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  1. Rust badly seen one on Portland at the weekend
  2. Sometimes hitting/kicking the wheel knocks it off .
  3. All the best to her an fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.
  4. It was stupidly cheap so had to have it I got a 2260 rabbit stopper an a 2250 ratcatcher xl so thought I would carry on the theme , next will be the 1377 pistol .
  5. I ended up buying a brand new crosman 2240 cheap but still not fired yet as it’s been dark when I get back , I’m down the girlfriends at weekends
  6. I toyed with one of those for ages an never bothered ,
  7. Just bought couple of pig hunting books /an couple old pig hunting mags
  8. Who’s the fella with a collie an couple of plummers Keith? He gets his collie plenty of ratting etc
  9. If my memory serves me well it’s already been asked on here
  10. Don’t blame you I was gonna be heading that way on my next one or was going just for a Teagle type
  11. It’s a £500 motor don’t think it will be claimed somehow
  12. £700? Jeez can’t you get insurance an undercut him still leave you earning a bit .
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