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  1. https://www.tiktok.com/@maximbadyofficial/video/7240658083049966891
  2. Nowadays it’s either dachshunds or French bully’s I see .
  3. Must admit I like look of the old dodge power wagons Would be happy with a old Toyota or even a series landy
  4. So detoured round to some farmland not to sure on the quail ?? only thing I feel is I’m going to be more inclined to keep looking at my phone instead of what’s around me ? I just looked up from it to see a fox carrying something dart across the track if I hadn’t been looking at the quail symbol I might of actually been closer to it when it crossed .
  5. I had a go in local woodland not a great success
  6. 22,000 Jesus I got nipped as a kid by a Russell trousers ripped think one of parents went an had a word but don’t remember any reimbursement mentioned ? but never heard of people being killed by dogs back then , really nothing took of with dog attacks until the craze of the Doberman’s and German shepherds . who remembers men trying to look hard in denim jeans with their gold medallion walking a German shepherd around
  7. Iguana solutions bit skinny for my tastes but she’s got a great catch phrase when she shoots them
  8. Mine was from wentworth kennels , think it was 2016? I got her .DC expect you have heard of them ?
  9. Joking aside the amount of YouTube channels or instagram pages that have women wearing naff all or bra less seem to be increasing .
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