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  1. Na he would come striding out wearing a gator skin leotard that he killed with his catapult
  2. Dont otters predate on the young ?
  3. Knew you never had a rescue forgotten they had passed on sorry
  4. How is your rescued saluki doing ?
  5. Exactly right was on fb earlier something came up in my newsfeed regarding national trust and the comments was just full of people moaning about drag hunts using their land so because they are scared of loosing membership fees they bow to pressure and ban it ! There’s so many people that are either fleeing the urban ghettos to move to the countryside or buying into the brown boot and spaniel brigade lifestyle or just so far removed from pest control or meat processing . Add to fact everyone over age of 10 has a mobile phone capable of taking pics An now the catapults are
  6. This on top of a kebab might not be a good idea but we got plenty of toilet roll an Imodium
  7. Celebrity death match ,god that used to be funny
  8. My sisters first husband had one on his biker leather jacket in the 80s
  9. Dorset’s ok but so crowded now oh and very hot atm.
  10. Hes a stubborn person that DC
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