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  1. RB told me he gave 'one eyed Tess' (breeding unknown) to DW
  2. Waz

    Shit myself

    white sheets! are you sure they werent perrywinkle blue?
  3. Waz

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    Thanks for posting Max can't be there in body though.
  4. Waz

    Moving abroad

    All the best, ill cross my fingers you might be out earlier on tag
  5. Waz

    What you listening to at the moment.

    For Jayne.
  6. Waz

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    no a different person, Snatchflt or something, from a lot further south, used to have the odd bit of sport with his mates.
  7. Waz

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    Snatch or Snatchy was her old username. One of the nicest people.
  8. Waz

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    R.I.P. Jayne, lovely caring soul. Bless you my dear, your reunited with Chris
  9. Waz

    Long haul holidays

    Just back to France via UK from Tenerife, enjoyed my first taste of Spain, special quality time with my beautiful sons having fun. Was interesting engaging with the Canarians, expats, looky looky men from Senegal & other holidaymakers. Thinking about moving on from France now!
  10. Waz

    Bacon lady

    Apparently still in custody (Brighton)! Also, just sounds like an old dear she still got yoof.
  11. Waz

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    that fella died, coke apparently allegedly
  12. Waz

    Holiday booking sites

    my youngest is 4, hope he has a kip on the plane but im sure itll fly by.. geddit off at the weekend.
  13. Waz

    Holiday booking sites

    basically they are all similar, booking.com etc. Tripadvisor ells you the best deal. Booked flights direct with Ryanair, who I use a fair bit anyway. Parking at Stansted is a pisstake though, eighty quid for a week!
  14. Waz

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    10 pager before sun up?