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  1. I read this elsewhere. "Guess the nonce is our nations favourite past time."
  2. MRI scan to check on a previous issue according to Usyks man.
  3. Tyson got claret all over him. Usyk back in the game.
  4. Hope Usyk gets a 2nd wind (round 7).
  5. Works, watching on sports fire on firestick, ill keep that link as back up, thanks.
  6. Tried stinging nettle tea for the 1st time today, was a lot better than I anticipated. Going to endeavour to have a cup a day for a few weeks. I found lions mane on a fallen oak at mine a few years ago, sliced & fried in garlic butter it was handsome in baguette, I had an amazing nights sleep & the next day I felt like a fog had lifted from my brain, similar to post psilocybin. The oak has never fruited the lions mane again unfortunately. Last autumn I cut it into 3 sections & dragged it out of the way, will give it another year if no mushrooms itll be logged or slabbed if I
  7. Done a fair bit, gun packs mainly. Yeh these physios all come from the south. Think it must be great money up here for them, bit like all the South African vets at one time in the UK. A lad who used to come on here lived at the very south of France, (think he's in Spain now) his kids were learning Catalan from an early age in school. Could do with a little road trip down your way before it gets too hot.
  8. Carnivore! My French oral is decent, far better than 99.9% of the expats beside me. Often get asked where did I learn French like that, did I have lessons etc. Truth is it was from hunting 3+ days a week with the locals, many a time I would be on the periphery not understanding except for the odd word, but laughed when they did (as I found them funny lol) & everyday was a school day. Then went to working full time with French. Can read a bit of French ok, but lacking & my written is poor. Id like to learn Spanish, but the speed they speak it, jeez! My physio is Spanish, unfor
  9. 104 years!!! now thats dedication....
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