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  1. Cochcy bondage books has one £160 + delivery
  2. I was there. The next day I was working in town, heard a few folk comment that yesterday was like a sea of green The following year I bolted from the U.K.
  3. Team sports, I only watch womens beach volleyball these days..
  4. Gets to about 40 here, 42 max. A lad I know is moving to near Granada in Spain, but he's keeping a pad up here as his missus dont wanna be there in the height of summer 45 and up!
  5. 0:40 (11) Phoenix Nights - Send the Buggers back! - YouTube
  6. Waz

    65 today

    happy birthday young man
  7. Ummm, yeh I get your point, but this fella can/could of had a live porn show in the flesh any day of the week, kinda like a Hugh Heffner on a cocktail of acid n coke. Whereas the likes of us.... well you know
  8. He said only a few year ago, he'd never commit suicide. Crazy dude though.
  9. John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell - BBC News
  10. Been looking at Egypt, but someone mentioned its on a travel ban, ive a cousin that was working at the embassy in Cairo ill have to give him a shout, see if hes still there.
  11. Anyone done the PADI open & advanced open?
  12. Waz

    Macron slapped

    Surely youre not suggesting something sinister happened to Jeffery.. are you?
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