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  1. Waz


    I think this thread & similar is proof that we should have a health/fitness section on the forum. I could of asked you all about me shingles...
  2. Waz


    Just started taking it, adding it food mainly. Got the start of athritis in my knees, its meant to be good for that, I also take turmeric. Must say I have less knee pain.
  3. Waz


    Any others? Just googled it, ive only got one kidney so.. got to treat it like god.
  4. Waz

    Anybody know anything about wetsuits?

    Tried snorkelling for the 1st time last month in the Med' NE Spain, hopefully get to the east Atlantic west France next month, might be a tad cooler though.
  5. Waz


    A minute skipping, 2 minutes on the bike, 5 on the crosstrainer thing & repeat 4 or 5 times (depending on -insert excuse-) after 20 minutes on the bike is a little thing ive been doing. Not beating myself up when I dont go as worklife is a bit hectic & its still summer partytime, also not paying attention to my diet, which is the downfall. Just about to order so green coffee tablets, need a bit of a boost for the gym sometimes. Any recommendations?
  6. Waz

    Slat mill

    No reason why not, but in my experience no real need. Stick em in the car and drive to a country park, long bit of rope and put them on couples. Flirt pole is good too when your times limited and breaks the routine.
  7. Waz

    Golden Eagles.

    Can only imagine.. A terrier mate is into them big time & has a good bit of game these last few winters. Got a sparrowhawk at mine at the moment & im in awe, if I saw an eagle...!
  8. Waz

    Dirty Rotten Cow!

    Saw this article online & couldnt bring myself to read it, once I knew the gist. Pure evilness. Very upsetting. Hell would be to good for it.
  9. Waz

    What the f**k .......

    shit has hit the fan
  10. Waz

    lee duffy of borough

    Not as scared as the young men in prison with him apparently.
  11. Been in Estartit for a few days & up to Cadaques, no rods, but gone snorkelling crazy. That river is right next to some mates office.
  12. Ill try & get down to Barca at some point too, maybe later in the year. My messenger on here is full, cant seem to empty it. Stick it up on here if possible. Do they do a tourist ticket for a week or so? Only wanna have an afternoon or 2. D.C. & Katchum cheers also