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  1. Waz

    Rare documentary Brian plummer

    Plenty of digs at any 'working' dog man in articles. Looking back, he put himself on a pedestal & a fragile one at that. I met him once & found him very defensive. I think he realised & in a way rectified it. He wouldnt of liked the internet thats for sure
  2. Waz

    Before locators

    Generally 'thinking'. Quality of dogs should have improved, although style of working changed. Earth 'craft' of terrierman could have deteriated. With the change in times & restrictions etc dedication of practioners would be higher. Just my thoughts, based on what ive seen, read, heard & dreamt.
  3. Waz

    Rare documentary Brian plummer

    just nipping out for a pup
  4. Waz

    RIP John Wilson

    R.I.P. inspirational man with his knowledge of angling & nature.
  5. Waz

    Holidays next year.

    Some say.... Mackem & Banksy have never been seen in the same roooooom!
  6. Waz

    Holidays next year.

    Ever seen Mackem & Alan Whicker in the same room?
  7. Waz

    Weed ;)

    dunno about vape, but 'my friend' got a couple of gr of cbd flower from hempelf. no stoned feeling but physically ie: muscularly and skeletorily felt lighter, like he'd had an hours massage.
  8. Waz

    Weed ;)

    I ended up living with one
  9. Waz

    Weed ;)

    In my experience less addictive in 99.99% of people than tobacco & its obviously good for you if its prescribed as medical! 'kin hypocrites.
  10. Waz

    Making A Murderer.

    Making A Murderer season 2 now on netflix
  11. Waz


    How different is the myxi between rabbits & hares?
  12. Morally... how could you justify coming down hard on people who choose to grow their own wild herbal weed? If its become legal. In the countries where its legalised or decriminalised, I believe people are allowed a few plants of their own for personal use. If you make your own fuel, you just need to send a cheque of to the treasury for the tax duty I think.
  13. Waz

    Holidays next year.

    Thinking of doing the tefl myself.