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  1. I havent seen the infamous 1st pad vid yet
  2. Or wont get caught
  3. Waz


    Lad I know flies golden's on roe, also involved in the breeding. This is in France. Doubt if he flies them on fox as I know him through the terriers.
  4. Try using bandlab its from the same people I think. & From your description of what your aiming to do, it should do. Or if youve got a smart phone try Audiolab, can loop on that.
  5. Do you like them? Tried a few, had a pleasant evening with a doris and the manager kept bringing over different samples, none of them floated my boat.
  6. This is 8.5% & im not loving it.
  7. Hunt & Working Terriers. A Clockwork Orange. Judas Pig.
  8. Looks like a strong fell type terrier. Woman in control of dog that fatally savaged Freddie the seal is an Oxford-educated top QC | Daily Mail Online
  9. Hundreds march in central London to protest police crackdown at the vigil for Sarah Everard - YouTube
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