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  1. I remember last year it was torrential rain and we were setting high on Dartmoor. I remember opening a tunnel and it was literally a full tube of running water, gushing like a spring and my mate said you are never going to set that? I did and over night the rain had subsided, the moles then rush in to clear the tunnels. In the morning I had a mole in that trap and when I lifted it to reset it the tube was clear and reasonably dry!
  2. Thanks Kev, hopefully you'll be back on next season mate!
  3. Final flight of the season. It was an excellent mark from the dog, a cracking bolt from the ferret and an outstanding take from the hawk. So a good note to finish on! #35
  4. Yes I have heard it on here before, some say it works well.
  5. I had one last week that had been pouring Dettol into the runs,lol.
  6. Yes D there were lots of scissor traps in the mole hills today. They said that they had been setting them for a few months and just kept getting filled in! By the way Besty said to say hi, lol
  7. Nice one good result. I had a pleasant result today. The two gardeners on this manor house that usually catch the moles there had been trying for months to catch the culprits, but continually had their traps backfilled. I was called in after being recommended. When I arrived this morning their traps were still in situ. I set up around their mess and before I left I had caught one entering the lawn by the swimming pool. It's very rewarding when a plan comes together!
  8. Had 73 on the farm I'm on at the minute so far and still got a few more blocks to set up there yet!
  9. Flat out on the moles, constantly rolling the traps over!
  10. The government always encourages recycling!
  11. There aren't many things that'll eat moles for some reason even foxes and badgers seem to spit them out, my ferrets won't eat them either.
  12. Out for quick fly and yet another accident. One unlucky cockbird. #34
  13. 9 this morning and a double from two fields.
  14. Another accidental catch today. But executed in fine style a cracking mid air bind from high up in a tree. #33
  15. Kodiak is slightly smaller/lower to the ground regarding the seat height.
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