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  1. She’s from wealthy estate in Dorset , living in tent and buying everything with cash.
  2. Got the Mens one in a million, nearly finished it had it couple years , it’s my good luck aftershave
  3. Bollocks the size of you ,you could walk straight down there
  4. Either that or he thought he was getting the sack
  5. Nice to see James had a haircut knowing he was on tv
  6. Always liked look of the foresters but as I only run one car it would be to juicy for me
  7. They are known by all 3 names and also panthers in some areas of USA .
  8. Kind of dulls the excitement of a vole living under the shed
  9. Our village has flooded near the shop apparently the roads been closed off which means technically you can’t access the main road that goes through it for sake of 100 yards , but people are driving through an have driven over the signs and cones etc . My villages Facebook page is full of posts from home owners moaning that the waters entering their properties to is it safe to drive up such an such road yes it’s fine if I can go to work at 6 in the morning in a Audi A4 sline that came with 2 cheap low profile 18 s on the front I’m sure your hatchback an suv can cope with the back lanes
  10. If your on Facebook I’d list it on the market place , otherwise gumtree or a relevant fishing forum
  11. Good on you dry January vegan February load of shite!
  12. I don’t know it’s weird but they tried trapping escapees before .
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