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  1. forest of dean redneck

    Few from the last month ..

    Most deer I ever seen together was in a field in between Harlow and Epping about 10 year ago several big mobs of fallow in broad daylight .
  2. forest of dean redneck


    I’ve got a hw35 needs restoring a crosman ratcatcher xl and the newly acquired hw99. I bought the crosman realised not suitable bought the 99 tried selling the crosman got messed around and decided to keep it for now as shot a rat at the bird feeder other week. mind I would love a air pistol a relum tornado for nostalgia and quite fancy a bsa ultra
  3. forest of dean redneck

    ive taken a fierce interest in Golf all of a sudden ,

    Sod that seen the list of companies wanting your info
  4. forest of dean redneck

    Trail Running Pal

    This fella wasn’t a Hunter. Like you say more outdoors this was 2006-8 I think ,they had a couple of huskies an bred litter then he just stopped going on there.
  5. forest of dean redneck

    Trail Running Pal

    Used to be a fella on a bushcraft forum few year ago kept Siberian’s he lived near there don’t suppose it’s same fella think faff was his username ??
  6. forest of dean redneck


    Nice pup but now I’m wondering what a beddy whippet x border/teckle would look like
  7. forest of dean redneck

    Trail Running Pal

    Or a Siberian husky
  8. forest of dean redneck

    New catapult

    Cheers I’m not normally a fan of wooden frames always had metal ones like Barnett or milbro but quite taken with this one, can’t wait to go squirrel bashing with it.
  9. forest of dean redneck

    Trail Running Pal

    Unless your on drugs or a professional sports person a collie or gundog breed would keep up with you , trouble with a running dog is unless your keeping it tied to you there’s a possibility of it getting disctracted by livestock or wildlife . And doing a runner itself
  10. forest of dean redneck

    Patterdale pup ,

    Ffs take it to pms leave the mans selling thread alone !
  11. forest of dean redneck

    New catapult

    Other than wood couldn’t tell you
  12. forest of dean redneck

    Mechanical help

    It’s a Vauxhall my advice is scrap it ,
  13. forest of dean redneck

    New catapult

    Son bought me this off Facebook , feels quite nice in the hand
  14. forest of dean redneck


    Never seen many kestrels in monmouthsire , but down in dorset they are still common sight. Like you say I think a big raptor population keeps them down .
  15. forest of dean redneck

    Hunting days USA

    I didn’t realise they got so chunky ,looks more like a small beaver.