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  1. forest of dean redneck

    Beddy whippet breeders

    Nor me after the labradoodle I had ,to much like the French , shame the Russell or patterdale not used more over whippets.
  2. forest of dean redneck

    Funny Joke Thread

    Old topic but I laughed at this
  3. forest of dean redneck

    Rip Bernie torme

    Great guitarist,worked with ozzy osbourne,and Dee snider.
  4. forest of dean redneck

    Beddy whippet breeders

    Last year or 2 noticed the prices creeping up online , about double what you pay for a. Lurcher £300-£400 notes.
  5. forest of dean redneck


    Worth every penny
  6. forest of dean redneck


    From what I googled you can use them or similar for Mackeral , but I was thinking of slightly larger ones.
  7. forest of dean redneck


    Well done hopefully make a difference with the birds nesting this spring Though I did think it was going about a hw99
  8. forest of dean redneck

    Kelly kettle

    Had a Kelly kettle ,think it's still at ex place from what I can remember the coffee tasted of wood smoke from them I picked up a little bushcraft stove but I've yet to use it runs on the wood pellets for heating or cat litter.
  9. forest of dean redneck

    Best value fly line

    Thanks I've seen fly fishing stuff cheaper than coarse and sea .
  10. forest of dean redneck


    It’s FREE some piers etc you might not be able to but public beaches etc yes with coarse gear it might get damaged or hooks go rusty , but a 2.5 tc plus carp rod is similar to a bass rod really ? I done bit of Mackeral bashing and float fishing when I was a teen, im going to start up again saltwater spinning but I fancy getting a small spinning reel teamed with a fly rod I reckon that some saltwater lures and a rucksack could be nice little mobile set up for wrasse up to pollack and bass ?
  11. forest of dean redneck

    socks your slacking🙄

    He’s going to write as he goes ,hardcore to the end
  12. forest of dean redneck

    Best value fly line

    What are their rods like see a fly fishing bundle come up cheap near me.
  13. forest of dean redneck

    Quirky THL members

    Anyone remember that lurcher man 887 used to get on here he was a giggle
  14. forest of dean redneck

    Leopard dog

    Thanks for the reply , but I was thinking of what you would call stock dogs over there or farm dogs here ,is it there long proven use for hunting, there’s plenty of documentation of border collies being used for hunting both in the uk and over in the USA ,I read of them being used as squirrel an coon dogs. And in nz on baying hogs.
  15. forest of dean redneck

    Leopard dog

    What do you think they would offer over other stock dogs over in the USA? , mickey