metal sheet 4 x 2's then lined with parlour board. It all works very well and is easy to clean. Below is a pic before it was finished just to give you an idea.
  13. Moorman 1


    This suits a female Harris very well, freelofted all year round.
  14. Moorman 1

    Absolute beginner in Cornwall.

    You have a PM
  15. Moorman 1

    falconry help

    You will find that a Harris's will fly to you at a high weight. You will have to bring the weight down to make a young hawk take the plunge and tackle quarry. Once they have had a few kills you can try the weight up a bit until it goes off the boil. As muscle and confidence grow its weight will increase, its all trial and error. There are a number of factors to take into account, the weather, they need more fuel when its cold. The quality of meat, ie red/white meat all have differing calorific values. Also the amount of exercise its had will determine the amount of food needed to maintain a certain weight.