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  1. I saw the press conference earlier, in context.. it was for showmanship & engaging the public.
  2. Waz

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Tomorrow night
  3. Waz

    Throwback... 1919 or 2019

    Black n white is the key .. to a good photo/terrier
  4. Waz

    Top tip ......

    Or.. dont fix bayonets
  5. Waz


    Looks interesting
  6. Waz

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    Im sure he would prefer to stay squeeky clean and enjoy his retirement with his liberty.
  7. Just deleted a load of messages and still cant message ya. Ask Chris or Pete for my number or send them yours.
  8. I will swerve the village, last couple of times have been a shocker, but think my mind is stuck in a mindwarp. Looking at the map, loved all the ponds round there, some big corridors of connected land aswell, didnt realise a lot of the plots I used to wander are connected, Chorleywood across to Botany Bay, I dont miss that ever present streetlight glow though that shouted CIVILISATION!
  9. There Friday afternoon, then back Monday evening.
  10. Thatll be a blast from the past then! Bentley priory used to be one of my early morning mooching spots.
  11. Whats the best curry house round there, am up Friday.
  12. Waz


    One run under me this morning on the way to work, bloody suicidal!
  13. Waz

    Upgraded the kids goldfish pond

    Theyre just grabbing her.
  14. Waz

    Sir Johnny Scott

    Met him in France '03. He was out researching for another series, didnt happen though.
  15. Waz

    What knife do you carry ?

    Opinel, quite a few dotted around the place. Have a sebenza copy I like, billhook in the tractor & or the digging bag. Muela bowie when out for bigger game.