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  1. Well it looks like another fx crown in 22 is on the cards lads just got that itch that has to be scratched lol atvbjimmy
  2. In wish lol its called getting up at 5am then driving for two hours working till 9pm drive home and start again at 5am 7 days a week lol did this for 6mths i was fecked lol atvbjimmy
  3. 3 and a bit years ago now mind Susie and bella both the same age both born with in days of each other there bond is unbreakable
  4. There a cracking unit would not part with mine dont even think id get rid even if i got a thermal spotter Mite not use it any more mind lol atvbjimmy
  5. Love the gray laminate 110 skot not shot one yet mind but was looking at one in the rfd,s at si,s Ultra nothing needs to be sayd on it it speaks for its self and can and will hold its own with the other two. 97 what can i say skot awsome and then some only thing wrong with yours is its got a big hole in the stock lol O AND BY THE WAY YOU DO KNOW THAT NOW YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY PEACE WHEN YOUR OUT SHOOTING NOW as your lass will want to go with you every time you want to go , Heres a tip TAKE HER ON THE RATS THAT WILL PUT PAYED TO HER LOL atvbjimmy
  6. For feck sake John do not take it out and shoot it mate it will join the green monster and your mate will still be looking for a rifle lol
  7. Had a few shots of the mk2 impact the other day the lad was having a right feck on with the mag it was skipping pellets then when he took it out and took the cover off and turned it and let go it went fast then slowed right down then went fast so on and so on got to say mind it was a brand new rifle . I was not impressed with it at all did not even like the look of it . Fat shrowd and a little mod on it and to think i was thinking of getting one lol imop the crown is a much better rifle all together and the mk1 impact atvbjimmy
  8. We have been shooting and fishing together for well over 20+ yrs David thats a long time with a little fat twat All joking apart dave we have been through a lot together both good and bad on both sides atvbjimmy
  9. One of the nicest 2000 iv seen and shot im with viz on this he needs to keep it john it as good as the day it was made . Jeff i all ways new you had a screw loose mate tell your lass and the bairn im asking after them son atvbjimmy
  10. It was a cracking shot Stav i was there errrr who spotted it seany boy atvbjimmy
  11. Hug her as much as you can SL you never know whats round the corner mate Any way i got a telling off ,,,off her yesterday for nicking some of her chocolates lol thats the natalie i know i thought to my self with a smile went and bought her a new box this morning and put that smile back on her face iv not seen it for a long time now it was nice to see lads. atvbjimmy
  12. the only thing that lets the impact down as well with most air rifles is the price and i know had both the impact and the crown but not in fac mind
  13. Barrel over to the right ,,,,,pellets clipping the mod ,,,turns out it was the mounts and yep they were the last thing we looked at mate it was off the night we were out but i just aimed off to the left as i new where the pellets were going any way all sorted now and she is spot on Steve atvbjimmy Ps put the write up in the rim fire section you will see why when you look lol
  14. Iv been sat here for the last 30mins trying to put words to paper kind of thing Nat came back off holiday from the lakes and was rushed to hospital where they scanned her again , The cancer is now in her spine and all her bones and as a result she is now paralysed in her left arm and parts of her right hand and they say it will travel down her spine with in two or three weeks . She asked today how long she had left but i told her i did not want to know Iv just watched beauty and the beast with her and all we did was cry she is my baby and i cant take this away i feel so helpless like iv let her down in some way . So much ii want to say and so much i want to do and i know she dose not have the time Im hurting so much as i cant even take her pain away Just the other week i was sat in a field at 2am on my hands and knees praying to god to take me and leave my daughter alone take me ,,,take me now i dont need to say goodbye to any one but life is not a film full of wonders and magic Its full of hurt and cruelty . Any way lads the shot gun thing is not going to happen now and i think xmas is going to be a lonely one with one seat empty at the table this year jimmy
  15. Will do Mark its up for £550 at my mates the rfd,s
  16. Well the raider still aint gona win is it lol Tx,d sean asking if he was going shooting and a time was aranged 10,30pm i went one way and he the other iv had a lot of issues with the raider and photon for a few weeks and sean sorted it out for me she now shoots spot on . any way all i could hear was the 17 going off when we met back up at the tank he had 4 rabbits then a bit later on i got a tx and a pic of a dog fox he had shot i dont know the details but im sure sean will tell you all any way . any way i blanked but i had a good night any way just one of them nights seams the harder i tried the more i missed lol looks like ill have to get my fac then i can hit them at a 100+ yrds as well as long as its not one of them nights lol. Some times its not about getting any thing but just being out in the country side with a good mate when you need them and hell knows i needed him yesterday had a lot on my mind yesterday and it aint going to go away today either thanks Sean was a good night mate . SEAN 17hmr mod.... sak scope,,,, pard 008 spotter,,, thermal me raider 22 single shot (air rifle) mod,,,, sak scope,,,, photon xt nv spotter,,, pard 019 nv atvbjimmy PS for those of you that dont go on the air gun section part one is on there
  17. I blanked last night but at least i got all the issues with the raider and photon sorted she shoots as strait as a die now lol nice shooting mate Just wish i could shoot a hw100KT that good ill put my write up soon atvbjimmy
  18. Yes and its a karbine as well walnut stock and not a mark on it its not even got the studs in it for a belt or pod no holes at all. The action looks much like my raider atvbjimmy
  19. Got my eye on a nice one in 22 thoughts lads
  20. Love my xtrail iv had range rovers,,,defenders,,,pajeros,,,and so on but this is the longest one iv had the only down side i think is the back box on them they are too low and catch on ruff ground . Just had a lot of work done on mine thanks to viz but should be good for another 5 yrs lol. Its good on diesal and thats one of the things thats made me keep it so long and iv no plans yet of getting rid but it could do with a clean lol atvbjimmy
  21. WELL THE RAIDER AINT GONA WIN IS IT LOL Me and sean hit the old perm tonight time set was 8,30pm sean 17 hmr scope pard spotter/ thermal me raider single shot 22 scope photon spotter/pard nv 019 RIGHT HERES AWAY ***************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************* *************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************************* *************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************* ******************* *************************************************************************** ******************************************************************** ************ RIGHT DID YOU GET ALL THAT Any way iv had a right head bash over the last few weeks with the photon not holding zero its clipping the mod i was told so changed it . its the barrel over to the right so sean fixed it Then when we were sitting having a coffee and the rifle was on its pod on the floor sean noticed that the mounts were not sitting right on the rifle so i got in touch with Pav (Allan) he knows these photons like the back of his hands he told me what to get so ordered them but then i saw there coming from china,,, Feck. So me and sean jumped into the car and went to see my mate john the rfd who sorted me out with a weaver block and some low mounts to fit got home and fitted the photon to it set zero to 18yrds and had a little feck on zeroing it in but got there in the end . AND AS FOR 18YRDS THATS ALL I HAVE FROM MY SITTING ROOM TO MY YARD LOL Any way got to the perm set the target out to 31yrds using the range finder fired two shots and spot on did not even have to touch any thing or re,zero it set at 18yrds and on zero at 31 yrds cant get my head round it mind lol first rabbit was at 32 yrds it ran behind some nettles and all i could see was its eye shine so lined the shot up and let the jsb go it hit hard and the rabbit did a back flip and dropped dead to the ground . Went over to get it and could i feck find it (forgot my lamp again /on the bench at home ) so went back to the tank to see if my other one was there nope left that too . So went back to look for it again i stood at the gate and looked through the spotter and there it was so 1 in the bag. Next was 42 yrds had to shoot through a fence but the shot was spot on same again it did a back flip and fell dead but this time i used the spotter to look for it before i went over the fence to get it lol. ANY WAY SEAN 4 ME 2 And now its sorted AGAIN lol atvbjimmy
  22. Thats a very nice offer EL but im too far away mate im just past newcastle in northumberland thank you all who have offered there kind words and help it means a lot to me and if she dose have a few days when she is well we will get out and make this happen . atvbjimmy
  23. Must be the only field in northumberland then
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