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  1. Waz

    Wine drinkers.

    Ive done that a few times locally, my areas not known for its wine as it all goes to make eau de vie which in turn makes cognac. If you ever see a bottle of 'Pineau des Charentes' give it a try, its the local drop. I take a few bottles of bits and bobs back to the UK when I visit, pineau is a winner every time.
  2. Waz


    Well done 2 threads Team Jev
  3. Waz


    Congratulations Kev & famalama
  4. Waz


    Just wondering, anyone do a bit? nah.. me neither
  5. Waz

    Get it off your chest thread....

    The worst its ever been, was the end of 2008, it was 1.02, since then the average has been 1.19. right now its 1.11 (euros to the pound)
  6. Waz

    Best place for him

    More 'skeptic Peg'
  7. Waz

    Best place for him

    Shocked reading this, lot of my growing up memories are from round there. I always read in the media it was in Hillingdon, not that far away at all, but shocked to know it was HA2.
  8. Waz

    Best place for him

  9. Waz

    Toby’s house

    Gravy... on a breakfast!? Apart from that, looks like itd set you up for a days graft, just missing a slice of the black stuff.
  10. Waz

    I just watched a grown woman piss herself.

    It happened to some alkie bird round here, puddle of piss around her (bar) stool.
  11. Waz

    Female orgasm

    careful though, smarts the eyes
  12. Waz

    till we meet again

    I offer my sincerest condolences. Stay strong.
  13. Waz

    Female orgasm

    My safe word is 'HARDER'