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    What a site

    That’s not a wolf turd, it’s the postman’s
  2. The government are going to reduce the size of the bbc, you will have to subscribe to watch it. That will teach the greedy c-u-n-t’s for wanting to charge the elderly for a license
  3. He has just been murdered in the general election
  4. Thanks arry, yes mate makes all the hiding and waiting worthwhile.
  5. Yes mate ...they feed on seeds through the winter and insects in the summer.
  6. They are removing some of the nets
  7. Penduline tit, rarer than a zandy blured image..lol..turned up at a small nature reserve in south east London. Managed to get there on Sunday morning in the fog, i got one chance and gratefully took it .
  8. Very nice images, the bottom one doesn't look happy having his photo taken....lol
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