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  1. Oh dear never mind , more that get broken more new ones get bought
  2. Always liked the look of the Dutch herder .
  3. Like hell do I draw attention to myself by requesting stuff gets puts in the accident book , makes me look a twat and brings grief to my department head and his boss
  4. He’s a determined man is our greyman
  5. Not tried these yet has anyone had them before ?
  6. Watching my old one’s ears rotate and move out in the woods was interesting , helped you get advantage on anything big out in the undergrowth or pre warning the dog might be about to dive in
  7. Speaking of nutters that mink guy was using a lizard to catch mice on YouTube .
  8. No thank god but I had that tape as a teen
  9. Soon as I seen it I thought released one disorientated and wandering
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