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  1. Yeh it’s mad ,was talking to my dad yesterday about the cars he owned late 70/80s after I seen a dolomite on facebook .
  2. forest of dean redneck

    77 or 80 ?

    I was about to suggest a hw35 could never gel with my 97 to be honest always thought it was to heavy tbh.
  3. Last time I kept dogs outside that’s what I used.
  4. forest of dean redneck

    Best part of uk to live

    On the wind some swear you can hear the whispers Tor of Dartmoor .
  5. forest of dean redneck

    Well hello again

    Loved my relum tornado when I was a young un, not seen one in years be nice to see another .
  6. forest of dean redneck

    A small Wanderer with reindeer..

    Im not a fan of inlays myself prefer the rustic look ,but that’s really nice .
  7. forest of dean redneck

    Song birds

    Niger seed?
  8. forest of dean redneck

    American weirdos

    found the video now
  9. forest of dean redneck

    American weirdos

    This seriously bunch of freaks want culling https://www.storytrender.com/58604/work-hard-neigh-hard-pony-play-hobbyists-live-for-the-weekend-to-indulge-in-equine-dream-dressing-up-as-horses-and-competing-in-bizarre-human-show-jumping-events/ right Facebook won’t let me copy the video so had to google search it ffs
  10. Shit that will set the barrel kennel debate off again
  11. forest of dean redneck

    Best part of uk to live

    Glass half full like your style
  12. forest of dean redneck

    Best part of uk to live

    No I from rural Dorset with a carrot crunching accent so they all thought I was from that there Bristol never forget when my second eldest was born ,it was a Home birth as ambulance was refusing to attend and midwife when she eventually arrived started counting his fingers and toes I gave her such a dirty look.
  13. forest of dean redneck

    Best part of uk to live

    Yeah it’s supposed to be up there with Norfolk etc for inbreeds