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  1. 14 is a good age for a dog nowadays , enjoy the memories of her .
  2. Good for them, should done the same here in the uk .
  3. Shannen Doherty, known for Charmed, 90210 roles, dead at 53 WWW.BBC.CO.UK Actress Shannen Doherty, known for roles in hit TV shows like Beverly Hills 90210, has died at 53. Breast cancer at 53 used to have a thing for her years ago .
  4. They arrested him now but agree can see them clamouring to ban or restrict them now.
  5. 3 betta females bought the girlfriend today as she lost her male last month .
  6. Worth what someone will pay look like sort go with a magazine ? if it was matchbox ,Lesley,dinky ,corgi ,Meccano or hot wheels then be worth something .
  7. This afternoon at work it’s been a Grebo kind of day
  8. That dog the bounty hunters let himself go lol.
  9. Meteor was first new gun in 90s I had a couple of secondhand before it , looking in local gun shop window yesterday they had a hw80 .22 in there had a cheap scope on it and rear sight no front one though wanted £280 for it. must admit I was tempted to get it and track down a front sight .
  10. Wasn't sending a pic in a crotch less leotard with glitter on your hard on was it ?lol
  11. There used to be another one going around with the woman saying something like if you don’t give your man oral someone else will? In all fairness if it was a bloke his mates would be congratulating him but a woman gets labelled a slut or easy? like been said before least they are not living in a muslim style country .
  12. My supervisor has a kral np02? an it’s quite decent to be fair some of these budget guns makers are really upping their game .
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