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  1. Moorman 1


    Managed 2 kills today, fed up with the rain. Birds was wet from minute I arrived. Had some cracking flights, good for fitness flying when wet. Hard going for the hawk though.
  2. Moorman 1


    She's had some cracking flights on pheasants but been unlucky, found her with a fist full of feathers. She has had feather in the past.
  3. I know what you mean that's why we only fly one bird at a time.
  4. I have flown them in casts and single, I definitely think you get a better hawk flying them individually. A bit like dogs a lot are too clever and let the other bird do the work then pile in and try to take the glory. I find it makes them lazy. Also a lot more get killed or injured cast flying than you get to hear about.
  5. No problem at all, good luck with it! Keep in touch.
  6. Ideal you won't be disappointed, keep me posted. Maybe have a day out when you get it going if you fancy it.
  7. Everyone to their own, but why would you start with a male and female, wouldn't you be better off putting all your time into one. The problem is its like having two pups together you'll always take to one over the other and then the other one gets left behind. The male will tame quicker and respond much faster as it has less weight to lose also they are usually a lot more laid back and easy going. Good luck with them, keep us posted on their progress! Nice hybrid, I know several people flying Ferruginous/redtail's and one with a redtail/Harris, keep us posted.
  8. There are no hard and fast rules, but not all Harris hawks fly well in a cast. Quite often they can cause damage through crabbing on a kill etc. Don't have to be related some fly well in a cast and some don't.
  9. Moorman 1


    You should go out with the Goshawks, I'm sure you won't regret it! I know what you mean its very addictive.
  10. Moorman 1


    Thanks Lol, ah well its not for everyone.
  11. Moorman 1


    Nice one some good ferreting up that way, and totally, likewise
  12. Moorman 1


    Dodging the heavy showers and battling the high winds again. Two slips and a kill from a nice long sprint. Fed up and headed for home #19
  13. Moorman 1


    Yeah I will try to get some video footage
  14. Moorman 1


    Another one on the tally, thin on the ground, but managed a few nice flights.
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