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  1. Call them poacher pocket ferrets Spin a yarn that they don’t disturb nets ,kill below Say you been breeding them 500 years as your great granddaddy was a Warrener for King Harold but got laid off when copped the arrow and put extra nought on the price
  2. I’m wondering if I made the brake pipes for it ?
  3. Good luck that pup with the white collar is fair lump Always wanted to try that breeding on edible game .
  4. So sad she was great as Aunt pol
  5. imagine if the slew broke down in the middle
  6. I thought he was done for keeping pits in poor conditions ?
  7. Only reason I know or remember is was on vets scales as she had to go for emergency spay as had polysistic ? ovaries wasn’t the same dog afterwards it ruined her tbh.
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