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  1. I seen on news 180 yesterday made it across that didn’t drown that they know of ? Local echo running story of one of the barge residents wanted for stealing a coat and then fighting back when arrested . Now I know we got our own home bred scum /shoplifters and sex offenders but surely no one in their right mind adds to trash !
  2. Never been a love of Katie Hopkins but if your on faceache go on friends of Katie Hopkins and listen to the video ! Shamima Bubblegum | Thoughts on Shamima Bubblegum | By The Friends of... WWW.(!64.56:886 Thoughts on Shamima Bubblegum
  3. I remember seeing him get a new bike back in December I assumed he had been cured of it ,Rip .
  4. I used to like checking out the oz an nz sites to see what breeds were in their dogs , breeds that wouldn’t get a second glance here .
  5. Yeah I’m sure it had the tiny tzr wheels on so was rapid
  6. Years ago kid I went to school with had a DT supermoto with tz engine pretty sure it was running the wheels as well ?
  7. No as they would have full ghillie suits on
  8. Sorry to hear about your wife ray .it’s good you have the dogs to occupy your time .
  9. Put location on your adverts will help as your only get asked
  10. There was a fella called Jesus? He walked barefoot through the pantanal feeling for buried anacondas for research .
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