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  1. Waz


    Ive been to Elevenerife.
  2. Waz

    10 Churches attacked in a week

    Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is burning right now. Translated 'Our Lady'.
  3. Sheaf looks tidy, knife looks rustic but useful.
  4. Waz

    Bad Or Just Me

    Kebabs gone cold!
  5. Waz


    I think you done a good job.
  6. Waz

    Vigelante justice

    an eye for a wing mirror
  7. Waz


    Im 16 stone or thereabouts, have to convert from kilos, but lost around a stone between xmas and end of feb. 5'10" and I reckon I can loose the best part of another stone, less than that & I feel week, im not a wiry shape. My ripped minescal cartildge and my other athritic knee feel better, so another stone lighter I reckon ill be doing the caterpillar again..
  8. Waz


    Turmeric. Ordered some capsules., apparently its a natural anti inflammatory. Chucked a load of in my dinner the other night, probably placebo, but I thought I felt a bit loosened up. Side effects so far, yellow shit.
  9. Waz


    I didnt graduate from med school, in fact I never even went. But my prognosis for what its worth is.. your a little bit fcuked! Hope you get fixed. Ive just had bronchitis the same time as this sciatica & if im in bed having a coughing fit I probably look im having an epiletic fit. Ok if im standing up straight though. No pain for a few days till earlier, so took an ibo. I still havent braved the gym yet, keep thinking in a day or 2, but its gonna be after the weekend now.
  10. Waz


    I bit the bullet and took an anti inflamatory (ketoprofene), only a 100mg but amazed at the relief. Taken a few tetrazepams before sleep to try and relax whatever is the problem, I looked them up online and I think they have been withdrawn, the pack ive got expired in 2013! They taste rank! but.. jeez have I slept solidly! Think I need to find an alternative to ibuprofen, due to me existing kidney scenario. Turmeric comes up on google, anyone any experience? I drink a fair bit of water at work, so i'll try to drink more when not at work. The first onset was after a 1300mile roadtrip followed by a good few beers at the end of it, so dehydration could of played a big part. Ive been going to the gym doing an hour of cardio 3 or 4 times a week, hydrating myself during. Havent been for a month due to the flu followed by bronchitis and this bloody sciatica on and off for 3 months.
  11. Waz


    Got osteo booked for 29th through work. But might have to get to another one sooner.
  12. Waz


    Been struck down, had the odd twinge before but am struggling at the moment. Was in the buttock but has moved up to top of my hip now. Just on the one side. Any tips or links appreciated, avoided anti inflammatories till 10 minutes ago (hobbled to go get some) as only got one kidney & been told to avoid.
  13. Waz

    chickens as warriors

    I do like to have a game chicken about the place.
  14. Waz


    The Saturday evening before xmas just gone, I put my faith in 'waze' sat nav, it took me through Paris, sailed through, didnt go around actually went through, think everyone must have shipped out for the holidays or were frit off the gilet jaunes! Kids were happy they got to see Le Tour Eiffel lit up gold though. Might nip in to Disney next time im passing but ill do my best to swerve the city.
  15. Waz


    A good few years ago, I was working on an exhibition in the palais de congress, finished taking down the stand and had a hotel booked for 2 nights and flight from CDG. my guvnor said theirs space in the lorry for 2 of us (out of 5) if anyone wants to go back early. I jumped at the chance. Paris is a shithole. Any other cities in europe id hang around for a few spare days, but get me out of Paris tout suite.