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  1. Apparently Liverpool crown court was full front and back of armed police this (Saturday) morning.
  2. So so sad. ive no words in me. R.I.P. son & mother. Rot in hell Brady.
  3. Just watched that over 3 sittings. Werent bad, aul Lou wouldve been a hotty in the day I reckon.
  4. It might be a re-arrest, as a 34 year old was arrested/questioned released 2 and a half weeks ago.
  5. ooft I would love to find a little dub effects machine.
  6. To be serious about immigration, digital i.d. is a necessary evil.
  7. Waz


    Didnt his son walk out of a gallery with a load of pricey paintings.
  8. Waz


    Yeh R.I.P. what a film. I did hear that he give the cold shoulder to a few folk that were portrayed in the film, think it was the fella Adam Faith played. I only found out earlier today that he died, looked him up and it said 6th of September I think. Anyone know which characters in the film are they giving a nod to in real life, so talking 60s?, I did hear one of the Richardsons was meant to be portrayed.
  9. Any links for Joyce v Parker? starting now
  10. Now thats what I call..... optimism.
  11. Im sure I just saw a coconut thrown !!!
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