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  1. Does anyone have contact details for the lad that was selling the sportdog collars etc please??
  2. A full crop after putting in the effort! #11
  3. Yes all going ok seeings I started late. We are allowed to fly for exercise, it's a chance that you take. Either fly your bird or leave it at home. I try to keep it away from birds of any kind.
  4. Get a mentor and start with the bird you want to keep. If you learn with a Harris then you are only equipped to fly a Harris.
  5. A good workout today. #10
  6. Both but usually out the tree or in mid air.
  7. Less than ten minutes in the field and another nutrunner in the bag.#7
  8. Out for a quickie after work. Another nutrunner bites the dust.#6
  9. Flying in galeforce winds today. He was really fighting the wind hit 3 or 4 rabbits but was struggling to keep control and lost them. Then finally a nice double head bind and secured his prize.#5
  10. First rabbit of the season in the bag. Kill #4.
  11. I'm not particularly aiming that at you. It seems to be thought of as a general remedy to almost all canine problems, chop of their nuts and it sorts them out.
  12. Sorry for the late reply! Yes they can end a birds career to be fair. It's always a quarry to try to avoid if possible, however if you free fly your hawk then they will come across them. They do give an exciting flight and a lack of rabbits forces your hand sometimes. Also they can learn a knack of handling them with a bit of experience, but it doesn't mean they'll always get away with it.
  13. Thats what tracking collars are for. Why do people always think cutting bollocks of will factory re set them and resolve all problems.
  14. Go for it mate you'll enjoy the experience.
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