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  1. Always a few on Birdtrader.
  2. Out for a quick one #66
  3. Another accident whilst tree flying #65
  4. You won't be disappointed!
  5. RS4 7.5g RS2 3.5g. Mine is the RS4 better battery life and range. Don't get the Marshall they aren't any good on a hawk, they are designed for longwings, and I would still get the Microsensory. My mate is selling his Marshall GPS after seeing mine in action and buying Microsensory. The battery life on the Marshall is shocking mate, and a recipe for disaster with a gos. The other day my mate forgot to charge his Microsensory before he went out and the battery was a higher percentage when he packed up as the solar panels on the tag charged it as he was using it. Quite often mine is on 100%
  6. Thanks! Yes it is, it was one of the first RS4's to be released.
  7. Two more accidents whilst exercising #64
  8. I thought that was a Tug S, that's cheap for down my neck of the woods!
  9. Thanks mate, yes another cracking day, looks like a seagull lol!
  10. Out helping keeper today 4 accidents. My mates young white gos had a cockbird,and mine had two hens and a cock!
  11. I'm the same, hawks are like dogs in the fact that if you double them up they become lazy and let the other/others do all the work then just pitch in at the end. You will see much better flights from your hawk flown on its own!
  12. Yes this is common not all Harris's fly with others
  13. Three more accidents today, I must try to be more careful when exercising her.#59
  14. Moorman 1


    They are the most easily obtained hawk feathers, you can usually buy them or someone would post a set to you. Definitely the most suitable, I heard of someone that used to fit a Harris tail to his gos at the beginning of the season and always had a full set at the end of it.
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