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  1. Now you know Weed n Pussy don’t mix anount of times I went out at night making stupid noises to call my sons cat in ,
  2. Someone on a Facebook page said there’s a government ban coming in on April anyone heard ?
  3. Ugly kid joe I hate everything about you prodigy firestarter
  4. Jeez that's bad, I was talking to someone other day about vans and what do you buy, the vw transporters are overpriced an not without their faults, the renaults /vauxhall and Nissan are money pits and probably class the mercs like that now the ones that don't rust that is and the transits are easily nicked.
  5. Either nz or America for me , I think America be nice to do a coon hunt , squirrel hunt ,hog hunt with dogs love to go an do a polar bear watching safari in a tundra bus as well
  6. Well that’s good you seen it , bet your daughters going to milk this
  7. Some of the coons that eat lot of discarded human food get quite big don’t they?
  8. Nice that troyboy wouldn’t look out of place on the farm
  9. Would that be an extended family or 2 do you think or are they social animals ?
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