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  1. That pic holding the thatchers can an air pistol
  2. Bit of a cheat M&S ham hocks in caramelised apple sauce with jersey royals and kale . Wont win prizes for presentation but I was hungry an only took 20 minutes to cook
  3. Just had same conversation with my girlfriend went to cafe had 2 lattes and I had £3 ish change from £10 an they didn’t taste that great.
  4. Used to be same with feather they always paid low an then when you look in window there’s £5 markup , mind they have the overheads with rent an wage to pay I suppose ?
  5. Yeah until you burn yourself out you can be richest man in the grave yard ,An the kids grow up quick just take care Dc
  6. How did the first one go for you ?
  7. Release a few more if they eat rats though I read they are slow growing an don’t consume many a year unfortunately .
  8. Do you dust them with calcium powder ?
  9. All weston zoyland steam fair this morning . the main building has some serious cracks in it and is listed with English heritage , the outside loo is listing to one side
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