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  1. Waz

    What you listening to at the moment.

    I love that stallag riddum sound
  2. Waz

    R.E. To Be Renamed Religion And World Views

    Hope they include deism & pastafarianism.
  3. Waz

    Londons gang map

    Where I used to live in town, the local gangs been going since early 80s
  4. Waz

    R.i.p. jerry

    The bond between man & goldfish is strong. Tough times ahead, stay strong brother.
  5. Waz

    R.i.p. jerry

  6. Waz

    R.i.p. jerry

    Sad day mate, Jerry swim free under rainbow bridge.
  7. Waz


    ahhh thats just vegan shampoo.
  8. Waz


    Bacon, black pudding, cracklin', sausages, chops, gammons etc was what i'z tinkin.
  9. Waz


    I told her ive never eaten a vegan..yet
  10. Waz


    yearssss ago I went out with a vegetarian, she was a bit mental aswell. She's a fat fcuk now ! & even more mental. If their was a vegetarian bunny to boil, she'd boil it. Rest of the family are loons, but in a more normal way. So im holding back on this vegan sort, but you know how it is..
  11. Waz


    This one that made me start the topic, isnt too opposed to the fact I like a bit of free range. Fishing doesnt bother her either. Apart from being a bit of a northener she is a sexy ting. Her dad worked in an abbatoir which turned her off of meat
  12. Waz


    Whats that all about? Could you date one?
  13. Waz

    View From Your Swim

    Found this fella floating the other day, shame. Ive only ever seen the 1 pike in my lake he fell to a piece of maize being reeled in. That was last year and id say it was a tad smaller than this pike, i never landed him as he rolled and shed the hook. Hoping its not the same fish. A lake not too far away has some zander ive been offered to go and catch. But apparently they can be devistating. Just need to control the bream!
  14. Waz

    Forum lifespan

    Oh i think ive seen that, night vision?