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  1. Let them eat cake. I'm noticing you do seem very quick to become defensive, kids &/or charity seems to be a reoccurring theme..
  2. Not me. My goal is to burn fat. As much cardio as I can before tiring with some weights as im told stressing the bigger muscles burns a lot of calories. I think my natural build puts on muscle quite easily, but I really need to slim down before I get much older. Already had the odd knee and ankle winge so need to be kinder to take some weight off of those areas. Im eating less already & actually lost a little bit of weight over xmas & new year even though I never went near the gym (away from home and had my kids full time). Did have a bit of unexpected exercise, & was quite glad of being in better shape and having done a little bit of bag work mixed up in my cardio.
  3. Cmon, you was thinking Biggins really
  4. So FDR needs to be confirmed by Socks 1st.. Read that he done the maps you see in the books, RIP.
  5. Could also be argued that certain ethnicities arent as good at not getting caught #justsaying
  6. Coincidence this thread has been bumped! Hauled my arse round the gym tonight after work, 1st serious attempt since xmas. Only had time before last weekend for a half hearted attempt. So tonight was head down and re-kickstart, was very enjoyable too - which surprised me. Lost a little bit of weight over xmas, which is also surprising as ive had my kids and been eating junk indoors out and about with them. Was going 4-5 times a week for 1.5 - 2 hours (3/4s of that time cardio) in the months leading upto xmas, so ease myself back into that over the next 10/12 days I hope.
  7. Waz

    Tattoos πŸ€”

    I read a little bit recently & from my understanding some colours are less succesful at being removed. As for cost, I dont doubt it, the tattoo id like to be without is about 25 years old! If anyone has any links, let me know.
  8. Waz

    Tattoos πŸ€”

    Im considering tattoo removal, is their different options?
  9. Took some Doris back to mine recentish, she told me to get a towel, ffs she was non stop, told her after it werent a 'thing' for me. she has moved on & on & on &.. But just lately she has shacked up with a lad, so.. guess its a 'thing' for him. Ill have to ask him if he wants my old towels, & brolly!
  10. Fancied it the other day when I was in town the other day, but dunno where id go now.
  11. Good luck with all your resolutions. Havent got one especially, but I do plan to keep my fitness progress up & maybe get feet on tarmac soon, rather than just on a treadmill. kicked nearly all my bad habits one by one over the years, but dont think I can kick the last, women...
  12. This is the fella I met the other week, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cunetio_Hoard He's lived near me for about 10 years but only met him recently when I bought something from him as he is moving house, the week before he bought a metal detector of my mate, he showed me a few bits he found recently, he gave me an unused .280 rem round which he found near a local chateau where ived hunted.
  13. History of discovery The hoard was discovered while ploughing in January 1942 by Gordon Butcher, who removed it from the ground with help from Sydney Ford
  14. Any newspaper links to it? A guy I just met recently is a detectorist, he told me he found the biggest hoard of roman coins, think he said it was 1978 maybe. He has a bit of a west country accent. Apparently at the time it was worth 400 000 pound!
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