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  1. Well actually as this is a hunting forum I am just talking about the work that they are bred for i.e a Labrador is I think bred for retrieving. I was talking about versatility in the respect of the purposes that they are bred to do. You probably could get a lab to point as I could probably get a lurcher to herd sheep, but why bother when there are dogs that are bred for the purpose. I know wildfowlers that use GWP's, and they do the job very well. Honestly I'm not disrespecting the Labrador I know of some very good ones but most won't do all the tasks to the same degree as a good GWP, they hav
  2. Your right there Terry they can be difficult as they are head strong but at the same time sensitive!
  3. We are talking gun work/hunting etc, the GWP is the most versatile HPR breed out there. What does a lab do ? retrieve,. Well I know people that use GWP's for falconry, hunting pointing and retrieving, find game. Also wild fowling, working as vermin locating dogs marking foxes. Retrieving shot game ,deer stalking, wild boar hunting, lamping, ferreting etc etc. The list is endless. Labs are versatile but they can't point.
  4. 14 weeks old took him out on his own. Stiff breeze in our faces slammed into a nice solid point, looked over the brow two fallow feeding. Nice to see the pup has some instinct in him.
  5. There is a lot of poorly made crap around. Better off sticking to some time served suppliers, especially when it could cost you your bird. Always a good idea to visit one of the falconry fairs to compare quality! Ben long: General gear Hooded Talons: Braided gear and hoods Ashley Clarke: Gloves Microsensory: Telemetry/GPS
  6. Obviously you don't have a mentor. You can't man a bird properly at fat weight. Why would you want to man it and drop it's weight at this time of year? The bird should be freelofted if possible in a seclusion/ quiet pen where it can moult in piece. The cover and leaves are high and all quarry species are breeding, there is no point in flying it at this time of the year unless you are carrying out bird control.
  7. John it says you can't receive messages can you give me a bell 

  8. Tell him to keep his f#####g moles.
  9. You boys need to up your price with cost of fuel gone up like it has.
  10. As previously said the less contact you have with the hawk the better, also don't bother weighing etc just feed ad lib. Let the hawk reach its top weight and feed a varied diet of good quality food. This is perfectly normal behaviour!
  11. I've never trained a lab but have trained a few spaniels. I wouldn't say any different from the Spaniels that I have trained, they seem to absorb the training quickly. I think that they are much more versatile than labs or Spaniels. They seem to be able to master a variety of tasks.
  12. You won't go wrong with a GWP it ticks all the boxes for everything that you require. They are the most versatile of all the HPR breeds and would excel at the gundog duties as well as the stalking requirements.
  13. Sounds like your going to be busy. Keep the posts coming, happy days!
  14. The grass doesn't look too long in the pic, how are you finding the ground? It's quite dry and getting harder down here.
  15. Ah that's a shame that you didn't see one at its best. They are the most versatile HPR breed out there. I use mine for hawking. Hunting up a pointing rabbit's, hares,pheasants etc. Marking rabbit's, working with ferrets, and locating and marking vermin on commercial shoots. Very good nose and unbelievable stamina, totally tireless in the field.
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