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  1. Yeah I ain’t happy either , not contributed lately but always looked through it.
  2. Sorry to hear about your mate , no age is it .
  3. She looks ideal for where you to that’s some nice looking country there
  4. Yeah he was telling me that when buying second hand motor in us always best check to see if it had hit skunk by turning the vents open
  5. There was fella in uk , bred skunks for the pet trade . He deglanded them When they were tiny kits . He had a old scent gland in a specimen jar an told you to sniff it jeez it hit you an that was like 10 years old , he had a male skunk that was a stowaway found on a uk bound plane.
  6. Not heard that but them chows are temperamental , my grandparents had one when I was a kid .the fluffy looks are deceiving on them .
  7. As an example when I lived up In wye valley a pet shop owner and exotic keeper told me of someone that had a caiman yet didn’t have a licence , so there are people keeping dangerous animals with out the paperwork they are getting them somewhere and some how .
  8. Thought it was bottom of a pet cage ?
  9. Still few mackerel round here but there lot of people on the chesil ,yet in couple years time people will be moaning there no mackerel showing
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