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  1. Waz


    Deccas Sarahs law, live.
  2. These people preaching this rubbish (assume its that as I wont click or read that shite) should be banned from being around kids & people in general
  3. Nice, thanks for the info, ill have a look on YT/Google
  4. I was looking worldwide wheres good places for diving schools, Koh Tao in Thailand kept coming up in searches. TIm probably going on my todd but the seedyness of what ive seen of the mainland though is putting me off.
  5. Mine came from Germany via Ebay, took me a while to find a real leather one, the arm rest and base are aluminium, often people say 'i like that' when they see it. Havent seen anything resemble it. Was less than 200, my purchase history doesnt back that far on ebay now, had it maybe 5 year. Maybe translate 'leather office chair' into german and search ebay.de Edit: Just found it! Underneath was a sticker 'Skyport Group GMBH'. In black, more than I remember paying, but if thats the price & I needed to replace... Amstyle Bürostuhl AUSTIN Echt-Leder Schwarz Schreibtis
  6. Well.. the last time, apparently dead people came back to life to vote for Manu!
  7. cess pit on yt is gonna stream main event live
  8. Waz

    Screwfix Makita

    Lamping with terriers? Yeh was thinking that, like a mini Argos, including the pencil! Although bought my youngest a watch from Argos the other day & it was all computerised! Not a pencil in sight!!!
  9. Waz

    Screwfix Makita

    Got myself one today to take back home with me, never been in a screwfix shop before!
  10. disgusting individual
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