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  1. From a lad I used to know asa youth. (probably posted it before )
  2. Waz

    Super cold

    Same, thought it was himself! Always imagined Kanny to be blacker though
  3. Waz

    Super cold

    Both my kids have got covid right now.
  4. Just got shared this, Was planning to goto Youth's festival about this time in Spain, but due to c19 its been semi cancelled / minimized. Still theirs always next year fingers crossed https://youtu.be/PGPxLaWt_Mg
  5. I think its actually part of my dna by now. Got some different versions on 12" this is one of the flipsides.
  6. Sorted? I reckon she played you & got a result there.
  7. Waz

    Old Country

    Gotta watch them auld country folk!! 13.30
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