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  1. actually just sprayed coffee out of my nose watching the last 15 seconds of that
  2. I reckon AJ on points.
  3. Waz

    Magnet fishing

    Got one from wish.com a while back, only used it in the one place, but have some spots I will try with a mate, he is into detectoring & has a nice collection of coins. Also got a couple of stainless grappling hooks from wish. Not far from me they pan for gold, thinking of having a look with the snorkel maybe.
  4. Waz


    Rest in peace Jiggy, I offer my condolensces to all who knew the lad, sounded like a good un.
  5. AJ is beat before he enters the ring. May it be a good payday for them & they leave the ring healthier and richer.
  6. yep, all proven right
  7. https://www.sudouest.fr/2019/11/22/un-loup-observe-le-long-de-l-estuaire-de-la-gironde-6856140-1603.php Article, with photo about the wolf in Charente Maritime.
  8. Waz


    Filmed by the fisheries that
  9. Saw a really good Creedence cover band the other weekend. They played this too.
  10. ill have a listen later. 'my friend' found some lib caps a little while back, said he may try microdosing one day.
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