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  1. Ive been doing a lot of swimming the last 6 months, after neck/spine surgery & frozen shoulder then followed by paralysed vocal chords!!, im not allowed to do much else. TBH I underestimated how good it would be for me. Doing a mile about 4 times a week & then sauna/cold showers, started using the steam room after the sauna being banged out which I think had something to do with getting my voice back after about 6 months. I did do a bit of wild swimming in the summer now that my youngest is becoming a strong swimmer rather than surveying him from the bank. Good to see the kids wea
  2. Did the copper bolt or gone undercover?
  3. Got one here aswell. Is their a 2nd market for them?
  4. As I understand, UK issued gold coins are exempt from CGT (UK), rules here (FR) is exemption after 10 years. It reached an all time high very recently - due to all this Israel carry on no doubt. High end watches I reckon have got to be a good way to move money around discretely, if you had the need.
  5. Tickets for the next 3D fight club are on offer HALF PRICE!
  6. Waz


    Police guard memorial in Rochdale after it was daubed with 'Free Palestine' graffiti Published 1 day ago https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-67349510
  7. give me 2 weeks.. edit: unsurprisingly got beat to it
  8. Any links for this tonight?
  9. Waz


    It hit its all time high yesterday, krugerrands are 2000euros! Wish I dipped my toe into them when I first ever started looking at them! But cant complain. WAR, what is it good for....gold prices.
  10. They are cannibalistic, so the experts say chuck back the bigger ones. I chuck em in a pan myself.
  11. True, zander are prized, but the 'No Kill' attitude is a lot more common. Eaten catfish a couple of times, 1st time was at a hunt repas, hot in a creamy tomatoe sauce & was handsome. 2nd time was cold in mayo & was okish. Got one I need to remove from the lake, so it may be harvested, but ill probably re-locate it. Eaten loads of crayfish out of my lake, just grab the middle tail fin and twist 90% ish left then right, it dislocates, then slowly pull & all the unnecessary comes out - no need to purge. Gonna knock up a lobster type trap for them next year.
  12. Waz

    Flights wtf

    'the 3 day rule'...
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