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  1. Yeah it went back in the harbour nice bass cruising around there today as well.
  2. I offered it to a woman an her daughter said it was to small
  3. Son caught another spider crab this afternoon , we released it straight away as it was climbing out the bucket
  4. If there is any in be shocked , there was fella (can’t remember who ) on here that used to take excellent pics of terriers working badger etc on the continent but can’t remember if they had Welsh or fox terriers not much help I know but good luck with the pup and hopefully your post some progress
  5. I wouldn’t know ,I don’t eat any of it just something to do with my eldest
  6. I had them with bacon and crab drop net .
  7. I had some issues of that also bit older was living countryside and countryside companion I think wish I still had them both full sets.
  8. Grandfather lands 'biggest ever cod' in Scottish waters WWW.BBC.CO.UK The fish caught off Shetland weighed in at 49lbs (22kg) and left 60-year-old Tony Urwin...
  9. Yeah but was pointing out their a banned breed so not likely to go hooning around countryside with a couple
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