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    we have all done it as kids.....you could argue that at least there out in the countryside...rather than sat indoors on an xbox...... and lets be honest they could get a hole lot more stood in a line with a shotgun......and a load of beaters driving them...or with a rimmy and lamp/nightvision..
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    Young dog ov mine his 2nd dig at 15month
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    I've got arthritis in various parts of my body, but I feel a lot better after reading the above posts.
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    left before bright,and arrived at the hill,it was cold but dry,not for long though,snow bucketed down and after 3 hrs we called it a day,couldnt see in front of ye,,,Last tuesday,went out and it pissed rain on us ffs,,,try again tomorrow
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    A deerhound x greyhound bought out of the exchange and mart in the mid 70s as a pup who turned into a decent dog despite him being 31tts the lad who bought him as a pup said two lads deliverd the pup to him after phoning the advert up always wonderd about the history of his breeding.
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    Had a couple hours out yesterday with my lad , lurcher and a couple of ferrets.. had a couple of bolts and a shallow dig to finish with 3 rabbits.. we’ve been getting more rats than rabbits lately especially near the feeders .. ferrets are working well and we’re back out again today see if we can fill the freezer a little more..
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    that wooly coat came in handy for Lucifer,lol..the greyhound felt the cold a little,but performed ok when called upon to do so,, and sonic couldnt care less either way...the son had a wander at the far end of the field in search of something too
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    Unlike yourself, I am privileged to have met ALL the names mentioned,...and I would have to agree that Chapman, Newcombe (and most definitely) Bert Gripton, knew the score as regards working dogs....as for Plummer,.well,...in all honesty,...I could not say the same...
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    Just walk around with the ferrets this morning just enjoying our walk and the dog was a pleasure. He did every thing to perfection keeping in nice range checking on me where I was. Big forestry of young tree's so at times on my knees looking up the rows to catch a glimpse as he crossed over checking out bits of scent. There was scent about but in such a big block biit of a needle in a hay stack job I liked the way at one point he heard a magpie chatter and went off to check if charlie was sneaking about he seems to have sussed that one out. I keep showing him this grid because one day he will try and take it full tilt when a rabbit pops up Back to the car then and bagged up some manure for the plot Just one word put him in a wait and he didn't budge until I was ready to go. Not daft these bull crosses lol though having a splash of collie helps I guess Back home then and popped a pheasant curry in the slow cooker
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    But wasn't she behind the Blindman and the General?
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    Last of this year’s kits are from my best ferret Willow, will be keeping two of her for myself, they are looking a treat, can’t wait till they are 6 month old, and get them out and about, exciting times lie ahead my friends. PS stumpy is growing fast. A.T.B - Doug
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    is the ren the smallest british bird
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    Well after a mental and pretty much disastrous Christmas it was great to get rid of the last of the family today and get the kids and dogs up the moors for a yomp.... love walking this time of year..
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    I wouldn't touch the shit mate, a) it's going to be banned it's that full of shite, it encourages the dirty fu*$ers to stay over here.........
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    I stumbled accross this one a few day's back. Mr Porter with the E&E. Reminded me of a walk out i had wthe the E&E few years back. "Pike o' Stickle in the background.. a very distinctive lump! A rew snap's i managed.. View from Little Langdale with Pike o' Stickle in the background.
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    Deerhound x greyhound and some other stuff in the mix.. mainly used him for lamping... done what i asked of him .. would have this X again in the future
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    26th of december, our kind of Boxing Day.
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    went out tonight on a small shoot farmer seen a couple of foxes so had a drive around accounted for a dog and vixen straight away they was a field apart the dogs main teeth where rounded off he was that old so farmer well happy
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    Couple more.. Swirl How.. hounds at the top!
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