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  1. Dad said few year ago they were nuisance but then they disappeared he said same with thrushes just don’t see them anymore.
  2. Parents had 2 starlings today which not seen one here for ages and A black cap. normally it’s a robin , house sparrows , dunnocks, wood pigeon ,wren and odd tit blues ,great and couple time’s of the year a long tailed tit. Oh and a male spar.
  3. got me 10 pints of milk an 4 loaves of bread
  4. Blimey never had that when I had chooks .
  5. Thing that puts me off trying nettles is they grow lot where either humans or animals piss
  6. Yeah same here , I’d love to go out to Louisiana .
  7. What else Is he supposed to fecking do ? stop man whoring around an take the poor mutt for some exercise
  8. Little Johnny goes back to school on Monday and the teacher asks the kids if there was anything exciting that happened to them over the weekend. Little Johnny is waving his hand like crazy, well the teacher knows how little Johnny is so she doesn’t want to call on him. Finally, she gives in and calls on Johnny, “All right Johnny, what did you do this weekend?” Johnny says,” I rode in my wagon and had my dog pull me, well we came to this steep hill and we got going really fast, my dog couldn’t run fast enough. The handle of the wagon rammed up his ass.” The teacher interupts and
  9. Used to be few pockets of them around Monmouth way but never at the back of where I lived which was shame as was lovely countryside .
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